Simba's Magic Roar Explained

  • Published on Jun 14, 2016
  • Today J discusses the magic roar Simba gives at the end of Disney's The Lion King and how it somehow restores the Kingdom of Pride Rock - but really its a video about the Wolves of Yellowstone National Park =D
    More about the Wolves here:
    History of Wolves in Yellowstone ::
    How Wolves Change Rivers ::
    Return of the Wolf ::
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Comments • 6 012

  • Gogo Uber Banana
    Gogo Uber Banana 3 days ago

    At some point I forgot this was about the lion king. I would just like to throw in some savanna info. During a drought in Africa lands can look barren, but as we saw it was raining in the rawr scene. There was also fire. These are both very important. 1 there are plants in Africa that need fire to activate, 2 once a rain happens in Africa what seems like a waist land Will be a vast oasis of plants within hours. You can literally fall asleep in a waist land and wake in a garden from rains. The rains also dictate migratory patterns in Africa. As water becomes low animals travel vast distances in search of it. Once it rains these animals migrate to both breeding grounds and freshly grown foods and water the savanna produces. So even though great points about how lions hunting for lions was the main topic of your video, I feel like so much info was missed about the savanna in general. This includes rains, fires, and migratory nature of animals in the area. Hope this helps with future vids.

  • J&N Gaming and More!

    So you can believe literal ghosts but magic roars that can heal nature with a new king is too far?

  • Quessir
    Quessir 3 days ago

    Simba's return coincides with the end of the dry season and the return of the wet season - you see the effects of the drought on the land, and the water rising as the rains finally begin to fall. The drought had nothing to do with Scar, it's just what naturally happens. We can presume there has been a year or even several passed in between Simba's return and the final scene, plenty of time for the land to grow again and the herds to recover.

  • Bea Maria
    Bea Maria 3 days ago

    3:36 should be a meme 🤣😂

  • Chloee Inkling
    Chloee Inkling 5 days ago

    also is everyone with me in boycotting the new Lion King movie?

  • Alicia zhu
    Alicia zhu 7 days ago

    I learned about this in Science last year...

  • Tierney Caldwell
    Tierney Caldwell 13 days ago

    I think the meerkat is my favorite I don’t know how to spell his name

  • Daniel Alzate
    Daniel Alzate 15 days ago

    I didn't realize "trophic cascade" was actually spelled "trophic cascasde" lol

  • Alexis Cardenas
    Alexis Cardenas 19 days ago

    it talks about the lion king at 6:08

  • YojoThePotterhead !
    YojoThePotterhead ! 20 days ago


  • JMXM 242
    JMXM 242 21 day ago

    The reason that the decline of the grass eaters created a wasteland is because since there was no grass being eaten, there was no weeds being eaten either. There are so many different plants that grow. Some of them are more harmful for the environment than good and when they are not being controlled, they can get out of hand and make the ground no suitable for plants. When the ground was not suitable for plants, no plants grew.

  • Avery Shield
    Avery Shield 21 day ago

    Has no one noticed he spelled cascade wrong?

  • Portgas D Ace
    Portgas D Ace 23 days ago


  • Naomi Clark
    Naomi Clark 24 days ago

    You misspelled 'trophic cascade'

  • Hollow Vest
    Hollow Vest 24 days ago

    Hold up.....a guy named frank made a sound into a trash can and that my viewers made the roar XD

  • Midwest DankAlumni
    Midwest DankAlumni 26 days ago

    You're omiting the fact that the wasteland caught on fire and rained afterwards.
    Ash is a great fertilizer. Ever notice that the grass grows back even better after a controlled burn?

  • ZeniJocasta
    ZeniJocasta 26 days ago

    I've been to Yellowstone aaaages ago when I was around 5. Don't remember it much, but my little story is basically something we found out when we were getting ready to leave. The camp site we were staying in happened to be a popular spot for bears to pass through. We didn't see any, but someone (forget who) told my parents that a mother bear and her cub had been in the camp site only hours before we arrived to set up! Kind of a scary thought, but also pretty cool!

