Trying Loren Gray's Workout & Diet For A Week!

  • Published on Jul 31, 2018
  • I tried Loren Gray's diet & workout routine for a week! Wait til the end to see if I lost weight! I love you all so much! Be sure to subscribe & join the family!
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  • Arctic Wolf
    Arctic Wolf 6 days ago

    I weigh more than Brianna 😭

  • Josie Ortiz
    Josie Ortiz 6 days ago

    You never ate hot cheetos?!

  • Maria Salmeron
    Maria Salmeron 8 days ago

    That looked so heard

  • Maria Salmeron
    Maria Salmeron 8 days ago

    I think you louse waght

  • Star Sanders
    Star Sanders 9 days ago

    I have a question, can I ride my bike for 5 miles? I really enjoy riding bikes soooooo.

  • seemat1904
    seemat1904 9 days ago

    Are egos the same as waffles

  • Paige dapegasus
    Paige dapegasus 10 days ago

    I LOVE like LOVE your hair

  • Aleahh
    Aleahh 12 days ago

    Your name reminds me of Bianca renee (another TVclipr)

  • piperrockellefan : page101


  • Camilla Filzi
    Camilla Filzi 15 days ago +1

    so she eats a mess and then workout

  • vicky juneau
    vicky juneau 21 day ago +1

    When you are younger than her and weight more😢

  • Xoxo reborn babydoll Gaming girl

    You look like mia

  • Jennifer Van de Linde
    Jennifer Van de Linde 24 days ago

    Why are her videos literally 2014 beauty gurus


    wtf was that dance? SKSJSKSJKSKK

  • Ava Bessant
    Ava Bessant Month ago +1

    If you're looking for a dance to follow and just to use to workout to I really recommend *DANCE MARSHALL* he has really cool and funky dances and it's really fun!

  • laline 44
    laline 44 Month ago

    Omg loren body like barbie !! 😍💗💗 .

  • Mitsuki Lawern
    Mitsuki Lawern Month ago

    Please, do more 🙂 This motivates me a lot.

  • Chrisentia Ui-Nuses


  • Society Blues BTS
    Society Blues BTS Month ago

    Is the workout focused on making the legs slim or built?

  • Alice Misfit
    Alice Misfit Month ago

    I just hate everything you ate even the coffee (I'm alsmost 21 and never drank a single cup of coffee) guess I will never be loren lol

  • Safa Mati
    Safa Mati 2 months ago

    You are beautiful ❤❤

  • Chimmy Jiminie
    Chimmy Jiminie 2 months ago

    Does the repeat x2 apply to the warm up?

  • Bella Carrasco
    Bella Carrasco 2 months ago

    Wow this cringy

  • Spencer Mcconnell
    Spencer Mcconnell 2 months ago

    Notice how she did her hair styles

  • Deborah Dutra
    Deborah Dutra 2 months ago

    I’m going to try it because I am Lauren

  • Deborah Dutra
    Deborah Dutra 2 months ago

    That syrup looks liquidy not trying to hate

  • Erin Grace
    Erin Grace 2 months ago

    She has the cutest workout clothes🤣🤣❤️❤️❤️

  • Space Potato
    Space Potato 2 months ago

    She hasn't worked out for 1yr yet she still has abs ??!?!?!??!!!????

  • Ha Vy Nguyen
    Ha Vy Nguyen 2 months ago

    you are the best!!!!!!!!

  • My World
    My World 2 months ago

    I think I like this because I’m eating pineapple with a spork

  • Vanessa Banuelos
    Vanessa Banuelos 2 months ago

    Gurl u never have had hot cheetos🤯

  • sasha duzz
    sasha duzz 2 months ago

    8:36 on Wednesday’s we wear pink

  • Kate Taddiken
    Kate Taddiken 2 months ago

    What song is that

  • connie magee
    connie magee 2 months ago

    for lent i’m going vegan and I’m only drinking water 💦🍉🍍

  • Hallie Williamson
    Hallie Williamson 2 months ago

    1:00 124 lbs!!!! I’m 11 and I weigh more! Ugggghhhhhh

  • Ashley Martinez
    Ashley Martinez 2 months ago

    I Sam sorry but this is bothering me she is working out and then eating junk food like I don’t understand you are just adding back the calories you just lost like if Loren does this I don’t know how she stays skinny because I do workouts everyday and eat nothing after that I do it at night and then when I wake up I eat oatmeal and tons of healthy stuff and it really works.

