Fox News host goes after Robert Mueller

  • Published on Dec 8, 2017
  • CNN's Brian Stelter and Don Lemon discuss Sean Hannity's criticism of special counsel Robert Mueller and whether or not conservative media is looking to discredit Mueller.

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  • Boost Mobile 1059
    Boost Mobile 1059 Month ago

    Fox News is not spreading poison. CNN is spreading all poison with their fake news and dipshit reporters Don Lemon and Wolf Blitzer. Go to hell CNN.

  • Boost Mobile 1059
    Boost Mobile 1059 Month ago

    I'll tell you whats embarrassing, the CNN network and don lemon. Fake news.

  • TennesseeDouglas
    TennesseeDouglas 3 months ago

    Just to put things into perspective and because it's worth remembering.

    Robert Mueller is a Vietnam veteran, Bronze Star and Purple heart, he served 12 years as FBI director, first nominated by Georges W Bush, and senate confirmed unanimously 98-0 in 2001, and confirmed by the senate again in 2011 100-0. Yes, 100-0.

    And this guy would be orchestrating a cover up of what? It's ridiculous.

    Comey was also senate confirmed, 93-1, only opposition being Rand Paul. And Comey's career of public service is also outstanding.

    In fact during the Bush presidency both Mueller and Comey, at the time respectively FBI director and deputy AG stood up against the NSA warrantless domestic wiretaps that were proposed in the fallout of 9/11.

    And Peter Strzok, 22 years in the FBI, lead agent on the "Operation Ghost Stories", the counter intelligence investigation that lead to the movies 'The Americans' where they tracked a couple of Russian spies trying to infiltrate the US. Strzok later rose to the head of the counter intelligence division of the FBI.

    The guys Trump is trying to attack are outstanding public servants.

    Even if you discard everything else and just look at the people, I know who I'd rather side with.

  • Jane Dough
    Jane Dough 3 months ago

    lol @ Bob Mueller (and Cnn)

  • Jake K
    Jake K 4 months ago

    CNN Is so full of shit

  • Bradley
    Bradley 6 months ago

    Hillarious that Trump says CNN is fake news and all that when it wasn't too long ago in the distant past, like 1980s or something that Trump wanted to invest money in CNN and wanted to build properties arou that area because CNN was there. I guess that was back when Trump was a democrat, or was he still republican even back then. Why was Trump ever even a democrat anyway if he hates us so much? Did the democrats not embrace him or kiss his ass the way he wanted?

  • Jason Laguana
    Jason Laguana 6 months ago

    Welcome to AmeriKKKa #fake45

  • Superman 007
    Superman 007 6 months ago

    Why the fuck is Jason Miller is not in jail for spiking his mistress drink so she will abort his baby out of wedlock.

  • Joseph DuPont
    Joseph DuPont 8 months ago

    Robert Muller makes Joseph McCarthy look like a boy scout. And McCarthy and Nixon were pretty much on target as USSR documents proved. It turns out that Joseph McCarthy was close to the truth than you might want to believe and that Nixon also ferreted out some Commies in our government. Today the CIA, FBI , Justice Department are looking for Commies and destroying lives for nothing. Hell John Brennan voted for the Communist Gus Hall and the CIA took him in. While in High School Val Gould visited our schools and hundreds of other schools to give a heads up on commies. in the 80's Sen. Edward Kennedy colluded with the Soviet Union to try to change the election results of Ronald Reagan's second term!!! Hello. But our CIA controlled media won't all the media to bring that up. So how actually is running our country? I'd really like to know.

  • eddie corbette
    eddie corbette 10 months ago


    • zivkovicable
      zivkovicable 9 months ago

      Bob Mueller is no joke. - Conservative Republican. A graduate of Princeton University, Mueller served as a Marine Corps officer during the Vietnam War, receiving the Bronze Star Medal with Combat "V" for heroism and the Purple Heart Medal.
      Now compare that to the military record of your joke of a President. Or how about your own?

