President Donald Trump Speech Revives Questions Of His Fitness | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  • Published on Dec 7, 2017
  • President Donald Trump appeared to have trouble finishing the entirety of his Jerusalem speech on Wednesday, slurring some words at the end. The panel discusses
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    President Donald Trump Speech Revives Questions Of His Fitness | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  • Gary Marin
    Gary Marin 7 days ago

    Well HELLO???!!!! Are we supposed to be surprised? God forgive me but i don't feel sorry for"""hole for brains, when you talk alot of sh""", you may eventually start to slur your words.🤤🤤🤤

  • Jeff m
    Jeff m Month ago

    I thought possibly a denture issues or throat cancer? and look at our doting vice president! Pence has god on his side so I could see him sitting impotently by and letting Trump do something dangerous! I don't have 'faith' that he has the nuts to stand up to T.

  • Cody bailey
    Cody bailey 2 months ago

    This man will lie to you this man makes fun of disabled people on national TV this man talks bad about women you've seen him say it on national TV you've seen him make fun of a reporter this man is a liar he should be banned from president he should be impeached and he will lose in 2020

  • Cody bailey
    Cody bailey 2 months ago

    Lion lion Donald Trump lion lion Donald Trump Liar Liar Liar Liar Donald Trump you seen it on TV again and again he's going to lie and lie and lie and lie and lie I wouldn't trust that man anywhere he's not my president I spit on him a Bernese my president Trump is my spit I Spit on

  • Susan Bodell
    Susan Bodell 3 months ago

    Speedball Trump. lol

  • IT'S ME FROM 713
    IT'S ME FROM 713 5 months ago

    Ugh the way he sniffs before he says something is so irritating

  • john carter
    john carter Year ago

    all they show you is bad things about trump, then the news speculates with conspiracy theories

  • Nicolo' Paganini
    Nicolo' Paganini Year ago +1


  • Jeffrey Bull
    Jeffrey Bull Year ago

    0.16 why does he not wear his wedding ring?

  • Nicolo' Paganini
    Nicolo' Paganini Year ago +1


  • Juaquiene 77
    Juaquiene 77 Year ago +1

    Being a US citizen since Dwight Eisenhower never have I known a president to be so harassed and relentlessly attacked on a daily basis as Donald J Trump. Lets be truthful we've had plenty of presidents that have had scandalous affairs, peculiar personality quirks and questionable political decisions. Some of which had been covered up discreetly for years. Little surprise MSNBC and the Morning Joe show would be at the forefront of yet another round of vicious attack on this man. Mr. Trump is our president as such he deserves our respect and support. Instead we transmit to the world we've turned into a country of Howard Sterns and Joan Rivers complete with the potty mouthed vulgarities. Ever think this behavior emboldens other countries to move against us? So far despite intensive investigations, nothing has been found that would disqualify him from office. If anything it proves how right he's been. I'd like to see MSNBC lose their license and the Morning Joe show canceled.

  • Zeus Masterson
    Zeus Masterson Year ago

    I lean towards thinking it’s a denture issue and he’s too vain to admit it, but why is he breathing like that? I would love to hear guesses or insights.

  • Michele Travis
    Michele Travis Year ago

    Ronald Reagan had dementia and he was kept in the white house. But, then again he never had to tweet, so.....

  • Huskylover123
    Huskylover123 Year ago

    To be fair to the ole feker it looks like his mouth dried up

  • tk fake
    tk fake Year ago

    When he gets angry ,he always speaks problem . When he was Angry, his face looks so stupid

  • Alice Sunderland
    Alice Sunderland Year ago

    Donald Trump is a Mouth-Breather. This explains his sniffing loudly when forced to breathe through his nose in public to appear normal, also his false teeth slipping during his speeches due to dry mouth and his sitting posture, head forward and round shouldered.
    Mouth breathing is essentially an incorrect form of respiration, mouth breathing can happen for a number of reasons (a deviated septum, large tonsils and some medications). One of the most common side effects of mouth breathing is an excessively dry mouth. When we breathe normally through the nose, the air we take in is warmed and moistened before it gets to our lungs. If a person has difficulty breathing through the nose, however, he or she is forced to take in cold, dry air through the mouth.
    Try this: take a quick breath in thru your nose. You will automatically sit more upright and bring the diaphragm back into the breathing pattern. Now go back to mouth breathing: right away you notice your chest and neck rise instead of belly (diaphragmatic) breathing and your posture drops back into a forward-head, rounded shoulder look - not cool and not healthy.

  • Sharon Snow
    Sharon Snow Year ago

    Hillary should have jumped on this like trump did her when she was exhausted and ill!!

