Jet-kart-The most MENTAL kart EVER

  • Published on May 14, 2015
  • So it’s finished and it’s brilliant, it’s stable it starts easy and the fuel system after a slight redesign (see website) works perfectly. Top speed so far is 60mph but i run out of airstrip so might be more in it.
    For more info go to for pics and extras.
    Part 1 is here
    Part 2 is here
    Music is by a band called “the rival” and song called “i’m ok” they sent there music to me so if you need more info click these links.
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  • colinfurze
    colinfurze  Year ago +316

    Please Vote for My HOMEMADE HOVERBIKE Video to win a "webby award" I've never won anything like this so help me out haha

      ROCK GAMING 11 days ago

      I'm so glad I found this channel

    • Nathan Enfinger
      Nathan Enfinger 14 days ago

      colinfurze watching these vids just make my day

    • Dibya jyoti Sharma
      Dibya jyoti Sharma 25 days ago

      colinfurze nice bro

    • Simon Fox
      Simon Fox Month ago

      You're an idiot but it's amazing. PLEASE WEAR A HELMET AT LEAST as someone who has had a traumatic brain injury TRUST ME you don't want to fuck with this.

    • 123pandaparkour
      123pandaparkour 3 months ago

      colinfurze make a plane please

  • mashed potatoes
    mashed potatoes Day ago

    Never 2nd in Mario kart

  • Sirenboy 1003
    Sirenboy 1003 5 days ago

    I will call this the Earrape mobile

  • Benjamin Lewkowicz
    Benjamin Lewkowicz 5 days ago

    craaaazyyyy..... what do you think, to build a helmet__ :ö :D

  • Mischief
    Mischief 5 days ago

    I thought British use metric system

  • Head&Leg
    Head&Leg 7 days ago


  • Minh Hoang Tung Vu
    Minh Hoang Tung Vu 8 days ago

    So fast

  • Jeżyk
    Jeżyk 10 days ago

    sickest swap i've ever seen O.o

  • LaZer Predation
    LaZer Predation 13 days ago

    sounds like a V1 rocket

  • Drago Plays Xbox
    Drago Plays Xbox 14 days ago

    But how do you stop?...

  • Max Roberts
    Max Roberts 14 days ago

    Where and how did you get that jet.

    THE LEGEND 27 16 days ago

    The hot tube was about to burn his seat

  • Dutch Roms
    Dutch Roms 17 days ago

    Imma go to work let me put on the afterburners

  • 敬文康
    敬文康 18 days ago


  • He Man
    He Man 18 days ago

    This guy is creepy

  • Alemão WGS
    Alemão WGS 18 days ago

    Muito louco

  • AlphaD_
    AlphaD_ 19 days ago

    When bae says she's home alone.

  • Memester 87
    Memester 87 19 days ago

    Honey what did you do today “oh I made a jet powered on kart”.

  • Gamer Cool
    Gamer Cool 21 day ago

    But why?

  • Alan Donnelly
    Alan Donnelly 21 day ago

    I have just seen the coolest thing of all time

  • Free Man
    Free Man 22 days ago

    Infect some steam into the mix and you will achieve a white hot flame and by wrapping copper tube around the heated pipe you pre heat the water, once inside the water hits 2500 degrees it is vapourised into oxygen and hydrogen reducing your fuel load increasing your temperature by almost 1000 degrees.
    I built a oil furnace powered by waste oil and a garden blower and tiny amount of moisture in the oil and it suddenly went blue then white hit and within 2 seconds almost made the 44 gallon drum go white yellow.

  • Parker Pellett
    Parker Pellett 23 days ago

    illegal car ehh Fbi OPEN THE HELL UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ryan Spackman
    Ryan Spackman 24 days ago

    the pipe is red-hot and could light his seat on fire! This is like a vehicle from Dr. Suess books.

