Gary Vaynerchuk Tests His Mental Toughness While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Oct 12, 2017
  • Gary Vaynerchuk is a tireless entrepreneur, New York Times best-selling author, tech investor, digital-media wiz, and one-man content farm. But how is he with hot food? Find out as the inimitable Gary Vee battles the wings of death and unleashes his F-bomb-heavy brand of rhetoric on everything from the "gangster entrepreneurship" of Hot Ones, to Soundcloud rappers and the future of Jake Paul.

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  • Phantom X
    Phantom X 7 hours ago

    Gary: "I'm not the shit"
    Also Gary: "On a very serious note, what do you think, rank me all time on this show....TOP TWO TOP TWO, FUCK YOU TJ"

  • Phantom X
    Phantom X 7 hours ago

    He circled Jake Paul, fuck this retard. 15:13

  • Phantom X
    Phantom X 7 hours ago

    They spelt Casey Neistat wrong, they put Neisat. Smh. 14:42

  • Antonio Marín
    Antonio Marín 2 days ago

    You're talking about wine and not even name Spain? WTF

  • Carmel French
    Carmel French 3 days ago

    Yesss for shouting outA Boogie & Russ

  • john Phillips
    john Phillips 3 days ago


  • Zac O'Brien
    Zac O'Brien 3 days ago

    how did anyone thumbs down this the dude absolutely crushed it wings and everything else

    ALLEE 3 days ago +1

    Gary is a fucking beast

  • Franz Haas
    Franz Haas 3 days ago


  • Josiah Menako
    Josiah Menako 4 days ago +1

    That out-tro was an instant like.

  • Markus Müller
    Markus Müller 4 days ago

    That was fucking awesome to watch

  • Yusuf Roman
    Yusuf Roman 4 days ago

    the really should be a podcast I mean I would listen to it.

  • Jehoiakim Jade Esgana


  • cOrt- ēGsk
    cOrt- ēGsk 5 days ago

    G.V is straight beast, he fasted, then hit the challenge..That should be a prerequisite !

  • Solo Gold
    Solo Gold 8 days ago

    Solo Gold - On God (Official Video)

  • The Reloaded Clones
    The Reloaded Clones 8 days ago +1

    Best one ever

  • Jacob Shaw
    Jacob Shaw 8 days ago

    First of the month is an awesome song.

  • John Blincoe
    John Blincoe 8 days ago

    When is Joe Rogan going to come on???

  • SoCal Drifter
    SoCal Drifter 9 days ago +1

    This guy is unreal. How could anyone withstand that kind of assault on the taste buds?

  • x x
    x x 9 days ago

    Gary Vaynerchuk Is An Asshole
    I hope this article offends some people, but mostly I hope it opens peoples’ eyes to the reality of entrepreneurship today.
    I present to you a Case Study:
    One Mr. Gary Vaynerchuck, founder of Vayner Media. A man who’s net worth is estimated at a whopping 10 MILLION DOLLARS. Makes sense to listen to the guy’s advice then, right? Well…don’t be too sure about that.
    Mr. Vaynerchuk originally came to the US via Belarus, without being able to speak a word of English. By the time Gary was a teenager, he was making thousands of dollars by trading rookie baseball cards and already well on his way to being one of the next great entrepreneurs. What really solidified him as a force to be reckoned with was taking his family’s liquor business from 3 to 60 million in sales per year, right out of college. Not bad.
    Now let’s take a closer look at our subject. More specifically, let’s examine his “advice”.
    I now present the following evidence, dated April 2nd, 2017, posted on his own Instagram account:
    If you are not capable in 2017 to google shit and figure out what is going on in the world, f#ck you
    Wooooooow! That’s it Gary!! All I have to do is google shit and I’ll be successful! Hallelujah!!
    Really? I’m not saying that Google isn’t a useful tool for any entrepreneur, but to simply “google shit” is pretty ignorant advice. I’m also sure that the majority of people are doing that every day anyways, so, kindly shut your pie hole sir.
    Here we have another piece of evidence, dated March 31st, 2017, posted on the man’s Facebook Page:
    Everybody’s got shit, and nobody cares about your shit. They care about their shit, ’cause everybody’s got shit.
    Another golden nugget ladies and gentleman! You see, nobody cares about anybody and every single person on the planet is a selfish asshole (Or maybe it’s just Gary).
    This tells me that Gary is Mr. Pure Capitolism. He believes that everyone should be selfish in order to get ahead. Wait a second? Isn’t that what causes pretty much every problem in the economies of the world? Oh ya.
    The REAL entrepreneurs of today are the ones who do give a shit about others, I mean, the whole business of being one is basically the job of problem-solving for others. That’s it! Also, shouldn’t we as humans try and make a better world, rather than continuing to be selfish every single day of our lives?!
    Lastly, I’ve never heard somebody use the buzzword HUSTLE so god damn much. Gary’s biggest advice to those wanting to be successful is to hustle. What does he mean by this, you ask? Excellent question!
    Mr. Vaynerchuk believes that the only way to make it in this world is to work non-stop. That’s right, work from the moment you wake up to the moment you pass out from exhaustion, then do it all over again! Fun, right!?
    Study after study shows that the individuals who give themselves breaks, prioritize social activities, take time to eat regularly, and most importantly SLEEP, are the ones who perform better. There is absolutely ZERO correlation between working longer hours and making more money. If that were the case, the “third world” wouldn’t be the third world.
    Now don’t get me wrong, he does have some valuable insights, I just believe he’s just lost his way for the time-being. But that being said, as a public figure, you have even more responsibility to the public to tell them the truth, rather than saying stupid things because they sound cool.
    RANT OVER….breathe out
    I’d love to hear your thoughts on Gary Vaynerchuk, even if you don’t agree with me. Let me hear what you think in the comments below!
    Originally published at on April 10, 2017.

