Who is the Most Powerful Hero in the MCU? (Ranking All 30 Heroes In The MCU)


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  • MegaStan316
    MegaStan316 6 hours ago

    Odin is the most powerful that's a fact that's why thanos waited until he was dead before he started his plan

  • KDOS The big man
    KDOS The big man 6 hours ago

    Thanos had literally all the time in the world to get visions stone and his face shows his not trying

  • KDOS The big man
    KDOS The big man 7 hours ago

    Nebula almost killed thanos but is the third least powerful

  • EthansStory
    EthansStory 8 hours ago

    Thor is the most powerful but Dr strange can literaly control time i dont think i need to say anything else
    But for all you brain dead peiple controling time means Dr Strange may never overpower thor but he literaly has all the time in the world and nothing can stop it

  • Andrew P. Stewart
    Andrew P. Stewart 11 hours ago +1


  • Andrew P. Stewart
    Andrew P. Stewart 12 hours ago +1

    18:49 How exactly is Spider-Man inexperienced if, according to Peter Parker himself, he's been Spider-Man for over half a year and counting?

  • Andrew P. Stewart
    Andrew P. Stewart 12 hours ago +1

    12:05 WHAAAAAAAAAT?! Are you high?! Are you listening to yourself right now?! Sam may be a great hand-to-hand combatant and he may be very agile in the air, but he's far from being the best flyer in the MCU.

  • Andrew P. Stewart
    Andrew P. Stewart 12 hours ago +1


  • Infinityjon
    Infinityjon 12 hours ago +1

    1. Scarlet Witch (House of M)
    2. Thor
    3. Dr. Strange (Number 1 if early comic book version)
    4. Hulk

  • Andrew P. Stewart
    Andrew P. Stewart 12 hours ago +1

    You're seriously going to rate Sam/Falcon over Bucky?!

  • Andrew P. Stewart
    Andrew P. Stewart 12 hours ago +1

    I hate how he put Clint, Natasha, and Bucky so low on this list.

  • Andrew P. Stewart
    Andrew P. Stewart 12 hours ago +1

    This guy has a really good point about M'Baku.

  • Jeff Purcell
    Jeff Purcell 14 hours ago

    It’s my all powerful wallet ! It’s the one that rules them all !

  • Myles Green
    Myles Green 15 hours ago +1

    Iron man also should be #3 because he does better than dr strange against thanos but would be beneath him due to time stone hax Wanda got shit on by thanos minions meanwhile thanos was having troubles with iron man with 4 infinity stones

  • Myles Green
    Myles Green 15 hours ago +1

    Cap and tchalla should be above war machine and valkyrie due to cap being above an iron man that is stronger than war machine war machine would slap valkyrie due to him being airborne and having rockets and missiles so cap and tchalla who scales to captain America would be above her as well

  • RNG Umair -
    RNG Umair - 17 hours ago

    33:02 Insanely fast instincts tho

  • Maximum tune
    Maximum tune 18 hours ago


  • Chris Martin
    Chris Martin 19 hours ago

    This list is wrong and Captain America technically did not beat iron Man he got lucky with Bucky's help same with iron Man technically he did not beat The hulk. Hulk was calming down and wasn't even looking to fight any more and got sucker punched in the side of the head so if you don't recognize those two facts then you would have to say that hulk beat Thor in Ragnarok because he did but he got some help just like Captain America and Ironman

  • Lorenzo Recinos
    Lorenzo Recinos 19 hours ago

    Dr. Strange could possibly be the strongest hero. Yes Thor could conceivably defeat Thanos but in reality he didn't and in the end Thanos' defeat will be because of Dr. Strange. In addition Dr. Strange intentionally lost to Thanos and Thor did not, in the end Dr. Strange's ability to strategize will win over Thors attempts at brute Forcing to victory. In terms of physical power Thor is superior but that's not all that makes someone more powerful. After all Strange was able to defeat doormamu a god of a entire dimension.

  • ThatOneTryhard
    ThatOneTryhard 19 hours ago

    Bro...1 hit doesn't mean Captain America wins...😑😑😑

  • Dick Long
    Dick Long Day ago

    Everyone knows that Kevin Feige said, Captain Marvel is the most powerful MCU Hero!

  • DiamondHearted7 Hello guys I mostly do fortnite now

    The most powerful is

    Stan lee

    R.I.P Stan Lee 😔

  • SirMontecristo
    SirMontecristo Day ago

    Yeah, until Captain Marvel shows up, then she will take #1

  • Boaz Gillespie
    Boaz Gillespie Day ago

    "Has to have had appeared in two movies.." quicksilver...

