10 Most Chilling Unsolved Mysteries in History

  • Published on Mar 5, 2018
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Comments • 2 976

  • Infinite Curiosity
    Infinite Curiosity Year ago +1974

    About to be 6M, Congrats in advance Matt. I am gonna catch up with you, not soon but one day I will 😛

    • Keitra Sanders
      Keitra Sanders 3 months ago

      +Matthew Santoro I'm always so excited to view your content thanks you so much

    • Gatorklan Savage
      Gatorklan Savage 3 months ago

      I subbed I like helping people with their dreams

  • FunTimeGaming
    FunTimeGaming 2 days ago

    *running out of the house with her husband*
    Oh wait! I forgot my FIVE KIDS in the attic!

  • ill eat yo children 667

    Matthew has created 4 top 10 unsolved mystery videos

  • ParadoxFossils Ancient Beanz

    Think about it if human trafficking of all Races is rampant now. Imagine how easy it always has been for the trafficking to have been going on all this time world wide before during and after The Abolishment of Slavery. Probably has a lot to do with unexplained disappearances in the past and present.

  • Tarion Marsden
    Tarion Marsden 14 days ago

    Did u just reference Sweeney Todd

  • MystiqueHorizon
    MystiqueHorizon 15 days ago

    Mispronounced Taffeta, Salish sea

  • Ajla Dzafic
    Ajla Dzafic 18 days ago +2

    Feb 26 is my birthday😫

  • Nic W
    Nic W 18 days ago +2

    Says "a man's severed RIGHT foot was found." Shows left sneaker…

    • Nic W
      Nic W 4 days ago

      +Guitar 22 the devil is in the detail

    • Guitar 22
      Guitar 22 10 days ago

      So what?

  • braden parks
    braden parks 19 days ago

    Well obviously the lighthouse one was caused by the beast of 20,000 fathoms

  • Emily Oryall
    Emily Oryall 21 day ago

    It's Daly City......not "A city called daily."

  • mr steal yo girl
    mr steal yo girl 23 days ago

    Why isnt tuoac and biggie on this

  • Monkey D Luffy
    Monkey D Luffy 25 days ago

    Sweeny Todd.

  • Most BEAUTIFUL Angel
    Most BEAUTIFUL Angel 28 days ago

    8:02 a eagle lmfao

  • Joey Boyll
    Joey Boyll 29 days ago

    number 1 is shreks kids

    • Talia
      Talia 8 days ago


  • Gypsy SnowWolf
    Gypsy SnowWolf Month ago

    I'm a fairly new subscriber, and I LOVE your channel so much!

  • Smashquatch Smith
    Smashquatch Smith Month ago +1

    3:54 it's pronounced say-lish. Good video btw

  • sakoya the noodle
    sakoya the noodle Month ago

    Yay krampus :'D

  • sakoya the noodle
    sakoya the noodle Month ago


  • Shiro_Da_Hero
    Shiro_Da_Hero Month ago

    About the shoes, I saw something on them that said it was because when people committed suicide by jumping into the water, as their body’s began to decay the shoes (being buoyant) would float up to the surface and wash up on shore with the foot still inside

  • Lawrence Eytcheson
    Lawrence Eytcheson Month ago

    Love your vids. BTW....it's pronounced say lush.

  • TKBD Chesseyman
    TKBD Chesseyman Month ago

    The kids burned the house down

  • cute kitty cat gacha

    The first one is they worked in a clothes shop and the die in the clothes made them green and they only eat vegetables cause when they escaped they eat only what they find and they were from a different country so they don't speek English

  • MyBaby91307
    MyBaby91307 Month ago

    Lol taffeta

  • The Witch, King of wolf's

    Now there are even more pieces of evidence that the birdbox monster is real.

  • Jennifer Kelly
    Jennifer Kelly Month ago

    What about the Springheeled Jack?

  • Prjndigo
    Prjndigo Month ago

    Phantom Barber is a common thief that takes hair for "women of money" to use as extensions

  • The Dragon Wolf
    The Dragon Wolf 2 months ago +2


  • Anupama Kumari
    Anupama Kumari 2 months ago

    If there was no sun .How the girl knew that their colour was green .

