Miss Vanjie's Barbie Look: Gimme Some Shuga 101

  • Published on Oct 2, 2019
  • Shuga and Justin recreate Miss Vanjie's floral Barbie look from Season 10 in cake form! Forget these cookies - get this CAKE, mama!
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    From World of Wonder, the producers of The Eyes of Tammy Faye, Party Monster, The Strange History of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, The Last Beekeeper, RuPaul's Drag Race, Life With La Toya, and Million Dollar Listing.
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Comments • 159

  • Jordan Cortes
    Jordan Cortes 6 days ago +1

    Laughed when they started to tear apart the barbie 😄

  • Roy Perreault
    Roy Perreault 6 days ago

    Yes! Miss Shuga is coming for everyone! This is the funniest bit I've ever seen on TVclip!

  • Bradley Sheahan
    Bradley Sheahan 6 days ago

    Legit anyone else happy af that Shuga got her own show

  • vanessak69
    vanessak69 10 days ago

    Overlords at WOW: I love this show. Shuga is charming, Justin is a great co-host, I pick up legitimate baking tips, I‘m entertained. Please make this forever or give her a TV show. Shuga is life.

  • Roy Moreno
    Roy Moreno 27 days ago

    LOVED IT ALL! Entertaining, Learning and Laughing and did Shuga just say the bag quiffed her? lmao

  • Nihil Hyena
    Nihil Hyena 27 days ago

    This is the most wholesome show ever

  • PfromP
    PfromP 28 days ago

    Shuga cain shading Vanjie's outfit for 9 minutes straight

  • Sarah Ellis
    Sarah Ellis 28 days ago

    Why weren't those cake layers evened out?!
    Also Shuga is amazing and ugh so glad she has a WOW show. So deserved.

  • Orianna Baham
    Orianna Baham Month ago

    Shugas voice is everything

  • Parris Summers
    Parris Summers Month ago

    Did miss thing just call that THICK layer of Icing a crumb coat?

  • edges.
    edges. Month ago


  • SoUnique Ly Me
    SoUnique Ly Me Month ago

    Omg! I need more of this!

  • Austin Steinaway
    Austin Steinaway Month ago +4

    Breh when she snapped that barbies head off and you heard vangie scream I was on the floooooor 😂😂

  • Sergio Melendez
    Sergio Melendez Month ago

    Shuga looks amazing in that wig! Is she doing her mug differently too?

  • Zoya Wallington
    Zoya Wallington Month ago

    Shuga sounds like Christeene 🤣

  • Brittany Smith
    Brittany Smith Month ago

    Came for Shuga 😍😍,,, STaYed to Hear Vanjies Loud ass Ad-libs 😂😂😂

  • dutchie 123
    dutchie 123 Month ago +1

    *silky has left the chat*

  • crapolaist
    crapolaist Month ago +1

    The guy's voice and annunciation is so annoying and cringey... just let Shuga talk CHILEEE...

  • Libby Langley
    Libby Langley Month ago

    is it me or is the audio quality from the microphones atrocious?

  • Elizabeth Ramirez
    Elizabeth Ramirez Month ago

    More nana pleaseee

  • Andrew R
    Andrew R Month ago


  • Kyila Sivers
    Kyila Sivers Month ago +2

    Wooowww Silky must be somewhere eatin chips mad as hell like "they stole my cooking show idea"

  • Linda Buck
    Linda Buck Month ago

    I love you Shuga, I love most all of you! But I’d like Wow to consider better material and proper placement of their queens in their LANE. I get it, that’s a lot of Queens to place but your appearing to flail. You all know exactly what I’m saying coz you’re all playing it safe for us straight people! If you’re not living on the edge-you’re taking up too much space!!!

  • Anna Go
    Anna Go Month ago

    Porfin!😍 gente pobre como yo no sabe inglés y no hay para pagar el canal jaja😍.
    ¡TE AMO SHUGA!🇲🇽❤

  • Rachel Palmer
    Rachel Palmer Month ago

    Shuga is so ridiculously gorgeous.

  • Chris Hartwig
    Chris Hartwig Month ago

    More of this please!!

  • Christian Amorós
    Christian Amorós Month ago

    I’m so happy for Miss Shuga!

  • Adrián Durán
    Adrián Durán Month ago

    Why does she speaks like that. SHE IS FROM NEW MEXICO!!!!

