Ninja Reacts to Revolver REMOVED, Storm Changes, & More! | Fortnite Highlights & Funny Moments #105

  • Published on Aug 31, 2018
  • Ninja Reacts to Revolver REMOVED, Storm Changes, & more! | Fortnite Highlights & Funny Moments #105
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  • Patsofallpats 1
    Patsofallpats 1 3 months ago

    He says how he hates the revolver yet he use to use it ALL THE TIME

  • Sugar Lmao
    Sugar Lmao 7 months ago

    Ninja: “The revolver is not even great at all it suck.”
    Me: *sees a video of him landing shots on the revolver and says, “man I love revolvers.”
    Also Me: excuse me what?

  • Vallerinq
    Vallerinq 7 months ago

    c4 is purple ahhahhaahha

  • leo zivaljic
    leo zivaljic 7 months ago

    fuck u ninja revolver is fkin op and fun gun main weapon bruh

  • Gir OG
    Gir OG 7 months ago


  • Βασίλης Στεργιος

    guess im the only one that his second favorite gun was the revolver

  • We will Takeover
    We will Takeover 8 months ago

    I used the revolver many times and then I stopped playing fortnite for 9 weeks and I'm just finding this out wow I can't believe they removed it

  • Kevin Brunner
    Kevin Brunner 8 months ago

    Wer deutsch kan liket das

  • Matthew Stoflet
    Matthew Stoflet 8 months ago

    Are these gaming style’s content? Cause they are making money off stolen content.

  • 696969 subscribers with no videos XDDD no reason

    I miss:
    Smoke grenade
    Old music
    Season 2-3
    Moisty Mire
    Old bounce pad
    Sky bases :)

  • Xcell
    Xcell 8 months ago

    Epic-let’s change the colors of c4
    Gamer-I can’t log in to my account
    Epic-alright see u next week when we ad a different texture to roofs
    Gamer-I CANT LOG IN MY ACCOUNT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Xcell
    Xcell 8 months ago

    U forgot boogiebomb in thumbnail

  • Huncho.
    Huncho. 8 months ago

    Remove the hand cannon trash gun

  • Mistamistagaming YT
    Mistamistagaming YT 8 months ago

    4:27- eliminated player 420

  • TheMarshian
    TheMarshian 8 months ago

    I know nobady cares but please get me to 200 subs

  • Cheesey Puffs
    Cheesey Puffs 8 months ago

    The storm destroying building won me a game

  • akaSamii
    akaSamii 8 months ago

    NOOOO THE REVOLVER!!!!! Rip Revolver

  • badvibesforever_v2
    badvibesforever_v2 8 months ago

    They should a railgun like if you agree comment if you dont

  • craig duuu
    craig duuu 8 months ago

    Remove lmg,drum gun,tactical shotguns there to cancer and also probaly the double barrel too

  • Artie Knight YT
    Artie Knight YT 8 months ago +1

    I'm glad they removed the revolver. It did very little damage and was too slow.

  • S U P R E M E
    S U P R E M E 8 months ago

    Can I get some subs bc today my bday it ok if u don't and I am not begging

  • Gray Knight
    Gray Knight 8 months ago

    Revolver is good
    1 Like = 1 revolver back to life.

  • ugly francine123
    ugly francine123 8 months ago

    I can't believe that they changed the sniper color to green and blue

  • ItzBlazen Roblox & More

    3:34 you ALWAYS know SypherPK is the master of traps.

  • Rockstar Miami
    Rockstar Miami 8 months ago

    Whats next epic? You will remove the AR?, the burst, the shotty?

  • Dimmeh Lol
    Dimmeh Lol 8 months ago

    You only miss it when it's gone

  • cold ice
    cold ice 8 months ago

    i like that gun so ninja can go and die he think just he does not get it then no one like it i hate ninja now

  • King Mojo
    King Mojo 8 months ago

    This I Sid 🏋🏼‍♀️he has 500 hp lets
    Si if we can kill him

  • Iprofessional
    Iprofessional 8 months ago

    3:58 that's nothing i eliminated an entire squad with one trap...

  • HyperK 101
    HyperK 101 8 months ago

    1 Like=1 Revolver

  • TalalioisKewl
    TalalioisKewl 8 months ago

    yo kill with a hand cannon

  • Alexander Hamilton
    Alexander Hamilton 8 months ago

    No more stairways

  • White Privilege
    White Privilege 8 months ago

    I'd rather have the revolver over the deagle..

