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  • Published on Feb 8, 2019
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    This is a Random Lunch and Chat episode which features Luke looking for antlers, a visit from a hawk and some low flying F15's!
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Comments • 284

  • TheOutdoorGearReview
    TheOutdoorGearReview  7 months ago +40

    Oh man, those jets! I get pumped just watching this!
    Everyone, have an awesome weekend and make sure to get outside!
    - Luke

    • Benjamin Bryant
      Benjamin Bryant 7 months ago

      Thank you for sharing the jets. That was fun to watch.

    • scottiebsc
      scottiebsc 7 months ago

      Probably F15s out of Seymore Johnson AFB over here in Goldsboro. Nothing like the sound of freedom. GO NAVY!!

    • Ian R
      Ian R 7 months ago +1

      Good stuff Luke. That’s the sound of freedom. My favourite freedom sound is the Spitfire - we still have a few flying and man they sound awesome. Break a leg at the doc’s 👍🏻

    • Justin Melton
      Justin Melton 7 months ago

      Awesome! I live by a naval base in TN. I see them all the time and have the same response as you. Cool to see them in the woods! Your channel has had me geared up for winter camping this year! Good work!

    • Shashkin's Cozy Survival
      Shashkin's Cozy Survival 7 months ago

      My friend's parents has got a country house around 50 km from the military airfield and I often see these guys having training air fights and even doing some aerobatics. This is in Karelia - the Northwestern region of Russia.
      Watching these jets is thrilling, thinking about the speed with which they can kill people is frightening though.

  • Alexander Weaver
    Alexander Weaver 4 months ago

    While stationed in AZ I bought a Revelation model 22 and my ex bought an Ivor Johnson six shooter single action for my birthday. Those guns are still in use today in Kentucky, unfortunately, with my ex.

  • Alexander Weaver
    Alexander Weaver 4 months ago

    Man, I miss the sound of F-16s flying overhead. It's hard to believe it's been almost 32 years since I retired. Brother, that is the sound of freedom! So glad you recorded that, Luke.

  • Charles Robert
    Charles Robert 6 months ago

    If your hear those jets? You lived. Otherwise, end game for bad guys!!

  • Commander Shepard
    Commander Shepard 6 months ago

    I'd like to suggest a neck gaiter, or a multi-purpose wrap, they aren't that expensive and can be worn on the head as a rag if you don't need it in that moment

  • Richard Stewart
    Richard Stewart 6 months ago

    What hat are you wearing, I like the looks and color

  • Paul Walsh
    Paul Walsh 6 months ago

    nice one bud

  • Brent Hull
    Brent Hull 6 months ago

    I love jets. Had some swoop us on lake michigan while siding about month ago. for over 3 min. One near the end must of noticed us. got maybe 40 yards above the houses. MERICA!!!!!!

  • Peter Wills
    Peter Wills 6 months ago

    Wear zinc oxide on ur nose. Totally blocks out sun.

  • Steve Porter
    Steve Porter 6 months ago

    There's nothing like a fighter to make you glad you live in the good ol' USA. Can you imagine being on the receiving end that?

  • tokillamurderer
    tokillamurderer 6 months ago

    Here's hoping that it's nothing!!

  • James Williams
    James Williams 7 months ago

    I have seen in the past F-15's fly into Offutt AFB here in Nebraska even though Offutt does not have a Tactical Fighter Wing but to see a pair or more training outside an open environment, you really get a chance to see them strut their stuff as the saying goes awesome firepower they have TVclip it you'll see. By the way Luke good video.

  • yolanda anene
    yolanda anene 7 months ago

    After 75miles I got new boots and hope to gonoit on the 23Feb. Thanks for your show.

  • Robert Simmons
    Robert Simmons 7 months ago

    Luke... great videos. I miss the smell of jp4. Not the noise. F-4s + F-5s were my jet engines I worked on. Then the B52 + kc135s. That's some noise when they're loaded down and taking off. I miss the smell of new parts and i like your over the weekend torture test you put yourself through. I can remember North Dakota and 25 below when i see you camp during winter storms. I'm doing good to just be grateful Luke. Cant move around like I use to but i really like videos that walk me through the adventures. Thanks Luke.

  • bushcrfter791
    bushcrfter791 7 months ago

    Cool jets man hope you find those antlers my wifes got bariatric surgery march4 im a little stressed about but God is good i have faith things will go well.

  • Joe Kokiko
    Joe Kokiko 7 months ago

    I really enjoy all of your videos! Keep up the good work!

  • CashMopar
    CashMopar 7 months ago

    Yes! Overnight adventure! Love these.

  • Colin Brittingham
    Colin Brittingham 7 months ago +1

    My dad and I react the same way with the jets and everything!! Especially when we visit NC. Between the Air Force Bass in Goldsboro and then the marine Corp base camp lejuene in Jacksonville! Man that’s freaking awesome!!!!

