100 People Hold Their Breath for as Long as They Can | Keep it 100 | Cut


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  • 6infinity8
    6infinity8 5 hours ago

    My personal best is 4m30s but I can casually get to 3m30s. I'm not a athlete neither did I train for that. I'm just surprised that nobody got to 2 minutes.

  • Mrs Crybaby
    Mrs Crybaby 11 hours ago

    I got 1 min 5 sec

  • Xavier Barajas
    Xavier Barajas 16 hours ago

    1:55 flashback Mary 😂😂 “ hi sistersss”

  • Israel Washington
    Israel Washington 16 hours ago

    1:11:51 WOOO-HOOOOO!!!!!!🤣 I’m so over-dramatically proud😂❤️❤️

  • Jaquelin Butkovic
    Jaquelin Butkovic 23 hours ago

    I made it to 44 seconds

  • Tzumer
    Tzumer Day ago

    I got 2 minutes on my first try lol

  • Aarat Batra
    Aarat Batra Day ago


  • Não Sei
    Não Sei 2 days ago

    Wow how i got 2 minutes?wtf

  • Pennzie Laura
    Pennzie Laura 2 days ago

    I timed myself 3 minutes

  • Gameristic Life
    Gameristic Life 2 days ago +1

    Can't they just breathe with their nose

  • Joyce Vallejo
    Joyce Vallejo 2 days ago



  • 99 Peons
    99 Peons 3 days ago

    Cmon, should have picked some people you know could get 3+ minutes this weak 😂 still a funny ass video

  • Sauc3_J
    Sauc3_J 3 days ago

    I can do it for 2 min and 30 sec

  • hahahahahahaha ha
    hahahahahahaha ha 3 days ago

    2:14 *bruh*

  • Nafsi 123
    Nafsi 123 5 days ago

    i got 64 seconds .... other times ... was a little bigger time cause i hold my breath and dive into the water ... from kid i hold my breath a long time ... but the problem is that i saw all the people breathing again and i was like "oh nooo....they breath ... i wont breath" and my body wanted to body wanted to breath cause of the others and aghhh ... it was weirder than all the other times XD

  • Josephine DeBlasi
    Josephine DeBlasi 5 days ago

    “We asked 100 people to die”

  • Danae Miranda
    Danae Miranda 5 days ago

    I was like 30 seconds in and would've been better if I kept trying not to laugh.

  • VerzZ
    VerzZ 5 days ago

    Every time someone could not hold their breath anymore it sounded like they were Having sex so when my Granda came in the room and she heard what was on my phone and she was like “So are you watching a TV show or something”???😂😂😂😂

  • mr khan
    mr khan 6 days ago

    I wanna punch that chinese guy in the face. The one in the thumbnail.

  • Michael Lyons
    Michael Lyons 6 days ago +1

    *Outlasted all of them easily just cause I was hyperventilating at the beginning to get as much oxygen into my blood as possible*

  • DE4DM4N2003
    DE4DM4N2003 6 days ago

    i lasted 40 seconds

  • Nadaloo JC
    Nadaloo JC 7 days ago

    i got 1 minute 13 seconds and omg i was never so happy to breathe😂😂

  • Fanoos Fortnite
    Fanoos Fortnite 7 days ago +2

    When someone farts in class

    Watch out incoming NUKE and everyone is just like this

  • Gianne Chua
    Gianne Chua 7 days ago

    Whos holding their breath while watching this video😂🤣

  • Bella Liang
    Bella Liang 8 days ago

    I holded my breath for 1 minuet and 30secs

  • Ex eXbOx
    Ex eXbOx 8 days ago

    2:22 um pretty sure nobody is THAT PALE

  • Im Weird
    Im Weird 8 days ago

    I got 25

  • Claire Burton
    Claire Burton 8 days ago

    I got 35 seconds

  • Hayden Johnson
    Hayden Johnson 8 days ago

    I got 2 minutes and 45 seconds so far. Not too shabby

  • Donate271 GT
    Donate271 GT 9 days ago

    I held my breath longer than everyone

  • Elin Mathilda
    Elin Mathilda 9 days ago

    1:min 26sec

  • Urho Kekkonen
    Urho Kekkonen 9 days ago

    I got 2.4minutes

  • the exclusive
    the exclusive 9 days ago

    i held my breath for 6 mins, is that healthy?

