Trump Claims He 'Can Relate' To Unpaid Workers

  • Published on Jan 8, 2019
  • Turns out the government does a lot of things. Who knew?
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Comments • 1 757

  • Joe Box
    Joe Box Month ago

    Well Cunt Colbert certainly can't relate to unpaid people. Maybe tips his house cleaners at Xmas though.

  • Timothy Liow
    Timothy Liow 2 months ago

    Wow, even pandas hate Trump.
    What’s next? The penguins?

  • Cheryl Benn
    Cheryl Benn 4 months ago

    He forgot to mention the US COAST GUARD?!

  • Daniel Vargason
    Daniel Vargason 4 months ago +1

    i cant wate till 2020 trump is putting me in a nut house with his brain dead ways

  • Jacque Manfred
    Jacque Manfred 4 months ago +1

    Great comedian!😻

  • Jace Cavacini
    Jace Cavacini 5 months ago +1

    No, we DON’T want the TSA to come back to work. The TSA is a major anti-social and unconstitutional pile of overreach bullshit!

  • KyleTheExpat
    KyleTheExpat 5 months ago +1

    November 2020, damn that's a long way away.......

  • Gnome Queen
    Gnome Queen 5 months ago

    He hasn’t worked since 1946

  • Evon Williams
    Evon Williams 5 months ago +1

    Ok bill the wall and throw trump and his family over it

  • xTheEmilyx
    xTheEmilyx 5 months ago

    So he has the audacity to recommend bartering? Isn't that a communist thing? I could be wrong. But if it is, isn't that a little suspicious because of who his best friend is?

  • Billkwando
    Billkwando 5 months ago

    Happy they found an excuse to use the Stormy Watch music again. :)

  • Surgeon Vault
    Surgeon Vault 5 months ago

    {president in name only}

  • Goodwins all access Media service provider

    We only have one immediate national security threat at the moment and it comes from Trumps presidency leading a criminal enterprise seemingly traitorous administration

  • John Plum
    John Plum 5 months ago

    Trumpy Dumpy said "We are going to have to build a great wall"
    Trumpy Dumpy said "This is to keep out all problems so we can have a ball"
    Trumpy Dumpy said "And it's going to have to be at least 20 feet tall"
    Trumpy Dumpy said "it's also going to have be at least 10 feet deep"
    Trumpy Dumpy said "it's going to be made of concrete so it's easy to keep"
    Trumpy Dumpy said "it's going to be great because my name is going on it 2-ins deep"
    Trumpy Dumpy supporters & followers that heard him didn't say a thing or give out a beep
    Trumpy Dumpy said to his followers "Now who's going to pay for this great wall"
    Trumpy Dumpy said "Mexico will have to pay both young & old short & tall"
    Trumpy Dumpy supporters yelled "Yes Mexico will have to pay" they said with a great bawl
    Trumpy Dumpy said to Mexico's President "Sorry but you will have to pay for our great wall"
    Trumpy Dumpy heard Mexico's President say "I'm sorry but not a cent for your stupid wall"
    Trumpy Dumpy said to Mexico's President "but I told all my supports you are going to pay for the wall"
    Trumpy Dumpy heard Mexico's President say "Sorry that isn't my problem not a cent for your crazy wall"
    Trumpy Dumpy said to himself "my my who am I going to get to pay for it' then had a great bawl
    Trumpy Dumpy said to himself "my my now all my supporters are going to think I'm quite small"
    Trumpy Dumpy said to himself "my supports are not that smart so I guess I will have to fool them all"
    Trumpy Dumpy said to his followers "You know someday Mexico will have to pay for our great wall"
    Trumpy Dumpy supporters yelled out again "Yes Mexico will have to pay" they said with a great bawl
    Trumpy Dumpy said "Yes Mexico will have to pay over time by my new trade deal but for now you'll pay for the wall"
    Trumpy Dumpy said to Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer "Now you are going help me pay for this wall"
    Trumpy Dumpy heard both Nancy & Chuck say "We'er sorry but not a penny for your expensive stupid wall"
    Trumpy Dumpy said to Nancy & Chuck "but I told all my supports we are going to build a great concrete wall"
    Trumpy Dumpy heard both Nancy & Chuck say "Sorry that isn't our problem not a penny for your crazy wall"
    Trumpy Dumpy said to himself "my my now all my supporters are going to think I'm quite small"
    Trumpy Dumpy said to himself "I know I'll just say it is a crisis & shut down the country for one & all"
    Trumpy Dumpy continued to say himself "Then when they see that I created a real crisis for the small & tall"
    Trumpy Dumpy continued "They will have to give in to my demands or just cause more pain for them all"
    Trumpy Dumpy continued "Plus don't they know how great my name will look up on that Strong Beautiful wall"
    Trumpy Dumpy continued to declare to himself "I'll say a National Emergency to get the money to pay for the wall"
    Trumpy Dumpy caused all of the country to pay with pain by causing a crisis for his wonderful insane crazy wall
    Trumpy Dumpy caused so much pain for a wall that never got build & when 2020 came around he had a great fall

