Galaxy S10+ vs iPhone XS Max: In-Depth Comparison & Review

  • Published on Mar 30, 2019
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Apple iPhone XS Max | InsideTech Unboxing & Review.
    With the recent release of the Galaxy S10+, Samsung set the bar for what a 2019 Android smartphone can be. But how does this compare against the best iOS device, the iPhone XS Max? In this video, i'll break down the differences between the phones' displays, cameras, performance and features to help you to determine which is the best value smartphone. This is everything you need to know about, potentially, the two best smartphones available right now.
    - Design: 0:56
    - Displays: 3:13
    - Functionality/Reachability: 5:07
    - Auto-Rotate, 3D Touch, Haptic Feedback: 6:37
    - Front Camera Comparison: 7:21
    - FaceID vs Face Unlock: 9:10
    - Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner vs FaceID: 9:46
    - Rear Camera Comparison: 11:08
    - Wireless Powershare: 14:25
    - Wireless Charging & USB-C Charging: 14:41
    - Battery Comparison: 15:36
    - NFC / Apple Pay & Samsung Pay / Bluetooth: 15:54
    - Performance Comparison: 17:24
    - iOS vs Android: 18:13
    - Price Comparison: 19:38

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Comments • 1 578

  • InsideTech
    InsideTech  4 months ago +74

    So guys, who do it better? #TeamAndroid or #TeamiOS? Let me know your favourite smartphone down below!

    Here's the timestamps for mobile device users:

    - Design: 0:56
    - Displays: 3:13
    - Functionality/Reachability: 5:07
    - Auto-Rotate, 3D Touch, Haptic Feedback: 6:37
    - Front Camera Comparison: 7:21
    - FaceID vs Face Unlock: 9:10
    - Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner vs FaceID: 9:46
    - Rear Camera Comparison: 11:08
    - Wireless Powershare: 14:25
    - Wireless Charging & USB-C Charging: 14:41
    - Battery Comparison: 15:36
    - NFC / Apple Pay & Samsung Pay / Bluetooth: 15:54
    - Performance Comparison: 17:24
    - iOS vs Android: 18:13
    - Price Comparison: 19:38

    • Jason Kass
      Jason Kass 8 days ago

      Team android for sure👌👍

    • Ambee Daza
      Ambee Daza 25 days ago

      #teamsamsung #teamandroid

    • Daniel Castillo
      Daniel Castillo Month ago

      @Heera Dhillon lol

    • Heera Dhillon
      Heera Dhillon Month ago +1

      InsideTech Hey 👋 you need to educate yourself, how can you say Xs max have wide angle lens when it doesn’t 11:16

    • Daniel Castillo
      Daniel Castillo Month ago

      @Matthew RobertsISO?

  • Vasyl Kulyavets
    Vasyl Kulyavets Day ago

    All life samsubg, and i had for 3 years apple

  • K I 3 L T
    K I 3 L T Day ago

    Happy and content with my Note 9...been an iphone 5s user for a long time

    • K I 3 L T
      K I 3 L T Day ago

      @InsideTech it's not worth the upgrade since the features of the new Note 10 are not significant then minus the headphone jack,though I like it's all screen and vibrant colors option

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  Day ago +1

      Not tempted by the Note 10? I’ve got a comparison coming up soon to see if Note 9 users should upgrade!

  • le-_- IgnitedWisdom


  • Vino sitas
    Vino sitas 3 days ago

    9:56 "even slower than iphone's touch id" *s10+ literally opeens within a millisecond while you had to try again on the apple device*


    • Vino sitas
      Vino sitas Day ago

      @InsideTech doesn't that extra movement make it slower then.. technically.. since you can't really remove the extra press unless you change the whole OS.

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  Day ago

      If you listen to the next sentence though, I explain that Samsung has the advantage in that you don’t need to press again to go to the home screen. If you look at the freeze frame, the iPhone is unlocked first with my finger on the scanner. Then I pressed again to go to the home screen.

  • mohamed sameer
    mohamed sameer 5 days ago

    SAMSUNG S10+ 💚

  • Norbert Saul
    Norbert Saul 5 days ago

    I will vote for the s10

  • AdventureCapitalist
    AdventureCapitalist 6 days ago +5

    Best and most balanced comparison i have seen. You did a really good job! Cheers

  • Musaddiq Munir Liman

    Airpods are just oversized earrings

  • Boogie Seekaz
    Boogie Seekaz 8 days ago

    Samsung also have dual bluetooth connectivity since the Note 8. Connect 2 bluetooth devices at the same time. It's pretty awesome.