  • wabdih
    wabdih 9 days ago

    I love how Gary acts like the boss even when its not his business. He actually had some good ideas to make this show better and generate more money

  • ballsdeep
    ballsdeep 9 days ago

    I love hot sauce, the hotter the better. I would love to do this other than the wings always look cold and shit. My point though is empty stomach and too much too hot food isnt a good idea. I wish I had learned my lesson but I still make the mistake

  • BigHamo98
    BigHamo98 10 days ago

    You should get the MFCEO Andy Frisella on you your show. That would be fucking awesome

  • Simple
    Simple 10 days ago

    good idea, bad host

  • DC
    DC 10 days ago

    Dude, you have to get Elon Musk on here. Joe Rogan got him. And, you have more subscribers than Joe. Elon was on with Joe just a few days ago, and already over 5 million views. Do it. Make it happen!

  • Diego Salgado Gonzalez

    14:04 cancer

  • Rolland Pacheco
    Rolland Pacheco 10 days ago

    some of the best questions ever asked to Gary i think

  • Ramyar Abdullah
    Ramyar Abdullah 11 days ago

    Finally a man that can finish his wings!!!

  • 11 days ago

    Crushing those wings Gray!

  • Antonie de Beer
    Antonie de Beer 11 days ago

    Sooo... still no podcast?

  • YUL Start
    YUL Start 11 days ago

    a GREAT JAB at the end !!!!

  • Schipper Jr17
    Schipper Jr17 11 days ago

    This one is amazing

  • Owen Jackson
    Owen Jackson 11 days ago

    I respect Gary. Not a huge fan boy but enjoyed this!!

  • Shafa Fajar
    Shafa Fajar 12 days ago

    God. One of the best videos I've ever seen. Got me tears out, last bit was amazing. Cheers, Gary!

  • Peter Smith
    Peter Smith 12 days ago


  • Chris Kolar
    Chris Kolar 12 days ago

    Hotones GOAT undisputed

  • Eli Moreno
    Eli Moreno 12 days ago

    Corn Pops all the way!

  • chris parks
    chris parks 12 days ago

    That was a great interview

  • Mike Mike
    Mike Mike 13 days ago

    fucking savage

  • Josh, The Creator
    Josh, The Creator 14 days ago

    best one

  • MisStepProject
    MisStepProject 14 days ago

    Finally someone who devoured the wings!!

  • Hott trini blend
    Hott trini blend 14 days ago

    Ohhhh i love this guy he's not taking a taste of the meat like a ming pilling he eatin the fuck outta the damn thing yo u are the shit man !!!

  • ChrisJohnstonMusic
    ChrisJohnstonMusic 14 days ago

    BRING RAMSEY!!! oh and great video! Best one so far!

  • Alan Hernandez
    Alan Hernandez 15 days ago

    LOL! He wants to own the Jets, I just want to pay off $80k in debt

  • Dannie
    Dannie 15 days ago


  • R
    R 15 days ago

    Denim Dan! 😂

  • Ayman Khan
    Ayman Khan 16 days ago


  • Dayton Koch
    Dayton Koch 16 days ago

    I've watched alot of these videos... This is the best video and that hurts because watching surfing videos is all I do when I'm not driving my truck for crst expedited and taking to my family all I know is that I watch Jamie O'Brien only.... This is my favorite most respected video and this man is fucking brilliant!!!

  • SOL
    SOL 17 days ago

    I always come back to this interview. Good content especially The Rock part and.......Jeremiah

  • Asap Design
    Asap Design 17 days ago

    Gary Vees the man bru..fuck yea

  • B J
    B J 18 days ago

    His ass gon be on fire after eating every one down to the bone 😂

  • Andrew
    Andrew 18 days ago

    it was time years ago..

  • Gio Gomez
    Gio Gomez 18 days ago

    Dam he didnt pick pewds? Tttssss let me down on that one :(

  • Morgan Rodden
    Morgan Rodden 18 days ago

    Guys podcast lol

  • Dane L
    Dane L 18 days ago

    He’s little cocky butt I guess that’s how he got to the top.