    plus - Statistics have already proven that illegal immigrants do less crime then those who are native-born legal US citizens because they most likely don't want to get deported if caught doing anything bad & have you seen the video that CNN found of Mr.Trump giving a speech were he is telling the students if they come to a wall in their life they should not let the wall stop them - no he tells them you either go around it - go over it - go under it - or knock it over - but you never let the wall stop you - sounds like good advice for the immigrants he is trying to stop coming into the country!

  • April Sebok
    April Sebok 5 months ago

    Every Stephen Colbert monologue ever:
    1. Orange man bad
    2. Democrat good
    3. Pee tape (allegedly)

  • Ayélé Mensah
    Ayélé Mensah 5 months ago

    Full sized mouthwash huh? Really livin’ it up Stephen ain’t ya...

  • 37Dionysos
    37Dionysos 5 months ago

    "Ask your landlord for odd jobs." "Have a garage sale." "Make a deal with your mortgage bank." This is what the "President" tells federal workers so he can have his latest futile tantrum. Jeeziz Krikes.

  • Kalash Operator
    Kalash Operator 5 months ago

    How can someone that was born rich relate?

  • Sean Knutson
    Sean Knutson 5 months ago +1

    Disagreement shouldn't shut down the government - a politician's job is to work through issues that people disagree about. This shutdown is directly hurting hundreds of thousands of government employees and their families, and it needs to stop.

  • shanefanon
    shanefanon 5 months ago


  • dave etcetera
    dave etcetera 5 months ago

    Who knew a government shutdown would be so complicated?

  • Rodolfo Ayala
    Rodolfo Ayala 5 months ago

    Don’t forget Russia 🇷🇺,Russia,Russians.

  • GokuSS400
    GokuSS400 5 months ago +1 are wonderful.....PLEASE never change. You are one of the few forces keeping me sane during this orange idiot's "administration" (i put it in quotes because lets be honest, its a slow-moving train wreck)

  • Lucy
    Lucy 5 months ago +1

    A lot of people are still going to work because they can't afford to jeopardize their jobs, and because if they're working, it's guaranteed by law that they'll be paid eventually. In the meantime, it really, really sucks.

  • jt bass gambler
    jt bass gambler 5 months ago

    Sooo sick of cry baby trump I'm done with him im heading to democrats 2020

  • Sntdwy
    Sntdwy 5 months ago

    800,000 workers affected. It’s just a number. But add to that number the spouses and children of those workers and you have somewhere around 3 million people directly affected by this government shutdown. If those 3 million were to - peacefully - gather to protest outside the Whitehouse, then there would be a tangible presence - not just a number.
    Maybe then Trump and all politicians from both parties would be able to see and understand what their lack of action is really doing.

  • Hugh S. Hay
    Hugh S. Hay 5 months ago

    He can relate because he stiffed so many of them in the past?
    Kind of a stretch there by Benedict Donald.

  • CeCe Love
    CeCe Love 5 months ago +1

    TRUMP 2020

    • Laydie Elle
      Laydie Elle 5 months ago

      Trump's head on a platter 2020.

  • Sam Call
    Sam Call 5 months ago

    Trump Foundation, that wonderful charity for my kids, will pay the furloughed workers while i hold out for my wall, which is a barrier and more probably just a fence!!

  • Jisun Mudd
    Jisun Mudd 5 months ago

    Obama has walls all around his home. check out the truth. @SWwk

  • bluhmer1990
    bluhmer1990 5 months ago

    "I can relate." Really? You can relate? You who was born with a silver spoon and never had to learn the value of a dollar can relate to people panicking about not being able to pay for the house or rent? What about having to cut back on the grocery budget, having to keep the house cool in the the winter because you can't afford to keep the house properly heated, or even having to rely on your grandparents and other extended family so you don't have to go hungry at school and etcetera? I have had to deal with some of these things as have various members of my family and others I have known. But you who happily fire people and have now shut down an entire government forcing hundreds of thousands of people to suffer and struggle for your ridiculous crusade can relate? Jump off your tower with that bullshit.

