10 Most Chilling Unsolved Mysteries in History


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    About to be 6M, Congrats in advance Matt. I am gonna catch up with you, not soon but one day I will 😛

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      Keitra Sanders 52 minutes ago

      +MatthewSantoro I'm always so excited to view your content thanks you so much

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      I subbed I like helping people with their dreams

  • Keitra Sanders
    Keitra Sanders 56 minutes ago

    Damn that last story sounds like the real life version of the 1982 movie The Thing staring Kurt Russell & Keith David

  • Beamer and Michael
    Beamer and Michael 19 hours ago

    This the dude who let a chick beat him

  • Darker Fun
    Darker Fun 2 days ago

    If you want more info on the children in house fire go to Shane Dawson’s ex girlfriend channel and you should be able to find her video on it

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    \| |/

  • {{{{Ké Bay}}}}
    {{{{Ké Bay}}}} 3 days ago

    #1 sounds like some crazy drug trip gone bad. Eyeballs and tongue missing? Sounds like a bad, bad trip that evoked some serious anger and paranoia.

  • P Ariza
    P Ariza 4 days ago

    José in Portuguese is not pronunced "Hosé" like in Spanish. Just saying.

  • Taylor Frye
    Taylor Frye 4 days ago

    0:48 Shrek's kids

  • Queen Fan Girl
    Queen Fan Girl 4 days ago

    top 10 most wired unsolved mysteries...
    Q(ueen): WHO IS GALILEO?
    Me: I think Galileo is a Friend or family member of Freddie.
    Google: Galileo was an Italian astronomer, physicist and engineer, sometimes described as a polymath.
    Well, Freddie boy was always into that stuff like: Marie Antoinette, Marlin Munroe ect. so obviously! there's your answer.

  • Michiyo
    Michiyo 5 days ago

    The girl in the tree, is from percy jackson.

  • Ginger Peters
    Ginger Peters 7 days ago

    dude...they solved the floating feet in shoes thing awhile back now. It was a combination of people who'd actually killed themselves, accidents from commercial vessels in the Pacific & ppl who died in a tsunami.

  • Liv! Damnit
    Liv! Damnit 7 days ago

    Ta-fet-a lol

  • Kim Smith
    Kim Smith 7 days ago

    En-Sign?!?!?!?! Please learn how to pronounce word, especially English ones, properly. Ensign is a common military position, pronounce en-sun.

  • Ellen M
    Ellen M 8 days ago

    The feet “Mystery” isn’t a mystery. Experts have said that any time a body ends up in that sea the feet are going to wash up somewhere in the shoes because they’ll be preserved better than the rest of the body. That’s all that’s happening.

  • Sara Teubert
    Sara Teubert 9 days ago

    Do the severed feet that keep washing up on beaches in British Columbia have anything to do with the big ol bag of severed hands that were found in Russia?

  • M R
    M R 9 days ago

    Great content Matt! Oddly enough I've had to re-subscribe to your channel twice now.

  • Keeley Wright
    Keeley Wright 9 days ago

    The woman in the Wych elm was known as Clara Bella who was a spy (possibly German i forgot) she parachuted into that area at that time and was captured and made an example out of, i also forgot why 😂

  • Brandon Roberts
    Brandon Roberts 10 days ago

    The right severed foot look like a left

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    jesus saved me JG 13 days ago

    🤣😂1 shoe at a time 😅👍

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    soggymoustache 13 days ago

    That glare at 12:15

  • GaslitWorld f. Melissa B

    Two of my favorite things combined "mystery" and "history." Thanks gorgeous.

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  • The Miles
    The Miles 14 days ago

    10:30 I heard from another video there was only 2 men that went missing. Thanks for the extra info.

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    Mati mizfit 14 days ago

    Great content!

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  • Rachel Norman
    Rachel Norman 17 days ago

    The first one was solved. They were the children of Flemish cloth merchants . Their parents died and they had to fend for themselves eating vegetation from the forest hence the malnutrition, and the boy dying soon after

    3BODYKING99 19 days ago

    How long can you sleep after reading these stories

  • Ebed Manuel
    Ebed Manuel 20 days ago

    My middle name is Manuel 😱

  • Lucky Gamer
    Lucky Gamer 21 day ago

    Green skin, children, eats beans.......its a TOYOL

  • CircusAngel And Silver Dragons

    What time were the clocks stopped? Just curious.

  • Comrade Justin Y.
    Comrade Justin Y. 23 days ago +2

    I’m pretty sure the Green children mystery was already solved

  • BigSeventeen
    BigSeventeen 23 days ago

    Man the last 3 or 4 are fr freaky

  • Shawn Hochstine
    Shawn Hochstine 25 days ago

    The green children had hypochromic anemia also known as green sickness caused by kidney disease or malfunction, congestive heart failure or cancers that cause blood loss. One of multiple symptoms is a scanty appetite.