  • Mike Shelton
    Mike Shelton 7 months ago

    You still like the jacket? I just ordered one

    • Mike Shelton
      Mike Shelton 6 months ago

      Just got my jacket today. Love the color, feel, a d it's very warm for the weight. I agree the collar could use some enhancement. Zipper is a bit finicky starting. Gonna see about lubing it. Overall, for $40, I'm pleased.

    • Mike Shelton
      Mike Shelton 7 months ago

      @TheOutdoorGearReview better sale: 39.50. Free shipping as well!

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview  7 months ago

      I sure do and my review is coming soon.
      Did you get it on sale for $50?
      - Luke

  • gatorred157
    gatorred157 7 months ago

    the one plane was a f15 they were fast back in early 1980's f 117, f22, f35 are all newer and higher cost to make! more computer & other tech stuff! I was in Us air force 1980-84 in 1978 a Remington 700 was under 250 dollars today the model 700 same make type is over 1000 dollars 700 bdl hard wood stock! plastic & other advances lower cost and models of 700 cost a lot less! ie a 788 was around 100 dollars new today a 2015 gun cost book(think little book) set down 500 the exl price value!

  • Tim Farris
    Tim Farris 7 months ago

    Luke dude I love your videos and the jacket is sweeet . I love getting out side and Hunt. And fish and love yo bird watch too
    I enjoyed this vid So much .you are so cool thanks alot.

  • john smith
    john smith 7 months ago

    whats difference male female poop?

  • Daryl Bergmann
    Daryl Bergmann 7 months ago +1

    The sound of a fighter jets... It's the sound of 12 hour shifts for the maintainers and loaders. Great to hear someone excited to hear them and see them fly by, F-15's are great. Thank you for giving me a boost after 20 years of working on fighters and bombers. USAF weapons loader.

  • Go Faster
    Go Faster 7 months ago

    Well my daughter in the air force met a man in the navy they are now married and expecting their first child, I feel this constitutes a overnight adventure with Luke to drown my sorrows lol

  • Epitome63
    Epitome63 7 months ago

    So, you folks down there on the mountain have been acting up and they called in air support. Better start stealth camping. They fave FLIR.

  • youngs mc channel
    youngs mc channel 7 months ago

    Be a good time to do some stuff to the shed

  • Kevin Piggott
    Kevin Piggott 7 months ago

    Wow the sound.....

  • ryan stocks
    ryan stocks 7 months ago

    I like that jacket!

  • A J Taylor
    A J Taylor 7 months ago

    Keep us apprised of what the outcome of your nose is. No worries let's hope.

  • Benjamin Bryant
    Benjamin Bryant 7 months ago

    How did everything to with your Dr Appointment? Our adventures this weekend has been snow. Have not been out in it camping but have taken time to hike to a hardware store and going to keep my family warm. Going to be fun.

  • Steve Salem
    Steve Salem 7 months ago

    I had that on my nose. It was Basal cell. They removed by burning to get the cells. Not a problem if you didn’t let it go too long and it goes deep. Healed up on a few weeks. It’s common on the nose from sun exposure. Limit my sun exposure now. Brimed hat is good. Good luck

  • Steve Salem
    Steve Salem 7 months ago

    I had that on my nose. It was Basal cell. They removed by burning to get the cells. Not a problem if you didn’t let it go too long and it goes deep. Healed up on a few weeks. It’s common on the nose from sun exposure. Limit my sun exposure now. Brimed hat is good.

  • John Gergen
    John Gergen 7 months ago

    Blizzards, freezing temperatures, and road closures. 👍

  • Andrew heuft
    Andrew heuft 7 months ago +1

    You are so amazing great job

  • Tracy Downs
    Tracy Downs 7 months ago

    Luke, this video really cheered me up. Good luck with the doctors! I just had surgery to put in a port for chemo. Keep up with the awesome adventures!

  • robert guthrie
    robert guthrie 7 months ago

    I'm out doing laundry it's warmed up to 0 degrees now from a low of negative 23 this morning it's going to be a great day to go hiking after chores are done

  • American Axe & Tool Co
    American Axe & Tool Co 7 months ago

    Those fighter jets are freedom!

  • Steve Budgen
    Steve Budgen 7 months ago

    Would loved to have been there with those jets flying over...but what I can’t get out of my head right now is..what did you have on that sandwich? Was it a ‘commando’ special?

  • MrLangDog
    MrLangDog 7 months ago +1

    Just ordered that jacket. 5.11 has a crazy sale going on.

  • Tim Bennett
    Tim Bennett 7 months ago

    Great vid as always latest is a successful roe deer hunt in Hungary last first roe deer and a nice time. Hope all goes well with the spot on your nose...I think it will, they can treat that quite well in the early stages these days but it might smart a bit. I also share your excitement with the jets...I have a home on top of a hill and a few years ago I was working in the yard, heard a fighter coming, looked up and he was so low he was actually below my position on the hill...I could see the pilot turn his head, look and wave at me....super cool..thanks for the vid!

  • Mike Rankin
    Mike Rankin 7 months ago

    Years ago I got buzzed by a jet flying low over my wilderness camp. He saw my fire and waggled his wings at me making several passes. He probably wished he was in camp with me.

