You Don't Need Healthcare | Akaash Singh | Stand Up Comedy

  • Published on Aug 30, 2019
  • Bernie Sanders didn't need to drive to Canada for insulin.
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  • TECKY Jack
    TECKY Jack 2 days ago

    This is a game changer bit.

  • First Hand TV
    First Hand TV 5 days ago

    This is the realest shit Ive ever heard 😂

  • basically me
    basically me 6 days ago

    Wait did he actually not pay the 4k like?? Is that legal???

  • naomi Banks
    naomi Banks 15 days ago

    Dude Is killing it

  • Areeb Hussain
    Areeb Hussain 16 days ago +1

    Does anybody see an influence of Andrew Schultz in his act

  • mhesen2009
    mhesen2009 18 days ago +1

    Akaash is killing it on these clips, he's got very original and funny jokes!

  • kami nova
    kami nova 22 days ago

    Healthcare? like i wanna live In this shitty world any longer than I have to lol just gimme the morphine pls

  • Yo YA
    Yo YA 24 days ago

    Health care more like Death Care system. Paying all those money like if you die tomorrow they’re gonna give you shit

  • Will Strickland
    Will Strickland 27 days ago

    Aye this dude killed this

  • Rams_Lakers_4Life
    Rams_Lakers_4Life 27 days ago


  • Oldhead Deuce
    Oldhead Deuce 27 days ago


  • TheDesiguy2011
    TheDesiguy2011 28 days ago

    Great content bro 👍👍 keep it up ... better than Russell Peter 😂😂

  • Dorian Davis
    Dorian Davis 28 days ago

    Health insurance's existence is why a visit costs $20,000. If insurance did not exist the cost would be much more reasonable

  • Nigella Orina
    Nigella Orina 28 days ago

    More IVs to my section😆😃

  • Samuel Appiah
    Samuel Appiah 28 days ago +5

    “ Bring some extra IV’s into my section “ LMFAOOOOOOOO

  • beerpowered
    beerpowered 29 days ago +5

    This is how I feel about the $3000 deductible. Eastern Medicine>Western Medicine!

  • A Cain
    A Cain 29 days ago

    This was extremely funny and well done, you kept a political topic perfectly non political

  • regulator619
    regulator619 29 days ago


  • Talbot Pule
    Talbot Pule 29 days ago

    Trust me. I watch a shit load of stand up.
    I consider myself a bit of an expert really.
    This guy is gonna be big.

  • Tuber Youb
    Tuber Youb Month ago +1

    Free healthcare in Canada why stay in the US?

      JEFFREY 28 days ago

      It’s not free in Canada. Your taxes goes to your healthcare. Saying that, the US should have a similar system. People not being able to afford healthcare is just wrong.

  • Esmeralda Luna
    Esmeralda Luna Month ago

    I liked and subscribed at #youtoo 👽

  • Saad Hasan
    Saad Hasan Month ago

    Fuck Trump, Fuck Biden, Fuck Warren...Go Bernie

  • Betty Singh
    Betty Singh Month ago +6

    20K dam you could Go to Thailand and Buy a whole New Unsick body for that Price

  • Steve Smith
    Steve Smith Month ago +3

    #youtoo and everyone gasped😂😂 this dude is funny

  • Adrean Cotton
    Adrean Cotton Month ago


  • My Favorite Planet
    My Favorite Planet Month ago +1

    Medicare for All
    Medical insurance is bs.

  • jun’s lovechild
    jun’s lovechild Month ago

    this made me NE

    ne = nose exhale

  • meatball sub w pepperonis

    This funny as shit 😂💀💀

  • YouCantKillUs
    YouCantKillUs Month ago

    I live in Belgium (place under the Netherlands, next to Germany and above France) and I pay 50 euros a YEAR for insurance.

    • Vincent Lehmann
      Vincent Lehmann 28 days ago

      @Nick Yep and you don't pay taxes ? Oh right... Bombs are tax breaks are what you pay for with those. Could get that sweet healthcare but noooooo.

