Solitaire Chess - Logic puzzles based on the rules of Chess

  • Published on Jan 13, 2011
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    Solitaire Chess is a single-player logic puzzle that uses the rules of Chess to exercise your noodle. To play, choose one of the 60 challenge cards which will illustrate how to arrange the pieces on the 4x4 game board. You must then capture a piece on every move until only one remains.
    Stow the 10 included pieces in the slide-out compartment underneath the game board for on-the-go puzzling. The instruction manual includes three hints for each of the challenges which range in difficulty from beginner to expert. Ages 8+.
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Comments • 713

  • I’m a gacha BANANA

    My ad was chess 😱😱😱😱😱

  • ninja rayeed
    ninja rayeed 9 days ago

    What the fuck is that girl doing? You can't eliminate/cut the must surround it!!

  • Der Judenpharao
    Der Judenpharao 11 days ago

    This Girl with Yoda...
    I have a little crush on her, a little big nerd crush.

  • Not-big-bird
    Not-big-bird 14 days ago

    So basically if your lonely you need this?

  • BwthyBee
    BwthyBee 19 days ago

    1 man chess

  • Alex Liu
    Alex Liu 21 day ago

    This is like marble race

  • Aria -kun
    Aria -kun 27 days ago +2

    0:13 do you when know how to play chess

  • Seanie Kelly
    Seanie Kelly Month ago

    So there's solitaire chess regular chess and three man chess now make four man chess

  • Gacha girls
    Gacha girls Month ago +1

    0:58 a pawn can only capture sideways

  • GachaLuv YT
    GachaLuv YT Month ago +2

    I’ve seen a game like this online, but it's rock paper scissors. Rock is King, paper is rook, and scissors is Bishop.
    Rock can only get scissors, scissors can only get Paper, and paper only gets rock

  • Anime Animation
    Anime Animation 2 months ago

    Is it just me or am I wondering why he didn’t lock the Beth room door or toilet

  • Mandy Paul
    Mandy Paul 2 months ago +1


  • Rasyiq M Hanif
    Rasyiq M Hanif 2 months ago

    Who else came from 3 man's chess?

  • [GD] Blitskrieg
    [GD] Blitskrieg 3 months ago

    Its cool but...

    Does it have a bottle opener?

  • fati mah
    fati mah 3 months ago

    Its good for beginner cayse it helps in learning how each piece moves.

  • PotatoenIsBad
    PotatoenIsBad 3 months ago

    But is it made in the usa and dishwasher safe?

  • ActualAdam
    ActualAdam 3 months ago

    0:15 did she literally take a king...


  • Garrett's Corner
    Garrett's Corner 3 months ago

    **about to solve it but car lurks forward** AHHHHHHHHHHH**megalovania plays** people in the back with me: He has gone sans mode

  • Brayden Qi
    Brayden Qi 4 months ago

    Isn't this on

  • Maxwell Hannan
    Maxwell Hannan 4 months ago

    0:16 just to see it from time to time

  • Rob York
    Rob York 4 months ago

    This is a app

  • Doing Something Different

    You can play this on now! It's called Solo Chess

  • Idk what to name this
    Idk what to name this 4 months ago

    It’s $20

  • Milo Fahey
    Milo Fahey 4 months ago

    Are you saying all nerds wear glasses

  • Jack Feelic
    Jack Feelic 4 months ago


  • Xyreme Xurpreme
    Xyreme Xurpreme 4 months ago

    My friend has this so I can practice

  • Saket Medhekar
    Saket Medhekar 4 months ago +1

    It seems easy.there are only 16 squares and you can easily rule out the wrong moves. Good learning for beginners though.

  • Miss Potato
    Miss Potato 4 months ago


  • Sushil Thomas
    Sushil Thomas 4 months ago

    ‘’Not such young pad uh” the best part probably

  • Angel's Random Vids
    Angel's Random Vids 5 months ago +1

    0:17 LOL 😂😂😂

  • coders22
    coders22 5 months ago

    1:11 there is actually 60 of them

  • Josh Fung
    Josh Fung 5 months ago

    you can't capture the king!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OVALAO E.X.E 5 months ago

    Uhhhh that gurl unfair from dah beginning
    The king was on check not check *MATE*

  • Skvader 418
    Skvader 418 6 months ago

    Spider solitaire chess


    hi again yt

  • Sabasjon Production
    Sabasjon Production 6 months ago

    Finally a game I can play without friends

  • Bách Lâm
    Bách Lâm 7 months ago

    I never get to buy anything in this channel bc they’re expensive as f if the $ were to be exchanged to our money currency ;-;

  • Beavinator
    Beavinator 7 months ago

    solitare but the cards have chess pieces? oh wait...

