History Buffs: Apollo 13

  • Published on Dec 20, 2016
    History Buffs....IN SPAAAAACE!!!!
    Lol hope you all enjoy this episode. I have to say that this one was extremely grueling to work on but I wanted this review to be something a little special. Which is why its at a whopping 52 mins!
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    Apollo 13 is a 1995 American docudrama space adventure film directed by Ron Howard. The film stars Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon, Bill Paxton, Gary Sinise, and Ed Harris. The screenplay by William Broyles, Jr., and Al Reinert, that dramatizes the aborted 1970 Apollo 13 lunar mission, is an adaptation of the book Lost Moon: The Perilous Voyage of Apollo 13 by astronaut Jim Lovell and Jeffrey Kluger.
    The film depicts astronauts Lovell, Jack Swigert, and Fred Haise aboard Apollo 13 for America's third Moon landing mission. En route, an on-board explosion deprives their spacecraft of most of its oxygen supply and electric power, forcing NASA's flight controllers to abort the Moon landing, and turning the mission into a struggle to get the three men home safely.

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  • MeTaz
    MeTaz Hour ago

    All drama input aside. Should this feature portrayed the technicians, astronauts, and Ground Control in their professional form. Perhaps some would learn from that behavior.

  • Danilo Raul
    Danilo Raul 13 hours ago

    >Debussy to close the video
    >What a fucking class act.

  • AJ P
    AJ P 2 days ago

    Russia is still only interested in propaganda. It’s only interest is self interest, self wealth, and forced military proliferation.

    AMIRTHEMAN 2 days ago

    Can you do Schindler’s list

  • Mark Beames
    Mark Beames 2 days ago

    My dad was a LEM and reentry systems QC engineer for the Apollo Program. We were living in Ormond Beach, FL and then Huntsville, AL for the all the Saturn V missions. Thanks for writing, producing and narrating this and all the wonderful documentaries. BTW, the family remains very much involved in things aerospace. Cheers Nick!

  • nishant7780
    nishant7780 2 days ago

    Broh , props to you love your Channel. I dont think you need movies to explain history, please do more history independent of movies, we History buffs love it . Love from India.❤❤❤❤❤

  • dani ortega
    dani ortega 2 days ago

    Holy sh#t mah man. This documentary made me disgusted, amazed and proud all at the same time. This is quality.

  • MrGunboat78
    MrGunboat78 2 days ago

    "One Nation under God has turned into one nation under the influence of TELEVISION!"

  • Stock Fadi
    Stock Fadi 2 days ago

    I mean really.. 9:50. .. A German rocket scientist who was given full immunity and brought to the usa is just going to be allowed to "sell" the american public to his "space" race through Disney.. Sounds like movie magic predictive programming to me. But Makes perfect sense to globetards.

  • James' Planets
    James' Planets 3 days ago

    You missed one: 33:12 : That's Hadley Rille (Apollo 15 landing site), not "Mare Tranquilitatis". What's more, Apollo 13, as all Apollo flights, orbited the moon retrograde (i.e. east to west). Therefore, they would have passed "Mount Marylin" before passing Mare Tranquilitatis. Most dammingly of all, none of these sites are on the far side of the moon, which is what they would have been seeing during radio blackout around the moon.

  • Ninja Racer
    Ninja Racer 4 days ago

    That burn!

  • Mr Pink
    Mr Pink 4 days ago

    Sputnik was actually the alternative the Soviets went with. They had a more complicated one plan but it was slow to development and they were racing against the Americans and went with the much simpler Sputnik instead.

  • Shelby Beringer
    Shelby Beringer 4 days ago

    let's remember that the russians overworked their scientists past the point of exhaustion to get there. they also had far more mishaps than they ever let on and we were not aware of. propaganda folks.

  • CaptainNerd
    CaptainNerd 5 days ago

    I followed NASA’s missions when I was a kid I had the toy Mercury, Gemini and Apollo capsules, I read all the stories, articles, watched the programs and films about the space program. It helped that NASA was formed a day after I was born.

  • ElasticNine26
    ElasticNine26 5 days ago

    So wait you're saying there's a soviet space capsule with a dog's skeleton floating just above the atmosphere somewhere?

  • oldskoolraver1974
    oldskoolraver1974 5 days ago

    Fair play...the Neil Armstrong bit gave a wigga goosebumps 😁

  • Bravo girl
    Bravo girl 5 days ago

    I think it would be really great if you did one on the movie hidden figures

  • Ash Deth
    Ash Deth 6 days ago

    No one has been to the moon just stop it Jesus

  • Mike Williams
    Mike Williams 6 days ago

    No... Yuri Gagarin wasn't the first man in orbit

  • Mr. Entropy
    Mr. Entropy 6 days ago +1

    If I've learned anything from movies, its that you should never ride anywhere with Tom Hanks.

