100 People Hold Their Breath for as Long as They Can | Keep it 100 | Cut


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  • Afeefah Haque
    Afeefah Haque 11 hours ago

    I held my breath as soon as the video started to see how long I lasted. I got up to 0:21, so I’m clearly not that good at potential death due to a stupid challenge

  • Scarlett Higgins
    Scarlett Higgins 11 hours ago

    1:51 *wheeze*

  • Skye
    Skye 23 hours ago

    I held my breath for 1 minute lol

  • DB Rabid
    DB Rabid Day ago

    I beat em all lol

  • unknown009
    unknown009 2 days ago

    video ended and i kept holding my breath, last time i checked i did last for more than 1 minute but i could probably have gone over 2 minutes now, nice, im proud of myself.

  • Mr Screamer
    Mr Screamer 2 days ago

    This can't be real. I just managed 2 mins and 32 seconds and I only switched from smoking to vaping 7 weeks ago. How can some of these people last less than 10 seconds? Did you ask all of these people whilst in a lung cancer ward or something?

    DJ_FAT_ ZOMBIE_ 3 days ago

    I can hold my breath for 2min 28sek

  • Yasmin Mouauia
    Yasmin Mouauia 3 days ago

    I only held mine for 15secs 😂

  • chaitali deshpande
    chaitali deshpande 3 days ago

    1:38 Kenny and Emily.
    who ever thought they'll come together in fear pong. #teamkenny

  • Albus
    Albus 3 days ago

    Wim Hof would not approve

  • Kaitlyn
    Kaitlyn 3 days ago

    Anybody else just timed themselves? I did 35 seconds.

  • Batman
    Batman 3 days ago +1

    The longest I have gone ever is 2:43 but I did breathing exercises before to fill my lungs. But when I held my breath I actually had empty lungs. The way I did it was to oxygenate my entire body a lot and then release all my air and stay that way for as long as possible. This can be bad though as it can cause a seizure possibly, although that’s rare. It makes it so that the experience goes by extremely fast and only feels like maybe 30 seconds and your lungs don’t even burn

  • Emily H.
    Emily H. 5 days ago

    you know you’re doing something wrong when your skin is whiter than your teeth.

  • Jake
    Jake 5 days ago

    Does anybody know who the girl at 2:20 is?

  • Siiri Tuunanen
    Siiri Tuunanen 5 days ago

    Some of them doesn't exercise a lot. I did 1 minute easy. I can do longer underwater.

  • edmartoreya Campaña


  • BurningWater
    BurningWater 6 days ago

    50 seconds.... Seeing other people gasp made it so hard not to let my breath out! (Bonus me. Cause I used to max out at 32 seconds)

    CVG ANASS 6 days ago +1

    they could just secretly breath tru there nose👀

  • Alice SAN
    Alice SAN 7 days ago

    Exactly 1 minute for me

  • Dxyli
    Dxyli 8 days ago

    One minute and 3 seconds bitchesss

  • Javi Navarrete Ruiz
    Javi Navarrete Ruiz 8 days ago

    idk why but i felt the need to do it too, lasted 1:50

  • Selena Young
    Selena Young 8 days ago

    I did 1:01

  • Keyush fan
    Keyush fan 10 days ago

    me: 48 seconds

  • yogi
    yogi 10 days ago

    I held my breath for ... 3 ... minutes.... am I okay

  • Hernando Quijano
    Hernando Quijano 11 days ago

    I held my breath for 54 seconds and I’m ten

  • belivinbeaumont x
    belivinbeaumont x 11 days ago +1

    i got 58 seconds lmao

  • Daily Doughnut
    Daily Doughnut 12 days ago

    I got 29 seconds…

  • Addison Steele
    Addison Steele 13 days ago

    Did it for 42:25!

  • Isac Karlsson
    Isac Karlsson 13 days ago

    I won over that fucking cheater

  • Carlos Jimenez
    Carlos Jimenez 14 days ago

    Who else try this with them

  • Kerwin Ma
    Kerwin Ma 15 days ago +2

    I held my breath for about 1min 55 with them. I even outlasted the cheater.