  • Joanne Morris
    Joanne Morris 11 months ago

    I'll stay with the real news CNN

  • Joanne Morris
    Joanne Morris 11 months ago

    I took some time this week to wstch other stations and i was pleased with msnbc but when i watched fox I felt was disgusting how are they allowed to push that kind of crap on people ?it's lies and disturbing.

  • Scott Short
    Scott Short Year ago

    There's absolutely no evidence out there that Trump colluded with the Russians

    except the Manafort and Gates thing
    and the Flynn thing
    and the Steve Bannon "This is all about money laundering,” “[Mueller’s] path to fucking Trump goes right through Paul Manafort, Don Jr. and Jared Kushner … It goes through Deutsche Bank and all the Kushner shit.” thing
    and the Papadopoulos pleading guilty thing
    and the sizable gift to Trump from Russian billionaire Aras Agalarov a day after the Russian meeting in Trump Tower thing
    And the Manafort group draining money from Ukraines government scandal thing
    and the NRA spent $30 million from the Russians to get Trump elected thing
    and the Roger Stone thing
    and the missing suspicious activity reports (SARs) pertaining to Cohen's financial actions from the Treasury Department's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network thing
    and the Kushner/Russia secret backchannel thing
    and the Carter Page thing
    and the Jeff Sessions lying to Congress about Russia meetings thing
    and the Wilbur Ross thing
    and the JD Gordon thing
    and the Erik Prince thing
    and the James Comey firing thing
    and the Russian hacking/Wikileaks thing
    and the "Russia, if you can find those Hillary emails", thing
    and the bro-love between Trump Putin thing
    and the Trump "I have zero ties to Russia!" thing
    and the Eric Trump "we get most of our financing from Russian bank thing"
    and the Donald Trump Jr. "our portfolio is made up of a disproportionate amount of Russian money" thing
    and the DJT "I sold a $40 million dollar mansion to a Russian oligarch known for money laundering for $100 million that he never lived in" thing
    and the Trump business ties with Putin's favorite sports athlete Fedor Emelianenko thing
    and the Trump International Corporation's mysterious private server connectioin to Alfa Bank, Russia's largest commercial bank thing
    and the Special prosecutor being named thing
    and the I won't release my tax returns thing
    and the Ivanka Trump vacationing with Putin's girlfriend thing
    and the 2013 Miss Universe Pageant in Moscow thing
    and the Trump companies business ties to Felix Sater, a criminal felon indicted for stock fraud scheme with the Russian mafia thing
    and the FL Group Icelandic hedge fund with massive ties to Putin being heavily invested in Trump Soho thing
    and the Rex Tillerson/Exxon ties to Russia thing
    and the Russian ambassador at Trump Tower sneaking in and out thing
    and the Trump not imposing a single sanction against Russia that was passed by a near-unanimous Congress thing
    and the trying to fire Mueller thing
    and the Donald Jr. meeting in Trump Tower for "adoption of Russian children" thing
    and the Trump and Russian meeting in the White House with only Russian media present thing
    and the 13 Russians and several companies being indicted thing
    and the Trump, Hannity, and Cohen hush money thing
    and the Russian Viktor Vekselberg, chairman of Renova Group, making payments over 1 million dollars to Trump's personal lawyer thing
    and the Oleg Deripaska business ties to former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort thing
    and the Trumps campaign lawyer Alex Van der Zwaan, the son in law of Russian billionaire German Khan owner of Alpha Group sent to prison thing
    Other than that and a whole lot more, there's absolutely no reason to suspect anything....

  • dreadnaught90
    dreadnaught90 Year ago

    Hilarious. A third rate TV clown who has the audacity to challenge the integrity of someone like Robert Mueller.

  • Random Ness
    Random Ness Year ago

    We don't just watch Fox News all the time in Alabama Lemon. We have to see what you Liberals are up to.

