Who is the Most Powerful Hero in the MCU? (Ranking All 30 Heroes In The MCU)

  • Published on May 11, 2018
  • There are many many powerful heroes in the MCU. Thor. Scarlet Witch. Hulk. Dr. Strange. And after Infinity War, these heroes are more powerful than ever. But that leads to the ultimate question - who is the most powerful? Who is the most powerful hero in the MCU? Well thats what we're here to find out!
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  • Tonya Brosnan
    Tonya Brosnan 4 hours ago

    You have no teeth

  • thecman26
    thecman26 15 hours ago

    In reality, it would be a toss up between Thor, Hulk before snap, and Captain Marvel.

  • Steph Englander
    Steph Englander Day ago +1

    Valkyrie was way too high.

  • TheSlavicGod
    TheSlavicGod Day ago +2

    Nah Tony Stark>Shuri Tony’s the smartest

  • Lego Ninjago
    Lego Ninjago Day ago

    Ik I’m late to this but Its recommended. Firstly, quicksilver was new to the powers, he really didn’t have enough time to learn how to catch a bullet, and he barely went against ppl with guns. Also he wasn’t trying to dodge them, he wanted to catch them but didn’t know how to other than get hit by them.

  • Drew Gronholz
    Drew Gronholz 3 days ago +3

    Thor is easily stronger than captain marvel like if Thor fan

  • M’Baku
    M’Baku 3 days ago

    Thor isn’t stronger than Dr. Strange, Dr. Strange is the strongest, and yes I come from the future after avengers 4, the whole plan wouldn’t have been possible without strange.

  • M’Baku
    M’Baku 3 days ago

    Okoye after endgame is definitely better than Natasha Romanoff

  • M’Baku
    M’Baku 3 days ago

    I am a fucking hero all y’all niggas that think I ain’t y’all don’t don’t know what I do for the Jabari and Wakanda

  • Trey Wheeler
    Trey Wheeler 5 days ago

    After endgame I would definitely put Wanda at the top spot

  • kevon Lomax
    kevon Lomax 6 days ago

    Where is captain marvel

  • Marshun
    Marshun 6 days ago

    valkyrie above cap and nat being so low?

  • Jamal Weeks
    Jamal Weeks 6 days ago

    Does that make thanos a hero? because he believed he was acting in the universe's best interest

  • Jesus Rodriguez
    Jesus Rodriguez 7 days ago

    Okay okay okay he DID NOT defeat iron man bucky was helping him& they explained that thanos was not trying he was just surprised that he was trying to hold him back with his level of strength

  • Thomas Shahinian
    Thomas Shahinian 8 days ago

    Thor my favorite
    He is very strong 💪
    And he is the god of thunder
    So I think Thor is the strongest by far
    And he always Been my favorite

  • happy gamer
    happy gamer 8 days ago

    The first clip of nebula tripped me out

  • James Hedrick
    James Hedrick 8 days ago +1

    1. Thor (with Stormbreaker)
    2. Captain Marvel
    3. Tony Stark/Iron Man
    4. Captain America
    5. Dr. strange
    6. Scarlett Witch
    7. Black Panther
    8. Winter Soldier
    9. Spider Man
    10. Vision
    11. Hulk
    12. Ant Man
    13. Falcon
    14. Hawkeye
    15. Black Widow

  • Basket ree
    Basket ree 9 days ago

    As of right now spidernan should be ranked a lot higher

  • D4RK Galaxy
    D4RK Galaxy 9 days ago +1

    What about the wasp valkyrie nick fury and captain marvel

    • D4RK Galaxy
      D4RK Galaxy 7 days ago

      My bad i meant it takes place during infinity war

    • D4RK Galaxy
      D4RK Galaxy 7 days ago

      @Melody Winnie yea but I'm telling him this so if he makes a new one. He still did forget wasp and valkyrie. Cause this takes place during endgamx

    • Melody Winnie
      Melody Winnie 7 days ago

      Isn't this before endgame ??

