Galaxy S10+ vs iPhone XS Max: In-Depth Comparison & Review

  • Published on Mar 30, 2019
  • Samsung Galaxy S10+ vs Apple iPhone XS Max | InsideTech Unboxing & Review.
    With the recent release of the Galaxy S10+, Samsung set the bar for what a 2019 Android smartphone can be. But how does this compare against the best iOS device, the iPhone XS Max? In this video, i'll break down the differences between the phones' displays, cameras, performance and features to help you to determine which is the best value smartphone. This is everything you need to know about, potentially, the two best smartphones available right now.
    - Design: 0:56
    - Displays: 3:13
    - Functionality/Reachability: 5:07
    - Auto-Rotate, 3D Touch, Haptic Feedback: 6:37
    - Front Camera Comparison: 7:21
    - FaceID vs Face Unlock: 9:10
    - Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner vs FaceID: 9:46
    - Rear Camera Comparison: 11:08
    - Wireless Powershare: 14:25
    - Wireless Charging & USB-C Charging: 14:41
    - Battery Comparison: 15:36
    - NFC / Apple Pay & Samsung Pay / Bluetooth: 15:54
    - Performance Comparison: 17:24
    - iOS vs Android: 18:13
    - Price Comparison: 19:38

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Comments • 1 140

  • InsideTech
    InsideTech  2 months ago +51

    So guys, who do it better? #TeamAndroid or #TeamiOS? Let me know your favourite smartphone down below!

    Here's the timestamps for mobile device users:

    - Design: 0:56
    - Displays: 3:13
    - Functionality/Reachability: 5:07
    - Auto-Rotate, 3D Touch, Haptic Feedback: 6:37
    - Front Camera Comparison: 7:21
    - FaceID vs Face Unlock: 9:10
    - Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner vs FaceID: 9:46
    - Rear Camera Comparison: 11:08
    - Wireless Powershare: 14:25
    - Wireless Charging & USB-C Charging: 14:41
    - Battery Comparison: 15:36
    - NFC / Apple Pay & Samsung Pay / Bluetooth: 15:54
    - Performance Comparison: 17:24
    - iOS vs Android: 18:13
    - Price Comparison: 19:38

    • Joemil Amador
      Joemil Amador 3 days ago +1

      Team android is the best...

    • Muazim Shah
      Muazim Shah 6 days ago +1

      Team android ❤🔥

    • Mike Minor
      Mike Minor 9 days ago

      I've seen other reviews that appear less biased than this. There is a, lot of preference versus facts in this review and as a result the bias is evident.

    • אלון לוי
      אלון לוי 9 days ago

      Lg has the best displays you dont know

    • MTL Snipez Gaming
      MTL Snipez Gaming 10 days ago


  • Sam10020
    Sam10020 21 minute ago

    you've really gone out of your way to emphasise the "Ts" in your words, unlike most British people lmao. Glad I've seen this because i'm debating over the two, cus I'm currently running an iPhone 7 Plus and im looking to upgrade soon.

  • Rogue Ninja105
    Rogue Ninja105 8 hours ago

    Which one is better for fortnite mobile?

  • Hell broke Luce
    Hell broke Luce 10 hours ago

    If your smartphone is a tool that you need to work simply, without any effort on your part ; take acceptable photographs when you're short of a camera and need to capture a moment , if any glitch in your phone immediately requires a trip to the service center and if on losing your phone you find it hard to describe to the police , traits that may help them distinguish your handset from others of the same model then iPhone is the one you need to opt for. If however your smartphone is an extension of your personality and the technology it packs within its small forms makes you excited , go for the Samsung.

  • Luke Jin
    Luke Jin 16 hours ago +2

    #Teamandroid and I know from actual expieence

  • M B
    M B 17 hours ago

    I left blackberry in November and got an LG V40 and an iPhone XR. I was quite disappointed in the I phone for many reasons: no type c, charged very slow, terrible home screen, no default apps etc... The V40 wasn't perfect, but it was leaps and bounds ahead of the iPhone xr.

  • M B
    M B 18 hours ago

    They claim it has the strongest glass. Lol

  • Edgar Sosa
    Edgar Sosa 22 hours ago


  • RedDawn 29
    RedDawn 29 Day ago

    Who man is this

  • jhon cat23
    jhon cat23 Day ago


  • Cjbossnes sungwa
    Cjbossnes sungwa Day ago +1

    Work you’re my inspiration 🥳😎

  • Michael
    Michael Day ago +2

    Comparing 2018 phone VS 2019 phone. Make no sense.

