The Best Bagel And Lox In NYC | Best Of The Best

  • Published on Mar 9, 2019
  • Sibling duo Aly and Charlie Weisman visit four of New York City’s top-ranked bagel shops to find the best bagel and lox sandwich in the city. The restaurants included are Russ & Daughters, Tompkins Square Bagel, Ess-a-Bagel, and Absolute Bagels. After seeing how they’re made and eating each one, Aly and Charlie announce their pick for NYC’s best bagel and lox.
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    The Best Bagel And Lox In NYC | Best Of The Best

Comments • 898

  • A C Docgirl
    A C Docgirl Day ago +1

    I still love my Montreal bagels ❤

  • Kimberly Larios
    Kimberly Larios 5 days ago +1

    Who else clicked to see if Tompkins was here because of Timothee Chalamet 😏

  • David Perez
    David Perez 7 days ago


  • Tsai Jason
    Tsai Jason 9 days ago

    You should show the price

  • Bent
    Bent 9 days ago

    That audio was all over the place.

  • ggg whatev
    ggg whatev 10 days ago

    once you've had a Montreal bagel there is no going back. NY bagels SUCK.

  • Critieur
    Critieur 10 days ago +1

    I love eating this!

  • Some Kid
    Some Kid 10 days ago

    They should have gone to utopia bagels

  • I am unknown
    I am unknown 11 days ago

    Me: I wonder if any of these places are kosher?
    Random girl: This is my Saturday tradition.
    Me: So no then.

  • 녹이nok2da
    녹이nok2da 11 days ago +1

    I made a cream cheese salmon bagel this time too! It's nice to have a lot of salmon at home! If you go to New York, I want to taste it :D

  • Miss Honey Never Came
    Miss Honey Never Came 11 days ago

    Woman! There is no such thing as too much salmon!
    In my country salmon is very expensive so you hardly get any salmon on your bagel.

  • UR86
    UR86 12 days ago


  • Alt Fit
    Alt Fit 13 days ago

    I had a feeling the winner would be the one where 600 people were queuing, always a good sign.

  • ali ali
    ali ali 14 days ago +2

    i think Russ and Daughters embellished and gave them extra salmon since they're on camera

  • Patrice Marie
    Patrice Marie 14 days ago

    .... When they ask .......... the top .... price .... for a bagel ........
    They should have ....... more or less ....... a first rate product!

  • Or e0
    Or e0 15 days ago


  • Zeke J
    Zeke J 16 days ago

    I love bagels and lox, thanks for the video. Aly do you ever get to Denver? You are beautiful.

  • Christian Boxmark
    Christian Boxmark 16 days ago

    I can tell she stopped smoking today

  • mhr zhri
    mhr zhri 23 days ago

    They all look and taste the same

  • rick wallace
    rick wallace 24 days ago

    too bad the hostess doesn't understand grammar

  • BIG PaTrIk.chungus verison 2. Wpw

    Brazzers has joined the chat*

  • Daniel J
    Daniel J 26 days ago +1

    Montreal bagels are and will always be better. I did enjoy the video thought :)

  • Jordia Korrina
    Jordia Korrina 26 days ago

    Um... are the pillows moving or is it just me

  • תהילה חזום
    תהילה חזום 28 days ago


  • Raul Del Rey
    Raul Del Rey 28 days ago +1

    So the same bagel same fish just slightly different ingredients

  • Videodromed
    Videodromed 29 days ago

    This food is disgusting.

  • henry park
    henry park Month ago

    Been watching a few of these "best bagel" videos. All the hand rolled ones are done by Latinos.

  • Emma Cahill
    Emma Cahill Month ago

    If you propose in a bagel joint it's definitely a NO for me sorry

  • Lexi Brandi
    Lexi Brandi Month ago

    Im pregnant & cant have any smoked fish. Watching this just to torture myself. I'll cry over my chicken tenders😂

  • Ron Peterson
    Ron Peterson Month ago

    New Yorkers don’t know a damn thing about bagels St. Louis bagels Are so much better than New York bagels

    • el padrino
      el padrino 13 days ago

      Montreal bagels are the best on this planet.