  • Nur Isha Qaisara
    Nur Isha Qaisara 2 months ago

    Im actually doing this and other exercises because my swimming is on 30 April and its for my normal school and I have a swimming suit but it can see my boobs and im scared boys will see so i am working out! :)

  • Charlotte Vina
    Charlotte Vina 2 months ago

    Wow where is your camo top from at 9:20 ? LOVE IT

  • Problem Child
    Problem Child 2 months ago

    124 pounds?!? I wish

  • Beena Singh
    Beena Singh 2 months ago

    8: 12 oh my

  • Denise Williams
    Denise Williams 2 months ago

    Omg I get the same thing from Starbucks!!!!

    GABBIE’S GOO! 2 months ago

    Brianna you are so pretty and inspiring to me!!! Keep making amazing videos!! DONT LISTEN TO THE HATERS #ugogirl❤️

  • Carola Selberg
    Carola Selberg 2 months ago


  • Alissa Smith
    Alissa Smith 2 months ago


    **stranger things flashbacks**

  • Clodagh Pooke
    Clodagh Pooke 2 months ago

    I know where she got the chicken balls

  • fit & healthy
    fit & healthy 2 months ago

    Dud this is amazing ! Just for your healthy buy now it’s realy owesome

  • XxSports elitexX
    XxSports elitexX 2 months ago

    I luv how open she is about her life


  • Idc I use this cause I can

    Omg I got the same trainers lol 😂🤣😂

  • Quenns_leli _com
    Quenns_leli _com 2 months ago

    What did you put you put the smoothie?

  • lisa henry
    lisa henry 2 months ago

    plank for a min try 2 min and if you do it wrong or drop you start over

  • Eli’s Cool Channel
    Eli’s Cool Channel 2 months ago

    *watches while eating potato chips and oreos*

  • Jules Garcia
    Jules Garcia 2 months ago

    I way more than her and im half her age

  • Brit
    Brit 3 months ago

    that is an insane amount of syrup lol

  • Dawn__Celestine__
    Dawn__Celestine__ 3 months ago

    6:00 thank you for the idea😊😘. I didn't think about that one .

  • Isabella Chen
    Isabella Chen 3 months ago +2

    hehe kinda sort of hated this and its legit just"Lauren Laruen Lauren hehehehehehe omg this like looks so hard whine whine whine"

  • Vanessa Vasquez
    Vanessa Vasquez 3 months ago

    Where do you get your leggings from? I know weird question XD

  • Athena Liora
    Athena Liora 3 months ago +1

    “I AM LOREN”

  • sophia grant
    sophia grant 3 months ago

    I love the caramel macchiato it’s delish

  • Aaliyah Campbell
    Aaliyah Campbell 3 months ago

    You should do more vids like this

  • killuminati MSP
    killuminati MSP 3 months ago

    4:17 literally me

  • Emma Willingham
    Emma Willingham 3 months ago

    There is no way she has never tried hot Cheetos before

  • Emma Willingham
    Emma Willingham 3 months ago

    Brianna so cute because she has chubby cheeks and she reminds me of a little chickmunk

  • livy Playz
    livy Playz 3 months ago

    Love the hair in the in intro

  • Milly Foley
    Milly Foley 3 months ago

    you are alrdeady skinny!!!

  • ivy
    ivy 3 months ago

    Bri Your Body Is Killin N Amazing

  • Hannah Otton
    Hannah Otton 3 months ago

    Love your channel!

  • Liza Mihaylova
    Liza Mihaylova 3 months ago

    eggos , am i the one who remembered stranger things)

  • Júlia Araújo
    Júlia Araújo 3 months ago

    u kinda look like her

  • shahd mohey
    shahd mohey 3 months ago

    5likes and I will start diet💗

  • Kylee Whiteside
    Kylee Whiteside 3 months ago

    Sweetie, you did the entire cardio workout for a warm-up. She meant the jumping rope was a warm-up, and the other 2 were the workout

  • reject 6
    reject 6 3 months ago +1

    And a ice cream add comes up before the video 🤣

  • Lily Skye
    Lily Skye 3 months ago

    I followed along and did it this is my routine now

  • Christina Carrier
    Christina Carrier 3 months ago

    “ah WOW that’s A LOT of maple syrup... oh wow she’s still pouring.. wow STILL POURING??”

  • Rabel Zara
    Rabel Zara 3 months ago

    Wh dont u colas with anyone

  • Cartooniee 220
    Cartooniee 220 4 months ago

    Why do you look like Mia stammer so much?

