Inside Tyler Perry’s 300-Acre Studio Compound in Atlanta | Open Door | Architectural Digest

  • Published on Nov 7, 2019
  • Today we take you to Atlanta, Georgia to tour the sprawling Tyler Perry Studios. Home to productions like Marvel’s “Black Panther” and AMC Networks’ “The Walking Dead,” the self-made entertainment legend’s production compound is larger than Warner Bros. and Walt Disney’s Burbank studios combined. 12 newly-dedicated sound stages are joined by an entire backlot neighborhood called “Maxineville,” featuring a perfect replica of Madea’s house. Tyler Perry Studios is the centerpiece of Georgia’s burgeoning film industry and a testament to the vision, success, and generosity of its founder.
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    Inside Tyler Perry’s 300-Acre Studio Compound in Atlanta | Open Door | Architectural Digest
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  • Naomi Tamar
    Naomi Tamar 4 hours ago

    Thank you....😉😉😉😉

  • Olisa Bosah
    Olisa Bosah 5 hours ago


  • micheal Jackson
    micheal Jackson 7 hours ago

    Tyler if you’re build it they wil come

    LORD OF HOST 10 hours ago

    All I know is, NO PLASTIC!!! No wet booty prints on the furniture! Clothes be stuck to the booty so tight you can see the booty cellular structures with a crack down da middle... GOD Bless you in JESUS Name! #Love&Hugs 🤣😉😘😘😘✌

  • Changa Carr
    Changa Carr 11 hours ago

    ouch my necjk

  • beloved Child
    beloved Child 12 hours ago

    Blessings to you and your family

  • Ashley B
    Ashley B 15 hours ago

    Ain’t nothing like a talented, inspirational, role model in this industry. BLACK EXCELLENCE AT ITS FINEST 🙌🏾 this is so inspiring

  • Esaie Prince
    Esaie Prince Day ago

    I THOUGHT OF A movie-a new version of Romeo and Juliet the tragedy --- the BASARA Samurai's daughter from a powerful military caste in feudal Japan--the Daimyos; falls in love VS... with A ninja WARRIOR skilled in ninjutsu, an agent, that has highest training in martial arts and stealth!!!!

  • Clunkywall
    Clunkywall Day ago

    The greatest films and TV shows in history were made in the Hollywood studios. We are talking 100 years of fame and prestige in a white backed world
    Tyler Perry Studios has some rough competition and a massive mountain to climb despite his 330 acres
    Best wishes and Godspeed

  • mogau choenyane
    mogau choenyane Day ago

    would you come and own South Africa...

  • PianoAmante
    PianoAmante Day ago +3

    Real Estate agent - How much land do you want to buy?
    Tyler Perry - Yes

  • Deucalion Spade
    Deucalion Spade Day ago

    Tyler you should do the movie of Medusa

  • Rainey J
    Rainey J Day ago


  • Rainey J
    Rainey J Day ago +1


    • The Sword
      The Sword 7 hours ago

      That's because you got programmed on the lies by wyt people's who hate you as well as they hated Obama. Your ignorance and programming has blinded you to the fact that a successful black man is honoring Obama. Which tells me that those who actually listened to Obama reaped the benefits, while those blacks like you who listen to wyt supremacy propagated lies and hatred against Obama are now turned over by The Most High GOD YAH to receive even more lies propagated to you by wyt supremacy, because now you programmed idiots are now being told to not vote, hate the democrats and all blacks politicians, blk activists, blk entertainers, and blk women. But allow a known racist trump the space and opportunity to be president for a second term. And here is the programmed propagated logic that is being feed to you negros as your talking point and reason, "AT LEAST WE KNOW TRUMP IS A RACIST". and "TRUMP IS THE ENEMY OF THE ENEMY ". Lol, you would have to be the most dumb and stupid person that ever existed too think that this is sane, logical, and righteous thinking. A certified fool has more wisdom and intelligence than these so called woke generation Z.

  • Admiral Jay
    Admiral Jay Day ago +1

    I really do appreciate to get an on screen tour of this amazing establishment, Mr. Tyler Perry and it would be a honor to even wipe the floors of any set or clear any scene there is l0l I wouldn't even mention the acting part because I would just turn red instantly and just pop if I ever get a role ...I love all your plays, tv shows and movies. Mr. Perry, you're an absolute role model and inspiration. STAY BLESS!! (^_^)

  • Reginald Blacklock

    Hey bro why don't you tell them what you really do to get paid, you're not wearing that dress for nothing

  • Brett Marrow
    Brett Marrow Day ago

    Awesome Bro! 👍🏽

  • The Freem Team
    The Freem Team Day ago +1

    Dope & VERY inspiring The Freem Team will shoot you our first Movie at The Tyler Perry Studios 🙌🏼🧡

  • Hankerson Photography & Video

    Nooooooooo, I want more. Where can we find the raw footage..uncut. I would love to see more of his studio. That's awesome

  • BluezConcepts
    BluezConcepts 2 days ago

    He not only owns all that land but he also build/owns all these houses and buildings lmao... actually insane

  • FckYO ExistenceTV
    FckYO ExistenceTV 2 days ago

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  • Chase Brooks
    Chase Brooks 2 days ago +3

    He’s got money money... crazy to think he was once living in his car.

    MGTOW LOGIC 2 days ago

    Not impressed with Neverland Ranch, Paramount Studios, Sony Studios, Universal Studios, The White House, Disneyland or Disney world anymore
    Tyler Perry literally owns his own world

  • Hermann Albrecht
    Hermann Albrecht 2 days ago

    He is a great guy. He just paid a guys medical Bill's after he had a medical emergency on a cruise ship and couldn't leave the Mexican hospital because he was unable to pay the bill. Tyler came to the rescue and paid his medical bills and travel expenses to get back to Atlanta. Great guy.