  • llYorFav1ll
    llYorFav1ll 6 days ago +1

    5:23 poor slav LMAOOO

  • PGT Beauregard
    PGT Beauregard 6 days ago

    Apollo 13 might've been our grandest (manned) achievement in recovering them, with the on-the-spot engineering. Ironically, it was the most impressive to the public but also encouraged a quick ending to the magnificent Apollo program. LBJ said it would be typical of us to build such an expensive and capable system and, in a short term, lose interest and just want shed of it...

  • Mick Lofty
    Mick Lofty 6 days ago

    Hey man have you seen the BBC Space race documentary/movie ? Can you do a video on that show ? It might go for a few episodes but it's the best documentary I have ever seen about the "Greatest race in history" ok that's my opinion! But I think you will appreciate it too. I just , well you know , hit that like button and subscribe to you're channel after this vid. Your very great , Thank you from the land of Aussie and "God bless all of you - all of you on the good Earth" Frank Borman - Apollo 8.

  • small man
    small man 6 days ago

    Amazing wow

  • Andrew Freeborn
    Andrew Freeborn 7 days ago

    This could be the finest video on the whole of TVclip. Thank you.

  • beipiaosaurus
    beipiaosaurus 8 days ago

    eh i pretty sur i the first object to go to space where the shoot fromm Paris Gun WW1

  • Josh Peters
    Josh Peters 9 days ago

    Anyone that's ever RTOed in the military absolutely understands why the people communicating were incredibly calm. Sounding panicked, being panicked.... doesnt help anyone with anything.

  • O.O
    O.O 9 days ago +1

    Everyone saying how much they loved Kennedy when in reality he was probably the worst president since WW2. Dude was a good speaker but his presidency was littered with controversy and crisis. Bay of pigs, foreign policy with Russia, which led to the Cuban missle crisis, American involvement in Vietnam and support for an Iraqi coup which led to a horrible 40 year reign of the baath party. For a dude who thinks of him self as a history buff, you should probably read a history book

  • Gordon Wiessner
    Gordon Wiessner 10 days ago

    Apollo 13? 13? Nope, leave my butt on the ground. LOL...

  • Dennis McConnell
    Dennis McConnell 10 days ago +1

    The only thing you need to know is the ability to air the original moon landing live on T.V. was the real miracle. They called Nixon even. Factory fact facts.

  • BlackPantherFTW
    BlackPantherFTW 11 days ago

    Is it strange that during Von Braun’s presentation, they simulated the ship having a meteor pierce the oxygen tank and repaired it.

  • Michael Wilson
    Michael Wilson 11 days ago

    Yall the video starts at 52:00 and it ends at 52:00....literly a waste of time.

  • justin h
    justin h 12 days ago

    This channel makes history interesting... I wish they would just play these videos in the history classes for high schoolers, lol. I hated history

  • justin h
    justin h 12 days ago

    5:22 Did that guy just get shot by a shell at point blank range?... Jesus christ. I guess not since he was in 1 piece after, but it clearly knocked him off his feet.

  • Joseph Petrick
    Joseph Petrick 14 days ago

    It's Brawn not brown

  • JarneExtra
    JarneExtra 14 days ago


  • J R
    J R 14 days ago

    it's a disgrace in my opinion that no major news network wanted to show the Apollo 13 live coverage , people would kill to get something live like that today.

  • Diana Campanella
    Diana Campanella 17 days ago

    This is 'Hollywood'. What is really true?

  • William Getty
    William Getty 18 days ago

    Outer space is a big lie. Nobody ever landed on the fucking Moon. And Tom Hanks is a pedophile.

  • Next Dimension Media
    Next Dimension Media 20 days ago

    Excellent show!

  • Randomly Entertaining
    Randomly Entertaining 20 days ago

    When we eventually land on the Moon again, I want it to simply go;
    *steps off/out of lander*
    "We have returned."
    Dude, you cut off the best line of the movie.
    "They take square cartridges."
    "And the ones on the LEM are round."
    *Kranz scoffs*
    "Tell me this isn't a government operation."
    Also, for some reason I haven't seen the re-entry scene with water dripping off the panels yet I've watched the movie half a dozen times.

  • Arthur Humphreys
    Arthur Humphreys 21 day ago

    If Von Braun would have changed his name to Willy Brown and just told everyone "I'm not Von Braun, I'm Willy Brown, I don't know what your talking about"...no one would have ever known about all that Nazi stuff.

  • Maverick Rhodes
    Maverick Rhodes 21 day ago +3

    NASA, the origin of the "Fake It till You Make it" quote

  • Maverick Rhodes
    Maverick Rhodes 21 day ago

    Pause it at 12.36 and you will see a UFO flying past the rocket, i think there is another one too..

  • Paul Askham-Spencer
    Paul Askham-Spencer 22 days ago

    Jules Vern predicted a December launch. But Apollo 11 was launched in July. I don't think it counts for Apollo 8.....