  • Funky Chicken
    Funky Chicken Year ago

    Mueller is a Republican Hannity you fat fuck.

  • enough is enough
    enough is enough Year ago

    Hey miller you stay outta the sun this summer. you might be mistaken for a Mexican and be sent back to Mexico.

    WADA FAKA Year ago

    CNN is clearly in a panic mode........LOL

  • aprinc1960
    aprinc1960 Year ago

    Fox News depends on their gullible viewing audience to listen to their number one agenda of conservative right-wing propaganda on a 24-hour basis. Their number one gullible useful idiot is, you guessed it, Trump the Orange Clown, America's Number One Traitor!

  • 12schoolies
    12schoolies Year ago

    Mr Miller the FBI are not the KGB! Trump is closer to the KGB!

  • 12schoolies
    12schoolies Year ago

    Trump asked Hannity to after Mueller so he came up with the Mueller Crime Family! Hannity needs to realize the crime family is headed by Trump! Hannity is un American and is aiding a dictator in waiting, Trump. He should be arrested for sedition!

  • great outdoors
    great outdoors Year ago

    Thank you Jesus for showing Trump followers how immoral and disgusting he truly is.

  • Duke Stehm
    Duke Stehm Year ago

    Mr.Lemon,..I am certainly no fan of yours due to your biased approach...concerning this weasel hunt..If you were objective I think ya just might make it as a journalist...These weasels all former fbi big wigs are looking so much into Pres.Trumps collusion..I have to say...or ask..Did not hildabeast collude with the dnc = No investigation, nor has any of her co conspirators been indicted..Did she lie under oath to congress.. concerning benghazi..YES..No indictmen....Her uranium deal,No indictment..her lies that all her emails were turned over to fbi..LIE,...No indictment..Possesing classified info,on a private server...No indictment..Cleared by weasel comey before her interrogation,or interview...No indictment on weasel comey, for any wrong doing...Bill clinton,and attorney gen..meeting privately..No indictmen on atty gen..for meeting a person whos spouse is a subject under investigation..No indictment..Obama trading with enemies of this country...without approval...Mueller is only seeking Trumps people,..Yet he and weasel comey were on the same team,and both knew about the uranium deal...Not approved by congress..Why is it mr lemon, you never seem to ask or metion anything about hildabeast inc.and her collusions...and why no investigation is being conducted against it true that cnn means clinton news network..

  • janetmillsrice
    janetmillsrice Year ago

    Robert Mueller was Hillary Clinton's uranium mule, carrying uranium to Georgia for the Russians in a secret plane-side meeting in 2009.
    Mueller is a joke with no honor. he has been sucking up Hillary's crap for 30 years. remember this: Robert Mueller was Hillary Clinton's uranium mule, carrying uranium to Georgia for the Russians in a secret plane-side meeting in 2009. I do not know how much she paid him for that or if she got the taxpayers to pay for that trip.

  • Allan Simoes
    Allan Simoes Year ago

    Is not Rupert Murdoch of hebrew origin & a Lackey of the Lackey Rockefeller? Miachel

  • 6packter
    6packter Year ago

    so gossipy, juicy, like your lipstix, Don

  • The Truth
    The Truth Year ago

    With good reason. Mueller gets results by going after innocent people ruining there lives. Case in point. The anthrax case falsely accusing Robert Hatfill. Hatfill sued the government and won close to $6 million dollars.

  • Dave D
    Dave D Year ago

    Ralph Peters, a retired Lt. Col. for the army and until recently a Fox News strategic analyst, decided to leave his post at the station after finally having a moment of clarity. Today, I feel that Fox News is assaulting our constitutional order and the rule of law, while fostering corrosive and unjustified paranoia among viewers," a mere propaganda machine for a destructive and ethically ruinous administration."