  • William Kawryga
    William Kawryga Year ago

    fake president

  • Diane Morris-hill

    UK says trump not welcome and standing beside trump would be an assault on her (the Queen's) dignity, well said

  • Granny Granny
    Granny Granny Year ago

    Bad reputation & bad news.

  • Nashanta Stanley
    Nashanta Stanley Year ago +1

    Oh God, Trump's mouth is filthy nasty....UGGGHHHHH!!!!

  • Clarence Leong
    Clarence Leong Year ago

    He needs 2 Electro-pads that a doctor can just press the button for an Electro-Convulsive Therapy to make his memory clearer and stop slurring.

  • G Reb
    G Reb Year ago


  • Chima Nnadi
    Chima Nnadi Year ago

    Poor guy: he is so stressed: leave him alone

  • Windsor Castle
    Windsor Castle Year ago

    I found this hilarious

  • True Whit
    True Whit Year ago

    Hey you yo yo's at MSNBC, it's called dental work!! Num-skulls

  • Troy B
    Troy B Year ago

    Donald Trump needs more denture cream

  • Jose Gonzalez
    Jose Gonzalez Year ago

    Cocaine user ... . Can easily be seen!!

  • Boogie Loo
    Boogie Loo Year ago

    Trump is probably taking some kind of pharmaceutical drug. It's not a far stretch to think he's on some kind of benzo like Xanax or Valium - or some other type of drug.

  • Mega News
    Mega News Year ago

    Hypnosis.... Look at the man standing behind

  • Connor Morris
    Connor Morris Year ago

    1:40 Winston Churchhill slurred on his words all the time

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler Year ago +1

    MSNBC sucks .its trash news

  • Sissy
    Sissy Year ago


  • Joseph Avila
    Joseph Avila Year ago +1

    Annnnd what about Hillary Clinton's health ??? Everybody forget how she goes through episodes of seizures ??

  • Dodie L
    Dodie L Year ago

    It's like having 10 Archie Bunkers, nested like Russian dolls for a president.

  • Caili's Critters
    Caili's Critters Year ago

    LMBO! Leave it to MSNBC to turn a mere denture problem into some big bad monster!! And he IS having a physical in January. And yes, President Donald Trump has changed. He has the hardest job in the world leading this country... it's especially hard when politics stands in his way to keep the promises we the people elected him on. And if the Democrats keep it up, they're going to continue losing seats. WE THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN! GET OVER it!

  • Yata Blah
    Yata Blah Year ago

    these people are really overanalyzing this. pretty funny.

  • Yata Blah
    Yata Blah Year ago

    why don't they just say he's wearing dentures? seems obvious.

  • Lindy B.
    Lindy B. Year ago

    He did the same thing a while back but it was just a tad more subtle. No one seemed to notice it then. I thought he might have been drinking or taking a drug.

  • Richard Gagnon
    Richard Gagnon Year ago +2

    Come on you losers. He had a dry mouth. Did you hear his Florida speech just fine with his water. Cnn fake news. Pathetic

  • Jack
    Jack Year ago +2

    What's more well thought of? 1. A pile of dogshit on the front lawn. or 2. Morning Joe.

  • Jack
    Jack Year ago +1

    You have the same popularity as a pile of dog crap on your front lawn?

  • Jane Whitington
    Jane Whitington Year ago +2

    He had a lozenge in his mouth (probably has a cold or sore throat) and it momentarily got in the way, so "much ado about nothing." LOL

  • pete275
    pete275 Year ago

    he sounds like his denture is falling off, do we know if he wears fake teeth?

  • Shayan DC
    Shayan DC Year ago

    Off course he’s not fit. But that should’ve been clear a long time ago. This is just ridiculous, his mouth was probably just dry or whatever. This actually reminds me of that time Sean Hannity said of Obama: ‘I hope you enjoy your fancy mustard Mr. President.’
    Talking about this is an absolute waste of time, makes you look foolish.

  • TallyHo
    TallyHo Year ago

    Trump needed a combover in '87?!

  • Michael Miller
    Michael Miller Year ago +1

    I think Michelle kept Barry "Hussein's" balls in her purse. What a do nothing, all talk, milk toast sorry excuse as a world leader. A pitiful and long eight embarrassing years. Finally a real president and a MAN OF ACTION! Go Team Trump! MSNBC SUCKS!

  • Kenneth Sayles
    Kenneth Sayles Year ago +2

    Pathetic news...he slurs a word and they get on his case.

  • MultiArkle
    MultiArkle Year ago +2

    Complete and utter Fake News. Didn't it cross their minds he was tired..the man packs 30 hours into a day

  • Jason
    Jason Year ago +2


  • Jocelynn Schmolt
    Jocelynn Schmolt Year ago

    I told several people, nor that I am pro Hillary at all, Duri g the debate when Mr Trump said Hillary to take a physical exam, her mistake was recant with if you take a psychological exam.....really why he's still Commander in Chief seems insane

  • David Conner
    David Conner Year ago +2

    The mainstream media is no longer even bothering to try to appear objective anymore--just undiluted anti-Trump propaganda.