  • Stephen Livers
    Stephen Livers 7 months ago

    In the Adirondacks we used to see A-10s train in the mountains!!!! They flew so low you would look down on them...

  • Mark Florenzen
    Mark Florenzen 7 months ago +1

    Just found your channel but its great i lick your enthusiasm and appreciation for the outdoors

  • kindersir
    kindersir 7 months ago

    An Air Force base is within walking distance, (that is Luke distance) from me here in Cobb county GA. The Super Bowl fly over was out of the base here. Could have been them? I don't know. They could be from Atlanta area to NC mountains in minutes.
    They and other military aircraft fly right over my house very often. Very loud but I love it. I have always been fascinated by flight. Seeing fighter jets that close streaking by does stir the blood!
    BTW, my TVclip "picture" is an F-84 that, when taken, was being piloted at the moment, by my father over Japan during Korean war.

  • Tony Eden
    Tony Eden 7 months ago

    Good luck at the docs Luke...........why don’t you put food out for the deers bud?

  • Juan Pablo Perez Benavides

    the f-15s are beautiful but my favorites are the a-10 warthog and even more if they sound their angelical 30mm GAU-8!
    greetings from guadalajara mexico.

  • Jack Peterson
    Jack Peterson 7 months ago

    Keep up the great content, Good luck with dermatologist preyers

  • Jason Meadwell
    Jason Meadwell 7 months ago

    Love the channel.. I am a newbie and looking forward to my 1st overnight backpacking trip this spring with my 2 boys. 15 and 10. Thank you for the tips and making the videos! Hope all wentl well @ the Dr's.
    Jason in Cleveland

  • Steve Gaskill 1960
    Steve Gaskill 1960 7 months ago

    Hope everything checks out ok . How's that ulcer hope it's healing up well. In my prayers my friend. God bless and SMILE my friend !😃

  • Ericsidolmind
    Ericsidolmind 7 months ago

    WOW! F-15s! Damn those are some cool birds! What a treat! Good stuff Luke. Those boys were havin some fun!
    We are SOOO buried in snow right now man. You've never seen snow like lake effect snow in the eastern upper peninsula man. And yes I saw that 2 foot you got a month or so ago on your camp out. Sault Sainte Marie is infamous for super heavy lake effect, and this year is For REAL!

  • Toxic Tabasco
    Toxic Tabasco 7 months ago

    5.11 is one of my favorite outfitters. They have some great pants, well built and comfortable with a lot of secure pockets. I've never seen the jackets, but if they're anything like the pants, it must be good.

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview  7 months ago

      Have you ever had to contact them? I've really liked their products so far but their customer service sucks and they have a terrible online reputation from what I have researched.
      - Luke

  • Charmaine Lawless
    Charmaine Lawless 7 months ago

    Do u care a firearm.

  • gaz lyno
    gaz lyno 7 months ago +1

    Cool footage of the F15's. So your into planes, check out 'Mach Loop' in Wales, U.K on TVclip., the R.A.F and U.S.A.F fly low level down the valley. On my bucket list to camp there sometime.What was that you said @ 5:32 an awesome dump or stump lol just kiddin. Have a great weekend Luke hope you find the other antler. -Gary

  • michael leigh
    michael leigh 7 months ago

    i went snow showing on the Mountain in utah this massive snowstorm😎2 1/2 feet of snowin 10 hours that is on top of the snow we already had like your videos.

  • Den Water
    Den Water 7 months ago

    I'm an Air Force brat. I grew up on Air Force Bases. Never gets old, love F 15s! One of my favorites! You are a truly lucky man my freind! A hawk, a Suzy sandwich, lone wolf Mt. and F-15s. You are a truly blessed individual! T and H!

    BROTHERGRAVY 7 months ago

    Your hat looks have a pimple on your nose......

  • Random survival
    Random survival 7 months ago

    Hope everything goes great at the doctor Luke. Stay safe

  • lostagain
    lostagain 7 months ago

    looking for a new job. gov't shutdown cancelled the contract of the old one. unfortunately I've got $$ for bills, but not for adventures. But, something will come along soon and that'll change, hopefully just in time for spring. hope it goes well at the docs. stay strong regardless. Cheers! DonP

  • Andrew Sheehan
    Andrew Sheehan 7 months ago

    Not much going on with me. in the process of having 3 prototype knives being soon. two hopefully this month. Two of them will be going to the market in 2020. Thats it for me. What an Awesome site to see when the boys are flying as i call them. I live near clse buy to an airbase here in town, and during the summer days we can see them fly over the house. I got some video footage of them when the airshow happened right from the back yard. You can feel the force from plane go right through you when they are that low. It's an awesome feeling.

  • Rick Brown
    Rick Brown 7 months ago

    Hey Luke, Rick from Arizona. You mentioned the shed. Maybe you could find some standing dead trees and split them and use that for your siding over tar paper. Praying that your visit to the doctor is nothing serious. Love your channel and all the knowledge you share with us. God bless.