Hey Steve: Interracial Relationship Challenges

  • Published on Sep 12, 2019
  • They’re an interracial couple experiencing issues while in public together. Should they be concerned?
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Comments • 464

  • Queen Lancelot
    Queen Lancelot Day ago

    Nice couple .

  • Victor Jeffers
    Victor Jeffers Day ago

    Be happy happy always it's your life pay no attention to what others may think !

  • anonymous anonymous

    Black woman are now getting as bad as the men, with all this showmance performance of "look I got me a white man/woman". White people are not better than any race there is nothing about them that at all,smdh😏

  • Renée Amjad
    Renée Amjad 2 days ago


  • Miss Erica
    Miss Erica 2 days ago

    Amen.. they are a good looking couple . God bless them 💕🙏🏻

  • Niklauskk 45
    Niklauskk 45 4 days ago

    Well what you going to the PTA for? Dead 😂😂😂

  • alex500DG
    alex500DG 4 days ago

    She should've said she's "Indian". Anyways they look good together.

  • Jacob8899
    Jacob8899 6 days ago +1

    Out of all the hosts I've seen on TV (Fallon, Kimmel, Conan, Ellen) Steve's the best. He listens and stays on topic, gives advice, and make you laugh in joy at your wrong answers and embarrassments. He makes you feel confident in who you are and that's what I love about him.

  • H0tzera
    H0tzera 10 days ago +1

    did he say Slovakian? im Slovakian, lol good to know thats something heavy :D

  • Mr. T Mr. T
    Mr. T Mr. T 14 days ago

    This dude blind

  • MikeSpeaks
    MikeSpeaks 14 days ago

    People stared at me too. Really strange, they don't talk to me when I'm alone..

    UNIGAINS 15 days ago

    America still doesn't understand differences between 'race', ethnicity and nationality. That's a shame!

  • Frank Lombardo
    Frank Lombardo 15 days ago

    love has no color. all that matters is you treat each other with kindness and respect. who cares what others think.

  • Erica
    Erica 16 days ago

    #bap bap guyanese

  • ASDFGHJKL dfghjhgcgyuigfyuij

    self hatred. she said that stupid question just to brag that she’s dating a white guy

  • Janita Persaud
    Janita Persaud 17 days ago

    Guyanese yes girl... 💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Namenlos
    Namenlos 18 days ago +1

    Damn why this dude look like Clay Jensen?

  • Nesmée O’Hara
    Nesmée O’Hara 18 days ago +1

    I’m Black British and my partner is White British. My partner is very aware when it comes to white supremacy, privilege, sexism, homophobia and also racism. He’s very supportive.
    He’s loving, sweet, understanding , funny and an absolute joy to be around. Best relationship I’ve ever been in. Plus his whole family loves me, they support us and always make me feel welcome❤️
    We don’t care if there’s people in the world that judge others for dating outside their races😊 love is love, I couldn’t be any happier.

    • Rosetta Allen
      Rosetta Allen 15 days ago

      And congrats truly. However it's not just whites that are supremists as a mixed race person I take more hate for my white side from fellow minorities than I take for my native blood from fellow whites.
      Bigotry knows no class, race, gender, sexuality... All groups have bigots among them

  • Terry van scorpio
    Terry van scorpio 20 days ago

    Oh my god He's *WHITE* ?😯

  • Sidali Ali
    Sidali Ali 21 day ago

    They told me that Americans are petty but i didn’t think that they real are petty at this level .it’s not even a problem daaa.(not all the Americans but most of them)

  • Michelle Calboreanu
    Michelle Calboreanu 22 days ago

    My husband and i are interracial couple and 3 years later we still get stares lol. We are so used to it now i think it's hilarious. You guys live your life and continue to love each other.

  • Max Power
    Max Power 23 days ago

    Wait how did Dr. Phil change color?

  • Infamous BC
    Infamous BC 26 days ago

    Just wait til you have kids lol.

  • Barry P
    Barry P 27 days ago

    Steve is right don't let anybody else's view affect what you have

  • Donna Henderson
    Donna Henderson 28 days ago

    Stand strong. Stand by your man

  • ThaRealP.Y.T. Neena Sky


  • Lulu Lomi
    Lulu Lomi 29 days ago

    White from where?

  • Brian Marty
    Brian Marty Month ago

    She’s gorgeous! Very nice couple.

  • 360Ragequit
    360Ragequit Month ago

    If you are black and marry a white person,
    Your chance of NOT getting shot by a cop increases by at least 70% percent...
    Maybe 40% actually.

  • RR
    RR Month ago

    Is she of Indian Decent?

  • Julie j
    Julie j Month ago

    He didn't understand the question.

