High school student banned from wearing MAGA hat on campus

  • Published on Feb 22, 2019
  • A politically active high school student in Northern California has been told that she cannot wear her "Make America Great Again" hat on campus. The student, senior Maddie Mueller, said she's being a patriot trying to show pride for her country. Alexan Balekian of CBS affiliate KGPE-TV reports from Clovis, California.
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Comments • 1 792

  • abandon all hope
    abandon all hope 9 hours ago

    that is a true patriot there

  • Nick F
    Nick F 22 hours ago

    So if a black kid wore an Obama shirt they would say the same thing?

  • Pasquale Gelardi
    Pasquale Gelardi 2 days ago

    And schools wonder why they get shot up !

  • jimmy tran
    jimmy tran 3 days ago

    Free Speech & Hate Speech is 2 different things

  • Clay Ryan
    Clay Ryan 5 days ago

    Not letting her graduate because of her American right to support the president?? Now THAT should open everyone's eyes!!

  • Valor knight
    Valor knight 7 days ago +1

    “The hat can invoke controversy” yeah so no more sport hats anymore or any sport clothing because I could be a fan of the other team

  • Aileyha Nknownua
    Aileyha Nknownua 7 days ago +1


  • Elijah Autry
    Elijah Autry 10 days ago

    She brainwashed

  • jonas
    jonas 10 days ago

    I feel bad for this girl. I just want to know what all these kids are going to do in 20 years, when the history books their own children or grandchildren read, defines the Trump administration and its supporters, and the most discriminatory in the history of the country. They are going to need very good explanations to not be considered the same for their own families.

  • Christian DeDiDuDDD
    Christian DeDiDuDDD 10 days ago


  • Jack Zegas
    Jack Zegas 11 days ago

    You're free to do whatever you want as long as you don't offend the snowflakes

  • Adam Fleck
    Adam Fleck 14 days ago

    Let them wear it. I am able to pick out the scumbags much easier this way!

  • Orchade
    Orchade 15 days ago

    To make it more messed up. The hats Say MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, I guess Americans hate America

  • Daves GoldenDuck
    Daves GoldenDuck 17 days ago

    The maga hat is still kind of dumb way to show patriotism

  • Alyssa Whatever
    Alyssa Whatever 17 days ago +2

    Girl, your school doesnt allow political propaganda of any kind and the only hats you're allowed to wear are either solid color or hats that represent your school. You broke the rules. Theres nothing to her mad at. Theres no reason you need to sue the school. This is all on you. Get. Over. It.

    JRT 4JUSTICE 17 days ago

    Free speech! Growing up in Ca we were never banned in wearing political attire....I wore a Ronald Reagan shirt.

  • Double D
    Double D 18 days ago

    Lefties only support tolerance that works in their favor.

  • Private Private
    Private Private 18 days ago

    Trump/The Homelander 2020

  • Matthew Golden
    Matthew Golden 18 days ago

    If a hat makes you feel unsafe you need to go back to preschool and stay out of not college.

  • Harshit Madan
    Harshit Madan 18 days ago

    Tolerant left

  • Mugsgame
    Mugsgame 18 days ago

    Patriots are immigrants from around the world that founded this country. Make America Great!

  • John Daedalus
    John Daedalus 18 days ago

    It's a hate symbol!!! Would you ban a kid from school if they came wearing a swastika? It's a tough call but one things for sure, when racists, sexists and bigots feel comfortable in America, then we have failed as a country.
    It's time to REALLY make America great again.

  • freddy solano
    freddy solano 19 days ago

    Good take that garbage off of her head off I said

    RK NINE 19 days ago +1

    First Amendment is Freedom Of Speech. Libtards have no common sense.

  • Terri Romero
    Terri Romero 20 days ago

    MAGA - Make America Great Again

  • Larry Dilorenzo
    Larry Dilorenzo 20 days ago

    Leftists lol... They have Trump living in their heads rent free. 😂

  • Live Free or Die
    Live Free or Die 21 day ago +1

    Soon it will be offensive to wear white skin. It might invoke violence.