  • Pigs are The Best
    Pigs are The Best 9 days ago

    English captions 1:46

  • Isobel Woodhouse
    Isobel Woodhouse 10 days ago

    Scarlet witch

  • Blue Star
    Blue Star 10 days ago

    I like your top 5!

  • seanla04
    seanla04 11 days ago

    12:55 infinity war mantis put drax to sleep INFINITY WAR no its guardians of the galaxy v2

  • Iman Manzoor
    Iman Manzoor 12 days ago +4

    Scarlet Witch is my favorite character

  • jhon neaper
    jhon neaper 12 days ago

    captain america and thor are
    the beast one

  • CamWX Extreme
    CamWX Extreme 12 days ago

    I think rocket raccoon and Captain America should be higher on the list

  • Cristina Banuelos
    Cristina Banuelos 13 days ago +2

    Scarlet witch is my favorite

  • C Tew
    C Tew 14 days ago

    dont forget captian marvel

  • iam mikah
    iam mikah 14 days ago


  • Alexis Panjoj
    Alexis Panjoj 14 days ago

    Rank all 30 villains

  • kamul siddiqui
    kamul siddiqui 14 days ago

    Ironman is first

  • The Reptile God
    The Reptile God 16 days ago

    How is Okoye even stronger than Black Widow and Hawkeye?
    That is the most inaccurate part in your video.
    Anyways it's a very good video and the only video channel which considers Thor Odinson as the best and strongest Avenger.
    Good Job for your Future Videos.

  • Zake Maj
    Zake Maj 18 days ago

    Antman is my favorite hero

  • I don’t know what to put my Name as so it’s this

    If this was post endgame cap top 5 for sure

  • RussianHacker101
    RussianHacker101 20 days ago

    If moljaner was broken how did he get it back in endgame

    • Fach Fadli
      Fach Fadli 19 days ago

      He go back to the past and take it from asgard before hela come and then he go back the future with his mjolnir-sorry for bad english

  • Grayson Renfro
    Grayson Renfro 21 day ago

    Black widow is to high

  • Asian Doggo
    Asian Doggo 21 day ago

    And iron man

  • Asian Doggo
    Asian Doggo 21 day ago

    Scarlet witch isn’t stronger than hulk

  • Asian Doggo
    Asian Doggo 21 day ago

    19:43 thanos only has 2 stones

  • Jack McCoy
    Jack McCoy 22 days ago

    I like how he put nebula on villains and heros

  • Jack McCoy
    Jack McCoy 22 days ago

    Pause at 2:53

  • Exile Shadow
    Exile Shadow 22 days ago

    Captain Marvel?

  • WHaT ThE FrICk FrICk
    WHaT ThE FrICk FrICk 24 days ago

    Captain marvel hello like where is she :/

  • Juan Alonso
    Juan Alonso 24 days ago

    Captain America with Mjonir did better against thanos then thor did with both the storm brealer and Mjonir Captain America is better than Thor

    • dr strange
      dr strange 24 days ago

      In infinity war thor is stronger

  • Preston Emory
    Preston Emory 25 days ago +3

    There is no list on Earth that should have Mantis ahead of Nebula

  • Andreas Skindlo
    Andreas Skindlo 25 days ago

    This is my Favorite characters
    1. Thor with stormbreaker
    2. Loki
    3.Iron Man
    4. The Hulk
    5.Thor with Mjolnir

  • Ramen Noodles
    Ramen Noodles 25 days ago +3

    I think Scarlet witch should be at least top 5 or top 3 because she took on Thanos all by her self in endgame and was able to destroy the mind stone in infinity war

    • Ramen Noodles
      Ramen Noodles 21 day ago

      @Melody Winnieshe isn't that strong in ultron but that in endgame that's the only time she became stronger but it was for one time only and that means she could probably be in top 5

    • Melody Winnie
      Melody Winnie 21 day ago

      Isn't she's second ??