  • Drivn Apparel Company


  • James Utphall
    James Utphall Year ago +1

    FAKE NEWS!..... This was caused by poor fitting dentures.... and NBC knows it!

  • Kison Pyne
    Kison Pyne Year ago +1

    Dry mouth maybe?

  • Jacob .C
    Jacob .C Year ago

    They are called dentures, most old people have them. Abe Lincoln had a wooden grill people didn’t call him mentally unstable for talking weird

  • Sharon Snow
    Sharon Snow Year ago +1

    My 94 year old mother has Dementia and she makes more sense than trump does!!

  • RedRiver2011
    RedRiver2011 Year ago

    T's maliciousness makes him high as a kite. Blowing up middle east is an enormous rush for him. If he is not on meds he should be.

    BOSS FROG Year ago

    Did she just fart? She is a POS cheated on her husband to sleep with that creep next to own kids hate her and like trump!

  • Jeremy Thompson
    Jeremy Thompson Year ago +2

    Fake news!

  • Pimp Nutz
    Pimp Nutz Year ago +1

    "let us open our hearts & minds to possible & possibilities.".... lol wut

  • Duane Robb
    Duane Robb Year ago +1

    At his worst he is better than Hillary at her best.

  • ihave35cents
    ihave35cents Year ago +1

    The libs miss the 58 state okie dokie speeches.

  • ihave35cents
    ihave35cents Year ago

    He had gum in his mouth.

  • The Engineer
    The Engineer Year ago

    Trump was slurring badly. He is mentally unstable and does not have a grip on reality and then the RUSSIAN COLLUSION IS COMING TO THE PUBLIC REAL SOON!!!! Mueller is coming to a theatre to you shortly.

  • zanychelly
    zanychelly Year ago

    Health problems apart, he is right about borrowing money. In the 80s USA borrowed money from Japan... today the lender are the Brics, and it is problematic because the only USA ally in Brics is Brazil...

  • machia0705
    machia0705 Year ago

    That’s a dental problem . If not , he was having a stroke . I doubt the problem was stroke . This is ridiculous.

  • David Madrid
    David Madrid Year ago +1

    You liberal idiots are so clueless, God bless you stay that way.

  • Mrafi Yasin
    Mrafi Yasin Year ago

    The korean leader gave trump a perfect nickname. ' MENTALLY DERANGED SENILE OLD MAN. Trump cannot do anything to north korea. Like any other U.S president, trump will deviate from his country trillion dollar financial debt and created many more problems for U.S.

  • Linda S Reid
    Linda S Reid Year ago +2

    LMAO Keep crying and trying! Fake news.

  • mark haas
    mark haas Year ago

    The only Republicans coming to MSNBC and telling Joe that "Trump isn't mentally fit" are the ones whose greedy little fingers have also been caught in the cookie jar along with the Democrats'.

  • Alandria Sheffer
    Alandria Sheffer Year ago

    FAKE TEETH lol

  • Alandria Sheffer
    Alandria Sheffer Year ago

    He has implants he’s a millionaire he’s not sporting dentures looks like a mini stroke

  • Ggv Vg
    Ggv Vg Year ago

    Let's question his mental state because it turns out the Russia thing was more of a Democrat issue. Let's tell everyone he's way behind on the polls cause telling them he'll never be president didn't seem to work. The fact is people are either tired of hearing it or have seen through you hypocrites. Here's a quote from a history book 100 years from now. " The mainstream media kept resisting Trump cause they had so much to hide. Everyday they would lie to their viewers and try to convince them that he was evil. Donald didn't mind, he knew the majority understood where the real evil was. He just took it on the chin for 99ers"

  • Steven Wright
    Steven Wright Year ago

    What a bunch of partisan hacks. How do you stand to watch this immature drivel? Oh wait, I read the comments. You come here for your daily dose of Trump hate. You should all be embarrassed for yourselves. Even if President Trump was having some sort of moment, do you really believe making fun of him for it is appropriate? Do you do that to your elderly family members, too?
    I watched the entire speech, by the way. He was doing just fine until the very end. Maybe it was a denture slip, maybe a dry mouth, I have no idea. At least one of the talking heads recognized he might be hesitant to grab a drink of water after speaking for twelve minutes. But fixating on it like this is embarrassing to this show, to these people and to all of you making your snarky comments. It is quite frankly shameful.
    Did any of you resistance hacks actually watch the full speech? It was an historic moment, by the way.
    Here, your welcome.
    That's The President of the United States of America actually honoring the decision of our elected representatives from 1995, 22 years ago, keeping a promise made not only by him, but by President Clinton, President Bush and President Obama.