  • Dave D
    Dave D Year ago

    Fox along with trump , the republican party and putin are the "deep state conspiracy"they keep talking about .they are attacking Americans and American institutions trying to isolate America while protecting putin

  • 777jakman
    777jakman Year ago

    My God Sean Hannity is so pathetic. I wish that people that actually can stomach watching him could read the small print. That he is an opinion host not a news journalist. And his show is not a show with new stories it's his opinion and his opinion show. He admits he is not a journalist and does not do journalistic stories. The entire show and most of Fox News are just opinion host doing stories on their opinions and what their opinion is about certain situations. You want to talk about some bias fucking fake news. Look it up if any crazy Fox News nuts don't believe me. It's insane what Sean Hannity is doing right now is dividing the country by lying I'm turning the country against the FBI. Just because he likes Donald Trump's tiny dick in his ass doesn't mean he has to be a complete worthless American. But he's just so good at it

  • Richard Kennady
    Richard Kennady Year ago

    Hey Asha, We know the FBI is left of everything. They all need to be vetted and let go. Mueller is a turncoat he hates for personal reasons Trump and is way biased. Brian SHUT UP you dont even make sense..... Hey Don wake the fuck up, there are no journalists, the divide is too wide. Oh yes keep defending Blow Job Bill.......Jason speaking some Don is ripping him, cutting off, ending early, bias bashing......CNN FAKE NEWS as usual.

  • Trap
    Trap Year ago

    "This witch hunt makes me think that Trump has been absolutely right all along. When you take power from the Washington elite, they will go after you."..

  • Chris Ashcroft
    Chris Ashcroft Year ago

    Hannity is what's left when you trade your soul and backbone for cash. Just waiting for Fox to call for violence against the left. It will happen.

  • Boom Playboi
    Boom Playboi Year ago

    With all the shit that has been proven, lets figure this libatards shit out first.. cnn hypocrites baby, safe place., cant figure out if you have penis or vagina. Unmoral piece of crap libatards.

  • abel hawkins
    abel hawkins Year ago

    Sean Hannity is a traitor. Deport him to Siberia

  • Jerry M
    Jerry M Year ago

    I love watching Fox say these things knowing that their viewers believe everything they say and won't check things out to make sure it's true, that's why they say it! And Jason Millers face looks like a hairy pussy and he is a disgrace for his constant automatic defense of Trump but of course he is paid to to come on TV to do do these things.

  • robert walton
    robert walton Year ago

    Another Trump tool/dickhead that CNN gives a voice to assume the role that Gorka had before he was dumped. He even has the same appearance...don't tell me that wasn't deliberate. These clowns don't realise that their role is that of the village idiot or if they do, they don't mind because they hope that their 15 minutes of fame will attract Trump's attention and he'll hire them for some post in his entourage that pays better than being a wanker for hire. None so blind as those who WILL not see.

  • Muhammad Nimji
    Muhammad Nimji Year ago

    Muller has brought about a Banana Republic? Does it not start from the very top? Lots of examples in the world! Zimbabwe, Sudan, Pakistan and the list goes on. Sean Hannity is way off as usual. Fox news creates hysteria on issues that are negative of Trump. Remember the memo issue? That was a real farce by fox news! Fell flat on their faces!!

  • SuperUbermensch
    SuperUbermensch Year ago

    Sean 'The Pawn' Hannity is acting as a willing tool of the Russians.

  • TakeTheRedOne1st
    TakeTheRedOne1st Year ago +2

    If I were under investigation for anything I didn't do, I wouldn't care. I've never done anything illegal and have nothing to hide. If anything, I would want them to take their time investigating me, that way they could dig their deepest and when everything came back good there would be no possible doubt of my innocence. It blows my mind how many people lack common sense. Trump doesn't want to be investigated so common sense tells you there's a reason why, he is hiding something and that is for sure.