  • Branded/open\ mind
    Branded/open\ mind 2 months ago

    You probably hear this all the time but I have a tiny crush on you. haha love your work

  • justtamms
    justtamms 2 months ago

    One of the creepiest videos you made in 2018!! Loved these mysteries!! Curious for more!

  • Angel Cespedes
    Angel Cespedes 2 months ago

    Na just kidding jk jk

  • Angel Cespedes
    Angel Cespedes 2 months ago

    I know what happen to throes kid I was one we saw the fire and ran away we thought are parents ran too but forgot about us

  • Johnny Cat
    Johnny Cat 2 months ago

    Sounds like the cousin Sailish... 🤔

  • Raquel Ribera
    Raquel Ribera 2 months ago +1

    The. First one the land of the grinch

  • Lanita Lynn Johnston
    Lanita Lynn Johnston 2 months ago +1

    I'm absolutely fascinated by #1 every few months it'll randomly pop into my head and I'll start researching it again and the possible causes of. But the more I research the weirder I feel like not just creeped out or unsettled but like I'm actually in danger and it gets so bad I have to stop. This last time I ignored the feeling as much as I could and then I had a seizure. I didn't realize that my seizure was on the anniversary until rewatching this.

  • Cyborg Commander
    Cyborg Commander 2 months ago +1

    This is interesting. I have *Infinite* *Curiosity*

  • zapperbunny1
    zapperbunny1 2 months ago

    The feet were most likely not severed. Bodies were probably weighted down with chains tied to weights around the ankles of the victims and then they were thrown overboard, likely still alive. As the body decays the ankles detach from the legs and with the help of the botany shoes float to the surface. Divers should look for the rest of the bodies

  • JCfandom Forlife
    JCfandom Forlife 2 months ago +1

    Number 4 is a bizarre urban legend fiend called Spring Heeled Jack who terrorized England in the 20th century

  • Daurius C.
    Daurius C. 2 months ago

    I think I lost brain cells from this video

  • Jurassic King
    Jurassic King 2 months ago

    Anyone here because of the 60th anniversary of the Dyatlov Pass Incident?

    • Jurassic King
      Jurassic King 2 months ago +1

      +Lanita Lynn Johnston I know what you mean. Late at night as I get ready for bed my brain will play this music and the facts of these cases will run through my head.
      Then I'll remember other creepy videos he's done. I dont blame him though: I can read so I know what I'm clicking :D

    • Lanita Lynn Johnston
      Lanita Lynn Johnston 2 months ago

      That one freaks me out so badly. Every couple of months it'll randomly pop into my head and I'll start researching it again and the possible causes of it, but the more I research the weirder I feel l. Not just unsettled but like I'm actually in danger. I'm absolutely fascinated by it though and I can't leave it alone.

  • 7LeopardStar
    7LeopardStar 2 months ago

    #2 = Glitch in the matrix

  • Freddy Krueger
    Freddy Krueger 2 months ago +2

    I Truly Believe That Those Kids Came From UnderGround!
    Or Just Properly They've Smokes To Much OG Kush!

  • Teddy Key
    Teddy Key 2 months ago

    Wait, wait, wait
    So 15 feet were washed out
    between which 14 were right and 2 were left!
    We've got a mysterious 16th foot!

  • Concetta Roach
    Concetta Roach 2 months ago

    #1 took place on January 27th 1959.. Today is January 27th 2019.. Exactly 60 years ago today.. Crazy!!!

  • Jena Hamilton
    Jena Hamilton 2 months ago

    Hey! Local here. The feet are protected during in the shoes during decomposition from sea life and detach from the tibia and fibula, and modern sneakers are pretty buoyant so they get picked up by the currents. The waters around here have some pretty dangerous spots, and people drowning in fishing accidents etc is not uncommon. Sure some people might jump off the bridge in Vancouver, but I doubt that’s the main source. No one really wants to admit that the reason is boring or else the media couldn’t sensationalize it, but I don’t really think it’s much of a mystery to us around here any more 😂