  • Anna Beckman
    Anna Beckman 26 days ago

    Wow! Your facts and research were incredible!!

  • Xeno The Ridiculous
    Xeno The Ridiculous 27 days ago

    Wait so he didn’t explain the magic roar at all

  • Stephen Suggs
    Stephen Suggs 27 days ago

    Was gonna make a really pedantic comment but 1) everyone else already made it and 2) the story of Yellowstone's wolves never gets old for me and is perfect in explaining the restoration of the Pridelands.
    And I really wanna visit Yellowstone... but only just as the supervolcano erupts.
    ... call it the last item on my bucket list.

  • Marlen Guzman
    Marlen Guzman 28 days ago

    I am pretty late to this video but I love the background info you gave abt the wolves of Yellowstone. If you do ever make the trip up there you should try to here the stories Ranger Rick has abt reintroducing the wolves he was actually there and has some great stories to share.

  • Shark_Lover
    Shark_Lover 28 days ago

    Men aren't actually at the top of the food chain, they are in the middle, same level as pigs...

  • TheeBrassMonkey
    TheeBrassMonkey 28 days ago

    Lol "cascasde"

  • pill0whead !!!
    pill0whead !!! 28 days ago

    I waved back haha 😆

  • David Shen
    David Shen 28 days ago

    1:23 great job on the spelling quiz!

  • Crystal Kirchner
    Crystal Kirchner 29 days ago

    Is that a predator bobblehead at 7:26

  • Cruise Control
    Cruise Control 29 days ago

    Wait what about incest?

  • Warmonger 24
    Warmonger 24 29 days ago

    As well as providing a real world example, the decay of the plains in LK is also due to an old concept that you see in older literature: divine right. In older times, one of the ways monarchs would legitimize themselves is using the idea that deities would place them in power and if a ruler that either wasn't born into power or didn't follow the correct religion, etc, then the land, whom the ruler was responsible for, would then fall into various forms of decay as a reflection of the corruption or evil of the improper ruler.
    Scar, a fratricidal, incestuous, usurper(Hamlet's uncle) is obviously not the proper ruler for the pride lands, and Simba(Hamlet), both by blood, not having murdered his brother, and not slept with his sister in law, is the rightful ruler. Thus, when Simba takes back the throne, the land then is restored.

  • Gage The Navigator
    Gage The Navigator 29 days ago

    How freaking awesome are wolves?! Well very very awesome. But how awesome is Mother Earth? So much natural resolution and synergistic relationships, kinda feeling like this is something Native Americans understood

  • thijstjennel
    thijstjennel 29 days ago

    It was a time skip, indicated by baby Kiara being born, but the Yellowstone story was really interesting

  • Sara Baker
    Sara Baker 29 days ago

    We went to Yellowstone last week and saw two male elk fighting during the rut, or mating season. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

  • Maggie Ledbetter
    Maggie Ledbetter 29 days ago

    Actually grass, fruit, and nut eaters spread seeds thru their stool and if the seeds cant be spread to grown the grass and trees woundnt flourish just cause it was left alone

  • Radical Edward
    Radical Edward 29 days ago

    This is the thing I really wish people understood about hunting. So many people can’t think beyond killing=bad but overpopulation/underpopulation is WAY worse

  • dmurphy915
    dmurphy915 29 days ago

    My father came face to face with a wolf in Yellowstone before I was born....
    He made it out alive

  • Kara Gates
    Kara Gates 29 days ago

    Time skip as well. Otherwise there is no way simba would have a cub ready to present to the pride lands

  • C. D. George
    C. D. George 29 days ago

    I have a scar "I'm surrounded by idiots" shorts. An old fav of mine same with my twin sis

  • Samantha Troi
    Samantha Troi 29 days ago

    I run a tpur bus through Yellowstone about 5 times a year. The clinic near Old Faithful has free condoms (Im assuming for the employee housing across the street which attracts a lot of College kids during the summer). Since I've been out of college for awhile now and like free stuff, I pick up my free condoms from Yellowstone National Park.
    It's kinda my favorite antidote of my life.
    But Yellowstone is amazing. Definitely worth a trip. Grand Teton is equally as impressive, if not better.

