NYPD Sergeant Busted After Shoplifting Spree In The Bronx

  • Published on Sep 13, 2019
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Comments • 978

  • Pepe Arenas
    Pepe Arenas 9 days ago

    She not see Training day move 😂😂😂

  • Christopher Colliers

    Most cops are on some bs.

  • #DadGetOffTheRoaude
    #DadGetOffTheRoaude 23 days ago

    CtG: maybe she's a kleptomaniac
    AY: yeah, or maybe she's just addicted to *[stealing]*

  • Z
    Z 26 days ago +2

    Charla is a hot mess for not putting that body lotion on at home 😂😂😂

  • Demi-God Unique Divine

    So u can get suspended without pay 4 shoplifting but your on payed leave 4 killing a black man

  • Vincent Williams
    Vincent Williams 27 days ago

    I know this fool ain't dissed everybody in Florida lol.

  • VL Veteran
    VL Veteran 28 days ago

    This nigga puttin that cream on his finger like he was bout to check Envys oil.

  • TrollMonger XP
    TrollMonger XP 28 days ago

    How y’all bypass her being suspended without pay for petty larceny but Pantaleo made more money on modified duty for homicide which was caught on camera. A chokehold that was against policy that resulted in what. NYC M.E declare a homicide.

  • Phil Clinton
    Phil Clinton 29 days ago

    Not that igaf but, why she get suspended without pay? But, if they kill a black man they get paid for it?

  • dj damion
    dj damion 29 days ago

    If you a cop stealing you should get fired. Simple. Smh

  • tclemmmca
    tclemmmca 29 days ago +1

    I saw a full body picture of her and she was a hottie!!

  • Handsome James
    Handsome James 29 days ago

    Another Great video of the day!
    What's done in the night, will eventually, come to the light!

  • Kasim 0wens
    Kasim 0wens 29 days ago +1

    She got a whole lot of s*** on her mind and it smell like s*** but actually it's a damn shame that we got cops out here doing the same thing that they arrest us for doing

  • sidney paul
    sidney paul 29 days ago

    Abuse of Power is if she was in uniform and committed the crime while disguised as an officer.

  • blackz!!!!
    blackz!!!! 29 days ago

    Cake soap live reporting .. Classic not legendary tho

  • T C
    T C 29 days ago

    Im not suprised...its the bronx

  • Ed Hill
    Ed Hill 29 days ago

    Wonder when CTG gonna come out as gay..His mannerisms are screaming he’s ready !

  • mrrabx 47
    mrrabx 47 29 days ago

    Earn it the good ol fashion cop way training day 🤣😂😂😂😂🤣

  • Jack James
    Jack James Month ago

    People steal because they had the opportunity; which makes them a opportunist.


    When I seen the headline I thought for sure she lost her job🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️😩🙄

    SANDY S Month ago

    I swear everytime I doubt CTGs statement about ppl of Florida and the Bronx he does another DOD confirming the facts🤣🤣🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Ron Collier
    Ron Collier Month ago

    Whenever we feel Florida is the craziest, The Bronx comes back with a vengence.

  • Ola Babs
    Ola Babs Month ago

    for anyone who has being caught doing shoplifting on materialistic things rather than food items then he or she is a criminal. talking about kleptomania i don't believe that should be use as an excuse for anyone or someone who went shoplifting for something he or she can't afford in reality that to me is stealing because he or she is trying to fulfill her desire for self-importance. so call a spade a spade and leave kleptomania out of this!

  • ovsoofresh music & entainment show

    Lol dwl dat tone yo lol

  • notsac44
    notsac44 Month ago

    So, you can understand her stealing because Sgt's start out making only 42k? Wow! Man, another one out of touch. News flash!!!! There are people who make wayyyyyy less thank 42k and they dont have to steal. Stop making excuses for this crook.

    TONY DPHAX KING Month ago

    Are you telling me that a Philadelphia Police starting salary is HIGHER than a NYC Police Officer???? Incredible!

  • Duck Mcgee
    Duck Mcgee Month ago

    Charlamagne dumb as shit. Rich people shoplift idiot. As always he is loud and wrong

  • Ms Marie
    Ms Marie Month ago

    Are they not paying her enough?

  • silvio Mejia
    silvio Mejia Month ago

    Bullshit they dnt have to steal u can just get a part time job

  • Deochan Karan
    Deochan Karan Month ago

    Fucking thief.