    DANI SMITH Year ago

    Sean Hannity is nothing but a SUPER ASS KISSER TO THE IDIOT MORON PRESIDENT. Moron will appoint Hannity as the next BULLSHIT PROPAGANDA SECRETARY.

  • Sabah Squared
    Sabah Squared Year ago

    The American right is really hypocritical.

  • Jose J Garcia
    Jose J Garcia Year ago

    Jason Miller needs a bib. Has chocolate milk goatee in circular shape.... again!.

  • J Landon
    J Landon Year ago

    They still don't get it!

  • J Landon
    J Landon Year ago

    I tried to scroll to the bottom of this nutcase list to make a point & couldn't. It's not over people!

  • J Landon
    J Landon Year ago

    Hope you have a good line of credit CNN you're gonna need it before you go broke! lol

  • J Landon
    J Landon Year ago

    All your hero's are going to prison! Many to a military prison sometimes called Gitmo!

  • J Landon
    J Landon Year ago

    You Libtards just don't get it! Trump is ubtouchable! It's over!

  • David Murillo
    David Murillo Year ago

    Ha four dummies with low IQs reinforcing the same crap.
    Move on fellows at least your Stormy "scandal" is semi entertaining.

  • ann hendrickson
    ann hendrickson Year ago

    Uranium Bob is dirty .

  • Ha Fast Productions

    Robert Mueller was FBI head during the Uranium One deal and held back intel of corruption to CFIUS so it could go ahead, the "insurance plan" to impeach Trump with a fake Russia probe has been exposed and a fake dossier was used tp get a FISA warrant to watergate Trump. That's all that the Russia probe has revealed. I suppose "corruption" is the new "classified".

  • URNsane2use Realname

    These morons believe their own bullshit? Proof $$ can buy anything. These imbeciles don't mind showing the world how dishonest they are.

  • Reece Beauchamp
    Reece Beauchamp Year ago

    Don is right, Americans' don't want to hear about the Russian investigation and it's hard to talk about an investigation when there's no evidence to speak of.

    • Reece Beauchamp
      Reece Beauchamp Year ago

      Obama knew about the Russian meddling and did nothing, when Trump was just a candidate. Obama should be investigated.

  • Lee Anders
    Lee Anders Year ago

    Well well well turns out it was only the democrats who was involved in collusion with the Russians. The left needs to grow up

  • Ernie Car
    Ernie Car Year ago

    wow LalaLAND FAKE NEWS

  • David Morrison
    David Morrison Year ago

    Republican since 1966. Dump Trump and all GOP. Get out and vote Democrats. I will vote straight Democrat Ticket ticket from now on!

  • Damon Harvey
    Damon Harvey Year ago

    Someone recently stated that if Stormy has trump dic-pics..."we'll know it is Trump's dick because it will be in Sean Hannity's mouth.."...and I would just add, ... and Sarah Huckster will be gargling his balls....

  • ky green
    ky green Year ago

    Keep point mueller is a republican

  • Gurdy Wolosz
    Gurdy Wolosz Year ago

    Cant' stand to listen to Don Lemon ! Fake Journalist !

  • Tommy Hayfield
    Tommy Hayfield Year ago

    Don Lemon is a bimbo. Lets discuss that; and he's masquerading as an investigative reporter. Why is this man doing news reporting??

  • governmentcheese411

    LMFAO! arguably the greatest investigation of our time. and of the very few agents actually on the case. we know beyond ANY doubt, that at least two investigators were bias from the start. and the left sees NO PROBLEMS, LOL....
    and where do we get this info from.... the absolute worst media source in mainstream media, lol... literally one of the lowest rated outlets in existence, lol.... with an audience rating less than a child's cartoon network, LMFAO!
    and to really ice the cake, lol... they call trump a liar. while at the same time, all polls show trump is much more trusted than liberal media by far, LMAO!
    i've had farts with more common sense these morons, lol....

  • Sevlija Blazevic
    Sevlija Blazevic Year ago

    .... OMG ... UR AMERICAN PPL ! ?