    • Michael
      Michael 21 hour ago

      Doesn’t Matter That’s my opinion sooo....???

    • Doesn’t Matter
      Doesn’t Matter 22 hours ago

      Michael apple knows who their competition is and what their product will be compared to. So yeah it does make sense. They’re not competing against the Samsung nine when they release every fall. They’re competing against the ten.

  • Tyree Mcgrone
    Tyree Mcgrone Day ago +2

    I hate when people compare Android vs Apple, especially when they are obviously an Apple fan (Apple watch on wrist) so I obviously know your choice.

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  21 hour ago

      Yep, big fan of Apple Watch! Also a big fan of many other tech products, including the S10+

  • Mondaris
    Mondaris 2 days ago

    I look at Samsung's face unlock like locking your front door. It's going to keep law abiding citizens out but if someone wants in bad enough they're going to get in.

  • Roman Sama
    Roman Sama 2 days ago

    You are wrong here 3d ultrasonic fingerprint scanner can also work with your hands are wet or oily or anything on your finger thats is why 3d ultrasonic is used in s10+ instead of 2d optical in other phones.and 3d ultrasonic fingerprint scanner is far more secure than optical its just like 3d face unlock.

    • Roman Sama
      Roman Sama 2 days ago

      @InsideTech yep it was more prone to more failure at the launch time but sir now this fingerprint scanner got 2 updates and now its super fast aswell and almost works 99 times from 100.😊

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  2 days ago +2

      Yes it can, and I even make this point myself in the full S10+ review. In this comparison, however, I state that it is more prone to failure due to dirt or moisture on the screen (vs FaceID) - which is true.

  • Porogami
    Porogami 2 days ago

    The iPhone’s stainless steel has a weak coating that easily scratches. Their ‘most durable glass’ and apple sapphire lens is extremely low quality as it does not have an practical properties of sapphire (scratch resistance)

    • Porogami
      Porogami Day ago

      You're right. Stainless steel is harder but the coating they apply on it to make it darker, shinier and pinker for all 3 colours is very easily scratched especially the space grey. Note this is not the steel itself but the coloured coating.

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  2 days ago

      Stainless steel is harder than aluminium. But yes, you're right about the sapphire lens - it is not a very pure form of sapphire and therefore has weaker scratch resistance.

  • ayalin64
    ayalin64 3 days ago

    The galaxy s10 back is made of gorilla glass 5 the toughest glass there is and the iPhone xs max breaks from a 1 inch fall?!?

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  2 days ago

      Is gorilla glass 6 not tougher?

  • Chhay Iekkhung
    Chhay Iekkhung 3 days ago

    For me front camera on iPhone Xs Max better than S10 plus.

  • beckky
    beckky 3 days ago

    i wanted to buy a phone but i am not still yet sure which one should i go for iphone xs max or s10+ can you guide me or give me personal opinion ?

  • Naren Jung Khatri
    Naren Jung Khatri 3 days ago

    Talking about durability,I am still using J7 2015 edition without any problem.

  • Abraxas Causer of all things

    By far the most unbiased review I’ve watched

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  3 days ago

      That means a lot, thank you very much!

  • Darius J
    Darius J 4 days ago +1

    anyone else notice the military time?

  • Big ostrich
    Big ostrich 4 days ago +1

    it is worth upgrading from samsung s10 plus to iphone xs max?????

    • Big ostrich
      Big ostrich 3 days ago

      Thank you very much!!!!

    • Slit
      Slit 4 days ago +1

      If you don’t mind spending a little bit more money, then yes. The iPhone XS Max is a beautiful and huge phone with an OLED display. Also, it’s the biggest iPhone ever made!

  • Kal Heisenberg
    Kal Heisenberg 4 days ago

    still, the fact that my iphone will get 5-6 years of software support will always make me choose the iphone. it's crazy how the 2 year old iphone x will still outlast the brand new s10 in terms of software updates.

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  3 days ago

      This is a good point. A lot of people mention the resale value after 5-6 years, but personally I don't think that this is particularly relevant (I don't buy a phone because how well I can sell it later). The software support, however, is very important (especially if you'll keep your £1000+ phone for a long time) and no company competes with Apple here!

