100 People Hold Their Breath for as Long as They Can | Keep it 100 | Cut


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  • jimin,is,drug
    jimin,is,drug 13 hours ago

    who else also hold in their breath while watching this ? 😂

    CHAPPIE_MAN 13 15 hours ago

    I didn’t stop till everyone was done xD, when i was in 6th grade i was always bored in class so I trained how long i could hold my breath (i got a 1:43)

  • uniquedol
    uniquedol 16 hours ago

    holy shit i literally did it for 1 minute and 30 seconds DKDJDJ

    • uniquedol
      uniquedol 16 hours ago

      and i actually lost by laughing

  • Shadow_ Wilde
    Shadow_ Wilde 17 hours ago

    Damn, I made 1:14 lol.

  • vivaangel8
    vivaangel8 18 hours ago

    1 minute 25 seconds mmkay

  • Priya Bhagolie
    Priya Bhagolie 18 hours ago

    48 secs for me and I’m 11

  • Wyld Fyre
    Wyld Fyre 19 hours ago

    Ayyyy I got a minute and forty five seconds wootwoot

  • vicky
    vicky 20 hours ago +1

    I did it for 17 seconds lol

  • _ NBAy
    _ NBAy 21 hour ago

    Fat people couldn't go long 😂

  • Miracunicorn
    Miracunicorn Day ago

    I'm holding my breath while watching this

  • Raissa Popescu
    Raissa Popescu Day ago

    45 seconds and i'm 12 😂🤣

  • gizel brown
    gizel brown Day ago

    i literally got only 17 secs

  • gizel brown
    gizel brown Day ago

    that asian guy tho was about to explode

  • Azzwa Saffriena
    Azzwa Saffriena Day ago

    2:28 flashback Marie is that you?

  • Kasey Ann
    Kasey Ann Day ago

    I reached 56 seconds

  • Twice's second bag of chips

    I was really curious of how they would film this lol

  • •G•
    •G• 2 days ago

    1 minute and 3 seconds

  • Eline Crocs
    Eline Crocs 3 days ago

    I did 1:14

  • Franiyl
    Franiyl 3 days ago

    I did 58 seconds

  • Hannah Faber
    Hannah Faber 3 days ago

    I can do 2:13. I beat everyone 😂

  • slam1- :]
    slam1- :] 4 days ago


  • Amira Longoria
    Amira Longoria 4 days ago

    I could do 35 seconds 😂

  • Luke Boom
    Luke Boom 4 days ago

    1:55 this bitch is so white

  • Xylia Marcozzi
    Xylia Marcozzi 4 days ago

    1 38 he look constipated

  • Normal One
    Normal One 4 days ago

    I held my breath for 40 seconds

  • Explorer
    Explorer 4 days ago

    1:55 is that snow white

  • Explorer
    Explorer 4 days ago

    1:55 is that snow white

  • Explorer
    Explorer 4 days ago

    1:55 is that snow white

  • Dumbest Izzy
    Dumbest Izzy 5 days ago

    I Made a min😂😂😂😂

  • Feli Fine
    Feli Fine 5 days ago

    I did 17

  • Klara Isn't Real
    Klara Isn't Real 5 days ago


  • Caca_ Fangirl
    Caca_ Fangirl 5 days ago

    I made it for 35 seconds

  • Maddie Fishblob
    Maddie Fishblob 5 days ago +1

    I pity the editors of this. I can tell it took HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS

  • Raoul Is My Husband
    Raoul Is My Husband 5 days ago

    I got one minute forty

  • Kendra Anahi
    Kendra Anahi 6 days ago

    I got a minute

  • Jacques Joubert
    Jacques Joubert 6 days ago

    I got 2 min 3 seconds

  • Haylee Luxton
    Haylee Luxton 6 days ago

    i only got around 35 seconds here but if I was doing it underwater i can guarantee about 1.30. must be the added pressure

  • MCPE grejer
    MCPE grejer 7 days ago

    I got 54. Btw r u alowed to blo air OUT of your nose while holding brearh?

  • WHAT
    WHAT 7 days ago

    Wtf I can do 3 minutes I thought this was a skit at first wtf, im still confused, there are people in the comments saying shit like they can hold their breathe for like 40 secs. Are they trolls or am I retarded?

  • WHAT
    WHAT 7 days ago

    O K

  • Giangymnast12
    Giangymnast12 7 days ago

    Who else held their breath to see how long they could hold it for and see what people you beat? I got 1 min and 26 btw

  • Yarkın Köşker
    Yarkın Köşker 7 days ago

    1 minute I almost die

  • hurricaneBEAR 75
    hurricaneBEAR 75 7 days ago

    1.55 wtf

  • Tina World
    Tina World 7 days ago

    "4 minutes?" Dude, you can die from not breathing for 2 minutes none of the less you will hold your breath for 4 minutes

  • Improved Bacon
    Improved Bacon 7 days ago


  • Eximious94
    Eximious94 7 days ago

    i did 3 minutes just now, i remember doing 1 minute and 20 seconds as a kid

  • Anton Blenck
    Anton Blenck 8 days ago

    still holding my breath

  • TheEmochick500
    TheEmochick500 8 days ago

    a minute and 35 seconds.

  • Cyrhyl Lengyel
    Cyrhyl Lengyel 8 days ago

    shoutout to the guy who was wearing naruto's outfit 0:47

  • Sunkhee Bhudda
    Sunkhee Bhudda 8 days ago

    My longest time is 1 min 45 sec. Right now i did 1 min 36 sec with these people!