    STAR NOVA Day ago +1

    Groot is the most powerful because he is immortal basically he can make any weapon with his arms you know for a tree and he is the one that saved Thor's life after they got the two parts for storm breaker but they could not find the handle so Groot took it upon himself to cut off his own arm to save Thor's life Thor would be dead and they wouldn't have ALMOST won

  • terry ruiz
    terry ruiz Day ago

    sry but if you didnt say Wanda your wrong

  • Gray Fullbuster
    Gray Fullbuster Day ago +1

    Please try to sound like your not reading a script

  • J's G
    J's G Day ago

    But if thor aimed for the head there wouldn't be a Avengers End Game.

  • Master Monkey Gaming683

    i feel like storm should be in this list
    and wolverine would be more powerful than drax

  • NtheKnife318
    NtheKnife318 Day ago

    Cap is way too low! I would put him top 5.

  • Sudesh Prasad
    Sudesh Prasad Day ago

    i say number one on the list should be the HULK hands down.

  • Sinbad
    Sinbad Day ago

    Watch Cpt.Marvel come and body everyone

  • Devin Gilliam
    Devin Gilliam Day ago

    Before watching, if Doctor Strange is not in the top 3, the list is wrong.

  • Hierony
    Hierony Day ago

    Why is Korg nominated? He was in only one movie...

  • Highly Favored
    Highly Favored Day ago

    Did you seriously say Steve is physically superior to black Panther..first off if you take away captain America’s powers he won’t even last in a fist fight against an average human he wasn’t shit before he got powers..if you take away T’Challa’s powers he is a athletic king who’s skilled in martial arts who was able to take on a guy with super human strength without any suit or powers.

  • Samuel L
    Samuel L 2 days ago

    I feel like Stan Lee is the strongest, he has appeared in more MCU movies than anyone and now that he’s achieved immortality, he’s unkillable

  • GHost -snipes
    GHost -snipes 2 days ago

    valakriey should be way lower
    and black panther should be higher and btw were is star lord

  • Harry Chen
    Harry Chen 2 days ago

    Ant man also has access to the quantum verse

  • Joshy Hunty
    Joshy Hunty 2 days ago

    Quicksilver IS fast enough to dodge bullets though. He didnt dodge them in order to save hawkeye

  • Trans omg
    Trans omg 2 days ago

    Hulk ain’t stronger than Thor mate Thor got zapped so he lost if he didn’t get zapped he would have demolished hulk

  • S - A - N - S
    S - A - N - S 2 days ago

    Stan Lee, obviously.

  • Eric Iverson
    Eric Iverson 2 days ago


  • leo ram
    leo ram 2 days ago

    We're the 🌲

  • FirstArchon
    FirstArchon 2 days ago


  • FirstArchon
    FirstArchon 2 days ago

    does #30 fit your own criteria? he is in one movie and is not part of a team

  • JarJar Binks
    JarJar Binks 2 days ago

    I think Dr strange is the best tbh I just love him

    *No homo tho*

  • Komics
    Komics 2 days ago +1

    We all know the true strongest hero is ant-man. He can crawl into your butt, nose, ear, or mouth than just turn to giant man and you’ll explode.

    Jk it’s Deadpool.

  • Vicki Cutler
    Vicki Cutler 2 days ago

    Captain marvel is the most powerful avenger

  • SwordTune
    SwordTune 2 days ago

    But Thanos had all the time in the world. See what I did there?

    M.R. RODRIGUEZ 2 days ago

    Brother you are A ROOKIE !!!!
    You need more in depth Comic Knowledge. Because clearly you don't have.
    Let me help you, google is a good place to do some search to comic ULTRA FANS.

  • flirtyguy34
    flirtyguy34 3 days ago

    I really don't hate this list. dont agree 100% but can't really argue with thor with stormbreaker. but probably gonna have to revise this after Captain Marvel comes out.

  • Zach
    Zach 3 days ago

    I made it a whole 46 seconds into your video before hitting pause before your benign voice knocked me into utter unconsciousness. You have your own super power Mr. Monotone!! 💤💤

  • Andy Wheale
    Andy Wheale 3 days ago

    Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch, Hulk, Thor and Doctor Strange are all overpowered compared to everyone else

  • Eagle-604
    Eagle-604 3 days ago

    Black widow should be higher you nut

  • Brama Track
    Brama Track 3 days ago

    You know if tv shows were included quicksilver wouldn’t be the quickest hero here but instead yo-yo from agents of shield

  • Brandon Tran
    Brandon Tran 3 days ago +1

    Where’s Loki?