  • Jonny cat6a
    Jonny cat6a 22 days ago

    Go to a different school! Keep believein in yourself kid

  • Dirty Dan
    Dirty Dan 22 days ago +1


  • E1EVEN
    E1EVEN 23 days ago

    Just read my school handbook nothing about political clothing. Wearing my maga hat on 1st day of school.

    • whenindoubt mutemyownmouth
      whenindoubt mutemyownmouth 21 day ago

      Please reconsider. You still need to get along with your classmates and teachers in order to get a passing grade, wearing the hat to school could start arguments that didn't need to happen, especially during group projects that could make up a lot of your grade.

  • Ana Caona
    Ana Caona 23 days ago

    The American flag is a symbol of hate. This school should fly a Mexican flag.

  • Kim Baker
    Kim Baker 25 days ago +1

    Wow betcha an Obama hat would've been just fine tho

  • Julian Carter
    Julian Carter 26 days ago

    I guess than all the cars on campus with logos and school names must not be allowed on school property including the cars picking up the students and the name of the schoolbuss companies must take all their logos and name of busses since on campus and oh all delivery trucks for supplies and food stuff must also have no logos. If they all can have theirs so can she

  • Lawrence Stevens
    Lawrence Stevens 26 days ago

    They’re sacred that a young woman goes against their narrative

  • Violet Robles
    Violet Robles 28 days ago

    I will never call that man my president

  • KenyaNu Era
    KenyaNu Era 29 days ago

    Its a stupid hat.....

    • Kernal
      Kernal 29 days ago

      KenyaNu Era wrong

  • Anahutch1
    Anahutch1 29 days ago +1

    My younger brother got tired of the crap that went on in high school. He dropped out, got his GED, went straight to college and became a computer scientist. He worked for NASA for awhile, then was picked by a company in Boston. Bottom line, he is a wealthy man today. Graduation from HS is fine, but you don't have to let a bunch of left wing school administrators ruin your life. I would bet no one was stopped from wearing Obama apparel.

  • Troy
    Troy Month ago

    Just let her wear the MAGA hat. It keeps the rest of us entertained.

    • Kernal
      Kernal 29 days ago

      Troy man hole covers

  • Shaun Weston
    Shaun Weston Month ago

    the left need to get a grip

  • Joel lungtau
    Joel lungtau Month ago +1

    If the Hat could invoke voilence.....then i must say its the Most Effective Hat in the wolrd!! MAGA

  • Shy Strohl
    Shy Strohl Month ago +1

    and a pres being told that you will be his worst nightmare isnt dangerous? omar needs to be sat down and grounded to her terrorist home untill she learns respect comes for the flag and uniform even if you dont like the man you must love the flag and uniform and respect it duh!

  • Johnny Rocketz
    Johnny Rocketz Month ago

    Ion even like trump but that is just damn hypocrisy. If she wore a shirt that says, “All white people should die” no one would care smdh.

  • Life Integrity 4 U
    Life Integrity 4 U Month ago

    The swamp has not stretched its crap into Clovis?

  • Justin Scott
    Justin Scott Month ago

    Dude what are you talking about?? The ones who are attacking the people for wearing the hat are the one's who are violent

  • tre luglio
    tre luglio Month ago

    Land of the free...

  • Ryan Anderson
    Ryan Anderson Month ago

    Make Americans Gullible Again!

  • Barack Trump
    Barack Trump Month ago

    What really sucks, is the snowflakes, whether they're Democrats or Republicans, get offended by someone that believes opposite of themselves, it all started with helicopter parents that protected their dumplings from everything that might hurt their precious ears.
    C'Mon people there's equal ups and downs for Republicans and Democrats, but remember, NEITHER is for the working man, they're bought off by the special interest groups. I don't give a damn what either side says, they are 2 of the same whether you like it or not.

  • alexander cove
    alexander cove Month ago

    Your purple tie, that is

  • alexander cove
    alexander cove Month ago +1

    Hey dude..your PURPLE REALLY

  • Pau Gasol
    Pau Gasol Month ago +2

    Whoever marries Maddie is a lucky guy!

  • Ina Blink
    Ina Blink Month ago +1

    Talk about double standards !!! Obama, Clinton, Bernie shirts are OK, but not Trump ???

