Fabolous ft. Ne-Yo - Make Me Better (Official Video)

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    Music video by Fabolous performing Make Me Better. TVclip view counts pre-VEVO: 66,288,884. (C) 2007 The Island Def Jam Music Group
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  • Anthony Garcia
    Anthony Garcia 8 hours ago

    Me an my girl song from day one in 2007 when we first met and she still my better half ! Ro$a

  • Ree Boutit
    Ree Boutit 15 hours ago

    A got damn banger !!


    Is this listentnig every day
    This video Phenomenal
    1:00 💞🔥
    👇 👇 👇 👇 👇🔥

  • Hoghead Greer
    Hoghead Greer Day ago +1

    This 1 still hit like it jus came out. Frfr.... Give a like if u think so

  • Marcelo Jimenez
    Marcelo Jimenez Day ago +1

    Damn Fab... goin for Jackie Chan’s sloppy seconds?!

  • Robert Turner
    Robert Turner Day ago

    Roslyn Sanchez makes every and anything better!

  • Travon Crook
    Travon Crook 2 days ago


  • Mike Chivens Benjamin

    Covid 19,gotta stay at home. I m like

  • Pinto Timotio
    Pinto Timotio 3 days ago

    Still waching in 2020

  • Joe Correale
    Joe Correale 3 days ago

    ❤ 🔥

  • zoio ge gato
    zoio ge gato 3 days ago

    Cadê os brasileiros no comentário

  • Brenda batista lemos Brê

    Neyo é lindíssimo. 😱

  • Hextor Leyva
    Hextor Leyva 3 days ago

    Back in the days when women didnt have to show their ass n tits lol, just natural look ..

  • Douglas Camilo
    Douglas Camilo 3 days ago

    Top de mas essa música pode passar 100 anos nunca mas vão fazer Black r&b Que nem das antigas

  • LeftLane Dre
    LeftLane Dre 3 days ago

    2020 March, Nice!!

  • Ahmet Yesilyaprak
    Ahmet Yesilyaprak 3 days ago

    De la frappe en 2020

  • Ashana Darrell
    Ashana Darrell 4 days ago +1

    Still love this song who's with me

  • Rodney Rucker
    Rodney Rucker 7 days ago

    Thanks for the love bro

  • Javier Gonzalez
    Javier Gonzalez 7 days ago

    You make me better...🥰😉😎

  • Hankster😑
    Hankster😑 8 days ago +1

    Such memories I get chills...when my girl used to play this for me. I wanna rewind the years💔💔

  • Niki
    Niki 8 days ago

    That thumbnail looks like he needs some water drips, some soul food, and therapy.

  • Hey MsTiffanY
    Hey MsTiffanY 9 days ago +14

    This is a appreciative man anthem. Men like this are hard to find.

  • Chasing dreams !
    Chasing dreams ! 9 days ago

    3 yrs ago this song meant a different picture

  • Yampo Yampo
    Yampo Yampo 10 days ago

    Mejor me quedo contigo...tú sabes que no soy el único..la vista limpia el pensamiento limpio..tu no confías en ti misma sabiendo que soy el ideal..algún día me verás y dirás qué no me vaya..yo sé que soy el primero..pero me pones de último...sabiendo que ella para mí es la primera..lo sientes pero no lo demuestra miedo haha..yo te digo mejor me quedo contigo..la Gloria es de Dios

  • Nicholas Edward
    Nicholas Edward 10 days ago

    I’ve stayed the prayer so long
    The mercy and long suffering...
    He’ll act before I pray it if I make my heart’s intent to

    • Nicholas Edward
      Nicholas Edward 10 days ago

      Watching no vids Changed my mind
      Test me
      Test Him
      I wouldn’t

    • Nicholas Edward
      Nicholas Edward 10 days ago

      The cabinet ministers in here sayin I have power
      You have the levers
      In my own life here in Evansville I’ll see it happen tomorrow.

  • anthony chadwick
    anthony chadwick 10 days ago

    MySpace day’s

  • Shaquita Sanders
    Shaquita Sanders 10 days ago +1

    My right, when I'm wrong, so I never slip 💏🤝🏾💘

  • Spook671
    Spook671 10 days ago

    Checking in ✅

  • Antonio Montana
    Antonio Montana 10 days ago

    that outfit fabulous got on raw af ever since i watch this shit I always wanted one like dat myself!!!

  • Beybe Ameeen
    Beybe Ameeen 10 days ago

    Timbo used a Sample by
    Warda Batwanes beek! 🔥

  • jali bands
    jali bands 12 days ago +1

    I still love this song😫😫‼️

  • Latesha Jude
    Latesha Jude 13 days ago +1

    Thinking only of you ELGIN!!!!

