ARRIVAL (2016) Ending Explained

  • Published on Nov 12, 2016
  • Explaining the mind altering ending of the new alien film ARRIVAL starring Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker. Find out why the aliens are here!

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  • an edgy fagotini
    an edgy fagotini 2 days ago +1

    Sup bro,you like weapons and technology?

  • Phoeberia
    Phoeberia 2 days ago

    "Thats a white baby"
    Okay I laughed my ass off on that one cause I wasnt expecting it XD But I will say Im black and my husbands white and we ended up with a white baby, though my husbands a damn vampire with how pale he is lmfao

  • HeatherKirsten Aubuchont

    So the way it made sense to me was that they did not see her life as a series of flowing events, but through that ability, could see all of the events occurring at the same time, unbound by the flow of time. instead of seeing a string in which her life would move, they could see a knot, allowing her to touch each moment at once.

  • Raul Philip Goco
    Raul Philip Goco 4 days ago +2

    This seems like the only movie that isn't Mostly Horror now I can sleep in peace

  • SpeckleHen
    SpeckleHen 5 days ago +1

    Arrgghh this such a good film I'm still struggling with it though understanding the time travel etc

  • Mayeur000Donz
    Mayeur000Donz 5 days ago

    I was genuinely not sure at the end, if she was gonna bail on Jeremy Renner or not. Like, she'd lose the future with her daughter but also spare both of them the grief.
    Either route would've been melancholic and I wasn't confident at all which one she'd do.

  • Blablabla
    Blablabla 11 days ago

    You should pay more attention.... She mentions in the movie that she told Hannahs dad about something that will happen and that made him mad and that’s why he looks at her differently... she was talking about Hannah dying. I think she even mentioned an untreatable disease

  • Sudstah Gaming
    Sudstah Gaming 12 days ago

    Well you think collectively if every human could see the future, how much easier would it be for unification to change our ways to climate change etc if you could envision its destructive nature in the future collectively!

  • Lil Lemon Mad Lad
    Lil Lemon Mad Lad 13 days ago

    i will, forever until the end of time, no pun intended, HATE time travel movies

    • David Liu
      David Liu 12 days ago

      time travel movies contradict each other...
      Antman: "So Back to the Future is just a bunch of bullsh!t?"
      i love it XD

  • JcLazy1
    JcLazy1 13 days ago +1

    I have one question the future memories why didn’t they show her looking older or with white hair ?

  • Lino Ventura
    Lino Ventura 14 days ago

    I just watched the movie. I think it's total nonsensical gibberish and convoluted. Sudan is aligned with Russia and China to destroy the alien ships?? Give me a break! Since when is Sudan a mighty military power? Also, Dr. Banks is always whispering in her dialog which made it difficult to grasp what she was saying.

  • Edmilson Freitas
    Edmilson Freitas 15 days ago +1

    ?what the bird means/

    • AγA AγA
      AγA AγA 14 days ago +1

      Apparently to test if the environment was suitable for humans

  • DigitalLibrarian
    DigitalLibrarian 17 days ago

    Do Primer

  • Mike Lee
    Mike Lee 18 days ago

    If she could see her future memories, she should’ve decided not to tell her husband about what she knew would happen to their daughter. And bought some stocks... and played powerball... twice. 😂

  • A J
    A J 20 days ago

    basically, she doesn't move through time, but time moves through her

  • Katherine StIves
    Katherine StIves 20 days ago +1

    I've watched the movie a few times, and I don't agree that time travel is what's really involved. It's more memory. She doesn't actually travel into the future, she simply remembers an event that hasn't happened yet. In the movie, the Doctor states that in learning a new language one gains a certain level of understanding of the mental process which that language is based upon. In understanding the Hexapod language, she begins to think the way they do, and to them time is non-linear. Thus, while not traveling through time, she is able to remember the events which have not happened. And since the effect is non-linear, this is why she remembers the future even before she begins to learn the language.

    At least, that's my interpretation. Still, good video (even if I am a few years late in saying so.)