  • Sevlija Blazevic
    Sevlija Blazevic Year ago


  • Constantino Duarte

    Fox News = Trump circus.

  • Mary Milburn
    Mary Milburn Year ago

    FOX propagandists should be taken off the air

  • Roy Hogan
    Roy Hogan Year ago

    Why are the foxes attacking Mueller, his investigative team and the FBI in general...could it be they know trump is GUILTY OF CONSPIRACY with russia.!..they are not helping trumps cause, more like engendering the righteousness of the

  • Kevin Nelson
    Kevin Nelson Year ago

    Mueller is a Republican but Hannity is habitual liar trump is a habitual liar birds of a feather why would Mueller want to get Trump unless Trump is guilty.he Mr Mueller is doing a fantastic job keep up the good work

  • George Thompson
    George Thompson Year ago

    hannity is not a news anchor,...he is a gossip entertainer,...."hey look at the speeding car " !

  • jpkjnn
    jpkjnn Year ago

    that fat goatee'd idiot is a traitor, a bad american and is a lying piece of shit.

  • Denise Brown
    Denise Brown Year ago

    I thought conservatives were supporters of enforcers of the law black lives matter were the enemy because we should support our law enforcers, mmmm what's going on here with fox news on Mueller.

  • Tien Bui
    Tien Bui Year ago

    Cnn loses too fox news your because your laid

  • Suzana Kola
    Suzana Kola Year ago

    Hey Don!!!
    Where you have found that REPTILE WOMEN, she is making me scared by shape shifting. Please try to choose people next time.

  • Robert Quick
    Robert Quick Year ago

    First some history, for those who are a special kinda stupid.
    Who's more corrupt in Congress, and the Oval Office, between the Republicans and the Democrats? “When comparing criminal indictments of those serving in the executive branch of presidential administrations it's so lopsided as to be ridiculous. Yet all I ever hear is how corrupt the Democrats are. So why don't we break it down by president and the numbers. Obama (D) - 8yrs in office. zero criminal indictments, zero convictions and zero prison sentences. so the next time somebody describes the Obama administration as "scandal free" they aren't speaking wishfully, they're simply telling the truth. Bush, George W. (R) - 8yrs in office. 16 criminal indictments. 16 convictions. 9 prison sentences. Clinton (D) - 8yrs in office. 2 criminal indictments. one conviction. one prison sentence. that's right nearly 8yrs of investigations. tens of millions spent and 30yrs of claiming them the most corrupt ever and there was exactly one person convicted of a crime. Bill Clinton was never impeached. Bush, George H. W. (R) - 4yrs in office. one indictment. one conviction. one prison sentence. Reagan (R) - 8yrs in office. 26 criminal indictments. 16 convictions. 8 prison sentences. Carter (D) - 4yrs in office. one indictment. zero convictions and zero prison sentences. Ford (R) - 2 1/2 yrs in office. one indictment and one conviction. one prison sentence. Pardoned Richard Nixon. Nixon (R) - 6yrs in office. 76 criminal indictments. 55 convictions. 15 prison sentences. Johnson (D) - 5yrs in office. zero indictments. zero convictions. zero prison sentences. So, let’s see where that leaves us. In the last 53 years Democrats have been in office for 25 of those years while Republicans held it for 28. In their 25 yrs in office Democrats had a total of three executive branch officials indicted with one conviction and one prison sentence. that's one whole executive branch official convicted of a crime in two and a half decades of Democrat leadership. In the 28 yrs that Republicans have held office over the last 53 yrs they have had a total of...(a drum roll would be more than appropriate),... 120 criminal indictments of executive branch officials. 89 criminal convictions and 34 prison sentences handed down. That's more prison sentences than years in office since 1968 for Republicans. If you want to count articles of impeachment as indictments (they aren't really but we can count them as an action), both sides get one more. However, Clinton wasn't found guilty while Nixon resigned and was pardoned by Ford. so those only serve to make Republicans look even worse.