    Ged SHINDANO 8 days ago

    you should also mention the Iris feature

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  8 days ago

      That’s gone now! It’s been replaced on the newer models!

  • Chaz McCormack
    Chaz McCormack 9 days ago +2

    I will be trading in my Note 9 for the iPhone XS..been an Android user from the beginning...since I got my FIRST Apple product.(iPad pro 11) I LOVE IT!!
    I just need the iPhone to operate like my iPad then I won't look back!!
    Can't wait for the iPhone 12!!!

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  9 days ago +1

      Oh wow! Big change! I’m sure you’ll love the continuity of using your iPhone and iPad together!

  • Notur BB
    Notur BB 10 days ago +1

    Tried the S10. Went back to my iphone x. IOS just does everything a little better.

  • Angry Devil Entertainment

    I used iPhone from 3g to 6s switched to Samsung
    Apple is a rip off, 1:1 is a disgraceful model, over priced accessorie, limited features.... like screen mirroring to any smart tv which samsung can do.... i will never buy apple again

    • Angry Devil Entertainment
      Angry Devil Entertainment 9 days ago +1

      @InsideTech good point :(

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  9 days ago

      At the rate the GBP is plummeting, we might be grateful for 1:1 pricing before too long...sad times.

  • Bawan Najat
    Bawan Najat 11 days ago

    U don't best u are very bad fk

  • leesworld Johnson
    leesworld Johnson 12 days ago

    Android always

  • skyline
    skyline 13 days ago +2

    It’s simple when you have used iPhone for a long time and then you switch to a galaxy you are going to say that galaxy it’s better because it’s something different and the same when you have galaxy and switch to iPhone.

  • just some random guy
    just some random guy 14 days ago

    Bixby is alot better than Siri.....
    It's not useless.....
    I can just play song by voice commands while taking bath whereas siri can't do that and google assistant is not that effective...

    • just some random guy
      just some random guy 13 days ago +1

      @InsideTech I'm glad to talk with a reasonable n smart person like you....
      By the way thankz for your reply....
      Keep up the good work....

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  13 days ago

      Yeah, I really appreciate your comments, it always helps the community! Thanks a lot!

    • just some random guy
      just some random guy 13 days ago +1

      @InsideTech you can just check in depth comparison between bixby and siri....
      Bixby can simply do anything via voice commands.....even downloading apps, settings up alarms,following multiple commands and so on....
      Siri will just say press this and press that....
      But yeah like you said it's our opinion at the end of the day....
      I just wanted to let people know because they seem to not recognise how much bixby is capable of....

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  13 days ago

      Siri has been able to play music through voice commands for years! But everyone is entitled to their opinion, you're more than welcome to prefer Bixby!

    • just some random guy
      just some random guy 13 days ago

      @InsideTech well you can try it then.....yu can just watch the video comparing bixby and siri....
      Siri can't do multiple tasks commands like bixby does....
      Bixby even though it's a lil slower... it's much better alot better than Siri

  • George R
    George R 16 days ago

    Have 2 📱's s10+ but watching on my LG stylo 4 😲snaps 😂😂😂...

  • shane johnson
    shane johnson 16 days ago +2

    Best Reveiw for these 2 by far? Thanks bro

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  15 days ago

      Ah that’s awesome, thank you!

  • Shaikh Ahmed khan
    Shaikh Ahmed khan 16 days ago

    I can get both phone for the same amount of money(0$) as a gift. But I am still confused, as I would have to spend a lot of my own money for fast charger and cable, converter etc with xs max. Where S10+ will come with all the accessories + headphone+ protector and maybe a case too.

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  15 days ago +1

      The iPhone will come with headphones too, and neither will come with a phone case. I understand your point though: if you want fast charging right out of the box, you have to go for the S10+!

  • Kirkland Phillips
    Kirkland Phillips 17 days ago

    I just upgraded from my Galaxy S8+ to my new S10+. Definently love it. I've been with the Samsung for the last 6 years and have had no issues with them.

  • BenzGamer
    BenzGamer 18 days ago

    Yep, IPhones are definitely very rugged and durable.

  • Linh Hồ
    Linh Hồ 18 days ago


  • Kadek Deni Tunas Jaya
    Kadek Deni Tunas Jaya 18 days ago +2

    Very nice review..

  • Noel Arce
    Noel Arce 19 days ago +1

    From iOS here to Team Android now, thanks to s10+ ❤

  • Calvin Steward Jr
    Calvin Steward Jr 19 days ago +1


  • Prince oluchi
    Prince oluchi 19 days ago

    i hate iphone so much .samsung is my best phone

  • amrit reet
    amrit reet 19 days ago

    s10 plus is simply just an awesome device buh bye apple

    GAZA BUDDZ 20 days ago

    We leading Samsung straight.

