• Published on Jan 31, 2018
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  • Myserieden
    Myserieden 2 months ago

    This was neat. It’s really interesting to see the different takes on the same image. I liked almost all of them.

  • wodnyrak
    wodnyrak 4 months ago

    I am surprised that no one in the mentions or nominations has tried inverting the ghost to make shadows lighter and highlights darker, as if the light was coming from within her (can't access the gallery anymore so dunno if anybody at all did it). White lineart would have been striking imho, but maybe it was very difficult to carry out well?
    I remember watching Atlantis: The Lost Empire and *That One Scene* made a huge impression on me; the character looked strikingly crystalline and almost alien, thanks to the inverted light and shadow. I wish I could see that style of colouring executed more often.

    ROB_BOB_THECORN_COB ; 5 months ago

    That drawing is sad it’s hell

  • WeBe Flexin
    WeBe Flexin 5 months ago

    4:33 has that Sin City feel to it...

  • Huubz
    Huubz 6 months ago

    14:16 grim Reaper left side

  • Handlebar Fox
    Handlebar Fox 6 months ago

    I have this picture on a wall in my house. This video makes it that much more meaningful.

  • Arts,crafts and gaming
    Arts,crafts and gaming 7 months ago

    Wow they look so beautiful❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  • Blut084 art & games
    Blut084 art & games 8 months ago

    Were can I find this to colour it my self on krita

  • Band VENOM
    Band VENOM 9 months ago

    Hey guys if you know any comic style colouring books and I already finished Jazza’s and it was awsome

  • s3b
    s3b 9 months ago

    I was going to II make a loss |I joke but others |_ seemed to already to it.

  • Stick Of Wonders
    Stick Of Wonders 9 months ago

    Congrats to everyone! I was supposed to participate but for some reason new grounds wouldn't let me make an account.

  • fantabulicious
    fantabulicious 9 months ago

    Is this loss?

  • Professor RiXteR
    Professor RiXteR 9 months ago

    yo i want one of these to be my desktop background were can I download them ??

  • GinJuice
    GinJuice 10 months ago

    color of
    I II
    II L

  • Rameus
    Rameus 10 months ago

    The one at 2:39 is my favorite, hands down probably the best.


    Just watching this made me cry! Congrats for the winners and thank you so much!

  • TheLightShade5
    TheLightShade5 10 months ago

    This was really neat for me to see... usually I see everyones individual piece and i dont think about how differently it could have ended up with different colors and style. But each one of these entries, using the same exact picture, was so different from one another yet the same. Kinda blew my mind.

  • Just Another Kiddo
    Just Another Kiddo 11 months ago

    Starts at 1:26

  • GucciFlop 666
    GucciFlop 666 Year ago

    Can you try to draw mona lisa in your next vid??

  • Daniel Gabriel
    Daniel Gabriel Year ago

    3:11 she looks like star fire from teen titans still very cool

  • VintageBlueRose {0ω0}

    The picture made me want to cry

  • Hunter
    Hunter Year ago

    What song is playing in 13:13?

  • The Floors
    The Floors Year ago +1

    I love the way _______

  • LucasB 1123
    LucasB 1123 Year ago

    I,m going to animate a short animation for jazza and send it to him on Twitter

  • BlueyMug
    BlueyMug Year ago

    Am i the only one who feels bad for the man?

  • GalacticpulseGaming

    *You can feel the person's personalities by how they color the artwork.*

  • Nikkie Cameron
    Nikkie Cameron Year ago

    Cool colours

  • Goku17yen
    Goku17yen Year ago

    Man, the winners drew it better than jazza!

  • Moonshimmer Slimes

    14:25 was by far my favourite entry. Just all the colours and detail was amazing.

  • Thot
    Thot Year ago +1

    | ||
    || |_

  • Aedrian
    Aedrian Year ago

    Must’ve been hard to judge lol, like holy fffffried chicken there’s 2100 entries

  • Mikayla Swansong
    Mikayla Swansong Year ago

    I love that you do these community competitions. I do not envy you the impossible task of judging the entries though. Wow! I don't know how you ever decide. Much respect to you for that. I also love that you have added the community choice prize category. That was very clever.
    Thank you for all you do, Jazza!!