  • Huntter2323
    Huntter2323 7 months ago

    why not just chess puzzles you know, its fun and at a certain extent , painful

  • Aria Febrian
    Aria Febrian 7 months ago +1

    Mom:hurry up darling you say we gonna go to the beach in this summer
    Me:wait mom until i finish this last expert level

  • Dr. L
    Dr. L 8 months ago

    This is a complete ripoff! You get such puzzles online for free! Or in any chess software! Those are basic chess training puzzles! DONT BUY THIS PRODUCT

  • Joe Militello
    Joe Militello 8 months ago

    finally a game for me! *I have no friends*

  • Hector Guo
    Hector Guo 8 months ago

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  • Object Fan BFB
    Object Fan BFB 9 months ago

    And now we have solo chess on

  • Witthawin Waemama
    Witthawin Waemama 9 months ago

    IQ of 3 thousand

  • Savage Spy1502
    Savage Spy1502 9 months ago

    I like the ending

  • Zap Tap
    Zap Tap 9 months ago

    Thankyou for making one man chess because i said on the three man chess pls make 1 man chess because I’m lonely

  • Doggo Luver
    Doggo Luver 10 months ago

    make it harder for yourself by having to move all the pieces

  • Mr.Htuber :P
    Mr.Htuber :P 10 months ago +2

    Finally, I can play a strategy game!
    I have no friends...

    hElP mE...

  • kumari bangaru
    kumari bangaru 10 months ago

    Solitaire chess vs khet = the laser game

  • Noahtingo1
    Noahtingo1 10 months ago

    I want it now so give it to me now or i will kill you

  • Matthias
    Matthias 10 months ago

    yeee, i finally can stop renting friends for my games

  • Typical Commenter
    Typical Commenter 11 months ago

    Everyone is talking about her capturing the king, but is no one going to talk about how utterly stupid the position was there? Just pawn development and no major/minor piece development besides a queen, while the other side remains with two bishops and a pawn. This is highly unlikely to happen even against some of the worst players in existence. Not to mention they also refer to, "an opponent who knows what the Torre Attack is," before showing this clip.

  • Emiliano Lopez
    Emiliano Lopez 11 months ago

    M u C h T o L e A r N y O u S t I l l h A vE

  • KourFoxPlayz19 Hablero
    KourFoxPlayz19 Hablero 11 months ago

    Can you also make just a chess like that two vat19.

  • Emmanuel Allan So
    Emmanuel Allan So 11 months ago

    That girl cheated she dint say check

  • plant person
    plant person Year ago

    Is vat19 broke #vat19broke

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    Modern Chess Year ago

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  • Flarplepuff
    Flarplepuff Year ago

    Why are you not playing with checkmate

  • TexasGTO
    TexasGTO Year ago +1

    I'd bang that yoda "nerd" girl any day. HMU!

  • Drus 13
    Drus 13 Year ago

    0:43 Recommend that u put it under the glass

  • PoWeR
    PoWeR Year ago

    Does it have a bottle opener

  • Putri Nathirah
    Putri Nathirah Year ago

    The new Yoda in * click *

  • Eliana Correia
    Eliana Correia Year ago

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  • Jeb Rondale
    Jeb Rondale Year ago is the best chess book I have ever read before, by a 160 IQ genius who went from beginner to professional and IM in 4 years. I think that's the fastest ever recorded. Great read on his approach to learning and chess. Applying Logic in Chess fits in nicely with this video. Solve logic based puzzles based in chess :D

  • Reyon88
    Reyon88 Year ago

    dis like 'chess for amerikanskis'

  • What
    What Year ago

    i Just got A Chess Ad while Watching a Chess Video XD

  • Firestorm Matteo
    Firestorm Matteo Year ago

    This game was awesome for me I bought it and it was really good

  • TheXJay42Guy
    TheXJay42Guy Year ago +1


  • wii music intensifies

    1:38 nah fuck you

  • wii music intensifies cool but sometimes its hard to find a friend it is hard but don't bust into a bathroom to find a friend

  • rob richards
    rob richards Year ago


  • Shuantell LauA
    Shuantell LauA Year ago

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  • MeatballMountain
    MeatballMountain Year ago

    This will make u the toru person

  • Borjão Xadrez
    Borjão Xadrez Year ago

    Useless. Just go play online.