  • DJ Chris24
    DJ Chris24 19 days ago

    What's the polo brand he is wearing? Love the logo

  • Chris Sparks
    Chris Sparks 19 days ago

    You should get a Tai Lopez on the show!! :) :)

  • Cholo Miranda
    Cholo Miranda 19 days ago

    Solid solid advice from the Vee

  • shortiez08
    shortiez08 19 days ago

    The idea of a podcast so simple and so genius! Gary said it and I was like OMG I would love to listen to this on the way to work.

  • MCDeltaT
    MCDeltaT 19 days ago

    People always say this shit about how the vlogs & podcasts are the new media but its not like homemade videos are just coming around. I wonder how much of that has been impacted by the better quality of cameras available now. People are naturally attracted to pretty things, and the 2005 home cameras just didn't get the quality. Also I don't think proper TV & movies are ever going to leave. It may become more concentrated, but with netflix & HBO and shit like that, the good shows are getting huge fanbases now.

  • Blast Oise
    Blast Oise 20 days ago


  • Blast Oise
    Blast Oise 20 days ago

    Look at Gary’s flashy watch... doesn’t wear one, doesn’t give a fuck

  • Bibble
    Bibble 20 days ago

    Holy shit what a unit

  • Blast Oise
    Blast Oise 20 days ago

    So fucking clever. I love you Gary lad

  • K
    K 20 days ago

    put in the FUCKING work!

  • Dxvid
    Dxvid 20 days ago

    "We dont have idea what the fuck we doing around here" hahaha

  • chappyfx
    chappyfx 21 day ago

    hot ones still doesn't have a podcast?!

  • HolyVega
    HolyVega 21 day ago

    “Once ToysRus is out of business” 👀

  • makesen - make sense of the world

    well done sean, always great questions and great interviews

  • Nick B
    Nick B 22 days ago


  • Michael Rodriguez
    Michael Rodriguez 22 days ago

    Gary V is my savior.

  • Gabriel Fernandez
    Gabriel Fernandez 22 days ago

    Lmao Gary doesn't know about all the fuck russ memes

  • Trevonious11
    Trevonious11 24 days ago

    "so im wit the panda puffs" hahaha

  • Ricky Perez
    Ricky Perez 25 days ago

    This man ate those wings like the BOSS he is 💯

  • youdownwithdjp_yeahyouknowme

    Jake Paul? Shut the fuck up.

  • TalkyBox
    TalkyBox 25 days ago

    Lol when Gary's face turns at the end

  • Brian Bonds
    Brian Bonds 25 days ago

    Didn’t know it was possible for a interview on TVclip with hot wings would want to make you quit your 9 to 5 and go live a life and sell and idea.

  • Rayson Choo
    Rayson Choo 26 days ago

    Love this! Valuable and priceless advises by Gary!

  • Gorillla Gaming
    Gorillla Gaming 26 days ago +1

    18:23 Gary knows all

  • Benjamin Steets
    Benjamin Steets 27 days ago

    Can‘t get over how quickly he said „Portugal“ when asked about good wine at 6:33

  • Lil Soob
    Lil Soob 28 days ago

    This guy cool

  • Nasser Alami
    Nasser Alami 29 days ago

    Fuck this guy he is so annoying

  • Humberto Oswald
    Humberto Oswald 29 days ago

    Sean never fails at connecting some philosophical statement to Hot Ones

  • tsleel escappa
    tsleel escappa 29 days ago

    Jake paul should pay me

  • Max - Marketing
    Max - Marketing 29 days ago

    Gary Vaynerchuk is one of my big idols and has helped me to earn 5 figures online a month.

  • J R Films
    J R Films 29 days ago

    great episode first time hearing of this guy he's eyes opening

  • Hassan N
    Hassan N 29 days ago

    yes,yes,yes,yes,of course.

    AKONTHEBEAT 29 days ago

    Russ took the L

  • Rocky Zoo
    Rocky Zoo Month ago

    You guys don’t even put this dudes twitter link or Instagram link or TVclip link in the discription what bums

  • AtlDamian
    AtlDamian Month ago

    Russ 😂

  • Adam Dennis
    Adam Dennis Month ago

    He is lame. Fun hating this goof.

  • Tommy B-Bear
    Tommy B-Bear Month ago

    His outlook on life is great but his $15 social media fantasy team is wack.
    Casey, Sean, Lily Singh, Roy Purdy and Cardi B is the way to go

  • Dylan Ouellet
    Dylan Ouellet Month ago

    Gary grabs life by the fucking balls goddamn

  • Gabrielle Angel Lilly

    I'm worried about Jeremia though--he should have better things to do by then. ;)

  • Gabrielle Angel Lilly

    How did I miss this before??? I love Gary and I love this show.

  • Tadeo no names
    Tadeo no names Month ago

    Best episode

  • ya boi
    ya boi Month ago

    GV is such an arrogant cunt

  • Myles MacGregor
    Myles MacGregor Month ago

    This is THE BEST episode.

    OMRAGED Month ago

    That guy was amazing. He cleaned the bone when others were nibbling. That was impressive.

  • Bobby Manna
    Bobby Manna Month ago

    My man cleaned all those wings. most guest just take a lil bite.