  • lukas lowrance
    lukas lowrance 3 days ago

    peter is still young and inexperienced and......hes dead

  • Declan Plays
    Declan Plays 3 days ago

    Mumbaku isn’t a hero

  • iimagiceye
    iimagiceye 3 days ago

    cap beat iron man tho lol same with war machine and many other but yet he is that also other issues like black widow, spider man, mantis was way to high and winter solider should be about the same with cap

  • Mubarak Diab
    Mubarak Diab 3 days ago

    That raccoon is bad ass

  • harrisio 196
    harrisio 196 3 days ago

    Hawkeye and rocket are more powerfull than black widow

  • H. Q.
    H. Q. 4 days ago

    Howard the duck, obviously

  • Rakim Muhammad
    Rakim Muhammad 4 days ago

    How did the colliseum rock boy get included but not Nick Fury? The hell.....

  • Sevens.
    Sevens. 4 days ago

    Imagine Tony in his God Killer armour, he would probs be #1

  • Simon Keller
    Simon Keller 4 days ago

    I'm a Spider-Man fanboy but it was obvious that thor will rank first because it's just facts

  • Zak Nusbaum
    Zak Nusbaum 4 days ago

    I think it's important to make the distinction (as you did) between which characters are the most powerful and who would win in a fight. I think Dr. Strange would defeat Thor in a fight, but Thor is without a doubt the more powerful being based on what we've seen within the MCU.
    I only disagree strongly with 2 of your placements: Gamora and Ant-man, though based on feats seen on screen, both are placed reasonably. Ant-man's power is inconsistent with the "science" it is based on. His large form should be virtually useless, but its effectiveness on screen justifies his high placement. Gamora has similar cybernetic adaptations to her sister, and gains some durability from them. She also has access to the same alien tech as Star Lord, though we don't see her utilize anything special on screen. I think it's safe to assume she is more powerful than Cap simply because of her available arsenal and implied durability and strength, but there is little to prove my point within the MCU.

  • F34Rbr1nG3r COD
    F34Rbr1nG3r COD 4 days ago

    Cap was able to defeat iron man just because bucky distracted iron man

  • JoseATurner
    JoseATurner 4 days ago


  • Mike Ratliff
    Mike Ratliff 4 days ago

    Their fans!!!! Without us they wouldn't be anything!

  • Jon Dunn
    Jon Dunn 4 days ago

    I get that Mantis has really important powers, but she should be at the bottom. We're talking about the most powerful heroes in the MCU in terms of fighting and Mantis can't fight. She would get annihilated by Bucky or even Hawkeye in a fight. It doesn't make sense to have her that high when her power isn't really a combat power. She can only be used strategically.

  • Marcion of Sinope
    Marcion of Sinope 4 days ago

    Cool list, but without a foundation you have nothing to base the decisions off of. When doing a "Top List", that isn't preceded by "My Personal", the standard by which you're basing your selection has to be consistent. If you're taking away weapons, Stark should be down there with Rocket, Black Widow, Akoye(?), etc.

  • Numinous
    Numinous 4 days ago

    @3:16 maybe you meant she was the smartest in this list. It's well known that Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) has an IQ of over 270 in the Marvel lore, and is the very smartest by that standard. Dr. Doom is just a few points behind and is number 2.

  • jessie harless
    jessie harless 4 days ago

    Captain marvel is the strongest
    Followed by thor and scarlett witch

  • The Immortal Super Being

    Being young never works against you and never holds you back so ??????.

  • Jordan Rescorla
    Jordan Rescorla 4 days ago

    If this was based on potential I think we can all agree hulk would be number 1

  • The Immortal Super Being

    Sherry is not the smartest person in MCU Stark is he created armour from nothing and an Ark Reactor from scrap and has created Armour that is basically Military Platform Suit's with his own built tech.

    • The Immortal Super Being
      The Immortal Super Being 13 hours ago

      +Louis Cool I believe if he had time like she did he could off done better.

    • Louis Cool
      Louis Cool 13 hours ago

      i agree, but at the same time, i doubt stark could do half the things shurry can do, there is no way he could remove a infinity stone from a actual being, shurry almost got it done

  • Austin Patterson
    Austin Patterson 4 days ago

    It says powerful, not strongest... Too anyone who's whining

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex
    Tyrannosaurus Rex 4 days ago +1

    Iron man did dmg to Thanos Dr Strange and Scarlett bitch did not!

  • Wyatt
    Wyatt 4 days ago

    This dude sounds like cholesterol is flying out his throat.

  • Twitch0911
    Twitch0911 4 days ago +2

    Thor losing his hammer didn’t make him stronger . . .