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  • Aaron Martin TV
    Aaron Martin TV 28 days ago

    Got to love the lighthouse story it seems like any story involving somebody disappearing around the ocean they always throwing I prepared meal on a table somewhere.

  • Anna Hoffer
    Anna Hoffer 29 days ago

    Goats. Goat footprints. Oh and you mispronounced taffeta.

  • D Lee
    D Lee Month ago

    For the love of ( insert Deity here ), you're from Canada, Man!! What happened to your pronunciation Matt?? Salish - saylish, Taffeta - tafeda, Ensign - ensen, Come home for a while Matthew, soak up some good old Canadian winter! It'll put you right again.

  • King Of Games
    King Of Games Month ago

    2:45 yooo that freak Fred from courage the cowardly dog

  • Capri Meyer
    Capri Meyer Month ago

    History mystery

  • Nikole Romeo
    Nikole Romeo Month ago

    I love your videos and I'm sorry but I have to...it's TAFF-eta, not taf-FETA. Great video tho. Lol.

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  • Charlie Cross
    Charlie Cross Month ago

    come on Matthew I've heard all of these before

  • Ryan Litt
    Ryan Litt Month ago +1

    on the severed feet thing, apparently when people commit suicide by jumping into the water their bodies decompose, but since the sneakers they wear are buoyant their feet float upwards and get washed up on shore. Its sad but thankfully we don't have to worry about serial killers.

  • Alan Stringfellow
    Alan Stringfellow Month ago

    A house up in flames ya say, Children missing ya say, This sounds like a case for CC Tinsley :')

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  • Jayden Jones
    Jayden Jones Month ago

    Biggest mystery is now the sodder children's eyebrows got like that

  • Kerileigh Autumn
    Kerileigh Autumn Month ago

    When Matt said "The Dark Lord" I just thought of Harry Potter.
    Im fandom trash 😂

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    Love your videos Matt

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    welp looks like ima not sleep tonight

  • Whispers Keep
    Whispers Keep Month ago

    the feet mystery has been solved

  • Roque Lopez
    Roque Lopez Month ago

    #8 was wack😂

  • Ashlee Bevans
    Ashlee Bevans Month ago

    The Sodder Family story happened in my hometown. It's still a mystery. There has been speculation that the mafia had some of the kids.

  • Seal Over
    Seal Over Month ago

    well , those fellas at #5 are quite late aren't they

  • Drakaus Dromgatti
    Drakaus Dromgatti Month ago +1

    Thats interesting... I keep hearing about cloven hoofed bipedal humanoids reoccurring throughout history. So many occurrences unrelated to each-other... make me at the very least ponder.

  • Nickolas Kiger
    Nickolas Kiger Month ago

    10 is just Bruce Banner’s kids, fym.

  • Dee Mueller
    Dee Mueller Month ago

    Did anyone else figure out the cloth used in "Bella in the wych elm"?
    I think he is trying to say "taff-u--taaa".
    Taffeta is still being produced and used. Bridal and prom gowns use alot of it.

  • Elaine Hinton
    Elaine Hinton Month ago

    I am hooked on your channel! Couldn't the severed feet come from prisoners in North Korea?

  • SouthParkFirefly
    SouthParkFirefly Month ago

    OMG! You did the Who put Bella in the Wych Elm mystery! I live near there and not a lot of people except locals know about it~!

  • bhushan                                                                          Talukdar
    bhushan Talukdar Month ago

    Another mystery
    Mystery behind santoros expression 😂

  • Maria Kelly
    Maria Kelly Month ago

    #10 If the children had green skin, it means that they were from Ireland, not some place called St. Martin.

    DINO AHMAD Month ago

    The one with the missing feet creeped me out a lot I don't know why 😂

  • rock climbing33
    rock climbing33 2 months ago

    Wow....wait what? That's crazy

  • Aria Tiedeman
    Aria Tiedeman 2 months ago

    Its pronounced SAY-lish, not SAH-lish. I'm from that area.

  • S.Justice
    S.Justice 2 months ago

    The green children were Hansel and Gretel. The boy was eaten by the witch and their father rescued the girl. 😁

  • urpieceofheaven 2
    urpieceofheaven 2 2 months ago

    I know I just watched this but forgot the family’s last name who had the 5 children disappeared, any way I always thought that maybe they had being kidnapped but what if they set the fire themselves and escaped. The family were getting pictures of the boy all grown up so he was alive somewhere.

  • Kunaya
    Kunaya 2 months ago +1

    Omg I live in Washington State 😵

  • Peachy Jaemin
    Peachy Jaemin 2 months ago

    i remember seeing a theory that the feet washing up on shore was caused by people jogging on a trail along the ocean and falling in to their deaths (since all the shoes were running shoes) and that the reason only the feet and the shoes are washing up is because the feet can't properly decompose when in the shoes

  • Shark Eats Wasabi
    Shark Eats Wasabi 2 months ago

    The clock stopped at a certain time which either means one they are coordinates or the time was signifacant to the accident the time always has something to do with the case/incedient

  • Chloe Gallardo
    Chloe Gallardo 2 months ago

    I heard the green children only ate raw meat at first

  • david gold
    david gold 2 months ago

    Probably my fave video by Matt.