    • Samantha Troi
      Samantha Troi 29 days ago

      And Grand Teton is our only National Park that Im aware of named after a questionably rated body part. Teton is French for nipple.

  • Scott Slaten
    Scott Slaten 29 days ago

    Awwww come on. There HAS to be some Disney *magic* in there somewhere :P I agree with @Amelia Silberman, it's a time-lapsed thing.

  • Elgin Deeney
    Elgin Deeney 29 days ago

    Yellowstone is in Montana as well

  • Berkley Pearl
    Berkley Pearl 29 days ago

    I thought it was a divine right of kings thing going on

  • IcyPrincess215
    IcyPrincess215 29 days ago

    The answer to your query about why grass died rather then gew. It's quite simple. Africa's weather + the lack of animals to make natural mulch

  • cameron cormac
    cameron cormac Month ago

    How the wasteland would happen is if the lions killed most or all of the herbivores, then there wouldn't be enough animals to control the amount of vegetation in the area, leading to water sources drying up due to increased pressure on the water table, leading to the plants dying off increasing moribund material (dead plant matter), creating an increase in fuel sources for wildfires and with one strike of lightning you would have massive fires. This in turn would lead to a localized increase in CO2 and dust particles entering the atmosphere creating an environment for clouds to form and produce rainfall. SO Simba's "magic roar" doesn't cause the rain its more to symbolize how Scar is now gone and how everything would eventually return to normal. just to expand on your theory.😁. I'm a South African Biologist and I completely love the story about the Yellowstone wolves as it follows another biological theory, the theory of keystone species (which is where if one species is removed the entire ecosystem falls apart, much like if you remove a keystone from an arch, the arch is completely destroyed).

  • Michael Short
    Michael Short Month ago

    This is the saving Dory video are my two favourites on this channel. :)

  • Dare Dog
    Dare Dog Month ago


  • Steven Sessamen
    Steven Sessamen Month ago

    No it is not hard to predict what will happen. Like you said she. The consumer is removed then what organism they eat will become abundant, so you didn't explain the waste land.}:(

  • Sarena Huisman
    Sarena Huisman Month ago

    I think that it was a waste land because there wasn’t enough non carnivorous fertilizer to feed the grass with.

  • Josh Keating
    Josh Keating Month ago

    Wasn't this directly after a fire around Pride Rock??

  • LordMichaelRahl
    LordMichaelRahl Month ago


  • Kenneth Shield
    Kenneth Shield Month ago

    My favorite lion King character is Simba

  • Ugly-Duckling 123
    Ugly-Duckling 123 Month ago

    It's not a 'magic roar' it was time.
    My favorite character if Kiara from Lion King 2

  • Keira Schneider
    Keira Schneider Month ago

    Lol. I'm probably the only one here who HASN'T watched the Lion King 😂😂

  • StormyD186
    StormyD186 Month ago

    I think that was just a flash forward to a few weeks or months after the movies events

  • Lauren Reeves
    Lauren Reeves Month ago

    yeah real smart until you showed a picture of sea lions when you said “seals”

  • Mr. Mobile
    Mr. Mobile Month ago

    Wow that's cool I live in wyoming!!!!

  • Amelia Jeffs
    Amelia Jeffs Month ago +1

    I LOVE Yellowstone!!!!