    Losing his hair did

  • Fun Runner
    Fun Runner 4 days ago

    Thor , iron man and spider man rule

  • Offmaster 5000
    Offmaster 5000 4 days ago

    Thanos bleeding is not that impressive. Thor almost killed thanos

  • Patrick Burman
    Patrick Burman 4 days ago

    Black panther lost to two other guys who were raised the same way to be warriors isn't proof he relies on his tech, he's just not as mean. And really Cap beat ironman but is weaker?

  • DecalMan
    DecalMan 4 days ago

    1. Thor/Hulk (everyone knows the reason Thanos beat him, if not google it)
    2. Scarlett Witch
    3. Doctor Strange
    4. Vision
    5. Iron Man
    6. Captain America/Black Panther
    7. Spiderman
    8. Valkyrie
    9. Bucky/Antman
    10 . Warmachine

  • Byron Lloyd
    Byron Lloyd 4 days ago +3

    This has to be one of the dumbest videos i've watched on TVclip.

  • calmingspeed
    calmingspeed 5 days ago

    I cant believe any of this....a joke right

  • Aris
    Aris 5 days ago

    Rocket is.
    Anyone who says otherwise is lying to themselves.

  • Charlie's adventures at Grandmas house

    what about xman

  • SEE Ceesay
    SEE Ceesay 5 days ago

    Oh! Hell Naw. You lied about black panther.

  • sarah osher
    sarah osher 5 days ago +4

    Stan lee
    Captain marvel
    Doctor strange
    Scarlet witch
    Black panther
    Captain America
    Red hulk
    Ant man
    War machine
    Iron man
    Stan lee bc Stan lee
    Captain marvel bc um... you should watch the new movie
    Doctor strange bc he sees future and past plus present controls time makes portals and basically can’t die because of the time stone
    Scarlett witch bc she can control objects minds and can hold back vision she is powerful enough to destroy an INFINITY STONE
    Vision bc he has a freaking infinity stone in his head and can go through objects, he is able to not get hit by swings and hit other people with his own ,he also uses a energetic blast.
    Wong bc he is almost the same as doctor strange
    Deadpool bc he cant die unless disintegrated or completely obliterated when cut up his body will fit back together like legos and he only feels like he got a bruise
    Black panther bc his suit is unbreakable and absorbs Kendrick energy charging up for a energetic blast his claws penetrate anything besides his own metal
    Bucky because he is an absolute beast he punches through walls, almost killed iron man by crushing his heart 💔
    Captain America bc he is strong enough to keep a freaking helicopter from taking off, holds his will against Bucky and Ultron
    Loki I think they underestimated him when he was getting choked by Thanos why not turn into a snake and escape, or that could’ve been a fake he faked his death twice can shapeshift and he should’ve been able to escape Thanos but Ultra strong Stan lee said no
    Valkyrie was able to capture Thor
    And hulk ok he is SUPER SUPER strong he could lift Thanos with a pinky and throw him across Wakanda he held a FREAKING METAL SNAKE THE SIZE OF A 45 STORY BUILDING AND DEFEAT SOMETHING THAT WAS MADE TO KILL ESPECIALLY HIM (hulk buster) and imma stop from there like if ya agree with my list


    R.I.P. Stan lee age 95

  • sarah osher
    sarah osher 5 days ago

    Who would win Thor or T’challa
    T’Challa would stand a chance but Thor has the upper 🖐 hand

  • sarah osher
    sarah osher 5 days ago

    Obviously it’s Stan Lee R.I.P.Stan Lee

  • t8
    t8 5 days ago

    Why was Cap so low? He has beat Iron Man, Proxima Midnight, Corvus Glaive and momentarily held Thanos' hand open when we was trying to use the infinity stones. He deserves more credit.

  • CalebLucio
    CalebLucio 5 days ago

    24:35 Sorry my favorite Android is Alexa

  • t8
    t8 5 days ago

    I thought the rule was they had to be in two MCU movies? Technically Quicksilver was in only 1.

  • CalebLucio
    CalebLucio 5 days ago

    Quicksilver CAN dodge a bullet, I’d say he can also dodge the same bullets which killed him but he had to run a long distance, then catch all the bullets, then get Hawkeye out of there before the Gatling gun could fire a second time, unless he was as fast as the X-men quicksilver or they want to make him unbelievable levels of fast there’s no way he could survive

  • Cat Ross
    Cat Ross 5 days ago

    Vision is more powerful than hulk

  • Chris Pilot
    Chris Pilot 5 days ago

    I think you're forgetting that in Infinity War, Thanos stated that Nebula "nearly succeeded" in killing him before he caught her and tortured her for information about the soul stone. I haven't seen anyone else other than Thor came close to killing Thanos.

  • Van Santos
    Van Santos 5 days ago

    Captain Marvel LOL

  • YourBroKace
    YourBroKace 5 days ago

    dude, nebula isn’t part of a team