People are accusing this Dove ad of being racist

  • Published on Oct 9, 2017
  • Dove is the latest marketer to find itself in hot water, after it ran what many see as a racist ad on Facebook last week.
    The beauty brand posted a 3-second video on its US Facebook page on Friday, showing a black woman removing her top to reveal a smiling white woman underneath. On Saturday, the brand said that it had removed the clip in a tweet, and also apologized.
    While the Unilever brand is hardly the first to find itself embroiled in a public relations crisis this year, Dove is likely to take a bigger hit to its brand than others, including Pepsi (which was hammered earlier this year for a Kendall Jenner-starring ad), say experts.
    That is because the Dove ad isn't just tone-deaf. More problematic is that the ad's message seem to stands staunchly against everything that the company's much-praised, pro-female marketing has stood for over the past decade.

    Dove responded to Business Insider's request for comment, saying that the short video was intended to convey that Dove Body Wash is for every woman and be a celebration of diversity, "but we got it wrong." The brand also said the video "did not represent the diversity of real beauty, which is something Dove is passionate about and is core to our beliefs" and that it was "re-evaluating our internal processes for creating and approving content to prevent us making this type of mistake in future."
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Comments: 6 073

  • Muties
    Muties 5 hours ago

    You can't put anything involving race in ads nowadays, people will just say it's racist. You always hear ''yeah, it's racist'' but never why it's racist.

  • Dark Lemon
    Dark Lemon 2 days ago

    This is now racist I guess we can not put black people in ads anymore

  • HypercatZ
    HypercatZ 3 days ago

    "Let's make the shirts matching the colour of their skin for better aesthetic! What could possibly go wrong?"

  • Monica Lee
    Monica Lee 3 days ago

    Looks like it’s just showing versatility to me.

  • CRUZADOR2700
    CRUZADOR2700 8 days ago

    People found this "racist"???

  • Barbie Morris
    Barbie Morris 16 days ago

    I don't see anything wrong with it. It goes from dark to light to medium. I'm fine with it.

  • Indy650
    Indy650 20 days ago

    omg EVERYTHING is racist these days! grow up already people!! there are so many more important things in the world. and i dont even see how this commercial could possibly be racist. is it because the black girl turns white when the shirt comes off? what if a white girl turned black would that be racist? sheeesh...

  • Michael Cheshire
    Michael Cheshire 24 days ago

    I’m being serious now; the only racist here are those who claim this is racist for they see ‘something being improved’ when the skin colour changes. When the skin colour just changes. End of.

  • Tamie Barron
    Tamie Barron 28 days ago


  • Joey Dikgole
    Joey Dikgole 29 days ago

    I don't think it's racist.

  • Molly d
    Molly d Month ago

    they would’ve been called racist if they hadn’t used any poc, so.... you can’t win these days.

  • nia ashley
    nia ashley Month ago

    People! Please educate yourself. Look up the terms white privilege, whiteness, white supremacy, micro-aggressions and keep going. Please read the book White Victims, Black Villians (Gender, race, and crime news in US culture) by Carole Stabile. There are thousands of other books too. White supremacy is real! White privilege is real and I understand that you all do not want to give it up. That is the reason all of the white people who have commented try to argue that whiteness does not exist. Try purchasing a "nude" band-aid for a person of color - you cannot! They are only made for a white person. Everything is made for white people (hence white supremacy). You need to look at the historical factors here. Soap companies have historically told Black folks that using soap will cleanse their skin and turn them white. Please do some research before you tell Black folks what is racist. Read a book please! This country has spent too many years trying to make black folks believe they are crazy when a white person touches your hair or tells you you are so intelligent for a black person....or you are not like the other black folks. This ad is inherently racist! Come to turns with the fact that it is difficult to live in the U.S. when it is a white world. Everything is white. You do not notice it because you are white. You do notice it because you do not want to.