  • Javion Ross
    Javion Ross Year ago

    is it wrong that I almost cried looking at these pictures congratulations to everyone in the video and the people that are not in the video

  • Cemitrix
    Cemitrix Year ago

    My only problem with design of the community prize tablet is that it's made ONLY for right handed people, so if any of them are lefties (like myslef) it's almost so inconvenient, to the point its unusable.

  • [GMD] MatriX
    [GMD] MatriX Year ago

    The Color Of Loss...

  • Victoria Pizarro
    Victoria Pizarro Year ago

    I'm watching this while sitting alone on my bed sharpening color pencils... I know no one cares but I just wanted to say it lol

  • Wazza Dudes
    Wazza Dudes Year ago

    in my opinion there were many entrys that were better than the winner

  • Warning:cringe worthy content

    My birthday was on January

  • Zirc0n HD
    Zirc0n HD Year ago

    My favorite Is 14:43 it's just so beautiful.

  • All in one Art Tips

    what is this

  • Amber Carey
    Amber Carey Year ago +1

    14:00 theres a grim reaper on the left side of cross.....dis one is my favorite. Well done whoever did this😊😘

  • Christopher Schulze

    5% off ... SUPER affordable XD

  • Marcus Martin
    Marcus Martin Year ago

    Where can I find the shirt he’s wearing

  • Battle Frame Studios

    Some were too dark so you couldn't see the background.

  • Christos Skoufis
    Christos Skoufis Year ago

    it is just amazing to have the same image but so many emotions that can be manipulated just by color.

  • Tumblr Introvert
    Tumblr Introvert Year ago

    This is beautiful im actually crying

  • Salivar Ravilas
    Salivar Ravilas Year ago

    I call this piece...Sad Max

  • Nate Southcott
    Nate Southcott Year ago

    Adam's/Adam Zis (I'm not sure how to spell it.) entry has the stretched and blurred stars in the background, and makes me feel like lots of time passes, yet the same scene always occurs. I'm not sure if it is many nights that take place, or a long duration of one night, but I feel like those stars are meant to represent the long term impact that losing a loved one can have.

  • Konnor King-sytsma

    Hey jazza, my birthday is next month and my parents asked what I wanted, and I talked it over with them and I'm looking for a Wacom or huion tablet, we don't have the most amount of money in the world, but my parents really want to buy one, but they are a bit pricy, any suggestions? I know you'll probably never see this but if you do I would appreciate your input, thanks again, -konnor, (if you need to reach me konnorks40@gmail.com)

  • Ali Mohammad
    Ali Mohammad Year ago

    oh god the winner wasn't even mixing the colors into a fade wtf jazza step up ur judging game

  • Ali Mohammad
    Ali Mohammad Year ago

    runner up image was shit honestly, not salty but the lightning didn't make sense.

  • Dovydas Šimkus
    Dovydas Šimkus Year ago

    Could you create a comic book?

  • ΜrCookie
    ΜrCookie Year ago

    I never imagined that one "image" could have so many diverse interpretations through the use of colour..

  • Henry Steketee
    Henry Steketee Year ago

    I though runner up would be on a book cover I liked it so much Moore than the winner if you are reading this and you created it your so good at art

  • Electricgirl
    Electricgirl Year ago


  • JNG Project Controls

    13:36 should have won

  • Ruben Potter
    Ruben Potter Year ago

    love u

  • m4rcelous
    m4rcelous Year ago

    I II
    II I_

  • Lisa Filmations
    Lisa Filmations Year ago

    Hey any new animators out there?? I'm a new animator myself and have done done some vids :D would love if you check it out, Also, I want to check out your channel! and subscribe to you :D

  • Jacob Dove-Scott
    Jacob Dove-Scott Year ago +1

    | | ||
    || | | __

  • BergDoogen
    BergDoogen Year ago

    I just looked through the gallery. Mine wasn't there.

  • CHS Senior Scouts

    im gonna probably join the next artchallenge

  • CHS Senior Scouts

    mine isnt there thats not fair

  • Zorawar Singh
    Zorawar Singh Year ago

    What is the feb cotm

  • Dominic
    Dominic Year ago

    Huion is better then Wacom

  • nora spektor
    nora spektor Year ago

    2:38 was really cool

  • June Sketches
    June Sketches Year ago

    Everyone did such a wonderful job depicting different feelings with the same image.