  • Rogue Wolf
    Rogue Wolf 2 months ago +1

    I live in Mississippi not too far from the coast. The phantom barber is STILL talked about to this day.
    Concerning the feet washing up...you would think that if they would be able to get DNA (or at least family DNA) of those thought to have committed suicide for comparison. 🤔🤔 If NONE matched then its more likely its a serial killer. Which I think is more likely anyway.
    Concerning the last one...one group of the hikers were found in nothing but there underwear. Weirder still is that a different group for several meters away were found wear the clothes of those found in only their underwear! Even though there were PLENTY of extra clothes at the camp site. Also they found high levels of RADIATION in the area FAR HIGHER than any of the surrounding area with NO explanation. Those of the hikers found to have INTERNAL injuries consistent with blunt force trauma had NO EXTERNAL MARKS to show what caused the injuries!! 😳😳

  • Larissa Barber
    Larissa Barber 2 months ago

    Swear wasn't me. I am a, good barber ( my last name)

  • Glitch Bitch
    Glitch Bitch 2 months ago


  • Jorja Russell
    Jorja Russell 3 months ago

    So um i don't live far from pascagoula and my grandparents live there

  • Jimmy explores
    Jimmy explores 3 months ago

    I live near Hagley wood

  • Your basic Average girl

    2019 anyone ??

  • armenianply
    armenianply 3 months ago

    The witch elm sounds like an inside job to. Think about it all the files are never found. Maybe she was part of an investigation and maybe she was killed for knowing to much of something.

  • armenianply
    armenianply 3 months ago

    7 and a half people in case you wanted to know how many people that is.if you were counting feet.

  • azizdisaster
    azizdisaster 3 months ago

    Why you recording your face? I hate it

  • Keitra Sanders
    Keitra Sanders 3 months ago

    Damn that last story sounds like the real life version of the 1982 movie The Thing staring Kurt Russell & Keith David

  • Beamer and Michael
    Beamer and Michael 3 months ago

    This the dude who let a chick beat him

  • Darker Fun
    Darker Fun 3 months ago

    If you want more info on the children in house fire go to Shane Dawson’s ex girlfriend channel and you should be able to find her video on it

  • The Doggo Lover
    The Doggo Lover 3 months ago +2

    \| |/

  • {{{{Ké Bay}}}}
    {{{{Ké Bay}}}} 3 months ago

    #1 sounds like some crazy drug trip gone bad. Eyeballs and tongue missing? Sounds like a bad, bad trip that evoked some serious anger and paranoia.

  • P Ariza
    P Ariza 3 months ago

    José in Portuguese is not pronunced "Hosé" like in Spanish. Just saying.

  • Taylor Frye
    Taylor Frye 3 months ago

    0:48 Shrek's kids

  • Queen Fan Girl
    Queen Fan Girl 3 months ago

    top 10 most wired unsolved mysteries...
    Q(ueen): WHO IS GALILEO?
    Me: I think Galileo is a Friend or family member of Freddie.
    Google: Galileo was an Italian astronomer, physicist and engineer, sometimes described as a polymath.
    Well, Freddie boy was always into that stuff like: Marie Antoinette, Marlin Munroe ect. so obviously! there's your answer.

  • Ginger Peters
    Ginger Peters 3 months ago

    dude...they solved the floating feet in shoes thing awhile back now. It was a combination of people who'd actually killed themselves, accidents from commercial vessels in the Pacific & ppl who died in a tsunami.

  • Liv! Damnit
    Liv! Damnit 3 months ago

    Ta-fet-a lol

  • Kim Smith
    Kim Smith 3 months ago

    En-Sign?!?!?!?! Please learn how to pronounce word, especially English ones, properly. Ensign is a common military position, pronounce en-sun.

  • Ellen M
    Ellen M 3 months ago

    The feet “Mystery” isn’t a mystery. Experts have said that any time a body ends up in that sea the feet are going to wash up somewhere in the shoes because they’ll be preserved better than the rest of the body. That’s all that’s happening.

  • Sara Teubert
    Sara Teubert 3 months ago

    Do the severed feet that keep washing up on beaches in British Columbia have anything to do with the big ol bag of severed hands that were found in Russia?

  • M R
    M R 3 months ago

    Great content Matt! Oddly enough I've had to re-subscribe to your channel twice now.