  • HaLa Alshabrawy
    HaLa Alshabrawy 5 days ago

    Hands down samsung is soo much better I was an iPhone user and I switched her to samsung which h is soo much better

  • Raj Milan
    Raj Milan 5 days ago +1

    When it comes to security , Apple truly is the winner !

  • ImMikoFreako
    ImMikoFreako 6 days ago


  • Muazim Shah
    Muazim Shah 6 days ago +1

    S10+ ❤🔥 .. xs max ? 👎

  • SolarChip
    SolarChip 6 days ago

    Xperia 1 kill them both :)

  • SolarChip
    SolarChip 6 days ago

    Samsung upgrade little bit and offer same people same garbage over and over again.

  • SS MM
    SS MM 6 days ago

    فقطS10بشاش به ایفون

  • TheKingOfNothing
    TheKingOfNothing 6 days ago

    I started as an iPhone lover had up until the seven when Apple had to replace my phone three times because of their problems I switch to the s8 and I'll never go back just ordered my s10 today off eBay for $650

  • ava gabriella
    ava gabriella 6 days ago +1

    i feel like apple will always be ahead only because of teens, seems like teens like the iphones cause basically every teen has them, and a lot of adults seem to have android

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  6 days ago

      I've certainly seen a lot of teens with iPhones. It's interesting though since iOS is objectively the more simple interface, so you would expect that a typical adult (who would be presumably less tech-savvy than a teen) would opt for iOS and iPhone instead. They would also be less likely to switch from iOS to Android or vice versa after becoming accustomed to one of them, and since Apple used to dominate the smartphone market you would expect that it would be iPhone that adults are sticking to. It'll be interesting to see how this shifts over time though!

  • muhammad zakria
    muhammad zakria 6 days ago

    Samsung is always better then an iPhone u can so more and fun stuff on Samsung them on an iPhone !

  • Ormond Gamer
    Ormond Gamer 7 days ago

    Why include the fast charging speed for the iphone? I would think consumers want to see how long charge times are with what chargers are included in boxes. Apples refusal to include a fast charger for an 1100 dollar phone is insane.

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  6 days ago

      I think that it's only fair to give the information of both phones' capabilities, but I agree with your point. I made a specific mention about the lack of the charger and other accessories with apple, especially in relation to pricing - it is insane!

  • northweezie1
    northweezie1 7 days ago

    Really want the S10+ Plus but everytime I switch to Android I end up regretting it and having to buy an iPhone. Hope this is one is different

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  20 hours ago

      I suffer from this daily ^

    • northweezie1
      northweezie1 6 days ago +1

      InsideTech Definitely am, just got a heavy case of wanting a shiny new toy. Not sure I can wait for the note 10 😭

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  6 days ago

      If any Galaxy device is going to do it, the S10+ is pretty likely! Not interested in the Note 10 then...?

  • Aaron Wanke
    Aaron Wanke 7 days ago +1

    I would have to say Team Android, I used to be a Apple fan, and it wasn't until I went over to android that I found out what I was missing out on. One feature which I do like with android is being able to close all apps at one, where with iOS you have to close each one individually which I hate

  • Christopher Keys
    Christopher Keys 8 days ago

    Some false claim here. If you turn the brightness up to even half way your screen is gonna look like it got fried in a frying pan in a few months from screen burn in. Both these screens are highly overrated. Your welcome .

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  6 days ago

      For screen burn in to take effect on a smartphone, it would really take an excessive amount of usage. Even at maximum brightness, you'd really have to be trying to cause damage to actually do any!

  • Chef John
    Chef John 8 days ago

    I like samsung screen but i want the fluidity in iphone

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  6 days ago

      It's a tough one! Maybe the new iPhones will offer the screen you're after? Although Samsung's OneUI interface is pretty fluid for Android too!

  • Hackers
    Hackers 8 days ago +1

    ANDROID that mah vote

  • Francisco Moya
    Francisco Moya 8 days ago +1

    I'm a Samsung user through and through but Google has the best phone out right now. Js

    • Francisco Moya
      Francisco Moya 6 days ago

      @InsideTech for the most part most companies are selling the Pixel 3 at the same cost of the 3a. The 3 goes for just over $800 and the 3a just over $400 but may companies are giving $300 off when you upgrade and $450 as a new line.