  • Maryann Torres
    Maryann Torres Month ago

    Nothing racist about this.why are people so damn soft about everything? This is nothing.get a life. must be the same person or people who hated the fact that the cookie monster from the sesame Street was eating nothing but cookies and saying it's not a good example for children.not a healthy choice of food.he is a freaking cookie monster.duh do people not get the name? 🍪 cookie monster ? And now we have a crazy bitch saying the cat in the hat is racist too.not racist at all.i love both and they are not racist they trying to ruin the fun things for children.thank God I'm not their child I would just run away.a bunch of wackos.😫😢

  • TheReisecup89
    TheReisecup89 Month ago

    So two black people complained about the ad being racist and people jumped to screen shot just them and make a story. How many other races of people of other races complained that we don't know about cause they felt the need to pull the ad? But I do see just a bunch of white people the majority in this comment section finding their opportunity to talk shit about black people, you don't see a bunch of black people in the comment section complaining as this video suggests. Dove makes racist commercials in that they always show different stereotypical types of women of only certain races. There could be more variation, but I appreciate the "C" grade effort. I did not find this particular ad offensive, but the other ad that they referenced that they also pulled did appear racist and offensive because light does not mean clean and dark does not mean dirty.

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha Month ago

    So, the black woman changes from black to white to mexican? How is that even possible?

    WILD TEKO Month ago

    FUC5K U dum9b AS6S P-EOPLE W'HO think DOVE is' Racist]

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler Month ago

    send this generation to dday

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler Month ago

    nien this ad is great ok

  • The Gem Show
    The Gem Show Month ago

    FBE should react to this

  • DeerLyss
    DeerLyss Month ago

    I’m literally so sick of humans fighting with each other, we are supposed to be on each other’s team. If we don’t fix this quick the aliens are gonna wipe us out so fast! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

  • Martin Scalici
    Martin Scalici Month ago

    Obviously they didn’t mean to be interpreted that way

  • Cyro XVX
    Cyro XVX Month ago

    Lol people are upset about this? Do they think its racist when the black garbage bag is more durable than the white One? Or vice versa lol

  • MrPizzaslice
    MrPizzaslice Month ago

    Yes lets not make creative ads anymore lets just have a still inage of the product with a text telling you to buy it so no one get soffended and everyone feels safe

  • rbmaserang
    rbmaserang Month ago

    dove got trolled by the hysterical bitter nannas

  • LemonyEmily S
    LemonyEmily S Month ago

    I hate how people just want to start something and the argument is so silly.

  • Antech
    Antech Month ago

    Ok, the one with before and after was kinda racist, but this one just shows either different skin tones or races. Also why dislike the video? Poor channel that isn't related to Dove lol...

  • CriticalPrime9
    CriticalPrime9 Month ago

    Guys, a pixel on my iphone went out and its black instead of white.
    Conclusion: Apple must be racist.

  • WaffleMinion
    WaffleMinion Month ago

    Wanna bet that %98 of people who are bitching are White?

  • Des G
    Des G Month ago

    Dove is the only soap that works for my skin. !!!!

  • TragestyX
    TragestyX Month ago

    Only idiot pieces of shit though it was racist.

  • Pamela Pettigrew
    Pamela Pettigrew Month ago

    Common Sense is dead. This is just advertising. Emmanuel did a good job, now who is trying to stop blacks from making money? I am black and I say blacks. Make changes around our own community. Stop black on black crime. Why are we not addressing this and stopping this? We start there and then the bigger picture will come together.

  • 420 420
    420 420 Month ago

    Stop accusing everyone as being racist. The thought never crossed any of the executives minds, or the models either. It's the racists themselves that find this offensive. It's just soap. Are you mad that dove is white too? Should I use black soap? Assholes

  • Pamela Pettigrew
    Pamela Pettigrew Month ago

    OMG this is why I have not had cable since 2008. I Will purchase things I enjoy and is good for my body. I love it. I am black and I am not influenced by advertising. I have more things to do. If it affect you in a negative way don't buy it. They have a right to be creative. Get off the racist patrol. Guys should have been included, but wait then the hands of the guy's might have landed in the wrong place....OMG it will always be something. Americans just want to be happy. Will there ever be a time when we all smile at the same time for a long time?

  • Carolyn K
    Carolyn K Month ago


  • Stephy
    Stephy Month ago

    How is this controversial? It's obviously showing that we are all the same no matter the skin color...

    JVONROCK Month ago

    It’s that All women look beautiful, get over your own insecurities.

  • FiercelyGold
    FiercelyGold Month ago

    I think the problem is that the ad makes zero sense so people have to try to make sense of it somehow and so.... racist. Seriously I have no idea what this ad is trying to tell me. It fails

  • yick yack
    yick yack Month ago +1

    Racist that is total ridiculousness !

  • Kristy Gomez
    Kristy Gomez Month ago

    Why is everyone so mad at Dove, don't buy their shit end of discussion, we have a racists fucking piece of shit president and you guys want to boycott Dove! People get your priorities straight!