  • TheEnderNinja
    TheEnderNinja 2 months ago

    I'd point out, like the rest of the comment section, that it's just a timelapse. Then again, scar can control nature with songs, so I guess it's possible

  • Joshua Gonzaleaz
    Joshua Gonzaleaz 2 months ago

    My favorite lion and the lion kind is Simba and scar and musffa

  • Alexander Ricks
    Alexander Ricks 2 months ago

    You are both right and wrong. The original wolves in yellowstone were idaho timber wolves. Roughly the size of a medium sized dog (75-95lbs). The Gray wolf introduced into yellowstone is a Canadian gray wolf which can weigh in at 150-200lbs. These wolves have helped the park but they make life very challenging for us locals. They have a love of killing, they will kill 1 elk for food and 3 for sport. And that's if they go after elk instead of livestock. The livestock are penned and can't escape should a wolf jump their fence (an easy meal). Back to the wolves size, three of them can take down the biggest bull in any elk herd. Get 6 together and most buffalo don't stand a chance. I've seen them and they are massive for a Wolf. You only gave the good side to them in your video, most people dont see the downside that those of us that live by the park have to live with.
    On a seperate note, I mostly find Yellowstone to be an over crowded tourist trap. It's cool without a doubt, but because of all the people that go it's lost its nature feel. If I were you I would go to island park, the salmon river, the beaverheads, the lemhi's, the tetons, and no return wilderness. I prefure those over Yellowstone. Especially the salmon river.

  • Ali Supreme
    Ali Supreme 2 months ago +1

    If predators kill all herbivores, then the herbivores don’t eat the plants, if the herbivores don’t eat the plants, the plants overpopulate, then you have a problem, or if you remove the carnivores, then again chaos but no plants.

  • justanothergamingchannel

    “Man did count until 1926”
    1926 fantastic beasts and where to find them. newt ended the slaughter of animal?😱 future theory?

  • Tigger 6
    Tigger 6 2 months ago

    That was a time lapse of how the pride lands healed

  • Emerald
    Emerald 2 months ago

    hooray for 5th grade ecosystem lessons!

  • Jolene Chitwood
    Jolene Chitwood 2 months ago

    this was definitely just a reason to talk about wolves

  • Dragon slayer 2455634
    Dragon slayer 2455634 2 months ago

    i thought the time inbetween was a time lapse of simba becomeing leader

  • Carolyn Brown
    Carolyn Brown 2 months ago

    Yes I love yellowstone

  • nexus gaming\ toy reviews

    *sigh* the change from the waistland to the grassland is supposed to show time change, dumbass

  • james hamaker
    james hamaker 2 months ago

    I still, like timone.

  • tegen playz
    tegen playz 2 months ago

    The U.S. fish and wild life service is where my dad works

  • Wolfiecloudartz
    Wolfiecloudartz 2 months ago

    If you didn't notice, when the grasslands poofed back into existence, a cub was shown...
    Lion pregnancy doest happen in just a few seconds (Please dont think im being, rude I know this is an old episode)
    But it's just the movie showing how time now with Simba as king has restored the circle of life back to normal. It's a sign of time passing with the new "Lion King" Get it..? No..? Alright ;-;

  • Roblox Princesses
    Roblox Princesses 2 months ago

    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH THANK YOU, we did a . . . quiz? class? yeah, a class on this and I got an A+. This channel is the best channel EVER!!

  • Darth Thrawn
    Darth Thrawn 2 months ago

    Yellowstone is amazing, i went there a couple years ago. I seen old faithful erupt, walked some trails, seen a bear (it was HUGE!) And i even seen a handful of wolves:)

  • Sara Bills
    Sara Bills 2 months ago

    I’ve been to Yellowstone a few times and I actually don’t have any interesting stories of what happened there, but I do think it’s quite compelling to look in the springs and hear what people have thrown into them over the years

  • UnRooLy the unruly
    UnRooLy the unruly 2 months ago

    It’s just a time lapse. They skipped to where Nala and Simba’s daughter, Kiara was born and crowned the new future queen of Pride Rock.

  • Anik Samiur Rahman
    Anik Samiur Rahman 2 months ago

    Disney should make a movie on wolfs and how cool they are.

  • animefn
    animefn 2 months ago

    Great video! One thing I want to explain to easy your concerns at the beginning about the land changing immediately after Simba roars. This is a transition scene to show time has passed. They also demonstrate this when they show Simba and Nala's baby. Female lions are pregnant for around 105 days, meaning it has to have been at least that long since Simba and Nala met as adults. Simba roars to show he is ruler of that land; something real lions do. It's not magical.

