Together we soar | UAE National Day Formation Flight | Emirates, Etihad, flydubai & Air Arabia

  • Published on Dec 2, 2018
  • Watch 4 airlines and 7 aerobatic jets from the UAE soar together for the UAE’s 47th National Day.
    Emirates, Etihad Airways, flydubai, Air Arabia and the Al Fursan aerobatic display team took to the skies in unison today to celebrate the UAE’s 47th National Day, as well as to commemorate the legacy and values of HH Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the late founding father of the UAE.
    The formation flight is a soaring display of unity as all four carriers showcase the UAE’s aviation success story to the nation and world.
    The spectacular flypast involved 11 aircraft: a flydubai Boeing 737 MAX 8 (Zayed 1), an Air Arabia Airbus A320 (Zayed 2), an Etihad Airways Airbus A380 (Zayed 3) and an Emirates Airline Airbus A380 (Zayed 4), as well as seven Al Fursan acrobatic display jets from the UAE Air Force.
    All of the commercial aircraft in the formation were emblazoned with ‘Year of Zayed’ decals. This is also the first time this unique combination of aircraft types fly in formation.
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  • جمال محمد الجوحي

    شلوني دبي😢😢😢

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    A380 the king of the sky👍✌

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    Emirates love u
    A380 800 big lovely plane

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    I love dubay

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    Nice flying

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    Worlds No 1 Airlines Emirates

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    Alessandra Macagnan 17 days ago

    Não sei porque aqui Cuiabá Brasil não pousa grande Aviões assim fazer conexão outros países nenhuma frota interesa em pousar em Cuiabá também

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    I love UAE 💓💗💞💞💓

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    I want to fly Ethaid and Emirates but I can only choose one

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    Awful, shot is constantly changing

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    All the Arab airlines who stand for 🇦🇪

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    iam a indian but i love dubai UAE

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    Looking owsome

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    Love you emrites greatest ever

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    Can’t wait to become a pilot for Emirates

  • Planespotting International HD

    I fainted after watching this

    PLANECRAZY 380 4 months ago


  • Abdirizak Mohamud
    Abdirizak Mohamud 6 months ago

    You guys own air arabia aswell?

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    I love uae

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    V. N. C

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    what's the music used

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    Thank you for sharing this video with us I went to emairates when 2-3 years then 3-4 I went to FlyDubai last 5-6 Years old I went to AirArabia

  • Tom [GD]
    Tom [GD] 10 months ago

    Love the formation of these aircraft :D

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    My new world

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    LOL this is replica. TURKISH AIRLINES made this before. and more original more quality than this.

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    I love ❤️ UAE

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    Love you dubai

  • الله العلي العظيم

    أنا الله
    أنا الرحمن
    إنه أنا الله العزيز الحكيم
    و خسف القمر

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    Love emirates

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    Annie moelchancd Bea sobhie

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    Wow first time seeing they collab together

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    ماشاء اللہ

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    Mumbai view

  • abrahamWCE
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    I expect one day to travel to Abu Dhabi and bring my kitty there

  • Prince Omares
    Prince Omares 10 months ago

    We are proud because not of oil but because of hard labour hard work hard. These camels need to stop thinking that oil is their safe haven... basically you won the lottery and you’ve not worked for that black oil.

  • Enes ÇATAL
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    Stolen concept from Turkish Airlines :D

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    Emirate is my favourite airline

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  • Speedbird
    Speedbird 10 months ago

    Why is no one seeing the clear signs of an autocracy in this nation?

    • abrahamWCE
      abrahamWCE 10 months ago

      Probably because the benefits: security, riches, birth control and order
      I look countries like Mexico and Brazil and their beauty is outshined by crime and corruption

  • Speedbird
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    I appreciate the Two Steps from Hell

  • Speedbird
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    Marvel: "Infinity War Is The Most Ambitious Crossover Event In History"

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    ❤️Emirates ❤️uae

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    Emirates Airbus a380 is the king of skies

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    Gteat one.. 🙌🙌

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    The power of crude oil!

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    salute the nation👋👏

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    OMG! Amazing formation. Loved

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    Bloody materialistic obsessed

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    In abu dhabi corniche I saw eitihad and emirates air arabia and fly dubai it was wounderfull

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    Milton Eduardo Xandreque 10 months ago

    I spotted these planes too around 14h12 this past Saturday I was in Route to Saadyat Island it's was amazing and stunning to watch! well done

  • Prince Omares
    Prince Omares 10 months ago

    Oil doesn’t buy intelligence and hard work that millions of westerns put in which uae, Qatar and Saudi buy because their students are busy exporting their cars to go to uni 😂 silly kind of people. Their not wise.

    • Prince Omares
      Prince Omares 10 months ago

      Plus the isi which is the intelligence service of Pakistan is ranked the first best intelligence agency in the world even better than the CIA and the British intelligence agency

    • Prince Omares
      Prince Omares 10 months ago

      HaSsy MiiA exactly they need to stop ✋ trying to big up their king who founded oil because that is God’s invention and god felt pity on the Arabs because they lived in the dessert for millions of years. Take Pakistan for example, we have oil gas, coal so what. But we are the first Muslim nuclear power, created our own fighter jets have 7th largest pool of scientists, we make the fifa World Cup football it’s because our people are extremely intelligent and don’t rely on natural resources to push for boost in economy and don’t forget we are only 70 years old so don’t even try to tell us we are a third world country we’re not anymore we’re a developing nation, hopefully one day gwader port city will be waaaaaaay better then Dubai. Uae hires expats to work in their country beaically other people are running your country imagine all the expats leaving your country you’d be fucked and you’d have to resort to robots oh yeah i forgot you have the money for that.

    • HaSsy MiiA
      HaSsy MiiA 10 months ago +1

      Omar Kiani Shafiq
      What has UAE given to the world? Apart from being oil rich. They need experts from other parts of the world to make them their country. Nothing inventive UAE themselves done. They need all these expertise otherwise they won’t be able to create anything.

  • Prince Omares
    Prince Omares 10 months ago

    Yeah free advertising for airbus I guess. It’s western engineering not Arab. Imagine me riding a horse and finding oil. That’s not engineering that’s too easy and luck 😂

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    Awesome teamwork !

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    Happy national day🌹UAE 🌹👈

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    Fuck Zayed...whoever he was.

  • Kamrul Hassan
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    Without the blessing of oil from mother nature, they would be still flying hawks in the sky from the camels back in the desert ! Money talks ! Oil explodes the money!

    • Kamrul Hassan
      Kamrul Hassan 8 months ago

      Sia Fan , it is not jealousy you thick head. The point is anyone can do anything with money !

    • Sia Fan
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      Kamrul Hassan jealousy is a disease get well soon xoxo