  • Eddie Mishan
    Eddie Mishan 25 days ago +3

    “Falcon’s whole thing is his suit and his ability to fly”. That’s exactly iron man

  • Eddie Mishan
    Eddie Mishan 25 days ago +1

    If u say m’baku is a hero because he did what he thought was right for wakanda than thanos should be a hero because he thought it would be best for the universe

  • Michael Frank
    Michael Frank 25 days ago

    Scarlet Wich

  • † o m a t o
    † o m a t o 26 days ago +2

    i thought it was 36


  • Gabe Smith
    Gabe Smith 26 days ago

    Mantis really

  • Briony Wood
    Briony Wood 26 days ago

    I would put mantis last because nebula can beat her, the only thing mantis can do is make people fall asleep

  • Roman Camarda
    Roman Camarda 27 days ago

    And falcon over Bucky!

  • Roman Camarda
    Roman Camarda 27 days ago +2

    Come on korg and acoyay above black widow and Hawkeye?

    • Game Zone
      Game Zone 19 days ago +1

      Korg is but not okoye

  • LC John
    LC John 27 days ago

    Cap and black panther are worse than war machine

  • Mevolent 2079
    Mevolent 2079 27 days ago

    This is the worst list I have ever seen

  • Thomas Smith
    Thomas Smith 28 days ago

    wanda , close range? she destroyed proxima midnight in scotland. if not for that over powered spear she would have escaped with vision

  • Carly Taylor
    Carly Taylor 28 days ago

    And now comes Captain Marvel

  • ElectroBlissMusic
    ElectroBlissMusic 28 days ago

    Mantis in the comics is one of the best fighter / martial artist on the guardian's team. I Wish they used her comic persona in the movies. She would have been a baddass

  • Splexto
    Splexto 28 days ago

    Captain marvel wasn't here and she was first

  • Splexto
    Splexto 28 days ago

    Where's captain marvel....

  • XD张景荣
    XD张景荣 29 days ago +1

    I would scarlet is weak but powerful

  • Logan Val
    Logan Val 29 days ago

    Wheres captain marvel?

  • Ray Nyasani
    Ray Nyasani 29 days ago

    u forgot captain marvel

  • Santino Rossi
    Santino Rossi Month ago +4

    Thor 1 2 Doctor strange 3 Wanda 4 hulk 5 captain marvel

    • Fach Fadli
      Fach Fadli 19 days ago

      @Santino Rossi so how if dr strange use his full ability?we never seen him in demon level right?

    • Fach Fadli
      Fach Fadli 19 days ago

      @Santino Rossi loli is a god too but he just beat by hulk

    • dr strange
      dr strange 27 days ago

      @Santino Rossi you can not just say thor is a god and say he can beat dr strange

    • Santino Rossi
      Santino Rossi 27 days ago +1

      tcd big mac Thor’s a god and doctor strange is a human that has powers

    • dr strange
      dr strange 27 days ago +1

      @Santino Rossi how

  • Beulah Pinto
    Beulah Pinto Month ago +3

    my favorite character scarlett witch

  • Jake Selecky
    Jake Selecky Month ago +1

    I think scarlet witch is way more powerful than dr strange

    • Jake Selecky
      Jake Selecky 25 days ago

      tcd big mac lol no I’m just a really big Marvel fan

    • dr strange
      dr strange 25 days ago

      @Jake Selecky are you watching some videos to come up with a argument

    • dr strange
      dr strange 25 days ago

      @Jake Selecky and it were six

    • dr strange
      dr strange 25 days ago

      @Jake Selecky who

    • Jake Selecky
      Jake Selecky 25 days ago

      tcd big mac I’m prolly wrong but it kind of just looked liked one stone holding it back

  • Diep Ha
    Diep Ha Month ago


  • Ant Fan 444
    Ant Fan 444 Month ago +1

    Captin Marvel should be the strongest and D.r Strange should still be the second