100 People Hold Their Breath for as Long as They Can | Keep it 100 | Cut

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  • yoongi is my life
    yoongi is my life 31 minute ago

    i got 1 min and 15 seconds

  • Lenya Tastisch
    Lenya Tastisch 51 minute ago


  • DK TK
    DK TK 9 hours ago

    Not being racist or anything 2.04 but I’ve never seen someone that white before

  • GeekyCamron
    GeekyCamron 16 hours ago

    I got to 1 minuet

  • Pickles Pickles
    Pickles Pickles 17 hours ago

    I got up to 1:32 lol

  • Thuan2010
    Thuan2010 18 hours ago

    i got 32 seconds

    RED EAGLE 19 hours ago

    I got 2minutes I’m so lightheaded

  • Vincent Guan
    Vincent Guan 19 hours ago

    I’m so bad I can only do 16 seconds while others did like 2 minuties

  • Red boo
    Red boo Day ago

    A white lady omg 2:28 she is all white!

  • squidgaming742 sacs

    I got 57 seconds

  • Addi Novy
    Addi Novy Day ago

    I got 39 seconds

  • Smaba
    Smaba Day ago

    I got 2 min lmao

  • kroba kis
    kroba kis Day ago


  • lillybear 3227
    lillybear 3227 Day ago

    2 one I got 51 💀

  • lillybear 3227
    lillybear 3227 Day ago

    I got 31

  • Charlotte Racine

    30 seconds

  • 深淵十三
    深淵十三 Day ago

    2:23 a bit whiter and she ain't there

  • Gabrielle Porter


  • I haven't take a shower for 7 weeks, but

    Got 1min49sec and i'm even barely do sport. Wtf.

  • forallreals
    forallreals 2 days ago

    How can some people seriously only make it like 15-20 seconds?? I thought everyone would at least get to 45 seconds minimum???

  • squidgaming742 sacs
    squidgaming742 sacs 2 days ago +1

    I got 45 seconds

  • Cyborg2waffles
    Cyborg2waffles 2 days ago

    I got to a minute and 15 seconds until I laughed because I was kicking me legs and spazzing out like a maniac.

  • Flats Flounder
    Flats Flounder 2 days ago

    My little brother and I did it. My little brother is pretty good! He’s been holding it for 7 hours now! He’s holding his breath while sleeping! He kind of stinks though

  • H3roCrz
    H3roCrz 2 days ago

    Can do it for 2+ minutes, weird

  • Sara Del Collombo
    Sara Del Collombo 3 days ago

    I got 22 secondz😂😂😂😂

  • dont click pls
    dont click pls 3 days ago

    I got 42 seconds

  • Ummi Shasha
    Ummi Shasha 3 days ago

    U could die!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carsjoe612
    Carsjoe612 3 days ago

    They should have stopped the lady at 1:55 before she became pale

  • Samantha
    Samantha 3 days ago

    Yesss omg i got 2 minutes 😂^^ btw you guys have to hold your nose to keep it shut otherwise you will breath without knowing

  • Adam Grape
    Adam Grape 3 days ago +1

    I got 44

  • Wengie Is best
    Wengie Is best 3 days ago

    I did 1 : 15

  • Yafesta Wilkinson
    Yafesta Wilkinson 3 days ago


  • Galaxy Pusheen
    Galaxy Pusheen 3 days ago

    This video took my breath away

    I’m sorry I’ll go.....

  • SkeletonFace TV
    SkeletonFace TV 3 days ago

    1.27 seconds

  • Elizabeth Olivia
    Elizabeth Olivia 4 days ago

    this made me so uncomfortable

    ZOVA DESTROYER 4 days ago

    2:24 jesus you just invented whiteface

  • Un om alb
    Un om alb 4 days ago

    Muslims shouod hold theyre breath for eternity

  • Uganda Knuckles
    Uganda Knuckles 4 days ago

    Its harder for us cause they are laughing after

  • Yonatan Suky
    Yonatan Suky 4 days ago +1

    i did 20 secs and almost passed out

  • altymar
    altymar 4 days ago

    lol i held it for 2 minutes 30 seconds i cant fell my toes my send memes :(

  • Nijay Sivarajan
    Nijay Sivarajan 4 days ago

    I’m almost 13 and I got to 34:22

  • BPB Galxy Tyler-Kun
    BPB Galxy Tyler-Kun 4 days ago

    i got 1 minute and 30 seconds

  • Spectral
    Spectral 4 days ago

    1:55 is it just me or is she so white o.o

  • Abeer Gabr
    Abeer Gabr 4 days ago

    I wrote this while holding my breath

  • Regina Becker
    Regina Becker 5 days ago

    I got 1 minute

  • Stigma
    Stigma 5 days ago

    It's not good to pull in air if your gonna hold your breath if u hold it in eventually that air will wanna come out so it's better to not hold in air just hold your breath instead of pulling in air that's why most of them lost
    Sorry if im sounding a lil serious

  • Rafah Rameez
    Rafah Rameez 5 days ago +1

    Who else tried this while watching the video? I did. 41seconds

  • XGta GreekGamerXT
    XGta GreekGamerXT 5 days ago

    64 seconds

  • legend 2800
    legend 2800 5 days ago +2

    I did 54 seconds

  • Leyna Venzke
    Leyna Venzke 5 days ago

    Is it just me or is one girl weirdly pale

  • La Zar
    La Zar 5 days ago

    I won! 🤭😨😁

  • dare you take my fruit rollup

    I held my breath as long as they did

  • Elliot Hxley
    Elliot Hxley 5 days ago

    I got 35 seconds

  • Supreme Rex
    Supreme Rex 6 days ago

    Why are adults so Bad at Holding their Breath? I Mean im 12 And i can Hold mah breath for over 50 Seconds...I mean adults got a better lung.