  • Saj Ras
    Saj Ras Month ago +1

    Wth is lox???🤔

  • Chelsea Oguike
    Chelsea Oguike Month ago

    Jewish ppl be like:

  • stuartleetv
    stuartleetv Month ago

    I live in Carnegie Hill.
    You want me to go to Tomkins Square??
    Are you mad?
    Anyway I hear there's a Russ and Daughters on Fifth at the Jewish Museum.

  • Ventsislav Velinov
    Ventsislav Velinov Month ago


  • bts gay
    bts gay Month ago +1

    wait I didn’t realize smoked salmon bagels are a nyc thing lmao. I have them all the time when I go down to prince edward island in the summers.

  • Damaris Zuniga
    Damaris Zuniga Month ago

    I’ll pass on this one

  • Gmxney
    Gmxney Month ago

    Try Absolute Bagels

  • tileb
    tileb Month ago +2

    Get that tomatoe out of my sandwich and put more salmon in it !!!

  • Dave Anderson
    Dave Anderson Month ago

    Stop grading.
    People are not robots, everyone is different. Thank God.

  • Yanna Lindsay
    Yanna Lindsay Month ago

    It’s fantastic

  • Jamie Brown
    Jamie Brown Month ago

    The word Bagel sounds weird now

  • Egg walter
    Egg walter Month ago +10

    Bagel - egg - smoked salmon - cream cheese
    Best Brunch you’ll ever have!

  • Jasonm Gavitt
    Jasonm Gavitt Month ago

    At 430 that’s a bialy not a bagel.

  • Jasonm Gavitt
    Jasonm Gavitt Month ago

    That ladies mouth is huge soooo,she should have no problem getting all that salmon in her mouth

  • Milpublish
    Milpublish Month ago

    More video

  • enter a name here
    enter a name here Month ago

    Essay bagels handrolls their bagels that why it’s like that

  • macgrubber100
    macgrubber100 Month ago

    Ewww. Tomato

  • D D
    D D Month ago +3

    Did she really say she's not sure about that much salmon? You can never have to much salmon in a bagel! Damn

  • Casey Przywara
    Casey Przywara Month ago

    There is no such thing as too much salmon...salmon 70% cream cheese 10% bagel 20%.

  • Victor Fonseca
    Victor Fonseca 2 months ago

    Big mouth small bite. Sooooo sad.

  • icebergthegamer
    icebergthegamer 2 months ago

    I’ll take bacon and eggs in my bagel over lox any day

  • Corpse In A Coffin With A Cup Of Coffee

    I found hair in my bagel at tompkin square

  • Jimmy Mitchell
    Jimmy Mitchell 2 months ago

    this broad has definitely had plastic surgery. She can still sit on my face though

  • Shep Unstoppable
    Shep Unstoppable 2 months ago +1

    I thought she was gonna say he proposed with a bagel. Lmao

  • Sky Hollics
    Sky Hollics 2 months ago

    허어어어어어 연어베이글이라니 미쵸따리ㅠㅠㅜㅜㅠㅠㅜㅜㅜ

  • Sky Hollics
    Sky Hollics 2 months ago +1

    Why am I watching this at 1AM

  • fikri Mohamed amine
    fikri Mohamed amine 2 months ago

    Brest delicious food...

  • crosscounty24
    crosscounty24 2 months ago

    Only 18 bucks lol

  • bilsa31225
    bilsa31225 2 months ago

    Yo, Piasanos Brooklyn NY on 83rd St. In BayRidge. Best bagel I had in NY. Little Italian family owned shop. Lavazza coffee and bagel with cream cheese and lox. Unreal.

  • brodamerons
    brodamerons 2 months ago

    LOL UPPER WEST SIDE FOR A B A G E L? unless you’re from the neighborhood why? literally most delis and bodegas have great lox bagels