  • AArdW01f
    AArdW01f 22 days ago

    The re-entry scene always makes me shed manly tears

  • PsychoMuffinSDM
    PsychoMuffinSDM 24 days ago

    I got a question to either @History Buffs or anyone else. At about 42 minutes into the movie, Lovell asks Swagart "Hows' the alignment?"... Swaggart: "GDC aligned." Is there any historical relevance to that? I also took it ask Swaggart forgetting that, and Lovell "asking" to save him a little face... but this is a movie, so I have no idea.

  • PsychoMuffinSDM
    PsychoMuffinSDM 24 days ago

    41:00 I hate how movies have to "dumb things down" for the sake of the audiences instead going the route to "smart things up" and ask the audience to learn nuances. I wish there was more media like The Expanse that pushes audience to ask, "why are the ships moving like that?" and if they REALLY wanted to know, there is info out there where they can find out and learn more.

  • PsychoMuffinSDM
    PsychoMuffinSDM 24 days ago

    35:30 Is "bounce" really the best term to use here? Isn't it more like the intercept with earth wouldn't be deep enough to get sufficient aerobraking in earth's atmosphere to slow them down enough to continue a fall? Sure skimming the atmosphere shallow would reduce their apoapsis not enough for a reentry on THAT pass-by (not like they were in a position to wait for another pass-by) but it's not like they would be bounced back into space never to be seen again, right? They would just keep skimming the atmosphere on each periapsis until their apoapsis became lower then their original periapsis (of which air/water/food would have run long ago by then) and THEN the craft would reenter.

    • seymoresaymore
      seymoresaymore 11 days ago

      @PsychoMuffinSDM My view of "dumbed down" isn't because language was simplified, it's when everything is spelled out. Something falls in the background and the character says "something just fell" (that's a bit of a hyperbole but you get what I'm saying). I see so much of that these days. No offense to any professional in engineering or astronautics but most people really don't care about the complexities, and if the language in this movie was accurate few people would understand; that doesn't make them dumb, any more than an engineer not knowing much about biology. Finally, it has to work as an entertaining film first, and the drama and simplified language actually inform the audience more to what happened and the dangerous conditions they were in than if they adhered strictly to accuracy.

    • PsychoMuffinSDM
      PsychoMuffinSDM 11 days ago

      @seymoresaymore ​ Oh I agree, this movie is far from dumbed down, there are far too many other movies that dumb things down or just gets maneuvers wrong. But Nick himself at 40:30 admits that there are still some things dumbed down. I'm glad Apollo 13 left a lot of things that they gloss over, but Scott Manley or Vintage Space, or others go into more detail about. I'm just still curious about the GDC Aligned quip... I feel like there is more in that line, but I just can't find any resources on it!

      But my question still stands, the craft may "bounce" but it would still return to the earth, right?

    • seymoresaymore
      seymoresaymore 13 days ago

      @PsychoMuffinSDM I think you're being over-critical. Based on the "made for chinese audience money" shit I'm seeing coming out of the entertainment industry these days, this movie is far from "dumbed down".

    • PsychoMuffinSDM
      PsychoMuffinSDM 13 days ago

      @seymoresaymoreThat doesn't really address the question I had though.

    • seymoresaymore
      seymoresaymore 13 days ago

      _"(of which air/water/food would have run long ago by then)"_
      Kind of makes it a moot point.

  • Adrian Abraham
    Adrian Abraham 24 days ago

    Super enjoying these videos, minor correction the picture of the narrated KC135 at 46:12 is actually a Nasa re-engined DC-9, in case, it's not been corrected before.

  • Konrad SK
    Konrad SK 24 days ago

    the research that goes into these episodes is absolut remarkable!

  • Gary Jones Jr
    Gary Jones Jr 25 days ago

    Literally half the video is full of information that doesn’t need to be in here. It’s about Apollo 13 not the entire Saturn V or Apollo mission. Please put your movies together better. Stick to the story!

  • Hopalong Keeshkadeeshk

    Ironic isn't? A Nazi who was instrumental in bombing London/killing innocent people helped USA get to the moon?!? Just like the 'Mafia' was instrumental in winning WW2?!?

  • Brian Riley
    Brian Riley 25 days ago +8

    "If they can put a washing machine in space, my Jimmy can bring it home...."
    My favorite quote from the movie.

  • Problemas en el Paraiso

    6:41 ufo

  • Trey Woodward
    Trey Woodward 26 days ago

    Instead of figuring out how to take plastic bags, book covers, and duct tape to make the different filters fit; why didn't they just make the filters the same shape?

  • James Pierce
    James Pierce 26 days ago

    Now you have to do the movie First man.

  • CountlessPWNZ
    CountlessPWNZ 26 days ago

    pollo loco

  • Aristo Lumentut
    Aristo Lumentut 26 days ago +1

    i always fascinating with all of your videos, especially this one.. i can't believe that you have the footage that not many people can find it.. keep it up.

  • Krabis the Isopod
    Krabis the Isopod 26 days ago

    5:23 Wow, the ignorance of the gunner is overwhelming.
    It is Soviet Russia though, so that was to be expected.