  • C. C
    C. C 15 days ago +3

    I did 1 minute🤣
    Edit: 1 minute 10 seconds🤣

  • Nexolic
    Nexolic 15 days ago

    I’m 13 and I made it to 1:28 .

  • Sunfree
    Sunfree 15 days ago

    24 seconds for me, not bad? :D

  • Lavender MSP
    Lavender MSP 15 days ago

    40 seconds.. I play the clarinet and I really need to practice breathing!!!

  • Lavender MSP
    Lavender MSP 15 days ago

    That one girl who is whiter than the whites of her eyes

  • Cloudy-Yeetz
    Cloudy-Yeetz 15 days ago

    *i lasted for about 21 seconds*

  • Rui Parker
    Rui Parker 15 days ago

    For every single one of those people trying to hold there breath and for Michael Scott

    That's what she said.

  • KOnation
    KOnation 16 days ago

    Did 1min and got bored. lol

  • Ian._002
    Ian._002 17 days ago +1

    I beat all of them.

  • Parah Gan
    Parah Gan 17 days ago

    My mom : what are you doing
    Me : watching video
    My mom : what video?
    Me : 100 people try to holding their breath
    My mom : ....

  • Samuel Limanskiy
    Samuel Limanskiy 17 days ago +1

    I was able to beat the last guy. (Don’t believe me if you don’t want, it’s pretty easy)

  • Seize the day
    Seize the day 17 days ago

    I got 1min and 14sec

  • littlefizban
    littlefizban 18 days ago

    I made it to 40

  • soapywhalez
    soapywhalez 18 days ago

    i’m a swimmer so i can probably go for a while lol

  • Kairo 4670
    Kairo 4670 19 days ago

    I lasted 3 minutes. Very hard watching the video while trying to laugh or breathe 🤣🤣

  • k.
    k. 19 days ago


  • Coco loco Bros.
    Coco loco Bros. 20 days ago

    I got 28 seconds

  • Moss
    Moss 20 days ago

    1 mintute 11! I thought I could only do 45 seconds but I beat my record by 4 seconds!

  • Bdog The player
    Bdog The player 23 days ago

    I got 50 secs

  • Elizabeth Everson
    Elizabeth Everson 23 days ago

    I only lasted 30 seconds.

  • Cal Yackin
    Cal Yackin 23 days ago +1

    Who could hold it longer than all of them?

  • Ratchet Trung
    Ratchet Trung 24 days ago +1


  • Gtx 1080
    Gtx 1080 24 days ago +1

    0.04 it's that bitch

  • Reflective Cookie
    Reflective Cookie 24 days ago

    I can hold my breath for 2 minutes 5 seconds....

  • Margaret Lebrecht
    Margaret Lebrecht 24 days ago

    40 seconds

  • Iymaan A
    Iymaan A 24 days ago +1

    This was like watching ASMR 😂

  • clara Parson
    clara Parson 25 days ago

    i feel like this could be a fetish for some people

  • Ana Hoffman
    Ana Hoffman 25 days ago

    AHHHHHH I TRIED IT XVX At 30 seconds: Oh piece of cake! 1 minute: Oh boy, this is tough... 1:30 OK I NEED TO BREATHE

  • KDRProductions
    KDRProductions 25 days ago

    Just finished watching people exhaling for 1:41 seconds

  • Mari and Mikey -
    Mari and Mikey - 25 days ago

    I got to 50 seconds lol

  • JeansforBeans
    JeansforBeans 25 days ago

    When I'm stoned I can hold my breath for what seems like forever

  • Floral Subliminals
    Floral Subliminals 25 days ago

    I can hold mine for 35 seconds it used to be 1 min 😢

  • Darren Counihan
    Darren Counihan 25 days ago

    They should have asked everyone to hold their nose too

  • Sasha Cats
    Sasha Cats 25 days ago

    I lasted 49 seconds oof

  • ﺄﱟﺄيہۣۗسوﯠ 'ۦ،'ۦ،

    I smoke two packets of cigarettes every day
    And i held my breath for 1 min so I guess cigarettes are good for you 🤠

  • BluBird B
    BluBird B 26 days ago

    That girl is so pale

  • nekachu
    nekachu 26 days ago

    i can hold my breath for 1:10 seconds so far!