  • Httdcf Mannhghkk
    Httdcf Mannhghkk 21 day ago

    I was soo high and I was watching this and then i just zone out then come back to ma self and say I don’t know what tf you saying and just next to a next video 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • knightscarlata89
    knightscarlata89 22 days ago +1

    I have 3 sd cards full of videos and pictures, plus some movies 😂 android is the way to go.

  • Mansoor Crash
    Mansoor Crash 22 days ago +2

    Galaxy s10+ ❤👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤

  • 110Has_5
    110Has_5 22 days ago

    I reckon just buy both. Ok no I’m not that rich

  • Claire Ryan
    Claire Ryan 22 days ago +2

    Watching on my S10 here so team Android

  • walk gang
    walk gang 23 days ago

    After looking at Huawei and Samsung I forgot iPhone even existed!!

  • john lastimoza
    john lastimoza 23 days ago +1

    Wow i just got my s10 plus with snap dragon 855 on it . Thanks samsung amazing phone

  • Kenan wolf
    Kenan wolf 24 days ago +2

    Samsung 4 life 🤙

  • Abhirup Majumdar
    Abhirup Majumdar 24 days ago

    Thanks for mentioning NFC...the fact that iPhones have nfc but limit the usage is infuriating.😡

  • Chris Newton
    Chris Newton 25 days ago +1

    Great video

  • C.T. Productions
    C.T. Productions 25 days ago +1

    5:31 - *cough* -Reachability Cursor- *cough*

  • ben smith
    ben smith 26 days ago +2

    hi good video,got a new s10 plus 512 gb in rotterrdan holland 700euro, so impressed

  • Joseph Bleyor
    Joseph Bleyor 26 days ago +3

    The best unbiased and sincere faceoff ever!!

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  26 days ago

      I really appreciate that, thank you!

  • Jesse Di Noia
    Jesse Di Noia 26 days ago

    There is a night mode in the Iphone. Invert colours & smart invert which you can setup a shortcut on the right side button. 3 clicks. Also, assistive touch setting puts a home button on the screen which can be customized for functions.

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  26 days ago

      It's not a proper night mode though since it's not fully compatible. We'll have to wait for iOS 13 for that!

  • laughfever
    laughfever 26 days ago

    Been using my S10 Plus since April. I'm so happy with my decision of picking it up... while my friends laughed on my decision and told me iPhone is better.

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  26 days ago

      Good for you for making your own decision! I’m really glad you’re happy with it, it’s an awesome phone. Enjoy!

  • Rinu Punnoose
    Rinu Punnoose 27 days ago


  • Toon Johan van der Meer

    I would like to add a comment about the presentation by the host. You're talking in this clip way too fast.... You really have to start practising in a voice-over class how to present your clips and reviews. You're producing your, no doubt indebt, reviews so annoying to listen to that I've been moving away after getting blisters on my ears. Btw, mind also your non-native English speakers as your target on YT...

  • Sudden Revelations
    Sudden Revelations Month ago

    I don’t like the notch on the I Phone. Samsung displays are perhaps one of the better displays maybe. Samsung should ditch the Bixby button and make it voice only and more natural, less squeaky.

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  Month ago

      Nobody likes the notch on the iPhone! Looks like the Note 10 will be ditching the Bixby button though!

  • Shadowmist
    Shadowmist Month ago +1

    Android gang where u at

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  Month ago

      Can you still join the gang if you're both..?

  • Game Verse
    Game Verse Month ago

    7:50 just soullessly staring at you 😨

  • Tenems
    Tenems Month ago


  • Sudip10XD GAMING Ramdam

    #iphone sucks and #Samsung in better

  • Jay Bisky
    Jay Bisky Month ago +1

    This is the best most in depth review I’ve seen

  • The Lion
    The Lion Month ago

    2:20 Say what?!? 😂 maybe you shoud check Bixby again mate. It smokes Google assistant and Siri in every way. Try navigating the phone menu with that Google crap 😅

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  Month ago

      Give this comment a like if you’re also on #TeamBixby ^

  • spencer nuzzi
    spencer nuzzi Month ago

    I do not hating on android or ios ill pick the one that suits me. Thats al 🙏🏻 its my money my decision and my choice.

  • Tyler Baker
    Tyler Baker Month ago +1

    There is also a setting on the galaxy to make everything move faster

  • Lingyw07
    Lingyw07 Month ago


  • Home Cinema Lovers
    Home Cinema Lovers Month ago

    I am a Samsung fan! But to be fair you forget to tell us that the iPhone has the selfie camera can do videos in 1080p 60fps, and for now is the only mobile has this feature! I wish that Samsung note 10 at least make it like this on selfie camera with 60fps,

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  Month ago

      I didn't forget! This is part of the video at around 8:35!