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  6 days ago

      As in...the Pixel 3? Or 3a when you factor in price?

  • KING JayKay
    KING JayKay 8 days ago

    Team detailed and extensive video and you covered almost every thing
    But I think I missed memory expansion option or may be you did

    • KING JayKay
      KING JayKay 5 days ago +1

      @InsideTech I wish you all the best in your life and future endeavors.

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  6 days ago

      Wow, what a lovely thing to say! Thank you very much, and thank you for the shares too! People like you are the reason I create content, so thank you!

    • KING JayKay
      KING JayKay 6 days ago

      @InsideTech okay that is the best comparison video I had ever seen I am following tech since 2004 and I can assure you that if you kept creating such high detailed brief and comprehensive content, you will be Tech Giant Analyst soon not just reviewer.
      I had shared your content to more than 40 ppl in my friend list
      Stay blessed
      Love and Respect from UAE

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  6 days ago

      It was mentioned at around 17:40, it's a great feature!

  • Pasho Spahiu
    Pasho Spahiu 9 days ago +2

    This guy has done an in depth comparison and after watching the video any fair minded person would have no choice but to say that the Galaxy S10 plus is the winner.

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  6 days ago

      It's certainly the more popular choice so far!

  • Mel Ward
    Mel Ward 9 days ago +5

    For me, Team Android. Then again, I am always loyal to Samsung regardless. I can't wait to receive my Samsung Galaxy S10+ next week :-D

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  2 days ago

      Awesome, enjoy!

    • Mel Ward
      Mel Ward 2 days ago

      @InsideTech I've got the White one. I love it❤️😊❤️. Thanks for sharing your insight about Samsung Galaxy S10+ 👍

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  6 days ago

      Woo! Which colour did you go for?

  • Dr Diamondz
    Dr Diamondz 9 days ago +4

    Team Android, I can afford apple but apple thinks they are entitled

    • Dr Diamondz
      Dr Diamondz 6 days ago

      @InsideTech they aren't gonna stop until they push it to far, it's the peoples fault because they keep buying it!

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  6 days ago

      I can understand why, with their prices and lack of accessories they're starting to really test consumers' loyalty!

  • Mike Minor
    Mike Minor 9 days ago +1

    I'm waiting for the Note 10 to hit the scene... 👏🏾👍🏾🤷🏾‍♂️

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  9 days ago

      Review will be on the channel once it does!

  • Gio gaming
    Gio gaming 9 days ago

    The galaxy s10 plus is oled

  • SynysterBullett
    SynysterBullett 9 days ago

    Not to mention Apple has had the same boring homescreen for the past 10 years.... I've seen the same apps for over ten years tens of thousands of times....

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  6 days ago +1

      This ^
      Doesn't even look like iOS 13 will address this either!

  • Dragon Ball Z
    Dragon Ball Z 9 days ago +6

    You know in India the Xs Max it costs more than 2000 dollars which insane, I am one can buy 2 S10s with that money

  • yasheka robinson
    yasheka robinson 9 days ago

    Samsung is the best

    ABC ONE 10 days ago +1

    S10 FOR SURE

  • MTL Snipez Gaming
    MTL Snipez Gaming 10 days ago +1

    Android sheep's :)

  • Jerrod Tham
    Jerrod Tham 10 days ago

    Its like comparing toyota and bmw. Bmw is iphone. Toyota is S10 plus. Both are same capabilities but not same brand and also different price.

  • Gabriel Calderon
    Gabriel Calderon 10 days ago

    Give me a iphone 😭

  • Jordi Gutierrez
    Jordi Gutierrez 10 days ago

    9:26 uhhhhhhhh g8 scans your veins, just saying. But not like anyone gives a shit about the g line amirite.

  • largon 03
    largon 03 11 days ago +7

    iPhones have been outdated since 2008, just sayin'..

  • Albus_Dumbledor3
    Albus_Dumbledor3 11 days ago

    that is a fake iphone XS max the real one doesnt have the FCC labels BOOOOO FAKKKKEEEEE

    • Rob Gretton
      Rob Gretton 10 days ago +1

      Do you realise that in some countries the FCC labels are required by law? I doubt it’s a fake or even a fakkkeeeee!

