Ron Swanson: Papa Of The Parks Department | Parks and Recreation | Comedy Bites

  • Published on Dec 2, 2019
  • 'There is no quiet anymore, there is only Dog McStuffins'
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Comments • 162

  • Keshav Agarwal
    Keshav Agarwal 4 days ago

    07:50 didn't know Ron was a communist

    • RonJohn63
      RonJohn63 2 days ago

      @Keshav Agarwal a socialist would have taxed the other 40 kids the price of one tiara, and passed out 30 tiaras.

    • Keshav Agarwal
      Keshav Agarwal 2 days ago

      @RonJohn63 yes, sorry, i think i meant, "didn't know Ron was a socialist".

    • RonJohn63
      RonJohn63 3 days ago

      If he was a Communist, he'd have dragged the girl with the tiara behind the shed and shot her in the back of the head with a .32ACP.

  • Boi Bio
    Boi Bio 7 days ago

    Their is no quiet any more

    Their is only doc mcstuffins

  • Naram Brikha
    Naram Brikha 8 days ago

    Years later, I just saw this...a poster for Mouse Rat's album, Ninja Dick, and I have no idea what the implication is

  • George Blair
    George Blair 10 days ago +1

    Lucy Lawless in that costume.

  • Andy Graves
    Andy Graves 11 days ago

    m u s t a c h e 6:52

  • Bryan Pez
    Bryan Pez 12 days ago +6

    “There is no silence anymore....there’s only Doc McStuffin”

  • Mulch Diggums
    Mulch Diggums 12 days ago +1

    "Andy wait up" 😂😂

  • Rumi Kazbar
    Rumi Kazbar 13 days ago

    “5 second rule”

  • cuntpuncher
    cuntpuncher 13 days ago +1

    "Stop this..."

  • Dylan Kane
    Dylan Kane 14 days ago

    Ron's face after he fixed the drain LOL

    TOTALLY not A COP 14 days ago

    There is nothing better than the Ron Swanson giggle

  • Santino -
    Santino - 15 days ago +1

    Ron is an example of why it's good not to judge someone untill you get to know them.

  • J Comics!
    J Comics! 15 days ago +14

    "there is no quiet anymore, there is only doc McStuffins"- Ronald Ulysses Swanson

  • Lala Lala
    Lala Lala 15 days ago

    Looking at the banana like its from a different planet 😆

  • Alejandro Kaplan
    Alejandro Kaplan 16 days ago

    I read every comment in his voice

    • RonJohn63
      RonJohn63 2 days ago

      @Alejandro Kaplan Cage was famous before Nick Offerman.

    • Alejandro Kaplan
      Alejandro Kaplan 3 days ago

      RonJohn63 Ron’s voice

    • RonJohn63
      RonJohn63 3 days ago

      Nicholas Cage's voice?

  • Resecupss
    Resecupss 17 days ago

    There is no silence. Only Doc McStuffins...

  • Corey Griffin
    Corey Griffin 18 days ago +1

    8:34 I never noticed Swanson's mug until now!

  • Tornado Productions
    Tornado Productions 19 days ago +121

    Ron giggling like a child at Andy setting off a car alarm is hilarious to me

  • A Cow
    A Cow 28 days ago +3

    Why did littary everyone get married in this show like wtf

    • RonJohn63
      RonJohn63 3 days ago

      Because that's what people do.

    • A Cow
      A Cow 20 days ago

      I’m sorry I can’t spell ass hole but ThatBugBehindYou Blackbeard

    • valeo1993
      valeo1993 24 days ago +1

      Why did you 'literally' not pay attention in English?

    • ThatBugBehindYou
      ThatBugBehindYou 24 days ago +2

      It's a subtle government worker joke.

  • Quid Yossarian
    Quid Yossarian 29 days ago

    I've just noticed the band flier for Ninja Dick in the bathroom and I'm kind of surprised it survived censors.

  • josh Smith
    josh Smith Month ago

    Best thing I've ever seen

  • Jeffrey Wendt
    Jeffrey Wendt Month ago +2

    Lol at 8:16 when Diane smacks Ron's ass with her wand and he growl/giggles.

  • TuttiFrutti
    TuttiFrutti Month ago +1

    Is it weird that I actually want to work in that department sometime s..

  • Ryan Twomey
    Ryan Twomey Month ago

    dude that burger at the end loooked dopppe

  • Ruben Medina
    Ruben Medina Month ago +11

    Andy: "So should I strip down to my underwear or all the way naked?"

  • K G
    K G Month ago +7

    "I'm not interested in caring about people."
    Damn that's beautiful.

  • Atul
    Atul Month ago +6

    "Nice form son, make sure you put the pressure on the cranium"

  • key bear
    key bear Month ago +7

    Compilation of Ron being nice instead of cold badass, thats new

  • gretchen bockenfeld
    gretchen bockenfeld Month ago +311

    Every time ron swanson is laughing an angel grows a moustache.

    • JahRandom
      JahRandom 3 days ago

      Lmao! Truest statement ever posted upon the interwebs.

    • badinfo 7878
      badinfo 7878 6 days ago

      The hollow Jay o you mean a god.

    • The Hollow Jay
      The Hollow Jay 13 days ago +2

      And then becomes a demon.