  • Daniel Soriano
    Daniel Soriano 27 days ago

    White girl

  • Indi Mcleod
    Indi Mcleod 28 days ago

    1:06 I lasted

  • Ainé Story
    Ainé Story 28 days ago

    god bless the person/people who edit these videos

  • Ahmed Hawz
    Ahmed Hawz 28 days ago

    these are the people that are stealing all of our oxygen!

  • The Rocker X
    The Rocker X 29 days ago +1

    Those last two were definitely cheating. If they had really been holding their breath they would have been panting when they finally started to inhale. They acted like nothing had happened.

  • Little Doopsie
    Little Doopsie 29 days ago

    I held my breath for a good 1 minute!!!

  • Li Zhe
    Li Zhe 29 days ago

    I can hold my breath for 40 seconds surprisingly

  • Johnny Handel
    Johnny Handel 29 days ago

    Alright I lasted a minute fifteen seconds not bad

  • Bee da bee
    Bee da bee 29 days ago

    1:33 he is so FUCKIN FINE

  • Pablo Schwaiger
    Pablo Schwaiger 29 days ago

    2:27 that woman is already dead.

  • Alliya Santos
    Alliya Santos Month ago

    Flashback mary 1:55

  • MarleeKrayzee
    MarleeKrayzee Month ago

    I LASTED TILL 33 😂💀

  • ClashOfClans United

    I got to 50
    I made it to 1 minute exact

  • Delight Ngwenya
    Delight Ngwenya Month ago

    I can last 1 min

  • Sarah Timbers
    Sarah Timbers Month ago

    I held it for 1 min 😂

  • Naresh Tandel
    Naresh Tandel Month ago

    I can hold my beath for 3min 5 second

  • Sped Boi
    Sped Boi Month ago

    2:06 Wtf Is That Thing

  • E.X.c4lib3R Gaming
    E.X.c4lib3R Gaming Month ago

    I can hold my breath for like 1 minute

  • Ttttt
    Ttttt Month ago

    Yesssss I made it to 1.30 which btw is my longest I’ve ever done!!

  • Canon Ranger
    Canon Ranger Month ago +1

    I’m in cross country (5-10mi) and I Beat all of them

  • Bean Bun
    Bean Bun Month ago

    Sometimes i accidentally hold m breath until i'm about to die lmAo

  • Sultan Munambang
    Sultan Munambang Month ago

    That pale skin girl tho she is so pro at holding breath wow beautiful

  • Adeyeye Samuel
    Adeyeye Samuel Month ago

    2:03 what kind of skin tone is that

  • Icecream5572
    Icecream5572 Month ago

    I got a solid minute

  • Dip the kookie in tae We love a bts sister

    2:13 minecraft zombie sound

  • GachaPlayz_studios YT
    GachaPlayz_studios YT Month ago +1

    Anyone else do it with them or just me 😂 Also I got 37:44

    • GachaPlayz_studios YT
      GachaPlayz_studios YT Month ago +1

      Ali Zivani no, 37 SECONDS 44 MILLISECONDS

    • Ali Zivani
      Ali Zivani Month ago +1

      +GachaPlayz_studios YT 37:44= 37 minutes and 44 seconds

    • GachaPlayz_studios YT
      GachaPlayz_studios YT Month ago +1

      Ali Zivani no, this says I did it in 37 seconds

    • Ali Zivani
      Ali Zivani Month ago +1

      +GachaPlayz_studios YT Yeah, and no human can also do 37 minutes, lmao.

    • GachaPlayz_studios YT
      GachaPlayz_studios YT Month ago +1

      Ali Zivani no you didn’t, you would be dead, there’s no human that can do that.

  • Exotic Jerome
    Exotic Jerome Month ago

    Im 12 and i also can hold my breath for 1.40 you don't have to beleve my aslong i know it im happy;)

  • George Dial
    George Dial Month ago

    Jesus I beat them and I'm a heavy smoker Lmao wtf

  • Aaliya Hussain
    Aaliya Hussain Month ago


  • I'm done
    I'm done Month ago +1

    Who else was doing it with them? I did 1 minute 17 seconds 😂