  • Mineblock_ Playz
    Mineblock_ Playz Month ago +1

    They look like a cute couple

  • Oh No
    Oh No Month ago

    That white boy looks emasculated next to that ugly dark thing who’s with him for light skin bastards

  • ObamaisnextLincoln
    ObamaisnextLincoln Month ago +1

    *They're way too young... Relationship won't last*

  • Jesus H Medrano
    Jesus H Medrano Month ago

    Make it simple just date ur own race whats so hard bout that? A relationship is hard enough why ass more stress and problems to it? Yes i dated others races and loved one of them but at the end of the day its just plain easier and easier for everybody. Just saying

  • Valorie Thompson
    Valorie Thompson Month ago

    No more problems than any other relationship.

  • Amanda Klanseck
    Amanda Klanseck Month ago

    Ouch they assume your not together. How tough...life must be hard. This could all happen to people who are both white or both black. Wouldn’t call that a struggle. Harvey hit the nail in the head. Stop making assumptions of what people think.

  • george master
    george master Month ago

    Steve looks OLD with a beard 😣

  • Raphie S
    Raphie S Month ago +1

    Her skin is black

  • Mal Bruni
    Mal Bruni Month ago

    Hes not bad looking.he could get a nice blonde white woman

  • ams30393
    ams30393 Month ago

    Re upload. She is the one who is thinking about their interracial relationship when no one in the world is bothered. Interracial relationship has been around for a very long time. No one is bothered or concerned about it anymore. Poor soul. She must be thinking it's a wow thing. Not these days girl. Move along with time. No one cares.

  • Cecilie Noble
    Cecilie Noble Month ago +1

    Lord, they are so young! 20 and 22! That age they care about what people think! It doesn't matter because when they get past 35-40; they will only care about their income and life! We will just love their love! 👍🏆👍❤

  • Debasmita Nandy
    Debasmita Nandy Month ago

    So what if they assume you're not together? Jesus americans complain about every little thing even when there isn't an issue. Guess they are out of real problems. Such snowflakes

  • JM Cast
    JM Cast Month ago

    Maybe they should try to wear matching colors (like how they both had blue on). I notice a lot of couples match each other's outfit and that helps to establish they are on the same team.

  • Kholiwe Buthelezi
    Kholiwe Buthelezi Month ago

    I'm sorry but that was just a dumb question 😏... I mean what's there to be done? Just do y'all

  • Moses Matsepane
    Moses Matsepane Month ago

    When did Steve become a relationship expert? And why is TVclip recommending this stuff to me. I enjoyed it though...😁😁

  • Nadine Smith
    Nadine Smith Month ago


  • elsstk
    elsstk Month ago +28

    Why does he look like Clay from 13 reasons why??😂😭

    • Karabo Ratsaka
      Karabo Ratsaka 9 days ago

      😂 😂 Kept expecting him to say "Hannah"

  • numbaoneg101
    numbaoneg101 Month ago

    Did that man just low key dab? 😂😂😂

  • Angela Phipps
    Angela Phipps Month ago

    Love you. Steve Harvey

  • PRO 154
    PRO 154 Month ago

    Perfect couple, God bless them

  • mycoshe
    mycoshe Month ago +35

    He's white, I'm Guyanese. Guyanese is not a race, it's a nationality.

    • Queen Lancelot
      Queen Lancelot Day ago

      She just saying she from Guyana

    • Carl New
      Carl New 15 days ago +1

      @loesjuhb More what I was thinking is the reason they say "white people" is because they clearly can't tell the difference between people with white skin...

    • loesjuhb
      loesjuhb 15 days ago +1

      @Carl New You're confusing race with ethnicity there.

    • Carl New
      Carl New Month ago +5

      "White" isn't a race either. There's a whole spectrum of ethnicities that have white skin.
      Slavic, Germanic, Anglo-Saxon etc.

  • Shaw Mou
    Shaw Mou Month ago

    Again! Beard!

  • عمرو علاء
    عمرو علاء Month ago +2

    But I thought they only used ( interracial ) word in porn and also the boy friend should be black not white 😒😂

      SHENAYA 24 days ago +1


    • عمرو علاء
      عمرو علاء Month ago

      @Cherrine Meikle
      Thanks for explaining

    • Cherrine Meikle
      Cherrine Meikle Month ago +1

      Any romantic relationship where the people involved are from 2 different races is an interracial relationship

  • Barbara Charles
    Barbara Charles Month ago


  • MXD
    MXD Month ago +1

    The thing that girls really care about is how people look at their relationship,,, that was the reason of my break up lol

  • Christopher Bellamy
    Christopher Bellamy Month ago +1

    Why is it still issue

  • taurasification
    taurasification Month ago

    NBC should bring back Steve Harvey show

  • LovinLife
    LovinLife Month ago

    One of my friend has a fit every time she see a white woman with a black man. Every time she points them out to me to complain, I do just the opposite, but it doesn't stop. WTF

  • Donald Allen
    Donald Allen Month ago

    I think one thing the boyfriend needs to learn is that, when a couple is in a crowded environment where your like shoulder to shoulder with other people. Then the boyfriend should "always" have her hand to keep her close to him.