IT CHAPTER TWO - Official Teaser Trailer [HD]

  • Published on May 9, 2019
  • IT CHAPTER TWO only in theaters September 6, 2019
    Evil resurfaces in Derry as director Andy Muschietti reunites the Losers Club-young and adult-in a return to where it all began with “It Chapter Two.”
    The film is Muschietti’s follow-up to 2017’s critically acclaimed and massive worldwide box office hit “IT,” which grossed over $700 million globally. Both redefining and transcending the genre, “IT” became part of the cultural zeitgeist as well as the highest-grossing horror film of all time.
    Because every 27 years evil revisits the town of Derry, Maine, “It Chapter Two” brings the characters-who’ve long since gone their separate ways-back together as adults, nearly three decades after the events of the first film.
    Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain (“Zero Dark Thirty,” “Mama”) stars as Beverly, James McAvoy (“Split,” upcoming “Glass”) as Bill, Bill Hader (HBO’s “Barry,” “The Skeleton Twins”) as Richie, Isaiah Mustafa (TV’s “Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments”) as Mike, Jay Ryan (TV’s “Mary Kills People”) as Ben, James Ransone (HBO’s “The Wire”) as Eddie, and Andy Bean (“Allegiant,” Starz’ “Power”) as Stanley. Reprising their roles as the original members of the Losers Club are Jaeden Martell as Bill, Wyatt Oleff as Stanley, Jack Dylan Grazer as Eddie, Finn Wolfhard as Richie, Sophia Lillis as Beverly, Chosen Jacobs as Mike, and Jeremy Ray Taylor as Ben. Bill Skarsgård returns in the seminal role of Pennywise.
    Muschietti directed the film from a screenplay by Gary Dauberman (“IT,” “Annabelle: Creation”) based on the novel IT by Stephen King. Barbara Muschietti, Dan Lin and Roy Lee produced the film, with Marty Ewing, Seth Grahame-Smith and David Katzenberg serving as the executive producers.
    The behind-the-scenes creative team included director of photography Checco Varese (“The 33”), Oscar-winning production designer Paul Denham Austerberry (“The Shape of Water”), editor Jason Ballantine (“IT,” “Mad Max: Fury Road”), and Oscar-nominated costume designer Luis Sequeira (“The Shape of Water,” “Mama”). The music is by Benjamin Wallfisch (“Shazam!,” “Blade Runner 2049,” “IT”).
    New Line Cinema presents, a Vertigo Entertainment/Rideback Production, an Andy Muschietti film, “It Chapter Two.” The film is slated for release in theaters and IMAX on September 6, 2019 and will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures.
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  • V i
    V i 12 hours ago

    mc avoy

    MC'S MASTERS 13 hours ago

    2:11 the best part

  • Noelle Steven
    Noelle Steven 13 hours ago

    I am SO watching this with my friends to get scared. 😂😂😂

  • Arav Ahuja
    Arav Ahuja 13 hours ago

    Warner brothers having 2 creepy clown movies this year lol

  • Cholzé
    Cholzé 14 hours ago

    When u say to grandma
    *I’m F U L L*

  • team Gamerguy
    team Gamerguy 14 hours ago

    I don't want to be a smart alick but wouldn't this be the 3rd movie not the second movie and if you count the book it is the 4th time they do an it thing so if you put it with the rest of the movies then it's it 4
    Mind blown

  • Jamil
    Jamil 14 hours ago

    Creepy Old Lady: Running at me naked and scary

    Me: Starts taking my clothes off too

  • Cristo Guaman
    Cristo Guaman 14 hours ago

    Omg i can wait to watch this movie

  • KhimKhim Clark
    KhimKhim Clark 14 hours ago

    This is not real

  • Denky Mems
    Denky Mems 15 hours ago +1

    I had a nightmare about it being my mom I’m scared shit less

  • TInto Brass Adult Movies

    comment from india koun koun india se dekh raha hai like kare

  • Don Ventura
    Don Ventura 15 hours ago

    Finally, a good X-men movie. Go get 'em Xavier.

  • Yan Paschenko
    Yan Paschenko 16 hours ago

    hyvä video

  • Glennos 567
    Glennos 567 16 hours ago

    Yg mau BCU breakdown teaser ini like yaa

  • bill bixby
    bill bixby 16 hours ago +1

    I'll bet Richie banged that Gonk behind to scare Bill, Eddie and Mike.

  • Mia Novakovic
    Mia Novakovic 16 hours ago


  • the lanlord
    the lanlord 17 hours ago +1

    I guess taking off clothes is scarier than wearing a scary costume

  • No Way
    No Way 17 hours ago

    Hollywood running another movie series in the ground

  • Aallison K
    Aallison K 17 hours ago

    We will all miss John Ritter he was the best in the original.

  • Aallison K
    Aallison K 17 hours ago

    The original was scarier but this shit looks good. Can’t wait to watch the new chapters.