  • Keeley Wright
    Keeley Wright 3 months ago

    The woman in the Wych elm was known as Clara Bella who was a spy (possibly German i forgot) she parachuted into that area at that time and was captured and made an example out of, i also forgot why 😂

  • Brandon Roberts
    Brandon Roberts 3 months ago

    The right severed foot look like a left

  • jesus saved me JG
    jesus saved me JG 3 months ago

    🤣😂1 shoe at a time 😅👍

  • soggymoustache
    soggymoustache 3 months ago

    That glare at 12:15

  • GaslitWorld f. Melissa B

    Two of my favorite things combined "mystery" and "history." Thanks gorgeous.

  • Cool James
    Cool James 3 months ago


  • The Miles
    The Miles 3 months ago

    10:30 I heard from another video there was only 2 men that went missing. Thanks for the extra info.

  • Mati mizfit
    Mati mizfit 3 months ago

    Great content!

  • Teresa S
    Teresa S 3 months ago


  • Rachel Norman
    Rachel Norman 3 months ago

    The first one was solved. They were the children of Flemish cloth merchants . Their parents died and they had to fend for themselves eating vegetation from the forest hence the malnutrition, and the boy dying soon after

    3BODYKING99 3 months ago

    How long can you sleep after reading these stories

  • Ebed Manuel
    Ebed Manuel 3 months ago

    My middle name is Manuel 😱

  • Lucky Gamer
    Lucky Gamer 3 months ago

    Green skin, children, eats beans.......its a TOYOL

  • CircusAngel And Silver Dragon

    What time were the clocks stopped? Just curious.

  • Comrade Justin Y.
    Comrade Justin Y. 3 months ago +3

    I’m pretty sure the Green children mystery was already solved

  • BigSeventeen
    BigSeventeen 3 months ago

    Man the last 3 or 4 are fr freaky

  • Shawn Hochstine
    Shawn Hochstine 3 months ago

    The green children had hypochromic anemia also known as green sickness caused by kidney disease or malfunction, congestive heart failure or cancers that cause blood loss. One of multiple symptoms is a scanty appetite.

  • Zach Bostian
    Zach Bostian 4 months ago


  • Aaron Martin TV
    Aaron Martin TV 4 months ago

    Got to love the lighthouse story it seems like any story involving somebody disappearing around the ocean they always throwing I prepared meal on a table somewhere.

  • Anna Hoffer
    Anna Hoffer 4 months ago

    Goats. Goat footprints. Oh and you mispronounced taffeta.

  • D Lee
    D Lee 4 months ago

    For the love of ( insert Deity here ), you're from Canada, Man!! What happened to your pronunciation Matt?? Salish - saylish, Taffeta - tafeda, Ensign - ensen, Come home for a while Matthew, soak up some good old Canadian winter! It'll put you right again.

  • King Of Games
    King Of Games 4 months ago

    2:45 yooo that freak Fred from courage the cowardly dog

  • Capri Meyer
    Capri Meyer 4 months ago

    History mystery

  • Nikole Romeo
    Nikole Romeo 4 months ago

    I love your videos and I'm sorry but I have to...it's TAFF-eta, not taf-FETA. Great video tho. Lol.

  • Hi I'm Leila
    Hi I'm Leila 4 months ago


  • Charlie Cross
    Charlie Cross 4 months ago

    come on Matthew I've heard all of these before

  • Ryan Litt
    Ryan Litt 4 months ago +2

    on the severed feet thing, apparently when people commit suicide by jumping into the water their bodies decompose, but since the sneakers they wear are buoyant their feet float upwards and get washed up on shore. Its sad but thankfully we don't have to worry about serial killers.

  • Alan Stringfellow
    Alan Stringfellow 4 months ago

    A house up in flames ya say, Children missing ya say, This sounds like a case for CC Tinsley :')

  • Foot Chungus
    Foot Chungus 4 months ago


  • Jayden Jones
    Jayden Jones 4 months ago

    Biggest mystery is now the sodder children's eyebrows got like that

  • Kerileigh Autumn
    Kerileigh Autumn 4 months ago

    When Matt said "The Dark Lord" I just thought of Harry Potter.
    Im fandom trash 😂

  • Ceridwen Nytewell
    Ceridwen Nytewell 4 months ago

    Love your videos Matt