  • Gevin Patil
    Gevin Patil 11 days ago

    Only s10 because i love s10

  • metro night
    metro night 12 days ago +9

    iphone x max is unable to play 4k youtube, but samsung galaxy can. and 4k youtube is amazing to look at in samsung. display is the best in samsung. everything is great in samsung.

    • SolarChip
      SolarChip 6 days ago

      And sony Xperia 1 owns 4K screen :) , samsung is a toy compared to Xperia 1

  • siraj fakeeha
    siraj fakeeha 12 days ago

    hey yo it seems that u guy's know a lot about the two I just wanna ask a q, look I'm going to buy a new phone ok I don't matter about the money cuz I already have it by the way my q is I'm looking for something lasts a day and I'm a medicine student so I want a phone that also is good in video and something stylish as well so what do y'all briefer for me xs or s10+? (I need your help guys pls!!!)

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  5 days ago

      You’re welcome!

    • siraj fakeeha
      siraj fakeeha 5 days ago

      @InsideTech thanks a lot bro for your advice

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  6 days ago

      I'd go for the S10+ then, I think the battery is slightly better - especially in the Snapdragon model!

  • Bengotyou dude
    Bengotyou dude 12 days ago +1

    I was going to get an iPhone xs but I decided to go with the S10e because it had a much better deal at my Tmobile store and it had a much better offers with it like buy one get one free and 30% galaxy buds so I decided to get the S10E

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  6 days ago

      S10e is my favourite Galaxy S10 - best value by far!

  • Black Ceiling
    Black Ceiling 12 days ago

    That's like comparing a camel to a Ferrari, Samsung dominates

  • Peter S
    Peter S 12 days ago +8

    Samsung pay let's you pay literally everywhere bc of MTS technology, so no Apple doesn't get my win there

  • Peter S
    Peter S 12 days ago +1

    89% of people go for S10 here

  • Peter S
    Peter S 12 days ago +3

    speaking about durability...actually, I'm still using my note 4 without any problems nor scratches 😂😂

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  6 days ago

      Still using a Note 4?! I applaud you!

    • Clorox Bleach
      Clorox Bleach 6 days ago +1

      And also, it is much cheaper to repair Samsung devices than Apple devices when it's broken.

  • Robotic Venom
    Robotic Venom 13 days ago +10

    Its the much better value device, ok so the S10+ is the Better phone, let's go!

  • Emma Langshaw
    Emma Langshaw 13 days ago

    Android all the way

  • YellowSkinz
    YellowSkinz 13 days ago

    well done 👍🏻

  • Ralph Waldo Ramos
    Ralph Waldo Ramos 13 days ago

    I have both the s10+ ceramic black and iPhone XS Max space grey. Both are really top notch and amazing phones. I love OneUI, but iOS is just more fluid and stable, same goes with their apps. It’s frustrating to always second guess when your fingerprint is going to work or not on the S10+, the facial unlock is trivial at best.

  • Soula DT
    Soula DT 14 days ago

    Tbh, your review sounds more like your giving Samsung the advantage BUT it’s just because they have this and that. Like being an apple cocksucker.

  • Gilz775
    Gilz775 14 days ago

    Apples software is world class and usually unrivaled . Really top notch if you catch my drift 😂

    • Gilz775
      Gilz775 10 hours ago +1

      I own s10+ tho and think it's way better than apple's uptight restricted software. Nice clean video. Keep it up

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  6 days ago +1

      Oh dear...

  • Simon Nicacia
    Simon Nicacia 14 days ago

    samsung is the best

  • Bada Luca
    Bada Luca 14 days ago

    I came from 7 plus so the Max is a beast. Unfortunately it’s not worth the money Compared to Samsung. I’ve been with Apple since switching formats is a bit difficult. I love Siri, iMessage, find my phone, have music and movies on iTunes, so once again very difficult. I’ll just use my girlfriends S9+ if I want to change it up for a bit.

  • FOxxყ Uɳιʋҽɾʂҽ
    FOxxყ Uɳιʋҽɾʂҽ 14 days ago +6

    samsung galaxy s10 is the best smartphone.

    • Kidloco
      Kidloco 10 days ago +1

      For you and for some, but not for all.

  • De Rin
    De Rin 15 days ago

    s10 The best

  • Anthony Wall
    Anthony Wall 15 days ago

    I use both. Note 9 and the iPhone 6S Plus.