  • Lovepoochlove Poochlovepooch

    45 seconds

  • Midnight Does Gamez
    Midnight Does Gamez 9 days ago +2

    Am I the only one that did it with them??? XD

  • berry tea
    berry tea 9 days ago

    1 min 47 seconds for me... HHHHHHH IT WAS PAINFUL BUT I KEPT GOING

  • ThePerson000
    ThePerson000 9 days ago

    I lasted 1 minute

  • Cyanie
    Cyanie 9 days ago


  • John Ret
    John Ret 9 days ago

    50 seconds only

  • ILoveDoggos 2346
    ILoveDoggos 2346 10 days ago

    I can do 41.07 secs😂 I’m really bad...

  • NightPanda
    NightPanda 10 days ago

    This one Girl was white as hell :D

  • Dream .
    Dream . 10 days ago

    I did 32 haha

  • Mathilde Andersen
    Mathilde Andersen 10 days ago

    I got 1 minute and 9 sec

  • Mashael Shaheen
    Mashael Shaheen 10 days ago


  • Pro Valerian User
    Pro Valerian User 10 days ago

    I got 1 minute 45 seconds.
    Also i'm a smoker of almost 3 years.

  • Kabuto Yakushi
    Kabuto Yakushi 10 days ago

    1 minute and 9 seconds. XD The people breathing out in relief were really getting to me. LOL

  • Brayden Mulqueen
    Brayden Mulqueen 10 days ago

    i did it for 28 secons

  • l a d y b i r d MSP
    l a d y b i r d MSP 10 days ago

    I toke there timer as them got 50 sec

  • God of Fiji
    God of Fiji 10 days ago

    1 14

  • Versaucey
    Versaucey 11 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who took deep breathes when they did?

  • SilentMemer
    SilentMemer 11 days ago +1

    Nice video but.. why?

  • SilentMemer
    SilentMemer 11 days ago +1

    I died

  • terror_guy_12
    terror_guy_12 11 days ago

    Actually got further then everyone and started like 5seconds before them so I was at like 1:55 or 2min mark when I stopped lol Didn't know I could do that long lol

  • cassandra lo
    cassandra lo 11 days ago

    14 mins...

  • Literal Trash
    Literal Trash 11 days ago

    Fuuucckkk I only got 55 😂

  • HyperZ Sesh Vector
    HyperZ Sesh Vector 11 days ago

    Mine is 1 minute and 5 secs and 58 mille seconds

  • Elizabeth Flack
    Elizabeth Flack 11 days ago +1

    Holy crap I managed to do a minute. I used to only be able to do 30 seconds. I about passed out at 50 seconds but I made it 😂👏🏻

  • My name My last name
    My name My last name 11 days ago

    I got 15 seconds

  • Soccergoalie 32
    Soccergoalie 32 12 days ago

    1:55 she’s pale man

  • Serine Haugen
    Serine Haugen 12 days ago

    I got 1 min 40 seconds :)

  • Connor Army
    Connor Army 12 days ago

    Hold your breath as much as you can!
    Let's say you got 54 seconds.
    Go to the 54th second of the vid.
    See who you got out of all of 'em!