  • Quijybo Janklebits
    Quijybo Janklebits Month ago +3

    I carry a weapon while wearing my maga hat because if some one jumps me their going away in a bag or an ambulance. Btw 11 years muay thai and 10 years Brazilian jujitsu.

  • Dan R
    Dan R Month ago +1

    MAGA cap is the new Rebel Flag. It supports White supremacy for Trump incites.

  • Alicia no
    Alicia no Month ago

    They have the right to wear the hat. But honestly I can't stand seeing one more MAGA hat. It's become very political.

  • Scott Jennings
    Scott Jennings Month ago


  • Epic Wolves 125
    Epic Wolves 125 Month ago

    They don’t know what free speech is

  • Jay Beswick
    Jay Beswick Month ago

    Lot more to what Clovis hides in the closet; Settlers called ‘greedy pigs’ in Clovis school assignment
    Written by Donald A. Promnitz, The Business Journal, 10/15/18 There is a verifiable bias by the District!

  • Dr. TJ
    Dr. TJ Month ago

    I actually love the MAGA hats. They're like the radiation symbol that tells smart people to stay away.

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy Month ago

    There's been kids that cant wear their hair a certain way and these hats being taken seriously...?

  • GamingWith Christian

    Just don’t wear it no more smh makes things easier

  • Ryan Napier
    Ryan Napier Month ago

    Free from distractions. So they outright ban anyone from having a mobile device?

  • Carmen Dicecca
    Carmen Dicecca Month ago

    And thats the dam tourth

  • Carmen Dicecca
    Carmen Dicecca Month ago

    When you wear that hat your a racist

  • Brent Pierce
    Brent Pierce Month ago

    I think for 2020 The Trump campaign should change the slogan to make America great for everyone because it's just the "AGAIN" that opens the door for people to fill in the blank and make MAGA fit their agenda no matter what it is. Who could argue with that? It's like black lives matter. If you do nothing but change the name to All lives matter. You would have to look pretty bad to oppose it at least by the name. Really we can all talk about issues or just ignore them until people become violent and want to fight over a misunderstanding that could have been avoided. Just my not important TVclip comment that I can pretend Matters.

  • Gab Is me
    Gab Is me Month ago

    How does a maga hat make someone feel unsafe?

  • Nick F
    Nick F Month ago +1

    0:39 If a black kid wore an Obama shirt that school wouldn't say a damn thing 😂

  • isme jmoney88
    isme jmoney88 Month ago +3

    Stay strong I support you all the way.

  • Samuel Ferreira
    Samuel Ferreira Month ago

    mo gatinha...e liberal ainda hehe

  • Whetsit Tuya
    Whetsit Tuya Month ago +1

    No MAGA hat is complete without a gun, gotta defend yourself from soylent zombies

  • dumbunny8128
    dumbunny8128 Month ago +1

    As a slogan, "MAGA" is equivalent to South Park's "Timmy!". The only difference is she's displaying it on a hat instead of yelling from a wheelchair. Of course she should be able to wear it. I think she is protected by the ADA passed in 1990.

  • austin teutsch
    austin teutsch Month ago

    On top of being a good American and Trump supporter, she's so damn pretty.

  • Melanie Garay
    Melanie Garay Month ago

    Funny how if this was a Hilary shirt it would’ve been no issue liberals like to control everything someone does as soon as they don’t agree

  • Val
    Val Month ago

    If it was a Hillary hat they wouldn’t care

  • Trollbella 2004
    Trollbella 2004 Month ago +5

    “Wearing the hat isn’t safe for our students”
    Bruh really it’s just a hat NOT A SUPER POWER

  • Darwinfan2666
    Darwinfan2666 Month ago

    Alright little girl I am going to tell you the truth. I do not think that the actions of your school were unethical in any way. Public schools have the right to ban clothing items or accessories that can cause chaos or any kind of a distraction among those who are there to learn or teach. School's ban many things like gang related clothing, chains, rosaries, LGBT related things religious clothing and accessories. Why? Because freedom of speech is not absolute. We don't live in a system that's an anarchy. It's the same thing when you are an adult and you can wear whatever you want however there are sometimes consequences for that also if you cause a scene you can be cited or even arrested. It took me a long time to understand this myself, especially back when I was in high school. That's just the way it is.