  • Thepope 111111
    Thepope 111111 5 months ago

    Remember when late night tv was funny?

  • Thomas Anderson
    Thomas Anderson 5 months ago +1

    Trump has a disgusting voice.

  • Mac Clark
    Mac Clark 5 months ago

    Some one should break it to you Little Communist Twits. That no matter what you Manufacture about Trump he OWNS THE 2020 Presidential Race.

    • Laydie Elle
      Laydie Elle 5 months ago

      The only thing he owns is his toupee. The rest he's bankrupted.

  • Dean William
    Dean William 5 months ago

    no government employee should get back pay unless they showed up for work.

  • jashua-mirza
    jashua-mirza 5 months ago

    Dumber'er President in the entire history of the world of humans, dinosaurs even cavemen can do it and were smarter than Trump. What a disgrace in our history rise and fall of we the people of the United States. World's next most powerful country is Israel who has been at war with the help of Musa'd CIA RAW ISIS who will loose and are loosing this battle miserably against the one and only most Brilliant non funded agency on our planet ISI "Islamic State Intelligence" of Paksitan. We the PPl of United States have paid for israel with the death of our troops all over the world especially in middle east. Karma is a bitch Ya'll. Shaloom Hatzola! lol Welcome to the real world NEO. According to a magazine call the Economist 2019 India will break their Arm and Leg. Thank you Mr Modi with your help time has finally come and getting closer to the Battle of Hind My friend ;)

  • Dav A
    Dav A 5 months ago

    When the furloughed workers say "keep going", they are not talking about the shutdown stupid, there talking about tRump leaving and for him to keep going..

  • Dav A
    Dav A 5 months ago

    Hey, everybody knows pandas know how to use sign language. Amazing what they do with those little fingers

  • Nancy Desch
    Nancy Desch 5 months ago +1

    So now because of this shutdown real terrorists might find it easier to get into this country thru airports - which is the traditional way most people come into this country - they fly in. Man this may backfire big time for Donnie.

  • Barney Potter
    Barney Potter 5 months ago

    Pretty soon Trump's gonna be able to relate to prisoners cuz he's gonna be one

  • PeterNGloor
    PeterNGloor 5 months ago

    thousands of TSA workers should call in sick.

  • Scotty Sevens
    Scotty Sevens 5 months ago

    Trump might need to be careful about about suggesting "adjustments"..many thing can be 'adjusted" bills, wages, taxes, eye glasses, gun sights, cookie recipes, the height of blinds in windows, votes, the number of items bought by consumers from certain companies that advertise on fox news, nuclear warhead trajectories..anti aircraft guns..bow ties..belts..stuff like that..

  • hayancharm
    hayancharm 5 months ago

    Pathetically sad

  • star burst
    star burst 5 months ago

    400 million loan from dad.who can relate?anyone?

  • Brian Holmes
    Brian Holmes 5 months ago

    Most rentals have contracted handymen or have employees that perform maintenance, Trump is suggesting what pertaining to them? He should of just sent a memo saying; "Eat Cake."

  • Neal Wright
    Neal Wright 5 months ago

    Trump, unlike Schmucker and Pelosi, has 1) made his millions in the private sector, unlike Schmucker and Pelosi... and 2) knows HOW to run a company and knows what it means to pay workers.

    • Neal Wright
      Neal Wright 5 months ago

      Sorry. what does that have to do with Trump knowing more about workers than Pelosi and Schmucker?

    • Peter
      Peter 5 months ago

      Neal Wright His countless lawsuits, bankruptcies and daddy’s money is more like it

  • deborah chinn
    deborah chinn 5 months ago

    Indict, Impeach and Imprison!

  • Gary Doss
    Gary Doss 5 months ago

    This must be part of Trump's effort to force 800k, or so, voters to definitely vote Democratic in the next election. The Republicans always manage to self destruct at some point. As you realize they were just using you toward their own selfish ends.

  • Agriope 23
    Agriope 23 5 months ago

    "They'll make adjustments, they always do" Spoken like a guy who's spent a lifetime taking advantage of working people

  • Uwe von Kempen
    Uwe von Kempen 5 months ago

    Does DT been PAID for presidency? I remember, that he once said, that he won't take the payment for his services. So its totally believeable for him to feel for someone who can't pay his rent from his earnings as a govermental clerk :-)

  • bchlovr
    bchlovr 5 months ago

    I say keep going too...straight to hell!