  • gumpfoo65
    gumpfoo65 Year ago

    Please fire jason miller, he makes me sick to my stomach.

  • Serge Ménard
    Serge Ménard Year ago

    Get Miller out of there...he should not be allowed to express his unhinged idiotic opinions!

  • Carl Moragne
    Carl Moragne Year ago

    Cannot wait for the upcoming “2018” midterms to get here in November and that will be the beginning of all like minded people to cast their votes in favor of taking back the control of our government, we must show Putin that we are not as divided as he thinks we are , our democracy is now at risk of being further exploited by a “foreign Power” ,all Americans must stand together to put a stop gap measure in place to prevent any further damage to the democracy of the United States Of America, we all must remember that “United we Stand and Divided we Fall” , we all live in the greatest nation on earth and that’s a common known fact around the world.

  • Supernovagirl500
    Supernovagirl500 Year ago

    Lemons comment that "the rhetoric of right wing media is shocking to watch...and it's gotta be coordinated because they are all saying the same thing" is hysterical. The vast majority of media are ALL left-wing leaning (CNN ABC NBC CBS MSNBC with the exception of FOX). Insofar as coordinated talking points are concerned .....the left-wing has that down to a science. Just watch 1 left-wing media channel and merely turn to channel. More often than not they are saying the same damn thing.

  • Willie Speirs
    Willie Speirs Year ago

    I think the Hannity approach now is much more about self-preservation - he knows this cannot end well. He could well be on the slide.

  • Willie Speirs
    Willie Speirs Year ago

    Picture what could be, in the months to come - "Robert Mueller goes after Fox News Host"
    Hannity's behaviour and style of reporting is clearly un-American. If it can be proved that he has knowingly been colluding to misinform - he's in trouble - with the investigation, with advertisers and with his un-witting public.

  • Inter Vest Com
    Inter Vest Com Year ago

    Exactly why scum-bag CNN is going out of business. By, by LemonPussy.

  • Inter Vest Com
    Inter Vest Com Year ago +1

    Where is the evidence against Trump? None exists, morons, as it most assuredly would have been leaked if there were any after 18 months of the phony Clinton cover-up. Look into the 145 million Clinton got from the Uranium One from Putin for some real news, scum bags. Pathetic Fake news Communist News Network!!!!!!

  • Deviled Trump
    Deviled Trump Year ago

    Sean Hannity is a small leprechaun turd. He is a waste of space and should return the oxygen breathed to all of us. A totally worthless human being.

  • Rick Crouch
    Rick Crouch Year ago

    Mueller is obviously an agent of the Deep State/ criminal Rothschild-Rockefeller banking empire. He was appointed by the corrupt DOJ Rod Rosenstein to act as Special Counsel for an investigation based on a phony dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. As more evidence is uncovered each day showing that the top officials of the Intelligence Community, FBI, and DOJ colluded to illegally spy on Trump and many other innocent Americans, Mueller's cover and purpose begin to erode.
    Mueller and his team of Trump hating Hillary supporters have spent over ten million dollars of our money to continue this charade. It's time, we the people, demand an end to Mueller's bogus investigation and have a new, unbiased Special Prosecutor appointed to go after the real criminals infiltrating our government. We should not rest until our government agencies have been purged of every one of these traitors.

  • Solid E
    Solid E Year ago

    Jason Miller is a surrogate. Trump avoids the truth and his surrogates attack it.

  • Ken Robison
    Ken Robison Year ago

    The CNN guy thinks he's a journalist they're all bunch of liars, Do America a favor and just go off the air because you guys suck, tell that guy to go to the unemployment line because you won't have a job!