  • Nate G
    Nate G Year ago

    Best submissions yet. Some day ill be good enough to give her a go

  • Aussie Nerd
    Aussie Nerd Year ago

    Colour doesn't have a U in it TRAITOR

  • Jonathan Guerrero

    I liked the one at 14:25 the most! For me, that one should've won.

  • Andrew Melfi
    Andrew Melfi Year ago

    How do I join in for the next art challenge??

  • beezzaz
    beezzaz Year ago

    Wowowow so many amazing pieces!! Well done everyone!

  • Red 531
    Red 531 Year ago

    I wonder if jazza could make art out of sand?

  • Olivia Hipskind
    Olivia Hipskind Year ago

    looove the recreation of your original pieces. I want MORE videos like this. LOVED this one

  • Jorgie Davies
    Jorgie Davies Year ago +1

    Jazza please draw a spoty cat wearing sunglasses and a dog standing next to it also wearing sunglasses

  • CC Studios
    CC Studios Year ago

    Hi Im CC Studios I am a new art channel and was hoping to get a shoutout from you thanks Jazza

  • Gabriela Andrea Ortiz Barreto

    Damn i really wanted to win XD better luck next time i guess

  • Sean
    Sean Year ago

    Im 13 i want to enter next month so do i enter begginer or open

  • Lisa Filmations
    Lisa Filmations Year ago

    Hey any new animators out there?? I'm a new animator myself and have done done some vids :D would love if you check it out, Also, I want to check out your channel! and subscribe to you :D

  • Сергей Калугин

    So great works!🎉

  • Luny & Milky
    Luny & Milky Year ago

    So cool to watch all these awesome interpretations. There were 3 there that I'd pay good money to have as a poster, and one of those 3 wasn't even a finalist; it was the last of the images that were presented even before the starter category winners were anounced

  • Lock Pick ツ
    Lock Pick ツ Year ago

    whats the new contess

  • Naman Hegde
    Naman Hegde Year ago +1

    Decides to check out Jazza's new video.
    Says coloring competition.
    Realizes it Ended

  • Adımopter
    Adımopter Year ago

    reis adamsın kalp at

  • Looking In With Victor B

    Wow, so many amazing artists. Makes me feel humble and wanting to improve my skills in shading and lighting...
    Also have noticed some of my mistakes, which shows that watching other artists really CAN learn by watching.
    I feel like retrying the artwork!

  • Finger tip nibbler

    The eclipse 7:08 reminds me of dark souls, the good days...

  • Clara Cretu
    Clara Cretu Year ago

    color4me (or colourfullme i didn't realy understand) was my fav at 5:06

  • MrPotato
    MrPotato Year ago

    6:14 is my fav version

  • Oré'
    Oré' Year ago

    Personnal favorite at 6:00 although I find them all quite amazing :)

  • Joseph Maddox13122004

    How do u enter the month challenge

  • Fwitz Co
    Fwitz Co Year ago

    You should make a vid you drawing in your phone

  • State of Utah
    State of Utah Year ago

    Color of l li
    ll l_

  • BenlikestomineGaming

    You should do a challenge where you paint a piano

  • Marvel Girl
    Marvel Girl Year ago

    Wow! So many cool concepts!😊♥️♥️

  • KillopolisGaming
    KillopolisGaming Year ago

    hey, dude just wanted to say one thing and ask another. Your content is amazing and I can't help myself but continue watching every video. I'm having trouble with my youtube account, I'm no good at drawing and I don't have photoshop so I need to ask you a favor. Can you draw my youtube banner please?

  • Getlo McBride
    Getlo McBride Year ago +1

    Who else is an artist stuck in creative block who watches Jazza’s work for ideas? No..? Just me..??? Fine just me then... it’s not sad or anything like that...

    ....shut up..!

  • penguinfighter
    penguinfighter Year ago

    Jazza what happened to itstabletoptime are you never going to comeback to it did you have more problems did they resolve but others came up what happened?

  • Vazio45
    Vazio45 Year ago

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  • Ryan Drennan
    Ryan Drennan Year ago +1

    here's an idea you can pluck from my brain sires about crossover like draw a crossover then next one ask for an idea so like first assassins creed and star wars.

  • antonio zangrandi

    I S T H I S L O S S ?