  • I am just a mom doing the best I can

    If this crap keeps going on like it is, we will not make it to November. Many folks are starving, losing homes, kids going hungry at school, after school care programs are being shut down..etc.

  • Gray Scribe
    Gray Scribe 5 months ago

    Of course they make adjustments. What was it? 800,000 workers? Plus their spouses and kids? Yes, they make adjustments by spending only the minimum. Let's be generous and say we end up with 1,000,000 people 'making adjustments' (likely the number is higher), that's 1 in 32 people that contribute less to the economy?
    Let's hope they are very evenly distributed throughout the USA or there might be some minor layoffs, adding a little more to the number of people that can't spend as much. Oh, look, trickle down works on the negative.

  • Holly Golightly
    Holly Golightly 5 months ago +1

    Trump is the exact color of a sweet potato, though less intelligent than a sweet potato

  • SkLLzDaTkLLs
    SkLLzDaTkLLs 5 months ago

    "we want tsa back" no, not everyone does.

  • Walter Petrovic
    Walter Petrovic 5 months ago

    Boofing mouthwash??? I think Kanahaugh must love you, now! :P

  • Noises
    Noises 5 months ago +1

    Trump not paying his workers again, I see.

  • Ray Herbst
    Ray Herbst 5 months ago +1

    He C A N N O T relate!!!!! 😮

  • Sean C
    Sean C 5 months ago

    Trump is doing such a fantastic job that he might end up with the exact opposite "problem" he's sure he has now. Rather than Mexicans trying to get into America to look for a better life, you'll have Americans fleeing to Mexico tying to find a better'll be brilliant. So in order to make his "wall" future proof, it's going to need to be built doggy-door style, so the Americans can get out, but the Mexicans can't get in!!! Go Don Don, you're the best!

  • William Thomas
    William Thomas 5 months ago

    As a federal worker I stand with Trump build that wall

  • Annabelle B
    Annabelle B 5 months ago +1

    Here that Americans, you need to make adjustments. Let me know how that work out for you?

  • Chisom Ikoku
    Chisom Ikoku 5 months ago

    "minty fresh"

  • kyshro
    kyshro 5 months ago +1


  • Pit Friend
    Pit Friend 5 months ago +1

    Maybe these federal workers can get a small load of a million dollars from their fathers to tide them over?

  • Dean Smith
    Dean Smith 5 months ago

    Adjustments will be made!

  • TheBigBoot
    TheBigBoot 5 months ago

    Only 40 year old liberals think this guy is funny.

  • janschutz174
    janschutz174 5 months ago

    So Trump says people can go without getting paying it’s no big deal then what’s his leverage ?

  • J H
    J H 5 months ago

    Not like you can either, Steven.

  • Tim Gleason
    Tim Gleason 5 months ago

    My father works for the food stamps department which is a division of the Department of Agriculture. His job is to review EBT applications from stores and to investigate store owners that are scamming the system (i.e. illegally cashing out food stamps, or allowing people to buy tobacco and alcohol with foodstamps.) This costs the federal government hundreds of millions of dollars a month. Good job, Trump.

  • doggiesarus
    doggiesarus 5 months ago

    Student lunches (and other money for food) is so necessary. There are some children whose school provided lunch is the only food that they can rely on. In our district, they have free lunch and also free breakfast for all students because poverty here is so bad. And this is mainland America!!!

  • Thomas Jones
    Thomas Jones 5 months ago

    Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck.. Trump is a spoiled rich kid who had everything handed to him ... it amazes me me how these are Trump supporters ... I really can't comprehend it.

  • Moon Cake
    Moon Cake 5 months ago

    Folks, the humanitarian and security (financially) crisis is happening among federal employees.
    Trump and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, don't pay a dime of tax money while making millions millions of dollars every year. Who should pay for the wall?

  • elsa Grace
    elsa Grace 5 months ago

    Ha! Nor Trump is so pissed at Nancy Pelosi for standing up to him that he says he’s not going to provide FEMA to California fire insurance. He’s such a Bully POS.

  • kuzumisama
    kuzumisama 5 months ago

    Non nobis solum. Trump is a child.

  • Adolfo Vega
    Adolfo Vega 5 months ago

    you are the best!!!
    I love you show!!