  • AJ T
    AJ T 8 months ago

    Rip revolver

  • Jason Ward
    Jason Ward 8 months ago

    No more sky bases then

  • Kelson McNamee
    Kelson McNamee 8 months ago

    Oh I get what the tital means now apparently ninjas name is in the title but he only says one sentence in a five second clip… Totally not click bait.
    And also why is video 10 minutes into seconds you're just dealing cups from other people to get to the 10 minute mark there so you can make more money.
    Anyways if you don't know what the 10 minute mark means it means that once your video gets to 10 minutes you get more money from having ads on your video and I'm using Siri to write all of this by the way so I didn't spent an hour writing all of this because I'm not but hurt. Lol

  • Obey maxdragon Dragon
    Obey maxdragon Dragon 8 months ago

    2 second I mean

  • Obey maxdragon Dragon
    Obey maxdragon Dragon 8 months ago

    You can’t spam minie Shield ☹️☹️ maby 1 second you have to wait or 1 second

    UNIQUE GAMMER 8 months ago

    Ninja your trash I would take a revolver over a gun

  • OmgBlazesXD
    OmgBlazesXD 8 months ago

    The storm can destroy building cuz people rage cuz retards like storm fighting.

  • Deus est mortuus
    Deus est mortuus 8 months ago

    have you not watched pews video? I though people will be too embarassed to use Ali-A intros. Oh well....

  • k werner
    k werner 8 months ago +3

    Every like I will add a +(+)

  • Cloaked xLPFJ
    Cloaked xLPFJ 8 months ago

    Im subbing to Everyone that likes this comment and subs to me

  • Robert yt
    Robert yt 8 months ago +1

    My favorite gun was revolver

  • Ya Boi Egg Man -Grammar Police

    I swear epic pays ninja to say this stuff

  • Devon Da Rabbit
    Devon Da Rabbit 8 months ago

    I hate ninja and if I saw him I would say it so him also I’m boss with revolvers

  • TyrXz !
    TyrXz ! 8 months ago

    Don’t you think cizzorz is getting more poplular due to faze

  • thedryzombie Video Games and More

    Noooo! I love the revolver!

  • Michael Duncan
    Michael Duncan 8 months ago

    So now they can bring back the shotgun and jetpack mode!!!

  • 44playersucks dumb
    44playersucks dumb 8 months ago

    What the fuck? Og guns are going dead

  • ArchieTheFox
    ArchieTheFox 8 months ago

    For some reason, i can aim better with the Revolver Than A Scar XD

  • Jaqis Gei
    Jaqis Gei 8 months ago

    So revolver one of the only fun guns to use is taken out.. leaving us with only high rate of fire no skill boring guns excluding snipers


    epic ik u won't read this but you're doing a great job making the game more competitive we all like it not based on your loot and luck but more on your skill like for exemple u open a chest u get a grey ar and the enemy gets the scar what can u do bruh

  • Healy Plays
    Healy Plays 8 months ago

    Hey guys I know I’m begging but I would really appreciate if you subscribed to me your choice, I upload 720p PS4 gaming broadcasts but I’m losing hope because I’m not gaining many subscribers like I said it’s appreciate it!

  • Freddie Lara
    Freddie Lara 8 months ago


  • gg secteur
    gg secteur 8 months ago

    I loved the revolver it was sooooo op it did sooooo high dmg per shot

  • V. TV
    V. TV 8 months ago


  • Mxster Toaster
    Mxster Toaster 8 months ago

    Bruh I always carried revolvers😭now it’s just hand cannons I’m not sayin they aren’t as good as revolvers I’m saying revolvers where much easier to get and I hit crazy shit with revolvers

  • Blvck 0wl AMVZ
    Blvck 0wl AMVZ 8 months ago

    Lol next the scar then the rocket launcher

  • Samuel Colton
    Samuel Colton 8 months ago

    Bruh the revolver is like Michael Jackson, everyone hated it until it was gone.

  • Clem Gibbs
    Clem Gibbs 8 months ago

    10:02? I'm disappointed

  • Charline Lambert
    Charline Lambert 8 months ago

    Reporter cheek wonderful together gear pie straight reputation as sigh generate drinking.

  • Long Lost videos from Lasley

    Why do you repeat all the videos at the end?