  • John Prescott
    John Prescott Year ago

    no watch. no shithead millerscum. buty the piggster.
    a ratings drain plug, giving this liar creep free exposure...lime pits for dipshits=it's miller time, scumbucket condom-sucking lowlifes, Our kids see this kind of liar shit. Lowife, washed-up liars, zombies, the walking dead of America's murdered institutions, fbi, cia, nsa, torn asunder by an orange
    infectious liar coward draft-dodging adulturous, incestuous traitor to true patriots, like Mueller, Schiff, & Swalwell,,,go gettem Rosenstein!!!

  • Pat Beaudry
    Pat Beaudry Year ago

    Hannity is trying to save his ads. Fox really has no one left making any money. And even he is has lost 25 %of his ads revenue

  • Bill Darby
    Bill Darby Year ago

    Oooops! I accidently opened this post believing that there was ACTUAL NEWS involved. As soon as I saw the CNN logo (Clinton News Network) I quickly clicked out of it! I didn't even want to take a chance on some Liberal Bull infestation to come across the speakers of my computer! Wheeew, that was close! I have to be more careful! LOL - Bahaha!

  • sharon hull
    sharon hull Year ago

    Fox news tells us all the truth about what you all been doing, shame on you all. Tell the truth. Stop lieing.

  • sharon hull
    sharon hull Year ago

    Your talking about yourselves.

  • Chester Cleveland

    Desperation is M.F.!

  • George Thompson
    George Thompson Year ago

    now that its proven russia influenced the elections,...trump has to sign new sanctions on russia,...or be proven to be putins puppet,...which any 5 time draft dodger would do anyway,...coward !

  • Nathanael vignon
    Nathanael vignon Year ago

    The 2018. election will be the beginning of the ending of the whole Republican party. bad day to be Republican

  • Nathanael vignon
    Nathanael vignon Year ago

    2018 ELECTION Will BELONG To The AMERICAN WOMEN!! THIS WILL BE TRUMP vs WOMEN in the up coming election. and some of it will be hosted by Oprah Winfrey.

  • Barry Wuthrich
    Barry Wuthrich Year ago

    Extra Extra, new developments. What do we now know? Russia has been screwing with democratic elections any way they can for years. 13 Russians indicted yesterday. And Hillary, the DNC, FBI and DOJ gave them the perfect opportunity when they paid $12million for worthless propaganda from Russians that they used to get a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump team. This only supports the claim that the dossier is 'salacious and unsubstantiated' as James Comey said. They told the court that the dossier was corroborated by a 2nd source in Yahoo news, but failed to disclose that the source for the Yahoo News article was the same guy who wrote the dossier!! That's a crime. That is why Comey is gone, Strzok is re-assigned, McCabe is gone, Clapper is gone, Yates was fired, Rice isn't talking, Obama claims he wasn't briefed etc. This isn't over. It's only beginning. If Mueller can't get it done, Trey Gowdy will. These sleezebags that weaponized the intelligence community will now try to use these 13 indictments as proof that they were innocently misled by those sneaky Russians. Good luck.

  • Marcellino Sananto

    Trump is going to fire Mueller, and probably soon.
    Then we will see how many republicans are traitors just like Trump.

  • Mdb
    Mdb Year ago

    Hannity is a spineless little bitch!

  • Patrick Holland
    Patrick Holland Year ago

    You people are running scared. ...afraid of the TRUTH

  • jeff westbrooke
    jeff westbrooke Year ago +1

    so many of you love to side with a murderous dictator in calling president Trump a dotard.... I'm just show much you will side with him. Will you torture and starve the people in your house? will you enslave people in labor camps who speak for freedom? will you kill your own family members? KJU is a murderous dictator and you are helping his propaganda if you copy him. I know that you hate Trump but is siding with a murderer really a good stance to take?

  • Red Carvette
    Red Carvette Year ago +1

    why don't fox leave Mueller alone and let him do his job asshole it's so unprofessional they doing this for trump trying to discredit Mueller it won't work fake fox fake Hannity we know you are in trump pocket.