New Sonic fix leaked

  • Published on May 6, 2019
  • Sonic eating
    Sonci danicng
    Sonic Aladdin Art:

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  • Drew
    Drew Day ago

    I think we can all agree that the movie would be best with Sonichu and Rosechu.

  • JForJustice
    JForJustice 2 days ago

    what the frikkkk wheres ammy friikkkkkk!!!!!!

  • Максим Щербань

    1:50 Did Felix just make me laugh at a disabled person?

  • One Time
    One Time 3 days ago

    This Video is longer then 10:00, what happened 0.0

  • 4SHO
    4SHO 3 days ago

    The thumbnail for this video! lol

  • Khiêm Đinh Văn
    Khiêm Đinh Văn 3 days ago

    Có ai là việt nam k

  • Super Mario Boogie
    Super Mario Boogie 3 days ago

    They should do this

  • FB1 Cat
    FB1 Cat 4 days ago

    3:23 *MY EYES*!!!!

  • HazardousNotion
    HazardousNotion 4 days ago

    I lost my shit at the sonic eating the chili dog

  • Platinum Studios
    Platinum Studios 4 days ago

    Pikachu mixed with sonic

  • That one Autistic Boy
    That one Autistic Boy 5 days ago +2

    New sonic movie script:
    “All I want is to end my whole life”

  • Karpaton Koko Gamer
    Karpaton Koko Gamer 5 days ago

    Not bat

  • P1nea pple
    P1nea pple 5 days ago +1


  • studmasterdan
    studmasterdan 6 days ago

    3:23 the second sonic movie looks great

  • Secret Person
    Secret Person 6 days ago +4

    Pew: upgrade to 1080p

    *what did it cost?*

    Pew: Lighting quality

  • Secret Person
    Secret Person 6 days ago

    Pew: upgrade to 1080p

    *what did it cost?*

    Pew: Lighting quality

  • Helio Rider
    Helio Rider 7 days ago

    that thumbnail is hilarious 😂
    Edit: btw you could've put BLUE mice face in there.

  • Kaneki Kun
    Kaneki Kun 7 days ago

    1:57 sonic grandpa

  • Pedro-FF
    Pedro-FF 8 days ago

    entendi foi nada kkk

  • Lucy Casablancas
    Lucy Casablancas 8 days ago

    Best sonic games are the Sonic Riders series and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle like if you agrree or like if you disagree

  • JarAxe
    JarAxe 8 days ago

    Dude. That's some true OG Game Grumps right there.

  • DarkDrai
    DarkDrai 9 days ago

    All I want is a Knuckles cameo where he waves and says, "This way, guys."

  • Catsar121
    Catsar121 9 days ago

    I knew it was going to be bad since the moment they announced it.

  • всё про всё влог

    Я один русский?

  • Fox Playz
    Fox Playz 9 days ago +1

    Why does pikachu movie get more licks but sanik gets the hate
    *looks at pikachu* hmmm..
    *looks at real sanik* 😦
    *commits punch creeper* oof

  • Артём Ибрагимов

    Ставим лайки пацаны пусь англичани думают что тут топ комент

  • торя _youtube
    торя _youtube 10 days ago

    Я пидарас

  • Baxter Stockman
    Baxter Stockman 11 days ago

    No matter the final outcome - go see the movie in the theatre! Show them that listening to the fans is a good idea! Other studios might do the same next time they are about to defile something if there is a profit.

  • Raptoria
    Raptoria 11 days ago +31

    Sive 1: It's blue, make it more natural
    Brad 2: O R A N G E

  • The Drop-Off Point
    The Drop-Off Point 11 days ago

    *O R A N G E*

  • Nora
    Nora 11 days ago

    Jesus christ, he’s orange

  • imaperson52
    imaperson52 12 days ago +7

    That sonic eating has permanently traumatized me.

  • Елена Терентьева

    Оу рус

    PIXIL DONKEY 12 days ago


  • Bang Crott
    Bang Crott 12 days ago

    Pewdiepie ganteng

  • KT TV TM
    KT TV TM 12 days ago

    OMG Vietnamese and english

  • Gacha Niasha
    Gacha Niasha 12 days ago

    Why the name of video on Russian language?

  • ShadowTheLight
    ShadowTheLight 12 days ago

    I thought Pokemon was not Nintendo, but exclusive by Game Freak, second party in a word or 2

  • Cute_Cookie YT
    Cute_Cookie YT 13 days ago

    I feel like the Mario movie that is coming out in 2022 or close to that will be better

  • maribel robles
    maribel robles 13 days ago

    Pewds I haven't watched your Vids in a while , so I'm coming back to watching your videos

  • Marquavious Chester
    Marquavious Chester 13 days ago

    Dude, u took the biggest oof in oof history. Getting beat by turd series.😂🤣

  • MR, MEME
    MR, MEME 13 days ago


  • v gamer
    v gamer 13 days ago

    On the picture after u played it its so CUTE PIKACHU + SONIC

  • Степан Скоробогатов

    Я из России!И почему название видео на русском?

  • mr. Ghost Boy
    mr. Ghost Boy 13 days ago

    You're right Sonic used to be cool I was never a big fan of Sonic when I was a kid but I know that he was cool but now he's kind of crappy looking

  • lílч thє вrσkєn αngєl

    7:02 you mean engineer?lmao

  • SR Meliodas
    SR Meliodas 13 days ago +1

    O que era para ser "sonic reparado revelado?" Não seria sonic segredo revelado? É nisso que dá um gringo escrevendo em português né? Kkkk

  • Daniel OMG
    Daniel OMG 13 days ago

    Sub to t-series kids hut

  • Epic gamer Lucas
    Epic gamer Lucas 13 days ago +1

    I hope I will be hosting meme review

  • Jakus C
    Jakus C 14 days ago +2

    ORANGE 🍊

  • the cubes
    the cubes 14 days ago

    That Swedish translation is wrong

  • tokbijok
    tokbijok 14 days ago


  • Christian Rubio
    Christian Rubio 14 days ago

    Even if they fix his design and it look amazing I bet this movie will still suck. The story doesn't seem great either.