  • Hydra Aka Cyrex
    Hydra Aka Cyrex 8 months ago

    That’s why I saw a revolver yesterday? Big bs

  • SiiK Sp1D3R F0X
    SiiK Sp1D3R F0X 8 months ago

    The revolver is most commonly used on Xbox between my and my friend and in solid gold we do deagle only because we’re so good with them

    VINCENT LI 8 months ago

    Stairway nerfed building get destroyed in storm

  • jonas tam
    jonas tam 8 months ago

    revolwer is not removed las played with it on 18-09-05

  • Nanner King
    Nanner King 8 months ago

    Wait, if the storm breaks buildings then no more sky bases 👍 lol

  • N1CK
    N1CK 8 months ago

    Revolver isn't removed, I've used it today

  • Ibrahim Jamadar
    Ibrahim Jamadar 8 months ago

    Recolver is trash anyways

  • MysticVoyage
    MysticVoyage 8 months ago

    Rip skybases....

  • THE Gramer
    THE Gramer 8 months ago +1

    And this is the end of the skybases R.I.P.

  • John E
    John E 8 months ago

    1:34 when you break something and don't wanna tell your parents because they'll be mad.

  • ManiX
    ManiX 8 months ago

    When shotguns only mode was removed I actually suggested to make the storm corrode buildings to prevent sky bridging, I wonder if they got that from meee

  • AMJGaming1159
    AMJGaming1159 8 months ago

    Next update: Removing the Gold Scar

  • Neglectance MC
    Neglectance MC 8 months ago

    Btw that intro is on panzoid LOL

  • Gooogle 01
    Gooogle 01 8 months ago

    B R U H First the TAC SMG now the revolver (my two fav guns)

  • Johny_Boi23 YT
    Johny_Boi23 YT 8 months ago

    So they remove the tactical smg and the revolver but not the silenced smg or the smg

  • Wolf
    Wolf 8 months ago

    this video is retarded like actually 3 ad roles in 5 minutes disliked

  • Ethan Harding
    Ethan Harding 8 months ago

    I feel bad that the revolver is getting vaulted ninjas biggest clutch was with one and he was on 1 hp

  • Luis Ayden Ribot Jr.
    Luis Ayden Ribot Jr. 8 months ago

    The revolver is gonna be probably gone by the time the grappler comes in the game

  • Two Lock
    Two Lock 8 months ago


  • SamSamSamSam Sam
    SamSamSamSam Sam 8 months ago

    good thing i have stw where revolvers are still there

  • Noah Fontes
    Noah Fontes 8 months ago

    Get rid of c4

  • Foxyy
    Foxyy 8 months ago

    Why would they even bother to make it so the storm destroys buildings that means you can’t even launch pad out the storm which would f*ck the whole fortnite community

  • Random Saiyan
    Random Saiyan 8 months ago

    They should make a game mode called OG and the game mode is basically like it was in Season 1

  • Wolf kid gamer PS4 Wolf pack

    Your just a click bat man

  • Cadan Parman
    Cadan Parman 8 months ago

    but the revolver is still in the game

  • John Poor
    John Poor 8 months ago

    Wait they took out c4?

  • iShiftyzZ
    iShiftyzZ 8 months ago

    Wait wha? I was using the revolver like 2 days ago?

  • Jacob Meyer
    Jacob Meyer 8 months ago

    Vivid be looking like Ricky Berwick.

  • Pickaboy 78
    Pickaboy 78 8 months ago

    I love the revolver.

  • Suicidal For life
    Suicidal For life 8 months ago

    I miss the revolver,tac smg,purple tac,and smoke grenades

  • Apollo the British Shorthair

    Guess what?

    Defaults get removed

  • Vladimir Lenin
    Vladimir Lenin 8 months ago

    1:37 happened to me also

  • Cdunninc Playz
    Cdunninc Playz 8 months ago

    How is the revolver removed I got it yesterday when I was playing....

  • Joshua Barrow
    Joshua Barrow 8 months ago

    You guys know it’s not removed. The people that are probably liking and commenting on this video are probably not players of Fortnite. And if they are they are not very active. Thanks for your time to understand why this is Donald Trump fake news.

  • Duncan McGee
    Duncan McGee 8 months ago

    0:55 well there goes skybases

  • Butter YT
    Butter YT 8 months ago


  • OneWoke Duckling
    OneWoke Duckling 8 months ago

    The revolver should stay because they should get rid off the silenced pistol as it’s a weapon to troll you so like if you see a legendary than you think it could be like a scar but nope