  • Gilbert Lopez
    Gilbert Lopez Month ago

    So where's the racism here?.
    Some people find racism in everything!.
    I know there's racism out there,but not everything is that way!.

  • Frank Conrad
    Frank Conrad Month ago

    We officially have become a nation of pussies if something like this offends somebody.......

  • Atop Hipster
    Atop Hipster Month ago

    The order in which the women took off their tees contributed to the controversy.

  • lipman19
    lipman19 Month ago

    People are getting butthurt over nothing. It's obviously not what they intended people are just digging for racism in everything nowadays

  • dgilvani
    dgilvani Month ago

    There are less white people in the world than any race. I am so offened by this ad! Can't we have our own "white day"? Everyday is about other more populous races.

  • Zoie Gomez
    Zoie Gomez Month ago

    What about the Latina/brown skin girl following after the white girl? How come nobody focuses on that?

  • Grace Helbig
    Grace Helbig Month ago

    Whine and throw a fit like an ungrateful bitch and you'll get your way

  • VEGASJenniferlou.702/ .c

    oh shit my socks are white.... am i a racist???

  • VEGASJenniferlou.702/ .c

    people will find a race issue in EVERYTHING! A BLACK CHIC AND A WHITE CHIC IN THE SAME COMMERCIAL....SOMEHOW RACIST???? if it was just a whitE girl....RACIST, i didnt see it but then again im not trying to find something racist in everything Ii see...... isnt there more important shit going on right now than a damn dove commercial???

  • Brian Allan
    Brian Allan Month ago

    stfu with this rascist nonsense....dr. seuss, king kong, now soap. Next my whitening strips will come under fire because whiteness of teeth is considered beautiful..

  • EqualsThreeable
    EqualsThreeable Month ago

    If only the white woman was turning into the black woman. Oh, wait a minute. Then they'd say white people come first or some bs.

  • Peter Arreola
    Peter Arreola Month ago

    Why is this racist?

  • NerdiiSage
    NerdiiSage Month ago

    I don't see how this is racist at all. The next video recommended after this is the black woman in the ad saying it wasn't racist so......

  • Benjamin Pienkos
    Benjamin Pienkos Month ago

    The people who are boycotting this ad are just a bunch of attention wanting morons. How about you go boycott something that actually matters!

  • kahamarca kemosabe
    kahamarca kemosabe Month ago

  • TeEra Richards
    TeEra Richards Month ago

    *well damn*

  • Where gitt
    Where gitt Month ago

    just don't buy the product ...

  • Toebey Kid
    Toebey Kid Month ago


  • Liam Culpepper
    Liam Culpepper Month ago

    People are probably calling it racist because theres a white girl without a black guy next to her

  • J Oross
    J Oross Month ago

    Probably only a couple of idiots. More fake news

  • QuasiBiscuit857
    QuasiBiscuit857 Month ago

    let me guess, liberals will try to ban soap now.

  • CooL GuY
    CooL GuY Month ago

    Dove did nothing wrong.

  • Uplifting Comments.

    Transgender is a mental disorder.

  • Optical Clarity
    Optical Clarity Month ago +1

    Because they are fucking retarded...

  • Ntimidation
    Ntimidation Month ago

    The people here saying this commercial is not racist are willfully overlooking subtle marginalization, much to the chagrin of those catching it and to the sneering delight for those involved and aware of such denigration and scorn. Answer me this: Why is the obviously dark-skinned, black woman the "before", with the "clean and pure results" white woman following up? Are those saying it is not racist, really contending that a message IS NOT being sent about what skin complexion is "clean and pure"? WHY were women of essentially the SAME skin tone not utilized to convey the message of the soap's effectiveness?
    If the banner of Millenials is picking up on racist overtones that the public passes off as harmless, then I'm all about it! To hell with the fools who think the way forward is to "not speak about racism"!

  • I swear on my mum i will subscribe To this guy

    Oh for fucks sakes how about complain about the starving children and poverty in africa instead of this shit

  • Angel George
    Angel George Month ago

    Lol. this is why Trump won the election

  • Lisa Smith
    Lisa Smith Month ago

    The snowflake culture idiots say and do anything to be noticed
    No matter how ignorant there plight is.

  • jfmauto
    jfmauto Month ago

    Do these imbeciles beat an animal, for having a streak of white in their fur????Honestly!

  • Thadrana
    Thadrana Month ago

    This ad is racist? I'm sorry, but I'm just not seeing it.