  • edyta sleiman
    edyta sleiman 2 months ago

    Ha ha ha one foot at a time

  • Jonathon Woodgate
    Jonathon Woodgate 2 months ago

    Your mispronunciations of words Taffeta and Ensign are abominable..

  • dick tracy
    dick tracy 2 months ago

    I am surprised this guy still makes content.

  • Chris M
    Chris M 2 months ago

    No Hinterkaifeck?

  • S Green
    S Green 2 months ago

    The Green children were orphans who used to be Belgian cloth makers (they helped their parents before they died). They were green because of the cloth used. When their parents died, they fled to the forest therefore they only recognised vegetation. It was just unfortunate that the boy died.

  • Garnet Fire Fox
    Garnet Fire Fox 2 months ago

    I know about two of those really creepy mysteries, I learnt about them on Mile Higher. They talk about really cool cases and mysteries.

  • Dana W
    Dana W 2 months ago

    drownings. When the rest of the bodies bloat and decay the feet break free and the shoes float. Its not a mystery.

  • Ultraviolet Gaming
    Ultraviolet Gaming 2 months ago

    Why has he Never talked about the west memphis 3?

  • Wandalee Keller
    Wandalee Keller 2 months ago

    When I saw the second case with the two men I immediately thought men in black 😂

  • Tejas Dale
    Tejas Dale 2 months ago

    His teeths are brighter then my future !!!!

  • Angela Cowie
    Angela Cowie 3 months ago

    Keep thinking about the green children & what if someone could find were they came from!

  • Emma Everyday
    Emma Everyday 3 months ago

    The phantom barber *SWEENEY TODD WHO?!*

  • Aodhan Drain
    Aodhan Drain 3 months ago

    If I remember #1, there was a very likely explanation on a recent documentary (I sadly forgot the name) that the heating stove used in their tent (one self-made by one of the hikers) malfunctioned and they started ripping out of the tent first to try and vent the smoke but when it got worse, in their panic in the middle of the night, they fled the tent thinking it was on fire. The documentary very thoughtfully explained the likely transpiring that led to the subsequent deaths after the heater malfunction and it seems extremely likely.

  • Alison W
    Alison W 3 months ago

    It's pronounced en-sin, not en-zine. 🤣

  • Masego Sheila Bojosi
    Masego Sheila Bojosi 3 months ago

    Was Matt paid a visit by the Phantom Barber? 🤔

  • Salvador Sanchez
    Salvador Sanchez 3 months ago

    Anyone know the name of the music?

  • Tom Zomboss
    Tom Zomboss 3 months ago

    where was roanoke

  • Stew-A-Rew
    Stew-A-Rew 3 months ago

    I feel like the children ran away someone set the fire so it looked like they died and started a new life

  • TrunksGav
    TrunksGav 3 months ago

    devil tracks maybe someone walking with stily like things to torment people.
    the hikers well; that stopry was that they didnt nkow how the tents were torn now its THEY TOR em.. How does anyone know Its possibly a killer walked up when iot was snowing... it stopped whilst he was plotting.. n if they did make a run for it.. He knew they coudlnt get far so maybe walked off IN the footprints

  • Douglas Berry
    Douglas Berry 3 months ago

    It's Daly City, not just Daly.

  • That big one
    That big one 3 months ago

    That was krampus

  • CrazyCookie MC
    CrazyCookie MC 3 months ago +2

    I think we found our another Shane

  • chris smith
    chris smith 3 months ago

    Severed feet was solved ions ago. It's dead bodies that decompose in the water, when soft tissue decays, there's nothing to hold the feet to the rest of the skeletons.

  • K Man
    K Man 3 months ago

    that little green girl is gamora, her adopted dad is thanos the mad titian, mystery solved

  • Kaetii Jay
    Kaetii Jay 4 months ago

    someone is killing white suburban dads and throwing them in the river

  • Happylee
    Happylee 4 months ago

    Way too animated too just read into a camera.... its distracting .. he talks and moves his head in a circle

  • jeremy pikul
    jeremy pikul 4 months ago

    good luck

  • Anna Espitia
    Anna Espitia 4 months ago

    Number one always freaks me out. It’s always been one of those stories that just gives me chills.

  • Hatter fhang
    Hatter fhang 4 months ago +1

    so number 1, i read somewhere that the group used a portable stove, a fact that's always missing when people bring up the story. if that is indeed true, then a malfunction of that stove could have been why they left their shelter in a hurry. eyes and tongues are two of the most common body parts first preyed upon by scavengers so a body missing its eyes and tongue isn't all that mysterious.

  • Sandra Manor
    Sandra Manor 4 months ago

    tu(gh- 'the gh is silent' )-fetta ?? Its Taf-etta fyi; as in taffy. Cute- funny. Yes its common for men to not know fabrics. Thats ok.