    • Nick
      Nick Month ago

      You pay for it through taxes you douche

  • mac berry
    mac berry Month ago

    Great story

  • mac berry
    mac berry Month ago +1

    I really did need that explanation of a insurance deductible

  • David li
    David li Month ago +38

    Lol “that’s not a deductible, that’s a additional” 😂

  • Luis Leal
    Luis Leal Month ago +6

    Working at T-Mobile made me realize how insurance is not there to help you, it’s there to make money. It’s a business. When I worked at T-Mobile the biggest focus from management to us was to make sure every phone and line sold had insurance included. (Basically forced.) the system asks if the customer wants insurance, (were suppose to ask.) but we are told to add it without asking. And even if they know and say to not put it. We are told to lie and say “it’s automatic sir, you can remove it by calling this number.”

    • airwrecka airwrecka
      airwrecka airwrecka 28 days ago

      Exactly. I worked at a mobile network too seven years ago. My managers actually told me to stop helping customers because it doesn't make money. My coworkers always lied that phone insurance is mandatory for three months (customers needs to have insurance for three months to be paid in commission).
      Don't get insurance. Cracked phone screen cost between 90-175 to fix-- still cheaper than insurance. Always check your phone bill. My coworkers add features that customers never ask for so they can get paid in commission. If the feature has been on for more than three months and the customers never complain till then -- ultimately, it's the customer's fault for not checking the bill.

    • Mehmet Taraman
      Mehmet Taraman 29 days ago

      Luis Leal good looking Luis. I rate it

  • Althea Martin
    Althea Martin Month ago

    So adorable omg, I'm not paying for medication. I have health insurance awww...

  • Jose Velez, Jr.
    Jose Velez, Jr. Month ago +37

    This dude has no right to come outta nowhere with this much funny

  • Jonathan Hankins
    Jonathan Hankins Month ago +1

    Healthcare is expensive BECAUSE of insurance... it's crazy how a $70 doctor visit is billed to insurance at like $140, to cover the costs of the insurance company and the fact that they will try to settle each bill for less.

  • Tsar Marklovski
    Tsar Marklovski Month ago +1

    Cheaper to pay medical and dental with cash. I always get huge discounts in cash especially with dental. Just throw a little bit of money into savings.

  • Terry Sommers
    Terry Sommers Month ago

    why post when the audio is so bad his words can't be understood?

  • Bill Peart
    Bill Peart Month ago +1

    When the hell did everybody suddenly get so damn sick? People get a sinus infection and actually go to the doctor. SMH

    • Jess Z
      Jess Z Month ago +1

      Bill Peart it is bad eating, poor hygiene, and a sedentary lifestyle.

  • OroNero
    OroNero Month ago

    This guy is going to be huge

  • ascott
    ascott Month ago

    The bills wouldnt be this high if people would pay their bills. Those of us who do are then paying for cheap shits like this.

    • ascott
      ascott Month ago +1

      @Asha , absolutly correct! Politics and Ins people are the only professionals that can screw up in a big way and still get mad money! Lol!!

    • Asha
      Asha Month ago +1

      The bills are high because they can make um high because sometimes insurance does cover things. They try to milk it for much more than its worth.

    NOFOOD? Month ago +2

    Need better audio on these videos 😕

    • O Sacul
      O Sacul 25 days ago

      NOFOOD? Better speakers bud *shrug*

  • Mike Knight
    Mike Knight Month ago

    Funny as shit. And true. Heathcare is a mess

  • rayraymartineziii
    rayraymartineziii Month ago

    Really enjoyed that!

  • Simion Wabol
    Simion Wabol Month ago +5

    $4,800 a year? Wow. It’s crazy.

  • Mehdi Hachimi
    Mehdi Hachimi Month ago

    God it feels good to be canadian...

    • Nick
      Nick Month ago

      Why? You pay for it through taxes. Your shit ain't free

  • Tom Kelly
    Tom Kelly Month ago +4

    I like the moral of your story
    From Canada

    • Nick
      Nick 26 days ago

      @nox hedge 😂 literally look at any comment section ever and see that Canadians and Euro-trash everywhere like to chime in bragging about their "free healthcare" ya dope. They literally think it's free! That's not even debatable.

    • nox hedge
      nox hedge 26 days ago +1

      @Nick ... every canadian knows that its not really "free". Id like to think that most people know how taxes work...