  • Moonlight
    Moonlight 16 days ago +15

    i had an iphone x , bit i switched to s10+ , i love s10+

    • john paul alvarez
      john paul alvarez 14 days ago +3

      Had a iPhone since the 3gs just changed to galaxy s10+ still getting use to it so much u can do

  • abdallah hussien
    abdallah hussien 16 days ago +3

    i think taht guy is an iphone lover he just skips every advantage on the s10 plus and says it fast while with the iphne when it has advantage he keeps mentioning numbers and giving xs advantages that it dosent even have
    ( he couldve just say it that he is an iphone lover )

  • Paul Bonifacio
    Paul Bonifacio 16 days ago

    S10+ for the win

  • Chick Fill-A
    Chick Fill-A 17 days ago

    I’m only here for iMessage & FaceTime

  • balaji rakesh
    balaji rakesh 17 days ago

    Apple used to be king of smartphones once. no doubt, because they brought revolutionary change to the market every single time. Those were the times when they thought about making the change, now they care about just being in the market. every single person who transitioned from apple to Samsung or Android, in general, would have felt something new. Yes, I still believe in ios but for a guy who uses MacBook, an iPad and a Samsung. I would go for Samsung. With pro, mode enabled you could click some amazing photography. when you say iPhones are good, these are better. But when you actually try to use your resource then try to innovate something, that's were stand top again. This is what I feel. not any particular product fanboy. Would still go for Samsung s10+. Even this video made me do so.

  • Umer Hasan
    Umer Hasan 17 days ago

    # android#galaxy

  • Micheal Jackson
    Micheal Jackson 17 days ago +1

    7:01 was it so hard to say all the shitty Samsung Devices don’t have 3D-Touch?

  • Micheal Jackson
    Micheal Jackson 17 days ago +1

    On stock iOS, iPhone XS Max comes with wallpapers that are dark at the top to hide the notch. This guy changed the iPhone wallpaper just to make the notch visible yet he put the stock Samsung wallpaper on the S10+ to hide the hole punch. I think 🤔 he is being paid by Samsung aka Samsung’s bitch!!!

  • Howard Johnson
    Howard Johnson 17 days ago

    iPhone is definitely more stable.

    • Meghan Arias
      Meghan Arias 16 days ago

      That hasn't been the case for the past couple years, but I see where you're coming from.

  • Katina
    Katina 17 days ago +4

    Got a huawei commercial before this 😂😂

  • Ar Dansep
    Ar Dansep 17 days ago

    S10+ monster

  • Dom Cobb
    Dom Cobb 17 days ago

    The iPhone won't have better scratch resistance than the S10! It's stainless steel and it scratches very easily 1:04

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  17 days ago

      Yes...? Steel is harder than aluminium.

  • NitroVexPlays
    NitroVexPlays 17 days ago +1

    6:46 TVclip black bars are still congruent ❤❤❤

  • Pirate Jack
    Pirate Jack 17 days ago +1

    Of course s10

  • J.R. Walk
    J.R. Walk 17 days ago +7

    watching from my S10+

  • JJ dmd
    JJ dmd 17 days ago +7

    From xr to s10 plus i must say the new os is way way better now I've been an apple fanboy for years , i took a leap and the best decision ever ..i always tend to go for the phones with the best battery life loving it

  • llyre
    llyre 18 days ago

    Damn, you're good and direct.

  • MAXXIN Nakawa
    MAXXIN Nakawa 18 days ago

    I’m using an iPhone 5s until now for almost 6years. Do you think Samsung galaxy S10 would last for that long?

  • Anna army
    Anna army 18 days ago +1

    I swear the Face ID helped me a lot since I have sweaty palms,it’s just better duh

  • Sahil Kumar rao
    Sahil Kumar rao 18 days ago

    Ios love

  • Life as we know it
    Life as we know it 18 days ago

    The galaxy series has always been the best!

  • Victer Branch Jr
    Victer Branch Jr 18 days ago +1


  • jkeener1988
    jkeener1988 19 days ago

    Please don't compare something so AWESOME (SAMSUNG) against something so CRAPPY! (Crapple)!!

  • Anthony Hernandez
    Anthony Hernandez 19 days ago

    Samsung pay definitely works better. Its accepted pretty much everywhere, apple pay is not. Also wifi 6 allows my s10+ to connect to my wifi at home 5 houses away from my own, I dont live in a neighborhood with small houses.