  • Sea Snek
    Sea Snek 18 hours ago +1

    Am i the only one who thinks the movie should be called “It Returns” ?
    (Sorry if that actually is something cause when i watched this thought hit me)

  • Juinor Smith
    Juinor Smith 18 hours ago +1

    If the cast were black the movie wouldn't last but about 10 minutes!

  • Aladdin
    Aladdin 18 hours ago +1

    1:57 ronaldo goal celebrate against simeone behind 😏

  • Romina Brannock Glambert

    IT CHAPTER THREE - PENNYWISE 🤡 VS JOKER 🃏 (Battle of the Clowns )

  • destinieeplays yt
    destinieeplays yt 19 hours ago +1

    is her father pennywise?

  • K O R i G A N
    K O R i G A N 19 hours ago +1

    They all die ...

  • lfin _77
    lfin _77 20 hours ago

    Ben should be with her though not Billy

  • TheHorrorCorner - Reviews and Unboxings!

    Just started watching this trailer,
    As soon as granny is spotted running naked in the dark:
    Fuck this i am out

  • Marisol Barrett
    Marisol Barrett 20 hours ago +1


  • Kris Cortez
    Kris Cortez 20 hours ago

    This trailer was absolutely crazy in the dolby cinema

  • Michaela Egge
    Michaela Egge 20 hours ago

    I didn't read the books, did it say why Pennywise when he came back targeted the Losers again when he returns? Thought IT didn't go after/feed on adults. A revenge thing? Messing with the group of people who almost destroyed you before seems kind of dumb.

  • Killer Klown
    Killer Klown 20 hours ago

    Penny wise hasn’t aged a day

  • WhitnAle01
    WhitnAle01 20 hours ago

    I know this isn't a question usually asked this early, but will there be a chapter 3? It seems like there is enough book material to make it a film trilogy. I'd like 3 movies.

  • Umesh Simhadri
    Umesh Simhadri 21 hour ago +1

    Where the hell is naked grandma?

  • lol210
    lol210 21 hour ago


  • Mo Moo
    Mo Moo 21 hour ago


  • By Mills
    By Mills 21 hour ago +1

    Pennywises Voice Hasn’t Got Into That Old Ladys Voice 0:03

  • Two Nerds and a Geek Productions

    Derry: Hot
    Pennywise: Back
    Losers Club: Reunited
    Granny's titties: out

  • ChrisBstation
    ChrisBstation 21 hour ago +1

    Watch my reaction/review of the IT Chapter Two Teaser Trailer!

  • Zeus' Olympus
    Zeus' Olympus 21 hour ago +1

    I'm so ready to shit myself 😁

  • tnytoon21
    tnytoon21 21 hour ago

    I bet when Bill is running at the carnival scene, he probably thought he saw Georgie.

  • AspectSLD
    AspectSLD 22 hours ago

    Like an infinity war trailer near the end lol 🥰

  • Scp 079
    Scp 079 22 hours ago +1


  • Carol Mercau
    Carol Mercau 22 hours ago

    I didn't realize that was a nekkid gramma until everyone pointed it out. I just thought it was some Satan spawn!
    (I've never seen IT)

  • Zeynep Duman
    Zeynep Duman 22 hours ago

    Bence 1. Bölümü daha güzel di değil mi?...

  • Jyotirmaya Tripathy
    Jyotirmaya Tripathy 22 hours ago

    I have seen 3 times and finally realized the most scary thing is music..

  • Hatuey McFarland
    Hatuey McFarland 22 hours ago

    Old lady smiling for a little too long, I'll be having nightmares for a week.

  • The Albert Family
    The Albert Family 22 hours ago +1

    I can't wait to see this!!!!

  • Kyle Buckner
    Kyle Buckner 22 hours ago

    Steve harvey: name something that a crook would not want to see when robbing a house
    *slams buzzer* NAKED GRANDMA!

  • brownstarYT
    brownstarYT 23 hours ago

    2:41 is so cool for sum reason
    Idk sumthing about the music in the background

  • black damarsk
    black damarsk 23 hours ago

    Anyone else think he sounds like Winnie the Pooh at 2.49?

  • Jacky Sato
    Jacky Sato 23 hours ago

    I like this movie😍😍

    TAP X KAYOSS 23 hours ago

    “I fear no man”
    1:57 But THAT thing
    *It scares Me*

  • Cooper
    Cooper 23 hours ago

    1:51 look at the door

  • James Ory
    James Ory 23 hours ago

    It sounds like whiny the poo when he say hullo

  • Charles
    Charles 23 hours ago

    2:47 i hear winnie the pooh

  • Falecia04
    Falecia04 23 hours ago

    ......she damn sure did say “fadder” didn’t she

  • Itzwolfie YT
    Itzwolfie YT Day ago

    And the grown ups are actually the kids that are in part one of the IT I'm so exited to see it

  • Itzwolfie YT
    Itzwolfie YT Day ago

    So that blond women was actually the little girl in IT 1 the movie

  • EviLWrath
    EviLWrath Day ago

    1:49 you can see something move behind her

  • John Haney
    John Haney Day ago

    Give this old lady an Oscar heavens

  • Nick fewtrell
    Nick fewtrell Day ago

    Am I the only one who thinks IT, at the end of the trailer sounds exactly like winnie the pooh?!?!? Childhood ruined forever.... Wait.... Winnie the pooh also carries around a red balloon.... I'm am now terrified....