  • Christian Grajeda
    Christian Grajeda 12 days ago

    Mine was 1:41:3

  • Oliwia Ejsmont
    Oliwia Ejsmont 12 days ago

    My longest was 1:08:16

  • Miglia Amterdam
    Miglia Amterdam 12 days ago


  • olivia isherwood
    olivia isherwood 12 days ago

    I got 1 minute at 39 secs :D

  • 100 subs no vids
    100 subs no vids 12 days ago +1

    40 seconds

  • Nellys Crazy world
    Nellys Crazy world 12 days ago +1

    OMG I GOT 1 min 23 s i am 12

  • exo xoxo
    exo xoxo 12 days ago

    Wow this one Girl was really pale

  • Ordowa a
    Ordowa a 12 days ago

    40 seconds 😂

  • Makó Anna Mária
    Makó Anna Mária 12 days ago

    i got 1 min 10 sec

  • Isaac Birdchild
    Isaac Birdchild 12 days ago

    My dad thought i was watching porn.

  • KamelIX
    KamelIX 13 days ago

    32 sec ;(

  • TheJ Flux
    TheJ Flux 13 days ago

    1 minute and 22 secs

  • hipnhappenin
    hipnhappenin 13 days ago +1

    I got 1:34

  • Melih Cihan
    Melih Cihan 13 days ago

    37 sec

  • General Kilroy
    General Kilroy 13 days ago

    My max is two minutes.

  • ZeGangster
    ZeGangster 14 days ago

    I got 40 seconds.
    the pale girl was probably already dead

  • Raqeto - Mad-Gamble
    Raqeto - Mad-Gamble 14 days ago

    2 mins 11

  • Nayeon and Jooe is the cutest thing ever

    On 1:37, the guy and the girl next to him played fear pong right? 😂

  • Nayeon and Jooe is the cutest thing ever

    Weren't the guy in the thumbnail, the guy who played fear pong with a stranger?

  • Aisy. Nblh
    Aisy. Nblh 14 days ago

    Who else hold their breath while commenting/watch the video

  • Levi
    Levi 14 days ago

    I got 1 minute and 30 seconds :D

  • idk haha
    idk haha 14 days ago

    1:23 me waiting for my friend who's late

  • Silver Owens 3066
    Silver Owens 3066 14 days ago

    The longest i held my breath was 2 minutes and 48 seconds. I'm still practicing.

  • It's KaytluvDaily
    It's KaytluvDaily 14 days ago

    1:55 ahhh flashback mary her skin is so light

  • Seth Johnson
    Seth Johnson 14 days ago

    First try held my breath about 1:00 minute. Then after some breathing exercise and concentration did over 1:42.

  • Kunai
    Kunai 14 days ago

    I got 1:40 starting feeling uncomfortable around 1:00

  • Remko Vandecauter
    Remko Vandecauter 15 days ago +1

    Using simple biology anyone can go over 2 mins, i had 3 and half. Stay in school kids
    And dont smoke

  • Khánh Đồng channel


  • Christina Press
    Christina Press 15 days ago

    I Got 2 minutes and 12 seconds and I could do better, btw I’m a diver so I often train by holding my breath while submerged

    • Christina Press
      Christina Press 15 days ago

      Just watched the video again without breathing the entire time so 2 minutes and 46 seconds

  • AshTheAnime Cat
    AshTheAnime Cat 15 days ago

    I got 55 seconds lmao

  • Natalee Alleman
    Natalee Alleman 15 days ago

    1:55 her foundation tho

  • Esmeralda Da Silva
    Esmeralda Da Silva 16 days ago

    I had 33 seconds lmao

  • Estefany De La Cuesta.

    *holds breath with them*

  • conrad hyde
    conrad hyde 16 days ago

    1:10 oshit i nearly died

  • EverythingHackerPro
    EverythingHackerPro 16 days ago +1

    0:47 oddly satisfying

  • Lisette Ceja
    Lisette Ceja 16 days ago +1

    I can hold it for 52 seconds. Idk if that’s a lot or a little but I play the flute too sooooo

  • Samaira Khan
    Samaira Khan 17 days ago

    Mine was one minute and twenty one sec.

  • Fernandidilly-yo
    Fernandidilly-yo 17 days ago

    I got to one minute fifteen seconds...I gotta go lay down now ;P