  • Tya Haywood
    Tya Haywood 2 days ago

    Well done Sir 💯🔥 salute 🔥

  • April Ferguson
    April Ferguson 2 days ago +3

    I just love the spirit that Tyler Perry carries. It is so phenomenal how God is using him and he is allowing himself to be used by God. Glory be to God!!!

  • Kidist Chala
    Kidist Chala 2 days ago


  • Anne Anabui
    Anne Anabui 2 days ago

    I love you tyler perry. You are so amazing. #1fan ❤️❤️

  • Ramona Allen
    Ramona Allen 2 days ago

    Hi I put this video up on TVclip a year ago and I’ve never shared it until today. Some of y’all may need a laugh due to everything that’s going on. I know I do. So enjoy. Laughter is just like medicine. It’s good for the soul!
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  • First last
    First last 2 days ago

    Tyler perry studios... the house that Madea built

    ROCHELLE HOLLOMAN 3 days ago

    SPEECHLESS and PROUD!! Mr. Perry you are a GENIUS and TRULY BLESSED!!

  • NenaGoodluck
    NenaGoodluck 3 days ago

    Wow! Thank you for sharing and how beautiful this dream of Tyler Perry has been made possible. I remember seeing him in a theater in Baltimore in sometime around 1996/1997 and he was just beginning and look at him today. I too am a write and have written my autobiography about being a Navajo woman growing up in America, joining the Army, finishing college at a late date, taking care of my children, and just loving life. I didn't like Tyler at first because, I recognize, I was jealous. Today, I applaud this man and appreciate that he is doing so much for the Black people and for me, a Native American. The only thing I didn't like was his movie Acrimony because the lead actress lost out. Otherwise, this man is wonderful as a actor, producer, and inspiration for people of color. AWESOME!

  • joey lewis
    joey lewis 3 days ago +1

    Anyone who dislikes is just a hater at this point

  • Richie N
    Richie N 3 days ago

    Man this guy is so rich

  • William Allen
    William Allen 3 days ago +1

    Wow! So does staff live on the property, people that maintain the grounds, and the homes? A city in a city.

  • William Allen
    William Allen 3 days ago +6

    So he's like the black Walt Disney, but better.

  • Champion Up®
    Champion Up® 3 days ago

    Congratulations Tyler👏 I am so happy for all that you are doing.

  • Maxine Chick
    Maxine Chick 3 days ago

    I love it...

  • Tupac among other celebrities hoax!

    Very smart and creative guy putting his billions to use he doesn't need to sign up to any studio and I love that

  • De'Ouna Wade
    De'Ouna Wade 3 days ago


  • Alicia Bell
    Alicia Bell 3 days ago +1

    I knew Madea's house instantly! I love her forever.

  • Dominique Jenkins
    Dominique Jenkins 3 days ago +2

    Thus Is how u dance on the grave of the enemy

  • Tammy Hahn
    Tammy Hahn 3 days ago

    I am very proud of you and all your accomplishments

    J- LEETHAL 3 days ago

    This what u get when you demean your own people

  • TPi Zone
    TPi Zone 3 days ago

    Whew! Thank you for the tour! 🙌🏾

  • Ricardo Hamilton Jr
    Ricardo Hamilton Jr 3 days ago

  • Simply Era
    Simply Era 4 days ago

    It's called sucking off the white men and singing your sould to the devil never heard of Tyler Perry

  • Yellow Cake
    Yellow Cake 4 days ago

    Can I cook in your restaurant once it's finished? I love u with all my heart we need more people like you in the world..

  • Matthew Seybold
    Matthew Seybold 4 days ago

    My moms name is Maxine too

  • ma,ma gee's gospel
    ma,ma gee's gospel 4 days ago

    This man's building his own WORLD ! 🏢🏪🏫⛪🏯⛪🏰 🏘🏡🏤🏦🏨🏣🏢🏛🙏🏼👍🏻

  • Karma-_-69Jar -
    Karma-_-69Jar - 4 days ago +6

    The white House made me think he doesn’t like Donald trump

  • Kendrick White
    Kendrick White 4 days ago

    ONE of these houses would be a BLESSING to me,don’t matter which 1😩 #JUSTONELORD 🙏🏽😂

  • katkom
    katkom 4 days ago

    This place is so well kept and clean... absolutely amazing. Well done Mr Tyler.

  • Wayne Smallwood
    Wayne Smallwood 4 days ago

    This Mighty Man was sent by God almighty with all the know how Spike Lee in a lot of haters dubbed him now all what to embrace him this man is brilliant minorities may get the opportunities of a lifetime pursue acting Your Dreams May Come True🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • T D
    T D 4 days ago

    So glad Tyler didn't just use his success to only purchase mansions, foreign cars and other material objects and actually did something major for the culture

  • T D
    T D 4 days ago +2

    It befuddles me how there are so many successful black people in the entertainment business but it takes 1 man in 2019 to build the first studio for us by us smh. salute tyler 👍

  • Ess Cee
    Ess Cee 4 days ago

    Love him!

  • Natasha Gainey
    Natasha Gainey 4 days ago

  • dj BACHWA
    dj BACHWA 5 days ago

    AMEIN , work hard pays i hope some day soon

  • marquise antonio
    marquise antonio 5 days ago +1

    I love this man, Not because hes financial stable, not because he's famous, not because he's tyler Perry. The reason I love this man because he's doing what God has told Him to do once God blessed him. And that's to help his people to move forward, give back to the people who are struggling. This man Tyler Perry is obedient to God many have not been obedient to what God gave them, thats why they are falling , and falling fast.....not in Mr.Perry case. I will never meet this man but I am glad to see his prosperity