  • Wyatt Waters
    Wyatt Waters 8 days ago

    1:55 when you spend all your time in the basement with the shades closed and the lights turned off

  • Wyatt Waters
    Wyatt Waters 8 days ago

    i swim and sing, so it took me about 2 minutes

  • khadiii
    khadiii 8 days ago

    30.34 seconds lol

  • Cat with a knife
    Cat with a knife 8 days ago

    Just held for 2 minutes.

  • Minato Mamikaze
    Minato Mamikaze 9 days ago

    Almost died competing with them

  • Scxr
    Scxr 9 days ago

    wtf is wrong with that white ass face? is she a corpse? (2:28)

  • Oguz Aksu
    Oguz Aksu 9 days ago

    i got 1 minute 56 seconds that was easy

  • gamer catrin
    gamer catrin 10 days ago +1

    I took 40 seconds

  • George M.
    George M. 10 days ago

    I did 1:47

  • Hildzia M
    Hildzia M 10 days ago

    Geez white zombie girl
    I had to stop the video when i saw your snow-white face

  • Genevieve Cai
    Genevieve Cai 12 days ago

    1:55 woah

  • Genevieve Cai
    Genevieve Cai 12 days ago

    7 seconds first guy 👏

  • 710 4EVERM&MER
    710 4EVERM&MER 12 days ago

    I only got 0:40:52 seconds:((

  • Elisabeth S
    Elisabeth S 13 days ago

    these people need to plug their nose lol

  • llil avocado
    llil avocado 13 days ago

    1:55 DAMN SHES PALE i thought i was the palest person alive

  • SarahHawaii LovesComedy

    It sounds like they smoked and sniffed cocaine at the same time.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • É p a i s
    É p a i s 13 days ago

    I got 2 mins and 12 secs

  • G. Roscoe
    G. Roscoe 13 days ago

    I lasted for 41 seconds.

  • McKenna Benson
    McKenna Benson 13 days ago

    1:39 his face 😹

  • Itz Simonayy
    Itz Simonayy 13 days ago

    Who else did it with them??😂😂

  • Blame David
    Blame David 13 days ago

    You are supposed to stop when they breathe in

  • Stahim s
    Stahim s 14 days ago

    I lasted for 1min even im 10 yr

  • W1N
    W1N 14 days ago

    2:32 thats obivously a fake exhale.

  • Alana Eedy
    Alana Eedy 14 days ago

    that last guy has BULLSHITTINGGGGGGGGGGGG i can tell

  • supernatural life
    supernatural life 16 days ago

    The girl who let her breath go second to last was sooo pail like she had roses skin off titanic when was sinking and she looked like hannah baker at the same time how is that right how pale that skin is?!

  • C4PT41N D34DP00L
    C4PT41N D34DP00L 16 days ago

    i can do 2 mins

  • Adrian
    Adrian 17 days ago

    Ha 1:47

  • Diana Veronica Steven Universe Y Mas

    1:17:34 segundos :3
    (Edit: lo comprobé con mi cronómetro y terminé haciendo 1:37 segundos xd)

  • Jodz Motovlog
    Jodz Motovlog 17 days ago

    i actually hold my breath as long as the last one

    *ambulance siren*
    pee doo pedoo pedooo

  • SUSHANT 007
    SUSHANT 007 18 days ago

    I hold more than all hundreds... yeah

  • Nariyah Birdine
    Nariyah Birdine 19 days ago

    Who else did this 😂

  • Quick Lemon
    Quick Lemon 20 days ago

    2:24 hold up you're telling me thats not makeup

  • Lily Gallagher
    Lily Gallagher 21 day ago

    I can do 5 minutes but I have to be completely inert. If I hyperventilate it will be longer.

  • Erik Olofson Self Development

    2 minutes

  • Vicente Santos
    Vicente Santos 22 days ago

    39 s and im only 12

  • Isobel Brown
    Isobel Brown 22 days ago +1

    43 seconds I lasted
    How long did you last?

  • Meghan Riley
    Meghan Riley 22 days ago +1

    I feel like being athematic and getting 2:11 is probably alright considering

  • Fatima NAQVI
    Fatima NAQVI 22 days ago +1

    i got 1 min......

    yay im proud

  • To'afa Fa'amoana
    To'afa Fa'amoana 22 days ago

    i out lasted the video and auto play timer and 1 minute

  • Mohammed Badwelan
    Mohammed Badwelan 22 days ago

    i held my breath for 1.25 seconds wow i am surprised from my self 😂😂😂

  • Remember To Wash Your Hands With J-Soap

    Can't they just breathe through their nose to cheat...??

  • Hadley Strickland
    Hadley Strickland 24 days ago

    I got 1:22

  • Auro ra
    Auro ra 24 days ago

    1 min imma pass out real quick

  • Wertimmm
    Wertimmm 25 days ago

    1:32 seconds

  • Preston Bozeman
    Preston Bozeman 25 days ago

    Fatasses 😂

  • Martin Brhlík
    Martin Brhlík 26 days ago

    1:12 and i almost exploded

  • Oskar seleri Kjær Jensen

    52 sec

  • Matt Bellamy
    Matt Bellamy 27 days ago

    1:03 min

  • Elizabeth Gao
    Elizabeth Gao 27 days ago

    I got 1 min 26

  • ilove Jungkook
    ilove Jungkook 27 days ago

    Idk why but I feel like holding ur nose and closing ur mouth is more easier then just holding ur breath is it just me