  • Goren Lesry Entertainment

    "Donkey of the Day" goes to the Breakfast Club for condoning theft/robbery. You jackass.

  • Jerry Rivera
    Jerry Rivera Month ago

    Lmfaoo “when I get caught and arrested for stealing magazines I’ll give myself donkey of the day”

  • Supraking12
    Supraking12 Month ago

    Charlemagne is an idiot. She does makes good money, and even if she she didn't, there's no justification for stealing; specially something like cloth and not something necessary such as food items.

  • Lewis Prince
    Lewis Prince Month ago

    We goin ignore the fact he putting this lotion all over his head rn 😂😂

  • All City Djery
    All City Djery Month ago

    She grew up as a LO LIFE$

  • J C
    J C Month ago

    A sergeant in NYPD easily makes close to 6 figures without over time Leonard

  • Esoj
    Esoj Month ago

    stealing is not a necessity, stealing is an addiction, a disease that makes you believe that everything is yours and everybody is has been borrowing your stuff and you just want it back.

  • BIG J 1175
    BIG J 1175 Month ago

    It’s not the point of occupation, or salary. Clearly this chick has a psychological problem. She is clearly a kleptomaniac. Take it from a retired cop, the disgrace let alone the possible loss of her job outweighs the dollar value of the items she took. She was just one that slipped through the cracks during the screening process to get the job. It happens!

  • Mick Vick
    Mick Vick Month ago

    So black lady cop steals something from the store you suspend her without pay a white cop kills someone and u suspend him with pay

  • Clarence Leggett
    Clarence Leggett Month ago

    Wtf You understand why she had to steal from Macy's are you crazy. I'm pretty sure there are other clothing stores that aren't so expensive that she can afford. Stop excusing them like the rest of the media wrong is wrong right is right.

  • Jennah Shabazz
    Jennah Shabazz Month ago

    What they make? About 13.00 an hour?

  • krilizek
    krilizek Month ago

    She makes 100k, not enough pay..lol

  • lawrence garcia
    lawrence garcia Month ago +1

    Lmao why didn't she just go rob some drug dealers. Realest thing he ever said.

  • Phillip Carr
    Phillip Carr Month ago

    Who's gonna guard the guards. 🤔😗🤔

  • The Real Don Dada
    The Real Don Dada Month ago

    Charlemagne bleaching in front of everybody. 😂😂😂

  • kevin pitts
    kevin pitts Month ago

    Guess is back but it’s polo F hillfiger

  • neeko
    neeko Month ago

    as if having an illness is just really not a possible outcome, eh?

  • What_thebusinessis
    What_thebusinessis Month ago

    They always find a way to charge colored folk lol but can seem to find a way to charge for murder when the cop suspect isn't black

  • Scott Thimms
    Scott Thimms Month ago

    Jukebox!!!! Lol 😂

  • Robby Abrams
    Robby Abrams Month ago

    Wtf seargant makd 120 a year dick

  • David McDermott
    David McDermott Month ago

    Yo he def in the closet bruh lls

  • Elias Cervantes
    Elias Cervantes Month ago

    Black at it again

  • Dolo 4shodoe
    Dolo 4shodoe Month ago +1

    I guess everyone forgot Hilfiger said he didn't make his clothing for black people supporting a racist come on now really black people

  • No GMO Joe
    No GMO Joe Month ago

    What's up with the fag color flag? Fight pussyphobia.

  • Robert Hill
    Robert Hill Month ago

    When she's off-duty she wears nothing but black team Jordans

  • antawn r ervin
    antawn r ervin Month ago

    amerikkka land of the thief home of the SLAVES fucc thiz demonic fascist murderous vile gluttonous korupt society n all itz allies u.s.a UNDER SATANz AUTHORITY

  • CopperHeroin
    CopperHeroin Month ago

    Bro... Are you fucking smoking crack? 85K after 5 years and you feel sorry for her? The average household income is 50K (Thats 2 people combined!). wtf are you on? She had to steal? Give me a fucking break. She's a god damn clepto.

  • arabion knights
    arabion knights Month ago

    Pena was putting in a lot of over time.
    She was just greedy.

  • killat killat noise

    Charlamagne had to apply that bleach like doc said...lol...I had to bruh🤣🤣🤣

  • mike da dragga
    mike da dragga Month ago

    Damn smh