• Published on Oct 24, 2017
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Comments • 588

  • Jaxton Lango
    Jaxton Lango 3 days ago

    How did they predict Endgame?

  • KingRichardIII
    KingRichardIII Month ago

    GMC? A goat drawn chariot no longer good enough for you Thor?
    EDIT: Sorry, remembered Thjalfi eat them.

  • That1Baguette
    That1Baguette Month ago

    I’m watching this a year later and it’s funny because they’re like, “we’re making it for Thor: Ragnorak” and Mjolnier gets destroyed in Thor ragnorak

  • Dalton Hodges
    Dalton Hodges Month ago

    y'all think that chris hemsworth would approve?

  • Nemuel Yao
    Nemuel Yao Month ago

    3:14 What if the end caps were just attached to the hammer with a string

  • Nate the Adventurer
    Nate the Adventurer 2 months ago

    Glorious hair!

  • Chris Thier
    Chris Thier 2 months ago

    Thor is pleased

  • IISimplePlayedII
    IISimplePlayedII 2 months ago

    He’s a hackguardian

  • Mystic Thunder
    Mystic Thunder 2 months ago

    >"Enough to start a TRUCK!"
    So... we talking a tractor-trailer, like what I drive for a living, or a little 4-wheeler?

  • CrayToons
    CrayToons 2 months ago

    Um, won’t lead give you cancer?

    • the Hacksmith
      the Hacksmith  2 months ago

      if you eat it you'll get lead poisoning... not cancer

  • Hawking
    Hawking 3 months ago

    Whonis she?

  • Jack Eldridge
    Jack Eldridge 3 months ago

    Where can I get a replica Thor hammer

  • Reina de Ol.Ma
    Reina de Ol.Ma 5 months ago

    é mais facil ser o Thor do que ser o Homem de Ferro

  • Waffles
    Waffles 6 months ago

    Ok CXD X D D D D. D D D X D. D X D S D D X D

    SAMEERthePRO PuBg 8 months ago

    you are genius

  • Avanti Stark
    Avanti Stark 8 months ago +1

    Odin, where are my keys? 3:25

  • some random cuber yt
    some random cuber yt 9 months ago

    Can i get a electro hammer

    INTERPOL 9 months ago +1

    When we will see hacksmith in skirt dressed as wonder women

  • Tyler Frisk
    Tyler Frisk 9 months ago

    Anyone else notice he's using a spyderco knife?? Lol. Paramilitary i think lol

  • DongChan Kim
    DongChan Kim 9 months ago

    To bad the hammer's gone...

  • Troy Pike
    Troy Pike 11 months ago


  • Natasha Switzer
    Natasha Switzer 11 months ago

    You should make the hammer come to you

  • Jonathan Wadey
    Jonathan Wadey 11 months ago


  • Braiden Panike
    Braiden Panike 11 months ago

    You should leave the hammer in the car

  • Mindy Martin
    Mindy Martin Year ago

    Make Loki staff

  • carlos .d
    carlos .d Year ago

    Make an Iron Man helmet with jarvis

  • Sopheak Horng
    Sopheak Horng Year ago

    Why you don't make a Bome

  • Alex Ross
    Alex Ross Year ago

    If I had Thor's hammer that would kick ass dude

  • Jody Stephan
    Jody Stephan Year ago


  • David W
    David W Year ago +1

    What type of engineer was he?

  • Vicky Knightly
    Vicky Knightly Year ago

    I want that!!!

  • Ryan Ryan
    Ryan Ryan Year ago

    hi what is up people

  • bindu bishnoi
    bindu bishnoi Year ago

    Very good

  • PapuMauser935
    PapuMauser935 Year ago

    Funny how they made so many hammers for the movie were he doesnt have one...

  • Faiz Saleh
    Faiz Saleh Year ago

    Holimoly how much Thor's hammer did you made

  • dis dude
    dis dude Year ago

    "Another one!" I laughed so hard

  • TecStuff Lifts
    TecStuff Lifts Year ago

    Did you put a diode bridge between your battery and the truck ?? Because the car puts wile running a bad charge current for lipo 's (~30A) ! IT could be dangerous !

  • The Wierd One
    The Wierd One Year ago

    Imagine explaining to the tow truck man that yu don't need the spare battery, because u have your hammer

  • Cracker Jack
    Cracker Jack Year ago

    a gmc with a dead ls. not surprising lol im joking. these thor hammer videos are pretty cool

  • Mart. Ish
    Mart. Ish Year ago

    question, when we order it, is the hammer just going to be filled up with lead inside or what does it contain?

    • the Hacksmith
      the Hacksmith  Year ago

      +/The 9090/ Clash royale & more it's just the replica

  • Couture Queen
    Couture Queen Year ago

    can you make flash hacksmith

  • Nancy Zegarra
    Nancy Zegarra Year ago

    Helo 5 guards

  • Nancy Zegarra
    Nancy Zegarra Year ago

    Helo 5

  • Nancy Zegarra
    Nancy Zegarra Year ago

    Helo 5

  • alice prezelin
    alice prezelin Year ago

    sale richou de merde qui fait le malin

  • ChristianVlogs
    ChristianVlogs Year ago

    You should make another Chanel on how to build and how to do things quicker and call it Hacksmith Hacks

  • trenna baker
    trenna baker Year ago

    You could be thors secret brother

  • Erick Lawrence Medina


  • Eviej98y98tt8t8 Middlestetter

    I want thor's hammer

  • Super Magothinus
    Super Magothinus Year ago

    make more star wars

  • Morgan Boyer
    Morgan Boyer Year ago +1

    that Pantene thing made me laugh so hard

  • Uncreative Name
    Uncreative Name Year ago

    I wonder if you could make a magnetic Thor's Hammer, to the point that no one can pick it up. Then, have a little switch, remote, something that can demagnetize it so it looks like you're super strong whenever you pick it up.