  • flash sona
    flash sona Month ago

    Good going internet, don't let these company get away with this 👏👏👏

  • Vicky
    Vicky Month ago

    How the fuck is this racist? Only a dumb sjw would think it was

  • TheBuddha Queen
    TheBuddha Queen Month ago +1

    Dove Soap is Trash anyway, they have harmful chemicals in their products that we shouldn't even be rubbing on our skin.

  • Q M.
    Q M. Month ago

    Y'all should've been boycotting this shit anyways, have you not seen what they do to ANIMALS ?? Tf why would they care about our black asses

  • dubrasska ochoa
    dubrasska ochoa Month ago

    Videoyu izlemek icin tıkla

  • Joseph Deffendoll
    Joseph Deffendoll Month ago

    It looks like they are saying dove is racist. And this proves it.

  • Chelsie Bixby
    Chelsie Bixby Month ago

    If the people just stood in different places it wouldnt be racist . Or if the white girl took her shirt off first and the black girl came out second. Its all from a standpoint but Dove could have been trying to be "subliminally" racist or as trying to put in the watchers head that white is better "smoother".

  • ola amigo
    ola amigo Month ago

    well this ad is acceptable in Asia as Asians like to be brighter

  • Uğur Kalyoncu
    Uğur Kalyoncu Month ago

    How is this racist? People are stupid what do you expect?

  • Eyeluv2read
    Eyeluv2read Month ago

    I didn't get it. 😕

  • Dreamgloves
    Dreamgloves Month ago

    It's the racists that see racism where it isn't, projection.

  • Nhiha Gaming channel

    How that racist tho

  • Catlily Holmes
    Catlily Holmes Month ago +1

    All the people getting mad about this saw the video taken way out of context. Perhaps Dove could have had more foresight in the order of the women, but the call to boycott their products is unnecessary .

  • A Round Ball
    A Round Ball Month ago

    So they would get bitched at if there wasn't a black girl in the add but get bitched at for putting one in

  • WraithFFXI
    WraithFFXI Month ago

    Anyone who thinks this ad is racist doesn't understand it. Why do we still cater to stupid people?

  • Shosh Gonhaleh
    Shosh Gonhaleh Month ago

    This is literally nothing.

  • bangem andleavem
    bangem andleavem Month ago

    The mistake was, they hired a black person to begin with. Morons see racism in the boogers they pick. Do all white ads and avoid the hassle!

    • dubrasska ochoa
      dubrasska ochoa Month ago

      Videoyu izlemek icin tıkla

  • ron
    ron Month ago

    hm, soap bar add.....soap on a rope....

    • dubrasska ochoa
      dubrasska ochoa Month ago

      Videoyu izlemek icin tıkla

    DAVID Month ago +1

    I find of funny how the majority of the comment section don't know the difference between racism and prejudice. Looks like people need to study some black history and psychology.

  • Rashiiëd Konhugagî

    But black people are dirty!

  • Mike Rotch
    Mike Rotch Month ago

    How tf is this even racist.. I think people are actually looking for shit to get mad about these days. Either that or everyone is just too damn sensitive. Y'all need help.

  • Alexander Hamilton fanboy

    This is so stupid. ITS NOT RACIST. Honestly the human race scares me sometimes.

  • fullmoonmorroco
    fullmoonmorroco Month ago

    Yeah, this is retarded, if they had led with the white girl, people would have gotten offended that the black girl wasn't first and soforth, you cant win with these extreme victims.

  • Eric Buchanan
    Eric Buchanan Month ago

    If only the soap really worked like that lmao

  • Aionois Asmiroth
    Aionois Asmiroth Month ago

    The color of your fucking skin does not mean Race. Race is a genetic difference between two and they are not of the same species. Therefore race does not exist and skin color has nothing to do with genetics everyone starts out pale because the womb has no light in it

  • AltairRules
    AltairRules Month ago

    If it makes libs butthurt, I’ll support it.

  • vincent bey
    vincent bey Month ago

    lol its not ignorant? sure ok, delusional. if the shoe was on the other foot then i still think delusional because they dont want to take responsibility for themselves.

  • Captain Everyman
    Captain Everyman Month ago

    How could DOVE not realize that some would take this as racist?

  • Calvin Candie
    Calvin Candie Month ago

    People are idiots

  • Fabled
    Fabled Month ago

    Honestly sad

  • vegastyphoon
    vegastyphoon Month ago

    What part of this ad is racist ?