  • Mahalu Family
    Mahalu Family 6 days ago


  • Dali Naki :3
    Dali Naki :3 6 days ago

    I made 40 seconds

  • TimDannHoare
    TimDannHoare 6 days ago

    1 minute 25 seocnds and I'm 15!

    USE YØUR GLUTES ! 6 days ago

    I got 45 seconds

  • voldemorts aborted twin

    44 secondd

  • GreatBritishBeast
    GreatBritishBeast 6 days ago

    4 minutes....lay down...arms over head to 'open' lungs...pitch black....relax
    But I wouldn't do that now! That was years ago. I was ultra fit and practiced. Just did 2mins20 first time and I'm a fat bastard now.

  • Karl Boland
    Karl Boland 6 days ago

    1 minute 40 seconds! And I never exercise! My lungs are efficient as fuck

  • Felicity's World
    Felicity's World 7 days ago

    I got 28 seconds

  • kenan kaya
    kenan kaya 7 days ago

    i done 2.5 minutes

  • Cristian Radical
    Cristian Radical 7 days ago

    Who is that pale girl towards the end ?

  • L&A Nandee
    L&A Nandee 7 days ago +1

    Who is holding their breath while watching this

  • Dill Pickle random channel

    I feel so guilty breathing during the start

  • Drittenz
    Drittenz 7 days ago +1

    Lol I only got 47.5 seconds. It didn’t help that I was seeing people being relieved of holding their breath.

  • XPurpleHazeX _
    XPurpleHazeX _ 7 days ago +1

    i could hold my breath longer than the entire video lmao

  • Alishyana Castro
    Alishyana Castro 7 days ago

    I got into a minute HAHAHA

  • Marie Bautista
    Marie Bautista 7 days ago

    2:25 she kinda looks like a vampire not to be rude or a gost

  • Rowan Schorgers
    Rowan Schorgers 7 days ago

    I had 1:21

  • TheWitherinRiser
    TheWitherinRiser 7 days ago

    I've done 4min. I really thought most people could at least do a minute or two

  • Verity Jankovskis
    Verity Jankovskis 8 days ago

    I lasted 47 seconds
    How long did you last??

  • TeqHDcasper
    TeqHDcasper 8 days ago

    2:27 she is whiter than youtubes homepage

  • TeqHDcasper
    TeqHDcasper 8 days ago

    40 seconds! (I have ahstma lmao)

  • Jano gamer
    Jano gamer 8 days ago +1

    2:27 that is the most whitest human I ever saw!
    And probably the most White person on the world!XD

  • Jano gamer
    Jano gamer 8 days ago +1

    I can hold my breath to 47 seconds!

  • Gabriel Waggoner
    Gabriel Waggoner 8 days ago

    Low key sounds like ppl having orgasms amirite

  • Gabriel Waggoner
    Gabriel Waggoner 8 days ago

    Who else was hold BG their breath

  • WackyPlaysUHC
    WackyPlaysUHC 8 days ago

    I like watch cut because it’s like a buzz feed without all the libtards

  • Leslie Estrada
    Leslie Estrada 8 days ago

    I almost had two minutes but my mom called and i accidentally hung up and gasped bc that’s my mom 🙃🙃

  • Nelle Tümmers
    Nelle Tümmers 9 days ago

    I got 54 seconds. I'm 10

  • Vonoxid
    Vonoxid 9 days ago

    4m 31s - deliberately aborted to prevent going unconscious. Overcame 5 reflexes.

  • I'mnicole LZL
    I'mnicole LZL 9 days ago

    am I the only one that try to hold my breath during the video but their reactions are too funny so I ended up bursting in laughter? 😂😂

  • Shady Bitch
    Shady Bitch 9 days ago

    Ive got 45 seconds

  • FlowerGirl 1686
    FlowerGirl 1686 9 days ago +1

    I got 1 minute and twenty-one seconds 🙃

  • Avery touss
    Avery touss 9 days ago

    1:56 not trying to be racist but she is really white bruh

  • Ana Lucia Boldi
    Ana Lucia Boldi 9 days ago

    I GOT 1:41 MINS

  • I'm bored
    I'm bored 10 days ago

    So proud 50' I thought like 10'

  • Berge
    Berge 10 days ago

    39:019 sec.. and iam sitting here with a cigarette.. lol

  • MaX-iMuM
    MaX-iMuM 10 days ago

    I did it with them for some reason

    I got 0:30:04

  • Bailea ASMR
    Bailea ASMR 10 days ago

    Omg I did a minute!

  • Wiil Shiikhaaleed
    Wiil Shiikhaaleed 10 days ago

    1 minute and 8 seconds

  • Astrox
    Astrox 10 days ago

    1;55 Is that a porcelain doll? What the fuck man

  • Richard A
    Richard A 11 days ago

    2:22 melainin production, negative

    SWAGNATION YT 11 days ago

    I did 1:33

  • hey y'all
    hey y'all 11 days ago

    I did it for almost a minute

  • Si n
    Si n 11 days ago

    I got 1 minuet and 37 seconds, that’s not to bad

  • Evan Garcia
    Evan Garcia 11 days ago

    I got 1:45 i feel proud ig

  • _im_not _on_fire
    _im_not _on_fire 11 days ago

    I just did 50 seconds,but my lungs were twitching at 42 already xD