    CHIKITO BUBUBABA 13 days ago

    2020 march 15 😍😭 still my favorite out of all my childhood songs

  • S Clark
    S Clark 13 days ago


  • mlody tirex
    mlody tirex 16 days ago +1

    Starszy ft. Rynio - Nasze Bloki :P

  • geremias santana
    geremias santana 16 days ago

    I,m so sorry for the new school of rapers but fabolous always get popping

  • Alycha Newman
    Alycha Newman 17 days ago

    Didn’t know Ray J was in this video

  • Regina Wright
    Regina Wright 17 days ago

    luv u make me better........ 2020

  • Dave Vids
    Dave Vids 17 days ago


  • Tmarsh Maihi
    Tmarsh Maihi 20 days ago

    You make me better

  • Archangel Revelations
    Archangel Revelations 21 day ago +2

    I can garuntee that I can make you feel like a better man, be your better half. No bullshit. Thanks babe. #TomCruise

  • audley mcintyre
    audley mcintyre 21 day ago


  • Hamza Khan
    Hamza Khan 22 days ago

    I love this song. I can't wait to play this to my future Wifey. Where ever you are lol

  • Hamza Khan
    Hamza Khan 22 days ago +2

    Who listening to this in March 2020?

    ITIS WELL 24 days ago +59

    I don't care what NOBODY say...
    NEYO is a class act.

  • Taiane Pinheiro
    Taiane Pinheiro 24 days ago +2

    2020 🤩

  • B4st1
    B4st1 24 days ago +1

    Kollegah - Push it to the limit

  • Arcade Kaos
    Arcade Kaos 25 days ago +3

    When shorty comes around I clean up nice🍒😏🤘

  • Brittany Antunes
    Brittany Antunes 25 days ago +1

    My babydaddys song to me 😒

  • Leo Souza
    Leo Souza 25 days ago +1

    Eu amo essa música que dupla e essa .

  • Neish Rosales
    Neish Rosales 25 days ago +2

    Still listening 2020😂😍😊

  • Fadwa ouaassou
    Fadwa ouaassou 26 days ago +1

    Who steel listen to this song is best ❤️❤️❤️oh my God

  • Moiresetwwetterswatchghotajingclteorotonydc Moirest

    Mas jun kammaosmapaala poll

  • Robert Gore
    Robert Gore 27 days ago +2

    People truly underrated this song back then. Now we're all like our parents talking about how good music was "back then". Lol

  • Cypress Hale
    Cypress Hale 27 days ago +1

    I did

  • Olivia Wolfe
    Olivia Wolfe 27 days ago +1

    I wanna hear more guys make songs like this to uplift they partners

  • Gabriele da Silva
    Gabriele da Silva 27 days ago +1

    02:22 looks like Ray J??

  • Jo t
    Jo t 29 days ago +2

    Only Fab makes love songs sound gangster A.F... His bars were 🔥

  • The last Of the best
    The last Of the best 29 days ago +2

    Yess 2020

  • Amanda Kurtz
    Amanda Kurtz Month ago +1

    Today I’m definitely feeling this !!

  • Lucy Blue
    Lucy Blue Month ago +1

    This shit a FOREVER banger.😩🙌🏽

  • JERRELD's Lifestyle
    JERRELD's Lifestyle Month ago +1

    26- 02- 2020.

  • Vítor hugo Santos
    Vítor hugo Santos Month ago

    Roselyin sanches amazing sexy woman 2020 and Forever

  • mergirl2000 Dunne
    mergirl2000 Dunne Month ago

    Colorism is a bitch 🧐

  • Shaquita Sanders
    Shaquita Sanders Month ago

    Why have the cake without the sweet frosting 🤷🏾‍♀️🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂

  • laura westbrook
    laura westbrook Month ago

    You make me better

    • laura westbrook
      laura westbrook Month ago

      You are a movement by your self...but we are a FORCE when we are together. I like that part.

  • Dakota Lee
    Dakota Lee Month ago

    this is sampled from Raekwons Rainy Dayz track

  • L Newman
    L Newman Month ago

    This song never gets old. That beat

  • Amina Bin Shafiq
    Amina Bin Shafiq Month ago

    AWWWWWWW he said they're like Batman and Robin😎😎😎😎

  • Amina Bin Shafiq
    Amina Bin Shafiq Month ago


  • son goku vegeta
    son goku vegeta Month ago +1

    Alphagenetik ???

  • Natasha Crook
    Natasha Crook Month ago


  • BDx ALT3RAD0
    BDx ALT3RAD0 Month ago

    Bumps better in 2020 !!!

  • Jean Midi
    Jean Midi Month ago

    The medicine will tend to roll down the Pharynx.

  • Janine Anthony
    Janine Anthony Month ago +6

    Here 'cos Jess Hilarious said Neyo's been dropping hints of divorce 🤔

  • Dina Otieno
    Dina Otieno Month ago

    That girl at 2:02 always keep me watching till the end.The song is fire I always love it whenever it comes up on TV or Radio, but that cute face..Daaaamn.

  • Bunny Bugs
    Bunny Bugs Month ago


  • Agags
    Agags Month ago

    Who's still listening to this February 2020?

  • David Mercey
    David Mercey Month ago

    You say it's all about my vibes
    I love everything you do
    We are really blessed the universe provides
    Dreams truly do come true
    Parallel from one another our heart collides
    It takes a team to dream as we pursue
    Appreciate it all everydays a new tomorrow decides
    At present time the gift of today a clue
    As I look into your eyes
    The clarity of what I realize
    Life took us by surprise
    The blessings in disguise
    I got my eyes on the prize
    Food for thought word of the wize
    Learn to live laugh with love dream and fantasize
    I'm not just a man with a plan do for tomorrow today I emphasize

  • jermaine lindo
    jermaine lindo Month ago

    star n sky