    • Pastel Spectrum
      Pastel Spectrum 27 days ago +1

      gretchen bockenfeld 😂😂😂😂😂

  • JJ
    JJ Month ago +7

    “We still never talk sometimes” of my favorite lines ever

  • Ser Garlan Tyrell
    Ser Garlan Tyrell Month ago +1

    Bananas are the worst fruit, that's exactly what I look like trying to eat one (minus the moustache...)

  • savannah h
    savannah h Month ago +7

    In order to get the recommended amount of potassium you'd have to eat about 11 bananas every day

  • fuk it
    fuk it Month ago +27

    My spirt animal. “History started in 1776 everything before that was a mistake”. Words to live by

  • Jake
    Jake Month ago +19

    Notice how Andy is the Jimmy Falon from SNL on this show, he is always looking at the camera..
    Wait... Andy is hilarious so they are nothing alike!

  • Daniel Mallory
    Daniel Mallory Month ago +5

    5:47 Andy's face is priceless

  • Papa Cage
    Papa Cage Month ago +15

    Ron is the Father of everyone in the parks department.

  • Margaret Ko
    Margaret Ko Month ago +1

    On preview cover he looks so much like Taras Shevchenko 🤣🤣🤣🇺🇦

  • Mary Robicheaux
    Mary Robicheaux Month ago +23

    “Let me just wolf down this peanut brittle real quick” BAM

  • CodytheNerd
    CodytheNerd Month ago +2

    Watch at 9:15 with your eyes closed🤣

  • Firiel
    Firiel Month ago +14

    Especially if he's a nice fish, with a big loveable fish heart

  • John Collura
    John Collura Month ago +1

    I identify with this man so much.

  • Riley Sansoucy
    Riley Sansoucy Month ago +18

    I love how despite that Ron doesn't know what to get her, he still put forth the effort to do something for her

  • Noises
    Noises Month ago +12

    3:46 awww, memories. I helped my sister by fixing her bathroom door and some broken shelves in her laundry one Christmas. Left her my toolkit. She (and my nephews) still use it to fix stuff.
    Nothing says I love you more than helping someone help themselves.

  • iM Granger
    iM Granger Month ago

    Can you get off this shows dick? It ended, stop rearranging its fucking corpse to get more views.

  • Matthias Joseph Thomas van Trigt

    Ron's ideology is ridiculous, but his heart is in the right place. Dude's a good egg in the end.

  • Erick Tejeda
    Erick Tejeda Month ago +5

    Why is Andy dress as Dwight at the dentist 😂

  • Travis Johnson
    Travis Johnson Month ago +4

    In the description,it says dog mcstuffins instead of doc

  • stu desmond
    stu desmond Month ago +3

    This made me so happy, far and away the best comp you guys have done. Ron is the best tv character of all time

  • slamblamboozled 124
    slamblamboozled 124 Month ago +1

    02:50 She could cut diamonds with that nose.

  • Parker Han
    Parker Han Month ago +417

    “There is no quiet anymore. There is only Doc Mcstuffins.”

    • RonJohn63
      RonJohn63 3 days ago

      I thought it was *Duck* McStuffins.

    • andrew sutherland
      andrew sutherland Month ago +2

      Its funny, I used to have a co-worker who hated spongebob because her kid played it on the tv all day and night

    • T Mac
      T Mac Month ago +2

      I use to tell my siblings that Doc McStuffins wasn’t my friend and I’d slap her in the face...they’d be like I say I’d slap Jake Paul or Faze Banks and they’re like “yeah right”

      And they’re right

    • Jibb's Compilations
      Jibb's Compilations Month ago +3

      @Enthused Norseman He's not wrong. But the video description is :)

    • Enthused Norseman
      Enthused Norseman Month ago +9

      He's not wrong.

  • ツ
     Month ago +4

    Why does the description say dog McStuffins

  • Zaidah Graziano
    Zaidah Graziano Month ago +215

    When Ron smiles his eyes light up and his mustache grows a bit bigger.

  • Catherine J
    Catherine J Month ago +30

    "We still never talk sometimes"

  • Alex Snap
    Alex Snap Month ago +374

    Ron is surrounded by children in his department, and that includes the adults.

    • Jay Barry
      Jay Barry Day ago

      Leslie is the overachieving child.

    • cuntpuncher
      cuntpuncher 13 days ago +6

      "I'm surrounded by a lot of women in this department...and that includes the men" 😂

    • Stormi Suedonym
      Stormi Suedonym 22 days ago +3

      Well, yeah. He works in government.

  • F De Mascio
    F De Mascio Month ago +79

    If all families were headed by a Ron Swanson, all would be well in the world.

    • John Barber
      John Barber Month ago

      Ron Swanson and Hank Hill I'll tell ya what!

  • Simond
    Simond Month ago +24

    0:49 She smiled!!!

  • Scruff Looking Nerve Hurter

    Xena warrior princess is fucking sexier with age

  • casey Whittington
    casey Whittington Month ago +18

    those are two different pictures

  • Taylor Hammon
    Taylor Hammon Month ago +135

    I aim to be as Happy as Ron was when he was chasing Andy at 2:20 at lease once in my life

  • netanel mullokandov
    netanel mullokandov Month ago +49

    When Ron said trick or treat he said it like “Trick Or Treat”

    • DEthe5150
      DEthe5150 Month ago +2

      @Lilbroomstik 101 I'd rather have cookie dough than licorice.

    • Lilbroomstik 101
      Lilbroomstik 101 Month ago +11

      A roll of cookie dough is low key a lot better than some crappy candy