  • Trevor Kraft
    Trevor Kraft 14 days ago

    Finally The Ugandan Knuckles Meme that You Killed Pewdiepie

  • Στελιος Πασχεντης

    The rat sonic😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Devadiga SVMD
    Devadiga SVMD 14 days ago


  • Dog Christy
    Dog Christy 14 days ago

    Ur trash kid lets 1v1

  • Leaus Kris
    Leaus Kris 14 days ago

    I fucking miss you boyie

  • Neb Neb
    Neb Neb 14 days ago

    I got da tuber simulator

  • Mermanwuf Nooo
    Mermanwuf Nooo 14 days ago +2

    Lol I’m back here because Sive is being roasted by Pewds for making the video orange

  • Mermanwuf Nooo
    Mermanwuf Nooo 14 days ago +63

    Poor Sive 1, getting roasted for making the video orange

  • Val Bolanos
    Val Bolanos 14 days ago

    here after seeing Poohs roasting Sive

  • Memes andAnime
    Memes andAnime 14 days ago +4

    Sonic trailer-*exists*
    Sammy- I’m about to frick this mans whole career

    AdamAB ABEDIN 14 days ago


  • execute me
    execute me 14 days ago +2


  • Max Petitt
    Max Petitt 14 days ago +8

    Who watched the recent vid


  • tiny productions
    tiny productions 14 days ago

    The Trailer........ Is....... Uhhh SPECIAL.. Ok.... Not really kill it PLS

  • AORTa
    AORTa 15 days ago

    kto pl

  • Furunama XD
    Furunama XD 15 days ago

    Whoever changed the subtitle credit from FUCC THE DOGGOS (my other account) to RJKuker
    please respect my hard work
    i'm literally working hard for how many minutes, and this is what i got, i don't want anything but
    please, i just wanted you to change the credit :(

  • Katutubong Mangyan
    Katutubong Mangyan 15 days ago

    Too orangey

  • Vader Gaming
    Vader Gaming 15 days ago +1

    Sub to PuDiPui

  • AirFelix
    AirFelix 15 days ago +1

    O R A N G E

  • bogdan
    bogdan 15 days ago +1


  • Ve Kleine
    Ve Kleine 15 days ago +2

    Sive : you made him looks blue
    Also Sive : ORANGE!!

  • Oussama games 05
    Oussama games 05 15 days ago


  • Joseph Shiflett
    Joseph Shiflett 15 days ago

    T H E D I S P E N S E R G U Y you mean the engineer don't you?

  • RKB Islamic
    RKB Islamic 15 days ago


  • TheIdioticFox
    TheIdioticFox 15 days ago

    I had to take a 1 hour break from this video due to head ache caused by the whistle version of green hill zone

  • Роман Бодорчан

    99% comments- shit memes with : or -;
    1% comments- just comments.

  • Meet King
    Meet King 15 days ago +5

    That original 12 years old comment was edited this last 3 months ago!!

  • ItzCreeper Playz
    ItzCreeper Playz 15 days ago +1

    1:50 Lol 😂

  • Juicy Boy
    Juicy Boy 15 days ago

    Beautiful thumbnail

  • Chompers Boy
    Chompers Boy 16 days ago

    This is the vid dat i subt

  • Clarky:TheCrazyKid
    Clarky:TheCrazyKid 16 days ago

    7:59 it blew your mind for about 10-20 seconds, then you figured out it was edited, and it blew my mind and after 1 second, I figured it out! lol @pewdiepie

  • Sacred Lake
    Sacred Lake 16 days ago

    Nov 6 2018 I knew they were gonna make a sonic movie my mom showed me

  • Sebastian Os _playz
    Sebastian Os _playz 16 days ago

    I,am Norwegian

  • rami_ml
    rami_ml 16 days ago +1

    music at 3:22 ??

  • Koran Tv
    Koran Tv 16 days ago

    जो जो पिडीफाइई का फेन हैं वो मेरे चेनल को सब्सक्राइब करे । plz

  • Koran Tv
    Koran Tv 16 days ago

    T- seares

  • Mcgee SunShine
    Mcgee SunShine 16 days ago

    They should have just made the movie animated

  • Vinyl Pirate
    Vinyl Pirate 16 days ago

    What did I just watched? Haha

  • Partha Pramanik
    Partha Pramanik 17 days ago

    Pewdiepie meme review
    T-Series channel's ad

  • Фазя MadeVeditza
    Фазя MadeVeditza 17 days ago

    что опять случилось с русскими субтитрами?

  • Le Kyuubi
    Le Kyuubi 17 days ago


  • 7xCrazy
    7xCrazy 17 days ago

    Subme subme subme

  • Jéssica Silva
    Jéssica Silva 17 days ago

    😘 Brazil

  • TBins World
    TBins World 17 days ago

    Хмм неплохо

  • JMGaming119
    JMGaming119 17 days ago

    Thats why i prefer mario 4:05

  • Birdie Blue
    Birdie Blue 18 days ago


  • Peyjovic Studios
    Peyjovic Studios 18 days ago

    You want a bad Sonic meme, Felix? Look up 'Sonic stronger than you---way past cool'. That just completely ruins Sonic