    • the Hacksmith
      the Hacksmith  Year ago +1

      Maybe you should watch the next video in this playlist... :P

  • samitchell321
    samitchell321 Year ago +1

    Would it be possible to make a hammer that returns to your hand using the same idea with the cap's shield?

  • KaleJeff13
    KaleJeff13 Year ago

    Hacksmith Rocks!

  • Boii
    Boii Year ago

    Me: anyone got a phone charger? Thor: *pulls out hammer*

  • Nic Hill
    Nic Hill Year ago

    Where does one aquire a hammer like this to build such a device @TheHacksmith

  • Aze On Fire
    Aze On Fire Year ago

    I live in elpaso texas

  • Miggz Vlogs
    Miggz Vlogs Year ago

    Pls make the shocker’s glove from spiderman homecoming

  • Jac Avila
    Jac Avila Year ago


  • Jack Bessant
    Jack Bessant Year ago +1

    Why don’t you make one that’s electromagnetic so it would stick to a surface to make it seem heavy, but when you press a secret button you can easily pick it up!

    RJGAMING Year ago +1

    As soon as you got the drink I knew you were gonna say ANOTHER and then smash the mug on the ground

  • fluffy floff
    fluffy floff Year ago

    Make one thats heavy and is magnetic that catches lighting and puts electricity
    1 like=1 agree

  • PIE
    PIE Year ago

    i love hacksmith

  • Omega Omicron
    Omega Omicron Year ago

    hated the hammer, loved the intern

  • Reesey Me
    Reesey Me Year ago

    skinny thor

  • ISingand DoOtherThings

    this man is a real like tinkerer phineas mason from spider-man

  • ISingand DoOtherThings

    this man is a real life Tony Stark Iron Man

  • B-ren S
    B-ren S Year ago +1


  • Chevy Kurek
    Chevy Kurek Year ago

    Hacksmith Rock

  • Arshad Muhammed
    Arshad Muhammed Year ago

    Hacksmith bro just make the weapon used in spider man homecoming vulture wing. And gravity gun

  • Faz happyzombieland

    Omg how many hammer you make 😂😂

  • TeckPeck
    TeckPeck Year ago

    When he destroyed the mug and said another I fucking lost it

  • GUNS OF BOOM Reviews

    I like you because you make that things that no one can make

  • Redcat Săvoaia
    Redcat Săvoaia Year ago

    My cat's name is THOR

  • Mike Howard
    Mike Howard Year ago

    why doesn't hacksmith have 50 million subs yet;he should

  • Dyaln Luk
    Dyaln Luk Year ago

    Make corvo's sword from dishonored 2

  • The Musical Pickle
    The Musical Pickle Year ago +1

    What if this became a YTRed exclusive?

  • ShackledTime
    ShackledTime Year ago

    Am I the only one who instantly dreaded the moment he asked for a drink, knowing what would happen?

  • Clifford Chen
    Clifford Chen Year ago

    Hacksmith Can you make Shredder's armor from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ?

  • Em Mason
    Em Mason Year ago

    Make the bike from men in black

  • Luke Chandler
    Luke Chandler Year ago

    You guys should make a Hamer with an electromagnet which has a special hold or button that turns it in and off so only the worthy one can wield it from off the ground.

    • the Hacksmith
      the Hacksmith  Year ago

      +Luke Chandler uhh didn't you watch this video? Lol

  • Nuke DaWorld
    Nuke DaWorld Year ago

    Make the flamethrower from stranger things 2

  • Fishy_Dish
    Fishy_Dish Year ago

    Please go berry the lead hammer in the middle of the meteor creator in Arizona lol that would be so funny when someone stumbles across it

  • Allanah The Voice Actor

    Local meet up
    _Local you say?_
    *flies to Canada*

    • Nosey Nick
      Nosey Nick Year ago

      I saw them there anyway, and "OMG the Hacksmith is LOCAL? Like THE Hacksmith?!?" :-O

  • Bobby Plays
    Bobby Plays Year ago

    If the apocalypse ever happens this dude will surely survive with his great weapons

  • ツiCyrx
    ツiCyrx Year ago

    But Thor’s Hammer got destroyed by Hela...

  • beast games
    beast games Year ago

    make it real power armor

  • beast games
    beast games Year ago

    power armor fallout

  • Harry GEORGE
    Harry GEORGE Year ago

    You should make flash bang grenades

  • LiLB
    LiLB Year ago

    Where’s flying like iron man????

    • the Hacksmith
      the Hacksmith  Year ago

      No one seemed to want us to continue it... the gofundme campaign failed miserably =(

  • Yousuf Khan
    Yousuf Khan Year ago

    Can you make a video realated to flash

  • Epic Juligamer
    Epic Juligamer Year ago

    Please meke more fly like iron man episodes 😭😭😭

    Mac STRANGE Year ago

    Awesome project dear friend!

  • Sonny B
    Sonny B Year ago

    You gotta make deployable metal wings from X-Men apocalypse. Archangel!!!

  • Carl Trotter
    Carl Trotter Year ago

    Get a sickle too then make some soviet display case

    CTRLARTZ Year ago

    Wow the video is Thor minutes long and thortythor seconds

  • Angeline Kristanto

    Make snipper form the evil within 2 pleasee..

  • Chi Mas
    Chi Mas Year ago

    make the circle bike thing from men in black

  • Shehab Studio
    Shehab Studio Year ago

    Make the ME 3 car🙂

  • Zeki Emre Tekir
    Zeki Emre Tekir Year ago