  • Ty Peerson
    Ty Peerson Month ago +1

    Shuga baking drag race cakes is everything I need in life. Iconic.

  • azlxns
    azlxns Month ago

    I can't wait for more of these!!

  • John S
    John S Month ago

    Where you been Shuga, we miss you

  • Demetra Settle
    Demetra Settle Month ago

    Nice, not get rid of cool mom.

  • Charli Parvin
    Charli Parvin Month ago +10

    Living for the Vanjie sound bites and Miss Shuga's gorgeous smile 😍

  • Kacper Radny
    Kacper Radny Month ago

    It was so fresh and fun. Absolutely loved it xD

  • TheRisskee
    TheRisskee Month ago

    I grew up with that there handsome man. Ooo gurl! I had THEE biggest crush and he came out and my hopes were dashed. LOL! I'm so proud of him and all he has accomplished he's so talented and deserves a great platform. He's got big things on the way. 😊 I love how proud his family is of him. They're all such amazing people. Keep making us laugh cake squad! 😍🎂

  • Qeorgie
    Qeorgie Month ago

    Thankful for more shuga, didn’t get to know her much from her season but she’s so funny I never noticed til now, I need more shuga give me diabetis bitch

  • AwesoméxUwU
    AwesoméxUwU Month ago +1

    I would die to see rosanna and shuga on here, REEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • I get jealous of my phone when it dies


    Also is this the dude who posts his iconic RPDR cakes online?

  • marvin raphael monfort

    V is so iconic! Love s! J is kewt!

  • Klevin - 105
    Klevin - 105 Month ago +1

    Silky is somewhere protesting lmao 😂😂😂

  • Jonathan Muniz
    Jonathan Muniz Month ago

    Omg that was totally Vangies silouhette in her 1st runway.. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Zamil Jamaludin
    Zamil Jamaludin Month ago

    I tought its Shuga and Brooke!

  • W
    W Month ago +1

    Come on budget

  • Useer naame
    Useer naame Month ago

    The cake is uh
    Well I really like the format is what I'm trying to say

  • Pizzatoto
    Pizzatoto Month ago +1

    I love Shuga!!!! Such a sweetheart and so funny and talented...and robbed! The cake is hilarious

  • reearean
    reearean Month ago

    Fuckin funny

  • shiroi201
    shiroi201 Month ago

    Awwww you look so cute shuga 😚 also i'm living for you being shady😆

  • Kendomcum IG
    Kendomcum IG Month ago +1

    No gloves though ? I just lost my appetite lol

  • Sherry Spectre
    Sherry Spectre Month ago

    I love me some Shuga......

  • Plowiec Irena
    Plowiec Irena Month ago

    The edit is EVERYTHING

  • Tuna
    Tuna Month ago

    This reminds me of Cruella De Vil being a cake in Dalmation102

  • Victor Petrichenko
    Victor Petrichenko Month ago

    i liiiiiive

  • Devils Child
    Devils Child Month ago +157

    When Shuga gets a cooking show but miss Silky doesn’t 😂

    • simone k
      simone k Month ago

      @xtph yes bro that is how things work 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • xtph
      xtph Month ago +3

      @simone k but a drag queen IS employed. The thing is WoW preferred working with Sugar Cane for this project and that's not exactly on me .

    • simone k
      simone k Month ago +2

      @xtph we're thankful that a dragqueen isn't employed? Really? I can already picture you nasty commenting even if she did 🙄

    • Serdar Altın
      Serdar Altın Month ago +3

      That’s the T.

    • xtph
      xtph Month ago +21

      And we're all thankful for it

  • Emma Littrell
    Emma Littrell Month ago

    We love our sweet tía!

  • KJ Nguyen Quoc
    KJ Nguyen Quoc Month ago +2

    *Send it to Vanjie! She's going to walk backwards with it!*

  • Sunny day
    Sunny day Month ago

    I'm down for more!!

  • Erick Allen
    Erick Allen Month ago

    Interesting. Love me some cake.

  • John
    John Month ago

    Oooh girl, that audio is rough!

  • Joshua Santos
    Joshua Santos Month ago

    omg Mrs Cain looks like pink diamond but make her human and is also purple

  • Joshua Rowe
    Joshua Rowe Month ago

    Came for Shuga and left 30 seconds in because of the annoying guy. 🤷🏻‍♂️