  • Mr Krabs
    Mr Krabs Day ago

    1:58 when you forget your towel and have a roomate

  • rfdh nrl
    rfdh nrl Day ago

    Apa cuma gua yang org indo:(

  • Tony Voce
    Tony Voce Day ago

    I absolutely can't wait to watch the whole movie!

  • Noah Hatem
    Noah Hatem Day ago

    I really wish Amy Adams had been casted as Beverly for part 2

  • prince everlove
    prince everlove Day ago

    Grand Nanny...She would give you the clothes off her back......

  • Banana bunches
    Banana bunches Day ago

    2:41 macroverse

  • Banana bunches
    Banana bunches Day ago

    2:37 circus

  • Chris Daniel
    Chris Daniel Day ago +1

    Finally something good on trending

  • The original MRjguill

    Nope. Fuck it. The whole movie is useless now. The Starbucks cup was next to granny's table. Reshoot!

  • Michael Lopez
    Michael Lopez Day ago

    Why did It sound like Winnie the Pooh at the end? Lol

  • bhagyashree bhagyashree

    I'm waiting to c dis mr.pennywise

  • Autumn Leaf
    Autumn Leaf Day ago

    Winnie the Pooh! 2:47

  • Sheytopia
    Sheytopia Day ago +1

    I don't know why but there is something about the music and that "Pennywise-Sound" (starts at 2:30) that I really love... it just makes it so much more epic than it already is! Also, I would love to know what kind of sound it is... if it's actually a sound Pennywise made or if it was synthesized. It's weird but I always get captured by tiny details like this.

  • Mochi Jin
    Mochi Jin Day ago +1

    Me:Finally its the last wek of school!
    Math teacher: 2:46

  • Juaquin Torres
    Juaquin Torres Day ago

    Steve Harvey: Name something a burglar would not want to see when he breaks into a house
    Contestant: Naked grandma
    Director: Interesting plot

  • Andrés Hernández
    Andrés Hernández Day ago +1

    IT looks great

    FBI OPEN UP! Day ago +1

    IT 1990: Yeah The Loser Club
    IT 2017: You'll float too

  • Jennifer Barclay
    Jennifer Barclay Day ago +1

    My Birthday😍

  • Chris
    Chris Day ago

    im glad it seems they are enhancing from the first new movie

  • Trellie s.s. Rose

    James friggin' McAvoy... I swear, he's in _everything._

  • Paulina AB
    Paulina AB Day ago

    Pennywise actor is attractive
    But pennywise clown is creepy 🤡

  • Julio Cesar
    Julio Cesar Day ago

    No one

    :old lady in the background air thrusting

  • Little B
    Little B Day ago

    0:32 look at the doorway

  • KyleRobz 08
    KyleRobz 08 Day ago

    They should update the granny game and make it like this woman

  • Double Shotty
    Double Shotty Day ago

    its not a teaser trailer ._.

  • Laptop Thug NSTG

    You'll Float Too

  • Gacha Episodes
    Gacha Episodes Day ago

    Omg it’s finally here!!!!

  • A.Khaliq Marwan
    A.Khaliq Marwan Day ago

    *Grandma.exe has stopped working*

  • Matthew Toomey
    Matthew Toomey Day ago

    Am I the only one who thinks the dad in the picture looks like Jack Nicholson?

  • __amabell *
    __amabell * Day ago +1

    when you hear the old lady stomping towards Beverly with headphones on IT IS SO FRIGGIN SCARY HOLY MOTHER-

  • Vincent Gigante
    Vincent Gigante Day ago

    Haha grandma can get her cheeks smashed

  • Easy Ways
    Easy Ways Day ago

    just another reason to live

  • DeishaXo
    DeishaXo Day ago

    Is this gonna be a 15 ?

  • wra1th
    wra1th Day ago

    clothes: exist
    grandma: "no u" card

  • Niyas Duski
    Niyas Duski Day ago +1

    Pennywise: yes
    Producer: but i didnt even asked a question

  • mochi
    mochi Day ago +1

    this is a fucking masterpiece, no question about it.

  • Carmine Falcone
    Carmine Falcone Day ago +1

    Grandma=Noone who dies here ever really dies.
    Me=What the actual fuck?????

  • iron man
    iron man Day ago +1

    we can watch this movie 🎥 but we have to stick together