  • Alex R-T
    Alex R-T 25 days ago

    that thing

    is fucking terrifying

  • Dibya jyoti Sharma
    Dibya jyoti Sharma 25 days ago

    Mr.You have been warned

  • mikeloceraptor
    mikeloceraptor 26 days ago

    When she says, "I'm home alone come over"

  • marty&sally
    marty&sally 28 days ago

    my 5yr old and 3 yr old kids drive a propane go-kart see: BUT I think they are ready for an upgrade... how much for the jet kart?

  • Olle Åberg
    Olle Åberg 29 days ago

    Why do you never wear a helmet!!?

  • Cushbhoy1
    Cushbhoy1 Month ago

    a helmet at least ???

  • TheValvefan
    TheValvefan Month ago

    Road Warrior

  • Daniel Cheng
    Daniel Cheng Month ago


  • TEP International Education

    Hot back then

  • Jason Richardson
    Jason Richardson Month ago

    This channel has morphed into a tv show. Full production crew.

  • The3rdID
    The3rdID Month ago

    I would advocate for wearing a helmet, but it seems pretty pointless on that thing.

  • Autistic Alien
    Autistic Alien Month ago

    when bae says shes home alone

  • sham man
    sham man Month ago

    lol, no helmet, no seat belt, no fire proof suit at 60mph

  • True Happiness
    True Happiness Month ago

    Reasons aliens won’t contact us

  • Revnge7Fold
    Revnge7Fold Month ago

    You, sir, are absolutely INSANE!

  • Tom Miano
    Tom Miano Month ago

    I guess this guy doesn't believe in safety equipment, even for his 5 y/o boy.
    I wonder what the boys MOTHER thinks?

  • Eye of the Forest
    Eye of the Forest Month ago

    Absolutely fokin mental m8

  • _skootgamez_ _
    _skootgamez_ _ Month ago

    This is sick but how did u not burn your back on that pipe

  • TheAmazingAviator
    TheAmazingAviator Month ago

    that'll give an 80 year old british lady some flashbacks ;)

  • creeper_m0nkey
    creeper_m0nkey Month ago

    Mario Kart to the next level..

  • 서울대이경조
    서울대이경조 Month ago

    How did u make the jet engine?

  • Chilled
    Chilled Month ago

    Mario Kart in real life

  • 빛나는찬밥
    빛나는찬밥 Month ago

    오래타면 등이 뜨뜻한건 덤~♡

  • Parker Bessel
    Parker Bessel Month ago

    Built in seat heater

  • GlassmanDan !
    GlassmanDan ! Month ago

    Screw a helmet

  • facun om37
    facun om37 Month ago

    Usted esta loco sin embargo me encantan sus videos
    you are crazy however i love your videos

  • k11stan
    k11stan Month ago

    Man's disdain for helmets is epic.

  • Ruslan Sazonov
    Ruslan Sazonov Month ago

    Это пиздец %) i love you !!! 8-)

  • Marty Fisher
    Marty Fisher Month ago +1

    all that heat cant be good against the seat...😂

  • Luke Hering
    Luke Hering Month ago

    I want one

  • Antonio Ortiz
    Antonio Ortiz Month ago

    This guy has way too much money to do weird shit

  • Logan Avery
    Logan Avery Month ago

    surprised you didnt have it run on JetA. How come you did diesel and gas?

  • Zoes Dada
    Zoes Dada Month ago

    Doesn't really look that fast

  • Baad AQW
    Baad AQW Month ago

    so CRAZY!! :OOOOO

  • Surf Widow
    Surf Widow Month ago

    Doodlebug V1 Same tech LOL! !! LUL! 😀 😁 😂 🤣 😃 😄 😅 😆 😉 😊 😋

  • Johnny Please B Good
    Johnny Please B Good Month ago +1


  • COBALT _27
    COBALT _27 Month ago

    Pfft who needs cars any ways?

  • junglejawa
    junglejawa Month ago

    Song: I’m ok, I’m ok, I’m ok
    Me: I don’t think your ok...