  • claire bailey
    claire bailey 4 months ago

    she practically drowned her eggos

  • Dish Soap
    Dish Soap 4 months ago

    its easier for loren to eat a burger and then workout just like the burger never happened but to someone who isn't as skinny as she is it can be a little difficult lol rip

  • kawaii kitty
    kawaii kitty 4 months ago

    25 squats
    15 linges
    20 brides
    30 donky kicks
    20 doggy hipes
    20 squat pulses
    20 lunge

  • Sarah Garay
    Sarah Garay 4 months ago

    i did 25 of those squats and now my legs are in pain. My left legs is okay after 2 days but my right leg is still aching. DEAR GOD SOMEONE HHHHHEEEEEEELLLLLLLLPPPPPPP MMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marie Brigman
    Marie Brigman 4 months ago

    The warm up sksksks

  • flora. fior
    flora. fior 4 months ago +1

    Eggos give me eleven vibes so badly

  • Lydia Sium
    Lydia Sium 4 months ago

    U look like Cathy Kelley😂😂

  • LpsPreciousCharms
    LpsPreciousCharms 4 months ago

    this vid sorted creeped me out anyone else

  • Addison Brueggeman
    Addison Brueggeman 4 months ago


  • lit_galexy_Cookie
    lit_galexy_Cookie 4 months ago

    ... maybe u should search up Loren’s food she ate for working out

  • Alvina Melnik
    Alvina Melnik 4 months ago

    you look so much like mamamiamakeup

  • Kristen Walters
    Kristen Walters 4 months ago

    How is she not anorexic? Does loren do that workout everyday?

  • italian belieber
    italian belieber 4 months ago

    this isn’t even a diet lol

  • Mischievous spaghetti
    Mischievous spaghetti 4 months ago

    You’re already in shape before the diet

    I’m a potato

  • drama and tea
    drama and tea 4 months ago

    I literally am watching an Emma Chamberlain ad 😂😂

  • Deathly .A
    Deathly .A 4 months ago +2

    Thats the least healthy dist i have ever seen that Starbucks drink probably has like 500calories in it so does that maple syrup

    Also how is that an intense workout. Im younger than you and i do 5times harder workout than that.
    Also dont take this the wrong way im totally not hating butt that pineapple has loads of added sugar

    Ya i know loads about diet

    • Isabel Teixeira
      Isabel Teixeira 3 months ago +1

      Stop being rude ,besides you didn't even answer what she asked ,so you are the dumb idiot here

    • Deathly .A
      Deathly .A 4 months ago

      Grace__ Elsa you’re actually the dumbest person I’ve ever heard of but seriously that is pineapple from a can pineapple from a can has sugar and sugar and sugar and just full of syrup there is nothing good okay I’ll see about it like shut up and go away. Ur probs like 9 and know nothing about health. Take it from a person with previous eating disorders i read everything on the food labels. Idiot 🤦🏻‍♀️

    • Grace__ Elsa
      Grace__ Elsa 4 months ago

      Deathly .A first of all I would like to know what your so called “intense workout” is and second of all pineapple has NATURAL sugar. and calories Don’t really matter as much. plus Loren is young and doesn’t have a strict diet which is great for someone her age

  • Luck Nasser
    Luck Nasser 4 months ago

    Lmao, more than half of the things you ate, were NOT healthy 😂😂

  • Vanessness
    Vanessness 4 months ago

    4:23 is me

  • Sarah N
    Sarah N 4 months ago

    Please do a that hairstyle tutorial xx 💋

  • claudia x
    claudia x 4 months ago +116

    That workout means nothing to Loren if she just eats unhealthy lol

    • i died
      i died 3 months ago +1

      +lova martinez working out for 1 or 2 hours would barely burn the calories of a single burger. It doesn't burn that much

    • lova martinez
      lova martinez 3 months ago

      because you work off what you eat😂

    • i died
      i died 3 months ago


    • claudia x
      claudia x 4 months ago +13

      ckima coz sometimes it just be like that 😂

  • Anna Smith
    Anna Smith 4 months ago +18

    If I did this I would do Monday:runs for 3 miles
    Tuesday:runs for 2 miles


    Hi can I get a order if 20 mc nuggets

  • savana saumure
    savana saumure 4 months ago

    Well you most likely lost weith but just got muscle because muscle weise more so that's why you didn't see really that much of a difference

  • The ROBLOX Unicorn
    The ROBLOX Unicorn 4 months ago

    I watched just Monday and I was like “ that was a lot of work at least she’s done”,then I realized she has to do it for 6 more days💀💀

  • Johan Sunnberg
    Johan Sunnberg 4 months ago +1

    Girl doing the workout and the preworkout and you look great so good for you

  • Layla
    Layla 4 months ago

    You remind me so much of Mia stammer