  • David Rubio
    David Rubio 21 day ago +5

    The chinese general is not s dictator.
    There is no time travel, they just remember the future.
    There is no paradox, no information is created from nothing: the general knew it from the beginning, he told her in the future and she used it on the past. No paradox here.

  • Kid_ Stylez
    Kid_ Stylez 21 day ago

    That ending was so powerful man... What q Mindfuck... Realizing that this whole time these "flashbacks" were her memories of her future daughter :,) growing up. Also the part where she stops China from attacking by remembering her conversation with the gernal... Man that's crazy. It's sucks though because humanity got a gift and a curse

    DJ RAJE 21 day ago

    rubbish video

  • Imouto Impact
    Imouto Impact 22 days ago

    This was surprisingly wholesome

  • Iulia Ionela Lucifer
    Iulia Ionela Lucifer 26 days ago +14

    This film.. I'm telling you, this film. I always find myself thinking about it once in a while.

    • David Liu
      David Liu 12 days ago

      I just finished watching it online. I was so confused with the timeline, I guess I'm just horrible at catching up with films. I'm glad I found this video lol

    • william burr
      william burr 23 days ago +1

      Same here! I strongly believe this is how it would be. it seems surprisingly accurate for some reason.

  • Sabrina Labrina
    Sabrina Labrina 26 days ago +1

    When he said "appreciating the time she has without dwelling on the depressive outcomes" it made me think that this is not just about "appreciating the time you have because it won't last forever". It really reminds me of ancient Greeks' vision of destiny and human life, which is something supposed to go in a certain way cause "the Fate" decided it, and there's nothing anyone can do about it, nor humans, nor gods, because they are too subjected to their destiny. This can be seen mostly in Greek tragedies, where characters very often find themselves guilty or victims of something without actually having had any other chance or choice over what they did or received (Just think about Oedypus, he was told by an oracle that he was gonna lie down with his mother and kill his father, and all the things he did then in order to escape these events lead him to actually make them happen). For this reason, the only 'choice' left to humans is whether to accept or to not accept their destiny; a human can accept with dignity a painful destiny, and this makes him a hero, a tragic hero. Only a human that embraces his destiny has the possibility to find happiness. That's what the main character of this movie does: accepting her destiny instead of struggling with the fact she never got the chance to "create" her destiny. In some way, she's a tragic greek heroine.

  • BNSF Bandit
    BNSF Bandit 28 days ago

    That fucking bird got SO annoying.

  • Jamie E
    Jamie E 28 days ago

    Great idea for a alien movie, they Arrive and sling their snot on the window for dumbass to interpret

  • Maria Glass
    Maria Glass Month ago

    Time to read Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five. His words of introduction sparked Ted Chiang to write his novella The Story of Your Life. When I started learning English in France at age ten, our teacher told us, "When you learn a new language you learn a new way of thinking." She was so right. I now speak five, and it did expand my understanding of the world.

  • sote ful
    sote ful Month ago

    Asshole white guy got on my nerves. He represents the typical alpha male syndrome.

    HYDRA DYNAMIC Month ago

    Thanks for the information on this piece, very confusing unless you watch it like (3) times

  • AceRay 24
    AceRay 24 Month ago

    Enjoy what you have , thats the best lesson

  • Andre Barnes
    Andre Barnes Month ago

    That's a white baby classic

  • Phoenix The Huntress

    It’s an adaptation of the short story “Story Of Your Life” by Ted Chiang. You should read it. It may give you a little more insight.

  • GTR Nomad
    GTR Nomad Month ago +3

    I can see the future
    Alien : Save us all
    Human :screw it!
    Human : I'm going to use that power to predict the next lottery numbers .
    Alien: See ...i told ya humans weren't ready... I'm leaving...

  • Dev Patel
    Dev Patel Month ago +2

    WTH was the reason for that sparrow around everyone they went in what does the sparrow indicate??

    • Dev Patel
      Dev Patel Month ago +1

      @724tomjohnston oh okay thanks

    • 724tomjohnston
      724tomjohnston Month ago +1

      Coal Miners used to and some still do, use a bird to warn of the lack of oxygen. ...If the sparrow dies, you had better get out!