  • مهدی رضایی

    کلتو گاییدم پسر😂😂😂ترکیدم از خنده

  • Dd Dd
    Dd Dd Month ago

    can u pls make again a video on jet kart
    Only noon time pls

  • Team TANJ
    Team TANJ Month ago

    Fun level 0 to 10 is 1000000000000000
    Safety level 0 to 10 is ????????????????

  • a053303
    a053303 Month ago

    wearing a helmet would have only slowed you down. good thinking!

  • Liquidium
    Liquidium Month ago

    is this guy still alive?

  • Usman Ajaz
    Usman Ajaz Month ago


  • ChunYang俊揚
    ChunYang俊揚 2 months ago

    So crazy!!!!!!

  • Explosive Pineapple
    Explosive Pineapple 2 months ago

    Seeing that drive down the street passing right by me I would think, "What the hell is that?"

  • AwgkuAbd Halim
    AwgkuAbd Halim 2 months ago

    he crazy

  • oxenforde
    oxenforde 2 months ago

    He'll be fine. He's wearing his "safety tie". And, as always, can I have a go?

  • Dietmar Müller
    Dietmar Müller 2 months ago

    1. Pause at 0:41
    2. Open in new tab:
    3. Resume video muted
    4. Profit!

    DJ ST4RF1RE 2 months ago

    Somebody stop this madman. XD

  • Jeanno Hof
    Jeanno Hof 2 months ago

    You video’s is cool

  • zomborg
    zomborg 2 months ago

    fallout 4 weapon customization this is what it would be like with cars

  • Artificial Lemones
    Artificial Lemones 2 months ago

    safest thing ever

  • Kelta&friends world
    Kelta&friends world 2 months ago

    Car cool Fuck Cool lol love

  • Henning b
    Henning b 2 months ago

    101% safe

  • Stiinta Nelimitata
    Stiinta Nelimitata 2 months ago

    What’s the top seed of that thing?

  • Tom Carrick
    Tom Carrick 2 months ago

    when bae says she's home alone..

  • Puypuyee Ralte
    Puypuyee Ralte 2 months ago

    Now Make your jet kart fly....just saying hehe

  • Trenton Herrmann
    Trenton Herrmann 2 months ago

    can I get a playlist of music this guy uses

  • Kopapai
    Kopapai 2 months ago


  • Minecraftman Hayden
    Minecraftman Hayden 2 months ago

    It's getting too hot if something hits it it I'll stick to the jets

  • Dominik Strnad
    Dominik Strnad 2 months ago

    How (the fu*k) are you still alive Colin?

  • Garrett Runyon
    Garrett Runyon 2 months ago

    And people think Nissan GTRs shoot flames

  • EmanuGamesTop
    EmanuGamesTop 2 months ago

    Not even a helmet

  • Shahnt Madalian
    Shahnt Madalian 2 months ago

    Sick, but u should really wear a helmet

  • JacobGaming128
    JacobGaming128 2 months ago

    Drive it in public

  • lasdi
    lasdi 2 months ago

    *Top tes créations ...*

  • Bowerbox
    Bowerbox 3 months ago

    Looks like somes thing from Despicable Me

  • Donald Scott
    Donald Scott 3 months ago +1

    He's gonna blow himself up someday.

  • Fajar Garment
    Fajar Garment 3 months ago

    Pake helmt Bang, Bahaya

  • DerMatze63
    DerMatze63 3 months ago

    Voll bescheuert. Ohne Helm und Sicherheitsbekleidung.

  • Jeremih Litao
    Jeremih Litao 3 months ago

    I'm speechless! I mean he's not even wearing a helmet.

    RS VIDEOS 3 months ago

    You are a real mad scientist

  • Mr. Brent james
    Mr. Brent james 3 months ago

    this guy is insane😂

  • Purple Space Cow Studios

    Can it run on alchohol

  • X Aviation
    X Aviation 3 months ago

    Can I roast my marshmallows on that, Colin?

  • Benjamin Glidden
    Benjamin Glidden 3 months ago

    How much thrust does that thing output?