    • Jess Z
      Jess Z Month ago

      Nick a hell of a lot in taxes and they wait in line for any procedures

    • Nick
      Nick Month ago

      Canadians are too dumb to realize that they pay for healthcare through taxes

    • meatball sub w pepperonis
      meatball sub w pepperonis Month ago

      I live in us like many people and have considering moving. Do you Canada is better and worth it.?

  • Twilight Gardens presentations

    Real truth

  • Y Mangat
    Y Mangat Month ago

    Oh hes blowing up.

  • Yossi Schwarz
    Yossi Schwarz Month ago +1

    Found this guy from Schulz, he is good.

  • Ken Dac
    Ken Dac Month ago +5

    Great bit, but Canada doesn't have free healthcare. It is paid for by the taxpayers.

    • Nick
      Nick 29 days ago

      @D Joucla I don't think you quite understand. They pay way MORE in taxes to say they have "free" healthcare. Just pointing out their stupidity and brainwashing.

    • D Joucla
      D Joucla 29 days ago

      @Nick Don't you pay taxes in the US? At least they get a benefit out of it.

    • Nick
      Nick Month ago

      Dumb Canadians always brag that they have free healthcare but fail to realize they just pay for it through taxes. Sad

  • David McDevitt
    David McDevitt Month ago +2

    Oh man, I saw the title and felt really empowered for a moment, and then saw it was a standup routine.

  • Maksims Ivanovs
    Maksims Ivanovs Month ago

    Your view of the world caught me off guard laughing :) Thank you for being poor!

  • Dart Field
    Dart Field Month ago +1

    Fair enough my man.

  • Ralph Guerrero
    Ralph Guerrero Month ago +5

    This was funny but it hit home...

    • regulator619
      regulator619 29 days ago

      @Real Communism That never happens in Canada. We are talking about surgeries. If you have any other issue you go see a doctor and get tests done quickly. Go live in Canada and see for yourself

    • Real Communism
      Real Communism 29 days ago

      @regulator619 I want freedom, Trump won't give me that but it's very apparent where the democrats are bringing us and once they vote for welfare it never goes away and just collects more until the next logical step is nationalization of everything

    • Real Communism
      Real Communism 29 days ago

      @regulator619 what happens when you have a physical problem that's deemed not a priority? Do you wait longer or not?

    • regulator619
      regulator619 29 days ago

      @Real Communism Actually that is not true. Not only does Canada cover everyone, but the speed thing is a hoax. It is based on Actual priority and need. As for corruption, we will keep fighting it

    • Real Communism
      Real Communism 29 days ago

      @regulator619 welfare is already 60% of tax spending, voting for more that will just be expanded on that burdens your productive people you only see as a tax reservoir never ends well for those like you

  • Gaia
    Gaia Month ago

    So fresh! Love this set!!

  • Sean Kuykendall
    Sean Kuykendall Month ago

    😂😂😂😂 He got my vote

  • Gillian Orley
    Gillian Orley Month ago +5

    You don’t get AmEx Black Insurance for $400 a month.

    • Mehmet Taraman
      Mehmet Taraman 28 days ago +1

      Gillian Orley yeah I get taxed a lot about 40 percent of my cheque which goes to free health care so yeah like u said it’s not free. Nothing is free

    • Gillian Orley
      Gillian Orley 29 days ago +2

      Mehmet Taraman I pay $600 a month.
      It costs in Canada too. Just because YOU don’t pay doesn’t mean it doesn’t cost. Someone else is paying and you are also paying in higher taxes. Or someone else is if you don’t make much money.
      Advanced medical care is very expensive. No matter what system, someone is paying somehow.

    • Mehmet Taraman
      Mehmet Taraman 29 days ago

      Gillian Orley how much is it? I’m from Canada cuh we don’t need dat init

  • Efren Portillo
    Efren Portillo Month ago +86

    Dude you have me dying lol... I can’t die tho I don’t got healthcare.

  • checkmaminoune
    checkmaminoune Month ago +4

    Amrica is nice if you're young and healthy but if you get sick and can't work, it's a death trap.