  • Karissa Pelletier
    Karissa Pelletier Month ago

    Still think the best time travel explanation is the way it’s done in HP and the prisoner of Azkaban

  • Svinja
    Svinja Month ago

    I cried like a premature fetus at the end

  • Xennnyy
    Xennnyy Month ago +14

    Arrival and interstellar are the best movies ever prove me wrong.

    • sandile mabaso
      sandile mabaso 6 days ago

      Django unchained

    • David Liu
      David Liu 12 days ago

      the emoji movie XDXDXD

    • pk mkb
      pk mkb 21 day ago +1

      also pulp fiction is over rated...whats the purpose and message of movie??

    • pk mkb
      pk mkb 21 day ago

      i find godfather overrated as fuck...such a bad acting by the cast except the godfather and only dialouges were good

    • pk mkb
      pk mkb 21 day ago

      @Shanon Leffler for me favourite movies: sawhank redemption,forest grump,fight club

  • Mokhtar Abdourahman Farah

    in 3000 years clovierfield

  • Miranda Brooks
    Miranda Brooks Month ago

    Loved the movie and even though i like my endings wrapped up with a bow there are times when its not necessary and I still enjoy the movie. This one and The Shape of Water is another.

  • Nikolas Mace
    Nikolas Mace Month ago

    Can you look at From👽Beyond👾

  • Paladin Six
    Paladin Six Month ago

    My history teacher showed us the trailer to this movie to see what the native Americans thought when we came to America

  • Pridish Raj
    Pridish Raj Month ago

    thank you so much brother hugs from India Chennai city

  • Retro917
    Retro917 Month ago

    That imminent threat he's talking about is the supreme being known as Thanos

  • stone Graber
    stone Graber Month ago

    So here is a theory: The aliens are the humans in the future and are warped, advanced forms of them and have forgotten the human language in their vast trillion or even immeasurable lifespans. Now knowing how to time travel these forms are needed for these paradoxes that happen so that their able to give the humans their own ability. And these paradoxes in my opinion are what they use for their life-force. Just a thought

    UNKNOWN GAMER 420 Month ago

    nowadays movies are based on time travel
    uhmmm weird

  • - -
    - - Month ago

    Now that's why I feel I've just left fraggle rock and landed in a class on quantum physics, grief I just wanted to turn my brain off and watch a film for enjoyment. Should have let China and Russia nuke them just for a fun ending and teach smart ass aliens to communicate like earthlings

  • Volstx
    Volstx 2 months ago

    The movie seems like the most boring piece of sht but it is actually really cool i watched it 2 times and would watch even more times

  • Da Zombis Hunter
    Da Zombis Hunter 2 months ago +1

    The arrival was gucci tho. I love the concept of learning the ability to time travel through understanding a language, it shows a lot of imagination and creativity

  • Aaron Matthew
    Aaron Matthew 2 months ago

    Sup bro? Lmao

  • 80sOutrunFan
    80sOutrunFan 2 months ago +1

    Fantastic movie, great cast.

  • Brianna Nichole Wojciechowicz

    Wibbly wobbly timey whiny stuff. Even in TNT's Witchblade series it talks about time not being linear.

  • Ken Oakleaf
    Ken Oakleaf 2 months ago +2

    Your summary is... not quite right. Since this film is inspired by some of the newest concepts in physics, the concept expressed is not one that you would be familiar with from other movies.
    The most important difference is, THERE IS NO TIME TRAVEL. No one is traveling through time. This movie is about perception, and it ties into some of the most recent theories that question the existence of time as we experience it. The math that most accurately describes the physics behind how the universe works, does not require a DIRECTION of time. It looks exactly the same whether time moves "forwards" or "backwards".
    What the language does in the movie is adapt the human mind to be able to PERCEIVE time as physics describes it, where future and past are interchangeable. Easiest way to describe it is that she is REMEMBERING what happens in the future. That is why the dream sequences come across as memories.
    While time travel is a way to understand the film, you loose a lot of the nuance in it by using that shortcut. Think of the future as memories, then watch the film again

    • Vincent Fabiano
      Vincent Fabiano 2 months ago

      this is a much better way of presenting it. these explained videos seem to make viewers even more confused about the movies message

  • moupran gayan
    moupran gayan 2 months ago

    Sup brah?