  • Roedy Green
    Roedy Green Year ago

    He was slurring like a drunk the whole way through. I don't think it is dentures. Trump, being so rich, would have implants to hold his teeth in place. Further loose dentures don't make that s sound. They make a baby-talk sound. It could be dementia, alzheimers, overdose of sedation medication.

  • Steve
    Steve Year ago

    Surely it's beyond any doubt that Trump isn't a suitable person to be President?

  • M W
    M W Year ago

    You can see him moving his mouth after his speech like he's trying to adjust his dentures. Still tired of him showing off his signature like he's in 3rd grade showing off a book report.

  • Mike Brown
    Mike Brown Year ago

    the man tired point blank this job is hard man

  • YouAreQuiteRight
    YouAreQuiteRight Year ago

    Where would we be without them to talk about it !
    Including especially the old man on the right with the spectacles on.

  • Tony Losia
    Tony Losia Year ago

    Reaching much or is this your next target for the next few months till you realise your WRONG again?

  • iGamerFlavor
    iGamerFlavor Year ago

    this are the people that bring us the news. they can’t figure out that he has dentures. wow 😮

  • Jack Soxman
    Jack Soxman Year ago

    Remember when the Left said that Trump would crash the economy?
    Remember when the Left predicted major job loses?
    Remember when the Left predicted the stock market would drop like a rock and your 401k would lose your retirement?
    Remember when the Left. predicted that Trump would be impeached FOR BREATHING?

  • Kyle Ranard
    Kyle Ranard Year ago +1

    Lol fake news messing with audio of Trump.

  • Mahadeo Etwaroo
    Mahadeo Etwaroo Year ago

    Did you clown notice anything wrong with hillary

  • James Williams Junior

    saying someone doesn't understand gov isn't always a bad thing considering how corrupt it is just sayin

  • Special K
    Special K Year ago

    Why is he breathing like that

  • Daniel G.
    Daniel G. Year ago

    sounds like buddy love

  • Nosson Rossman
    Nosson Rossman Year ago

    Fake fake fake news

  • M. C.
    M. C. Year ago

    "President Donald Trump Tweet Revives Questions Of Dead Intern in Joe's Office"

  • Mike Villano
    Mike Villano Year ago

    The only word he flubbed a little was the last word "States."
    These media maggots can go to h3ll.
    False prophets deserve to be stoned.
    Step up Joe.

  • wildman2
    wildman2 Year ago

    we going have peace by supporting Israel over Jerusalem this is a religious politicians need to stay away from making decision base on religion this is going bite seem like trump is trying some kind of war

  • Scott Tighe
    Scott Tighe Year ago

    LOL they really try to find anything to pick on Trump. We all have trouble speaking sometimes.

  • jamesdeansghost55

    The ending of that "speech" was bizarre as well. His rather odd step back and bow to the crowd like he was an Olympic gymnast completing his routine and acing the dismount or perhaps a child in a school talent show finishing his solo performance. Everything from his bumbling around for a bottle of water, the way he seems to speed up the tail end of the speech in an effort to wrap it up, the distressed look on his face, and the strange way he walks to the table and sits down red faced and disoriented just looked bizarre. Dry mouth, sleep deprivation, over medicated or Made In China Polygrip fail... who knows???

  • Keith Davey
    Keith Davey Year ago

    You know, I have always been a little sickened as I see Trump close hos mouth and sniff during speaking.
    You may remember he sounded like a Coke Addict in some of his debate comments.
    Now I am wondering if those sickening gestures are him trying to use his tongue to put his top dentures back in alignment. is there any proof that Trump has Dentures?

  • kaiatribe
    kaiatribe Year ago

    He sounds like he's completely drunk..

  • Deb Norton
    Deb Norton Year ago

    He appears drunk, there is something very wrong with tRump

  • David Puchtell
    David Puchtell Year ago

    Go Trump, even with the slur he’s still better than the last so called president!!

  • archie leach
    archie leach Year ago

    o m g! msnbc get over it!

  • gail koch
    gail koch Year ago

    So did Obama when he was giving a recent speech in China about the Paris Climate Agreement. He... was... struggling... for... words... in... his, ah, statements to, ah, the... people there. Same thing. Was he having a stroke? Maybe. Why was he there, anyway? Why didn't he encourage China, biggest contributor of pollutants in the world right now, to do THEIR part. We are the LEAST contributor of pollutants. We ARE leading by example. Why isn't Obama commeding the U.S. and encouraging CHINA to do it like the U.S.?

    • gail koch
      gail koch Year ago

      Commending the U.S., that is.