  • arieldahl
    arieldahl 2 months ago

    if removing the wolves was bad and returning them was good, what is the allegory with lion king? i didn't quite get it. any captain here?

  • Skyguy 7567
    Skyguy 7567 2 months ago

    4:27 Where is Wormtail?

  • Puggycool
    Puggycool 2 months ago

    When he started talking about yellow stone I totally forgot about the lion king! 🦁👑

  • Cobra Providence
    Cobra Providence 2 months ago

    The "poof" was over time

  • Dragon Rider
    Dragon Rider 2 months ago


  • Gabo Álvarez
    Gabo Álvarez 2 months ago

    That was a time lapse, stop making nonsense theories

  • PeachyPaws
    PeachyPaws 2 months ago

    you guys are thinking wayyyy too hard it was just a timelapse....because there were also cubs.

  • Sean-Everett DeVaughn
    Sean-Everett DeVaughn 2 months ago

    Always thought it was a time skip

  • Keisha Dukes
    Keisha Dukes 2 months ago

    My favorite character is mufasa

  • Dragon GamerGirl
    Dragon GamerGirl 3 months ago

    I have a much simpler explanation.

    It’s not magic, it just skips to when the kingdom is green again.

  • Karla Arizpe
    Karla Arizpe 3 months ago

    This one other guy made a theory just like this one but it had to do with how the power of bambi's dad and how it affects the forest's ecosystem i think the dude that came up with this theory was "Isaac" from "Wotso's Videos".

  • Ellen King
    Ellen King 3 months ago

    I didn't like Lion King when it came out (was 13), have given it a go every decade, about, still despise it. I've seen Beauty and the Beast and Peanuts: A Charlie Brown Xmas, but refuse to see The Lion King (theatrical). I want to like this movie, but I don't.
    That said, this video is AWESOME. Great explanation about, literally, the circle of life (yeah, still hate it, but it was right there).

  • Christina White
    Christina White 3 months ago

    I mean the very first song in the movie is called "The Circle of Life" lol

  • Waleed Akbari
    Waleed Akbari 3 months ago

    I've always assumed that scene happened years after that roar.

  • Erika Groves
    Erika Groves 3 months ago

    No wolfs are on the top of my list!!!

  • Ugh another Phangirl
    Ugh another Phangirl 3 months ago

    Nala and Simba aren’t incest they mention in the beginning of the film that they are actually best friends.
    “I can’t Marry her?!! She is my BEST FRIEND!!” When they were younger
    I know this has nothing to do with the video but you did say that at the beginning and I just had to say it
    Great Video Jay

  • PuR3 XmCgrlX
    PuR3 XmCgrlX 3 months ago

    Ummmmmmmm... I hate to be a let down but uhhhhhhhhhh....

    That's a flash forward.... . -.

  • Rosalba Garrido
    Rosalba Garrido 3 months ago

    My Favorite Character in Lion king is Timon And Pumbaa

  • Clayton Hull
    Clayton Hull 3 months ago

    Its the circle of life!!!!!!!

  • Nomkhosi Biyela
    Nomkhosi Biyela 3 months ago

    i have never been to yellostone but i have been to kruger natinal park which is a african version of yellowstone

  • Queen of Hearts
    Queen of Hearts 3 months ago

    I'm pretty sure that was a time skip..

  • Andrew Jasso
    Andrew Jasso 3 months ago

    it going over time

  • Nala Teh Kitty Cat
    Nala Teh Kitty Cat 3 months ago

    I have a cat named Nala... I want her to be a princess. So let’s start the Make Nala A Princess movement ya’ll!

  • Mr .Fantasticgamer 04
    Mr .Fantasticgamer 04 3 months ago

    Actually it was most likely a drought because its a safari plain. Meaning a drought season must accor. Its most logical.

  • Rachel Amena
    Rachel Amena 3 months ago

    I dint learn about the roar but at list during biology I can have a point to say