  • Stewart Callaway
    Stewart Callaway 2 months ago

    The people in this movie were fuckin retarded, lets attack the unprovoked aliens that have figured out how to contol time and gravity.

  • its kristtaahh
    its kristtaahh 2 months ago

    Dats a white baby 😂

  • Druid Riley
    Druid Riley 2 months ago

    The more I watch this movie - which I like for the language science - the more I dislike the Louise character. She all but literally plays god with her daughter's life. She births her, knowing Hannah's going to suffer and die long before she has the emotional maturity to deal with the terror of an early death, but Louise is OK with that since the memory of Hannah will give her a bunch of warm fuzzies later. She knows she's being a selfish bitch because she never mentions this to her husband. No wonder he left her. Louise is a narcissistic shit.

    • Druid Riley
      Druid Riley 2 months ago

      @Ken Oakleaf - every parent knows their child will die...but not YOUNG. In fact, it's a parents' worst nightmare to outlive their child. But Louise is perfectly OK with this. Perfectly OK with sentencing her child to this as long as she can have good memories.

    • Ken Oakleaf
      Ken Oakleaf 2 months ago

      And all the years of love and growth that Hannah experienced meant nothing in your eyes?
      Every parent ever has made this decision for their children. Everyone dies. Every parent knows their child will die. Every parent knows their child will suffer. That is why every parent owes their child a debt that cannot be repaid. Children also owe their parents a debt that can never be repaid, because they would not have a life in which love and pain can be experienced and different paths chosen.
      If life experienced between birth and death is without value, then no life is worth living

  • Delight Kummari
    Delight Kummari 2 months ago

    This is the worst explaination channel ever, you don't ever explain anything, you just summarize what happens in the movie and in this movie also you got it all wrong!

  • Jay Sony
    Jay Sony 2 months ago

    I’m still confused. Why do people go nuts over this crap but shit on Annihilation???? I actually love Annihilation

  • shoteey hotteyyy
    shoteey hotteyyy 2 months ago +1

    I'm gonna be honest I started to understand what he said but I don't get some of it

    • Ken Oakleaf
      Ken Oakleaf 2 months ago

      He got it wrong anyway. It isn't time travel. It's future memory.
      The core concept is that time has no direction, but our minds create the illusion of past, present, and future. She is not seeing visions, or going to other dimensions as some have said. They are actual memories of the future, which her mind is able to access due to what the language is doing to her brain.
      Think of the language, it is a circle. It is not cyclical, like many have claimed, where you travel the edge discovering new things until you come back to where you started. You see it from above, making it "all at once". This is a description of time.
      The way the language effects her mind is the equivalent of turning on a black light. You see what was already there, but it was hidden from you until you had the right tools to see it

  • Enuma Elish
    Enuma Elish 2 months ago

    It's not implied, they say it outright with a line that I can't quote directly cause I forgot it, but it was something to the effect of: Our perception of the world is directly influenced by the language or languages we speak, so the idea is that learning their language lets you see things in a new way, from a perspective outside of linear time, you don't actually travel trough time or anything like that, you just have an overhead view of sorts of the entire timeline that involves you specifically, so the idea is if a bunch of people learn this language and gain the same overhead view, they can gain an understanding of the future in a broader sense, with everyone adding their own knowledge to the whole, evolving in the process.

  • Regular everyday Normal mf

    Only if a language like that existed. In reality i believe the government meant would end up attacking before even trying to communicate with them.

  • Ankit Das
    Ankit Das 2 months ago

    What if in 3000 years, the Earth is gonna blow up like Krypton. And these heptapods are God giving cryptic information to save humanity from impending destruction.