  • JoePonji
    JoePonji Month ago

    Aaand sorry but Samsung is still not there

  • Heera Dhillon
    Heera Dhillon Month ago

    Hey 👋 you need to educate yourself, how can you say Xs max have wide angle lens when it doesn’t 11:16

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  Month ago +1

      The iPhone XS Max, much like most smartphones, uses a wide angle lens as the main camera. It has one wide angle and one telephoto lens. Yes, this is different from the Galaxy S10+’s ultra wide angle lens, but the lens type for the iPhone’s main camera is still “wide angle”. The Samsung, for example, has a wide angle as the main lens, plus a telephoto and an ultra wide angle lens.
      I hope this clears it up for you!

  • Kevin Bryant Sr.
    Kevin Bryant Sr. Month ago +2

    Depends on who the device is for, I've ALWAYS been an Android Guy and that's not going to change where as both of My kids are of course Apple fans and I personally think Apple is better for children and people that don't know or care about all the different settings and features. I can tell you personally my Samsung S10+ is far better than the XR they have in every way.

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  Month ago +1

      This is a really good point, and I’d have to agree with you!

  • Benjamin Reinhardt
    Benjamin Reinhardt Month ago +1

    apple pay has the edge over samsung pay?? google pay is almost up to apple pay levels but neither is close to samsung pay because it literally just works everywhere

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  Month ago

      Just in my personal opinion. There isn’t anywhere I’ve been in the U.K. where Samsung pay is available but Apple Pay isn’t. I understand this is different for many other people which is fair enough! So I just prefer the interface and Wallet app on iPhone!

  • Slpawd
    Slpawd Month ago +2

    That was a really great review thanks!!
    Oh and I think that the s10+ won for me but I feel like if I don’t have and iPhone, then it’s like I’m missing something

    • Slpawd
      Slpawd Month ago

      InsideTech ye sure!!

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  Month ago +1

      Haha, there are always features that are exclusive to each device, but you really aren’t missing out too much with either phone!
      Thanks for watching!

  • Yorme Dlanodcm
    Yorme Dlanodcm Month ago +1

    Going with android (S10 series are the BEST looking phones you can find)

  • Kayla hepburn
    Kayla hepburn Month ago

    Currently have the note 9 and have the s10 plus arriving soon. 100% team android from me.

    • InsideTech
      InsideTech  Month ago

      You didn’t want the Note 10 instead then?

  • QW3RTY
    QW3RTY Month ago

    Use both iphone xs and s10 plus. They are both good phones no arguing about it. Samsung has better specs and nicer camera and screen, but nothing beats the fluidness of iPhone/iOS. If Samsung could have the same fluidness as iOS, goodbye apple forever.

  • Lokesh Kothari
    Lokesh Kothari Month ago

    I am S10 user and its the phone worth to buy.

  • D&J Autos MOT Cnt Ltd

    Are you on speed.. slow down and then we might be able to follow the video

  • Isman Kona
    Isman Kona Month ago

    (TeamAndroid) i have S7Edge, S8+,S9+,note8 last but not lease S10+. I love samsung since galaxy S & note

  • George Hitch
    George Hitch Month ago +1

    Android android android android android is BEST

  • Noah Lopez
    Noah Lopez Month ago +1

    I’ve tried both and I feel like there’s a tie, honestly... I love messages on iPhone but love battery life on android so it’s a 50/50

    • Pedro C
      Pedro C Month ago +1

      You look like a Lovely Bbw Latina Baby 🥰😍

  • Opi! -
    Opi! - Month ago

    Got a s10+ I had a iPhone 7+ ... damm Samsung is the bomb

  • Ken Doka
    Ken Doka Month ago +5

    I don't want apple to go to USB c then people can use my cord

  • Le5ttat
    Le5ttat Month ago

    Haven’t found yet something so breathtaking to make me switch from iPhone to Samsung. Been using almost all iPhones and and a few Samsungs in parallel and iOS is something that I don’t see any Android to overcome it in the near future. iOS is just flawless. Not to mention the interconnectivity of all Apple products I use. From the last generation of iPhones I use an XR and it is just more than I need. Smoothness, speed, errorless and great performance. Give me something that I really need and would use often on a Samsung and I do not have on my iPhone and maybe I’ll start to consider...

  • Ashutosh Kumar Sinha

    Bought an S10 Plus and enjoying it. Exploring the phone . #GalaxyS10Plus