  • Kyle Brock
    Kyle Brock 5 months ago

    Spoiled Donnie has never worked in his fake life. Just ask his fake wives, fake kids, fake reality television, fake casinos, fake advisors, fake lawyers, fake doctors, fake generals, and fake Americans who treat him like the second coming of fake Jesus.

  • Chris Paez
    Chris Paez 5 months ago

    Trump literally CAN’T RELATE.

  • LtColVenom
    LtColVenom 5 months ago

    The ironing is delicious. Trump has so little stake in the Republican party's future than he will single-handledly destroy their brand.
    In the meantime, lets ask again all those libertarian how they feel about the small government theory.

  • Måri
    Måri 5 months ago

    "They make apartments, they always do" 😡😡😡😡 no more!!!!

  • marc95
    marc95 5 months ago

    guess who's i'm voting for on november 2020........not Trump

  • docette2015
    docette2015 5 months ago

    It's like -- every day I think we've heard the worst to come out of his mouth, or the papers, and every frickin' day. . .

  • Raja Rajab
    Raja Rajab 5 months ago

    Donald Trump for 2020

  • Matthew Cuevas
    Matthew Cuevas 5 months ago

    This country will be dead before November 2020 at this rate.

  • Leroy Lowe
    Leroy Lowe 5 months ago

    Wait -- people don't want to go to work if they're not getting paid? What are they, communists?

  • Daniel Franklin
    Daniel Franklin 5 months ago

    What will this guy talk about when Trump is gone?

  • Julian Crooks
    Julian Crooks 5 months ago

    Freeze all politicians finances so they are as broke as employees not getting paid until they reach agreement

  • Rory Scottish
    Rory Scottish 5 months ago


  • peoples Patriot
    peoples Patriot 5 months ago

    I'll take my back pay plus 200% interest compounded daily. Not going to pay me? I will withhold it from my taxes. No blood in this Stone.

  • Trina D
    Trina D 5 months ago

    Hoping changes are made sooner than Nov. 2020.👌🏽

  • IAW Studio
    IAW Studio 5 months ago


  • Beyond _SpaceTime
    Beyond _SpaceTime 5 months ago

    the shutdown is all caused by TRUMPs Massive EGO... period. there is no emergency , there is no crisis .. if that was the case why didn;t the Trump @ss lickers Rebulicans do anything in last 2 years when they had full control of the govt...
    Trump is the ultimate manipulator... so he knows he lost the mid terms and the House.. so he is pissed off and want to show he can make New House Dems bow down to him like the Rep Clowns.. in addition .. this is a classic trick from Hitler propaganda.. create a crisis and thus get more control and more divisions and more chaos.. in all this chaos.. he will try to bury Mueller probe or findings.. Also it is 2 birds with one stone ... he/ rep clowns hate govt.. so what better idea but to shut the damn thing and give it to private enterprises ( his friends).. he will kill the govt or part of it... any chance he gets..

  • denisg2000
    denisg2000 5 months ago

    He just wants a wall to prevent his base from abandoning him. He’s a coward holding the us government for ransom to satisfy his ego.

  • ras222
    ras222 5 months ago

    Do we really need a president? I mean seriously? I think the only thing Trump is proving to us is that we don't. Just saying.

  • John Stover
    John Stover 5 months ago

    "the people who are on the receiving end?? That's the problem, they're NOT receiving, thanks to Mr. Empathy here...

  • sandmanwake
    sandmanwake 5 months ago

    Donald is willing to help Federal workers out the same way his father helped him out--by giving each Federal worker a small personal loan of $1 million.

  • Tyler Keller
    Tyler Keller 5 months ago

    0:28 Gross....

  • Joseph Van Zandt
    Joseph Van Zandt 5 months ago +1

    We are going to get that wall, whether Colbert likes it or not. Put that in your hash pipe and smoke it, Stephen.

    • Gig 'Em
      Gig 'Em 5 months ago +1

      tRUMP and his family will be out of the WH very soon. Either in jail or impeached. Smoke that!

  • deano matic
    deano matic 5 months ago

    Open the gov after the furloughed workers have been not paid 5.6 bil dollars

  • Prophetess
    Prophetess 5 months ago

    MAGA. Go back to the barter system? Trump is insane; partly, because he thinks we can return to the barter system, but mostly, he's insane because his brain is in his toenails and every time he clips his toenails, he loses more brain, thereby rendering himself insane.

  • Faith Rada
    Faith Rada 5 months ago

    OH YES... Hereeeee come The Adjustments! Bruuuhaaahaaa